The Driver

The Driver

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Sometimes opposites attract


Sometimes opposites attract

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Driver

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Sometimes opposites attract

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: September 22, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: September 22, 2015



Shit, I wish I was anywhere but here now. I was fine, till the ski lodge staff, started putting her many bags in the car boot. This would be a fucking nightmare ride. 2 hours travel with the ice queen. Why the hell had I landed this shit job? I was usually number one driver for The Prime Minister, not his snotty bitch of a daughter.


The door was opened, and she climbed in the back.


“Don’t you bother getting the door Benson, it’s not like it’s included in your job, is it”


She snapped at me. I ignored her. I would not reply to anybody who talks to me that way. Besides my surname was Jenson, not fucking Benson.


“Are we waiting for something?”


She asked.


“It would help to know where I’m going”


I replied, in a flat tone.


“Home obviously. When I spend a week in the ski lodge, I go home afterward. Anybody who works for my father knows that. Except for the lower staff evidently”


I saw her curl her nose at me, in the rear view mirror. I wanted to turn around and tell her off, but it wasn’t worth it.


“Home it is then your highness”


I quipped, as I pulled out. She let out a gasp.


“Benson, I will tell my father the way you spoke to me”


That was enough; I think my already foul mood, tipped me over the edge. I stomped on the breaks, and turned around, looking her dead in the eyes.


“Then I might as well make it worth my while, if I’m going to get fired anyway. My name is fucking Jenson”


I yelled that last part, trying to finally drive it home. Every time I was in a car with this woman, she drove me insane. She would bitch and moan for the whole journey. I had had just about enough. She stared at me, with her mouth hung open.


I noticed tears in her eyes, and I instantly felt dreadful. She was only 21, so young. Here I was, a 45 year old man, yelling at her. Despite how absolutely awful she was, I shouldn’t have done that.




She mumbled, trying to keep her voice steady. Her head hung low, and I slowly sat back in my seat. That was it; I had just thrown my career away. It had taken me years to get onto the security team for the prime Minister. In a moment of madness, I had blown it.


We drove in silence. It was a relief, but also made me feel even worse. We had been travelling for at least an hour. The wind was really picking up, and it was heavily snowing. I could barely see a foot in front of me. I was trying so hard, to see where I was going, that I didn’t see the deer.


“Watch out”


She yelled. I slammed on, and my wheel locked. We spun around a few times, and ended up in a ditch, at the side of the road.




I yelled, turning the car over. It just wouldn’t start again. I glanced over my shoulder.


“Are you ok Miss Weston?”


I asked her. She was shaking, but she just nodded. I pulled out my phone, but it had no service.


“Do you have a phone?”


She took her phone out of her bag, and checked it.

“There is no reception”


“Stay right here, I will go and see if I can get a signal”


I climbed out, and stumbled up the verge, to get to the road. It was freezing cold, and the snow hit me in the face like a whip. I couldn’t find a signal anywhere. Eventually I climbed back down to the car.


“There is no signal at all”


I shivered.


“It’s freezing”


She complained.


“There is nothing I can do about that, the car won’t start. I will have to go and try and get help”


“No way, you are not leaving me here”


“It is really windy out there; you would probably be warmer here”


“It is pitch black, and we are in the middle of nowhere. You cannot leave me here”


“Fine, do you have some warmer clothes in your bags?”


“I am fine. I can handle snow”


God, why did she have to be so uppity?


“Ok then, your choice”


“What about my bags?”


“I’m sorry, but you can’t expect me to carry your bags, in this weather, when we are looking for damn help”


She huffed. I got out of the car again, desperate to just get away from her. Why the hell did she have to come with me? We climbed up to the road, and there was not a car in sight. The whole area was just darkness for miles around. I turned to look back at the car, and noticed a light through the trees.


“Over there”


I pointed.


“We have to get to where that light is. Are you sure you don’t want to put anything else on?”


She was literally trembling, her teeth chattering.


“I told you I am fine”


She stammered. Such a stubborn bitch. I noticed a trail through the trees; it looked like a dirt road. I headed for it, and she slowly followed behind. All I could hear was the clicking of her high heels on the road. Well, till we started walking on the dirt road, then that turned into complaining about her shoes getting muddy. Even that was pissing me off. Today had been a shit day.


We had been walking about 10 minutes, and I heard a scream. I turned to find her flat on her face in the mud. I had to fight every urge I had to laugh. I walked back over to her, and held out my hand.


“Come on princess, not far to go now”


I smiled. She knocked my hand away.


“Do not touch me”


She yelled. I turned away, and continued walking.


“Suit your damn self”


I said over my shoulder. God she was so infuriating. I could hear her sobbing softly, as she started walking again. I couldn’t leave her like this. I turned back around, and waited for her. She was limping. When she reached me, she tried to just walk past, with her snobby nose in the air.


I gently touched her arm, and I was surprised when she didn’t pull away.


“Let me help you”


I said. She mumbled something under her breath. I didn’t quite catch it, but she put her arm over my shoulder, and let me take her weight. Her white suit was now a muddy brown colour. And her hair was everywhere. She was, however, still the most beautiful woman alive.


If only her personality matched her face. She was model material, with her huge green eyes, and sexy smile. Her curly brown hair, hung half way down her back. Her body was also banging, perfect hour glass figure, curvy in all the right places. I hated that I saw her that way.


The woman exasperated me. I was always so wound up, after being alone with her. Mostly, because she was just a pain, but sometimes just the smell of her perfume had me rock hard. Thankfully, today she was just bugging me.


We finally reached the light source. It was a little shack, with a fly zapper hanging outside. The fly zapper had been the light which led us here. I climbed the steps, and checked the window, but it was all in darkness. It seemed to be a fisherman’s hut.


“There is nobody in there”


I told her. Her lips were turning blue.


“It’s only a padlock; I can get it off easily”


“We can’t just break into somebody’s property”


“Tell me what we should do then. We are in the middle of nowhere. How do you suggest we get warm?”


“But my father is Prime Minister, I can’t break the law”


“I’m sure your father would rather you not freeze to death”


“Ok, but you are paying for any damage”


I sighed. I found a stick, strong enough to knock off the lock. It was old and rusted, so came off quite easily. We entered the small hut, and I instantly headed for the fireplace. There was wood piled beside it, so I built up a fire. Luckily there were also matches on the mantel piece.


She stood by the door, absolutely shivering.


“Come here”


I said, once the flames were licking their way across the wood. She gingerly walked toward me, and sat in the chair, too far away from the fire.


“Miss Weston, I have to insist you come here. My job is to protect you, which includes keeping you alive”


She stood back up, and walked toward me again. Once she was within reaching distance, I pulled at her jacket.


“What do you think you are doing?”


“You have to get these clothes off, they are soaking wet”


“I will not get naked in front of you”


“I’m not asking you to. You can leave your underwear on”


“No bloody way”


She shrieked. I grabbed the blanket off the chair.


“I will hold this up, and you can wrap it around yourself once you’re undressed. If you don’t get out of the wet clothes, you could catch pneumonia”


She hesitated, but I held up the blanket anyway, hiding my view. I finally heard movement from her, and eventually she grabbed the blanket, and wrapped it around herself. I took a seat, right in front of the fire, tapping the space beside me.


She took the seat, no arguing. I placed an arm around her shoulder, pulling her in close. She didn’t fight me, much to my surprise. In fact, she snuggled in closer. She fell asleep in just a few moments. The sheet fell open a little, as she moved about in her slumber.


I realised her knees were all scrapped. I would tell her to clean them, when she woke up. At least an hour passed, and she started stirring. As soon as she opened her eyes, she jumped up.


“You should give your knees a clean”


I said to her. She glanced down, and hissed when she touched her torn skin. She looked at her hands too.


“I’ve scraped my palms”


She complained. I looked around, searching for a first aid kit. There was one in the bathroom. I knelt in front of her, when she sat in the chair.


“I can do it myself”


She snapped.


“Will you just relax and let me help you. Stop being so damn stubborn”


She let out a loud sigh. But she held her hands out to me. I used the antiseptic ointment to clean her cuts. She hissed, and moaned, while I was doing her hands. However, when I pulled back the blanket, she stiffened. She had amazing legs, so toned.


I dabbed at her knees, and she watched me closely. Once she was blood and dirt free, I applied plasters.


“There you go, all better”


I smiled, trying to lighten the sudden tension. She stood up, and the blanket dropped away from her body. I had been kneeling on it, without realising. All time seemed to freeze. God, she was amazing. My eyes skimmed her from head to toe.


Her hips were shapely, her stomach slightly protruding, and her breasts were full and juicy. She was all woman. I placed my hands on her calves, massaging her skin, and she gasped.


“Do you want me to stop?”


I asked her, with a grin. She swallowed hard.


“I, I’ve never”


Shit, was she telling me she was a virgin? I pulled my hands away, and stood up, pulling the blanket back around her.


“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that”


I stated. She seemed to be in a state of shock.


“Am I not beautiful?”


She asked, taking me by utter surprise. I frowned at her.


“Why would you think that?”


“Nobody ever wants me”


She looked so sad, and I could see she had let the ice shield slip. I had to be honest with the girl, if only for future reference.


“Miss Weston, please don’t take offence when I say this, but you can be very cold toward people. You push people away by how you act. I know I always feel on edge when I am around you”


“Well most people are awful to me, so why shouldn’t I be awful back?”


“When was I ever awful to you?”


I asked, starting to feel wound up again. This woman could not see when she was in the wrong.


“You barely noticed I was there”


She snapped.


“Oh I noticed, how can you not notice someone being so vile”


“How fucking dare you, I swear when we get back you are fucked”


I stormed toward her, pinning her against the wall, holding her arms above her head. The blanket once again fell, revealing her superb body.


“Well I might as well be fucked there, because I’m never going to get fucked here with your cold virginal ass”


I shouted. She struggled to free her arms, and when I let her go, she shoved at my chest.


“You don’t want to fuck me anyway, you are a coward, and you can’t finish what you started, so you’re taking it out on me”


“You want me to finish what I started, fine”


I grabbed her face in my hands, and planted my lips on hers. Wrapping my arms around her half naked body, I pulled her in close. She let out a little squeal against my lips, but I didn’t let her go. My tongue pushed at her mouth, forcing my way inside.


When I felt her let out a sigh, and mould her body against mine, I knew she had given herself over to me. She started responding to my kisses. My hands travelled down her back, and I cupped her naked backside. She was obviously wearing a thong, god that was hot.


She let out a low moan, as I placed kisses along her shoulder and neck. I pulled down one of her bra straps, and she pushed me away.


“Stop, I can’t do this”


She breathed heavily. She didn’t reach for the blanket, and she took a step toward me, so I knew she wasn’t sure what she wanted.


“You’re the driver”


She stated.


“What does that matter?”


“I can’t be seen fucking the driver”


“Oh sweetheart, do you honestly think I would want anybody seeing that either?”


She glared at me, but still walked further toward me.


“You think you are so clever, just because you are old”


“Older honey, never old”


“Your old compared to me”


“But I have a lot more experience than you, obviously”


We were just being cruel for no reason now. Each word spoken, brought us closer together. Soon we were snarling in each other faces.


“You are just a prick”


She bit.


“And you are an ice queen bitch”


We locked eyes, and stared, both gasping. She suddenly lunged at me. I fell backward, taking her with me. We landed on the soft fleece blanket; that I had lain out in front of the fire. She was fuming. But having her, half naked, straddling my lap, had my cock rock hard.


“Don’t you dare talk to me that way, I am important, I am something, and what are you”


I gripped her hips, pushing my ass up, and my erection against her sex.


“I’m horny honey, that’s what I am”


She let out a gasp. She was suddenly trembling. She pushed down onto me, and I hissed through my teeth.


“You need to stop that now, if you don’t want this going any further”


She grinned and bucked her hips again.


“If you want to push my buttons, it’s only fair I get to push yours too”


My hands slid to her thighs, and my two thumbs moved down either side of her sex.




She breathed. I pushed under the thin material of her thong, finding her hot and wet. Her head tossed back, as I pinched her swollen clit between my thumb pads. I massaged the hood, making her cry out.


“I fucking hate you”


She groaned.


“You don’t know hate, you just speak it”


I snapped back. Her slickness helped me to slip my thumbs up and down her inner lips. As one thumb tickled just at her sopping entrance, my other flicked at her clitoris. She was grinding her ass into my straining cock, driving me mad.


I couldn’t take it much longer, she was taking me to the edge, and I didn’t want to come yet. I turned, flipping her onto her back. I pinned her arms again.


“You’re a fucking tease, do you know that”


I snarled at her. She licked her lips seductively.


“I never tease; you’re just a fucking pervert”


“You want to know what a real pervert would do”


I leaned into her, so my mouth was next to her ear.


“A real pervert would lick your virgin pussy, till you are begging to be fucked. Am I still a pervert?”


She was literally panting. The decision was hers now, whatever was to happen next, would be her choice. She stared up at me, as I pushed myself up on my elbows, glaring down at her.


“You’re a fucking pervert”


She practically whispered. I moved swiftly down her body, my hands sliding along every curve. I gripped her knickers in my fist, and tore them away. She moaned out. Again using my thumbs, I spread her slick lips. I blew a jet of air against her, and she opened up wider for me.


“You’re soaking wet”


I laughed, loving that I had done this to her.


“I make myself wetter than you have made me”


She obviously lied. I sucked her clit into my mouth, making her scream out. Her fingers curled into my hair.


“Oh God Benson”


I landed a slap on her thigh.


“I’ve told you already, it’s Jenson”


She smacked me back, and I gripped her wrist. Reaching out, I took her other wrist in a vice like grip. I placed her hands on her inner thighs, and pushed, making her hold her legs open wider. I lapped at her pussy, tickling and teasing her.


“Oh stop, it feels funny”


I could tell she was nearing an orgasm. Obviously she had never had one before.


“Just let go”


I mumbled, my mouth still kissing her cunt.


“Fuck, oh god please”


She was yelling, her hips bucking. I felt her stiffen, and her juices leaked from her, in an evidently mind blowing climax. She collapsed flat on the floor, breathless. I climbed back up her body.


“What was that?”


She asked.


“Baby you just came”


I smiled. She let out a little embarrassed laugh.


“Have you never made yourself come?”


“No, I thought once it felt funny, I should stop”


“Sweetheart, you haven’t felt anything yet”


“And are you going to teach me?”


“If you want me to. I’m old remember, more experience”


She grinned.


“You’re not old, you’re hot”


I gasped.


“Did you just say something nice?”


I mocked shock. She slapped my arm again, about to kick off, that was till I slid my fingers back into her pussy. She lay back again, closing her eyes.


“Have you ever had anything inside you?”


I asked her. Her whole body blushed. She shook her head. It turned me on even more, knowing I was the first man to ever slide my fingers into her tight hole. I started with just one. She let out a little cry of pain, as I pushed through her defences.


“Just relax”


I whispered. With my free hand, I reached under her, unclipping her bra. I pulled one strap off, and then the other. Revealing her beautiful tits, and her cherry pink nipples. As I hooked my finger up inside her, I licked at her hardening bud.


I could feel that little bundle of nerves; just on the front of her tight walls, and massaged it. She was crying out in pure abandon now. I bit at her breast, and she hissed, but pushed her chest up further into my mouth. I sucked hard, nibbling as I did.




She cried out, making my cock twitch. Moaning my name was almost too much to bear. I wanted to fuck her, make her scream my name, not just gasp it. I kissed up her neck. My mouth moved along her ear.


“Just so you know Miss Weston, you are very beautiful. You have a gorgeous body, and you taste so sweet, I could tongue fuck you all night. Look at yourself”


She glanced down.


“See how swollen you are, how your pussy has flowered under my fingers. That is a beautiful sight. I’m going to make you come hard, I want you to watch, and you will see just how beautiful you are”


There were tears in her eyes. Nobody had ever said anything like that to her before, that was obvious. I placed my thumb under the hood of her clit, going right to the source. Vibrating my thumb, I bought her to the brink of orgasm. As I felt her insides tighten, I added another digit and started fingering her roughly.


She was jolting all over, but her eyes never left where my fingers were inside her. She squirted come all over my hand and arm. When she was once again calm, I pulled my fingers out. She laid her head back again.


“That was…wow”


“I told you”


I smiled, as I hovered above her. She looked up at me.


“You really think I’m beautiful?”


“More than beautiful, if you keep your mouth shut”


She pulled a face and was about to bite back, but I placed my lips to hers, shutting her up. She pulled me in close, and her naked body wrapped around mine. I wanted to feel skin on skin, so I pulled off my suit jacket, and started unbuttoning my shirt.


She gripped my open collar, and pulled, sending the buttons off my shirt flying. She smiled up at me.


“Well, you ruined my thong; it’s only fair I ruin something of yours”


I honestly didn’t care, I was so turned on by now, that I would not let her get to me, and wind me up. I had to fuck her soon, before I lost my mind. I flung my shirt aside, and she ran her small soft hands over my muscular chest. I worked out regularly to keep in top shape, and I could tell she appreciated it.


“You have an amazing body”


She said, and her fingers traced the line of my tattoo, which I had over my left peck.


“This is sexy, I love tattoos”


I couldn’t help laughing.




She asked.


“Sorry, I just never imagined anything coming out of your mouth but nastiness. This is kind of strange”


She hung her head.


“I don’t mean to be that person. It’s hard to know who to trust, with my dad being who he is. It’s easier to keep people at arm’s length. I think I just got used to it. Nobody has ever challenged me like you”


She looked back up at me, and I smiled.


“I’m glad I did”


“Me too”


I planted a small kiss on her lips, and then leaned into her ear again. She seemed to like me whispering dirty things to her.


“Do you know what else a pervert would do?”


I asked. She let out a sigh.


“They would fuck you for the first time, taking your virginity, and making you cry out as you come. Am I still a pervert Amy?”


I spoke her name for the first time, again leaving the ball in her court.


“You are the biggest pervert I have ever met”


She moaned. I let out a groan, and made quick work removing my pants and underwear. Her jaw slackened when she saw my hard dick.


“Don’t worry honey, you can take it”


I reassured her.


“It’s so big, can I touch it?”


“Knock yourself out”


I grinned. She tentatively reached out, wrapping her delicate fingers around me.


“It’s so soft”


She whispered, moving her hand up and down my length. Fuck, this was killing me. Her thumb caressed the head, rubbing my pre come across my slit. I bucked my hips forward, loving how her exploration felt.


“Can I taste you?”


I almost choked. Could I hold back, if I let her take me into her mouth? Fuck it, I had to let her try. I had dreamt of shutting her up with my cock many times.




I mumbled. I didn’t want her to know just how close I was. I had a feeling she would relish in it. And despite what was going on here and now, in the cold light of day, she will probably be the same bitch I hate.


I watched her, as she leant over my lap. She licked her lips, and then tongued the tip of my cock.


“It tastes musky”


She giggled.


“But not horrible”


She pulls my dick deep into her mouth. I groaned. She had either done this before, or she was a very quick learner. She glanced up at me, and grinned around my shaft. Ok, I had my answer; she knew exactly what she was doing.


She sucked me almost over the edge. Her tongue licking around my penis, as she nodded her head, taking me in and out, leisurely. I shoved her backwards, and landed on top of her.


“Not such a good girl after all”


I teased.


“I said I was a virgin, not a fucking nun”


She stated.


“I believe I owe you a purvey fucking”


I grinned. She was suddenly very stiff. Shit, she had changed her mind. I would never force anything she didn’t want. I like to be rough, but I would never make someone do anything they didn’t want to do.


“We can stop if you want”


I said, stroking her face. She looked up at me.


“I don’t want to stop, I’m just scared”


“Don’t be, trust me”


She nodded.


“I do trust you Rick”


Fuck, she actually said my name, which sent a jolt through my prick. I moved my body between her legs, and she opened up for me.


“Look at me”


I said. I realised this was a big thing for her, so I would try and make it special, memorable. When her eyes were looking in mine, I reached between us, and started flicking her clit. She closed her eyes, and let out a groan.


“Amy, open your eyes honey”


I whispered. She glanced up at me.


“Just relax, enjoy the sensation”


She was gasping louder now, but her gaze stayed on me. Her hips started bucking up, she was ready. I stroked her face with one hand, and guided my cock toward her virgin hole with my other. As I pushed slowly inside her, I kissed her gently.


She let out a low whimper, and her muscles tightened around me. So even though it was very difficult to stop, I paused, and placed my head against hers.


“Amy, relax sweetheart”


She let out a breath, and I slowly slid out, and back in at a better angle. This time she moaned with pleasure, not discomfort.


“Oh fuck”


Her arms wrapped around my back, pulling me closer. She was so tight, and I was literally hanging on by a thread. I wanted her to come, with her first sex experience. I took her nipple into my mouth and sucked hard. She gripped my hair, and started thrusting up, to meet my lunges.


I kissed up her neck, and whispered in her ear.


“You feel so good wrapped around my dick. Does it feel good to you Amy?”


“Oh god yes”


She locked her ankles around my back, and I plunged deeper.


“Oh fuck, oh yes harder”


She begged. I just let go, fucking her harder than I’ve ever fucked before.


“Come for me Amy, come on my cock”


I sighed in her ear. This was all it took to topple her over the edge. Her inner muscles clamped around me, sucking me in deeper. My prick exploded inside her. We ground together, coming so hard. She was jerking under me, almost knocking me off her.


Her nails scraped down my back. Her face was twisted in utter ecstasy. She had never looked more beautiful. When we were able to breathe again, we collapsed on our backs. Both of us groaning as my cock slid out of her.


“Wow, Jesus. That was…wow”


She laughed. I had to agree. A noise outside made us both jump up.


“Shit quick, grab the blanket”


I pulled on my pants, and half ruined shirt. I heard someone walking up the wooden steps outside the door. Amy had pulled her underwear on, and she was wrapped up in the blanket. Just in time, as the door opened. Amy screamed.


“Hay, who are you?”


The man asked, sounding annoyed.


“This is my hut, did you break my lock?”


I pulled my jacket on, and explained what had happened, especially why Amy was half naked.


“So you see, we had nowhere else to go. I will pay for any damage. I am sorry for the inconvenience”


I smiled. The man waved his hand at me.


“Don’t worry about it, as long as you are both safe, and not hurt, that’s all that matters. Would you like me to call you a tow truck?”


“That would be great, thanks”


I said. He pulled out a satellite phone.


“It's the only way you’re getting any reception around here”


The man said. He rung for the tow, and said we could wait in the hut for the lift. I borrowed the phone to call Amy’s dad. He had been very worried.


“Thank you for taking care of my little girl”


He said. If only he knew the truth. The tow truck pulled up outside the hut. It was pulling our car.


“He will drop you home”


The man smiled. I offered him money, but he refused.


“It's only a padlock; I have more in the truck”


He had assured me. We shook his hand, and climbed in the truck. We were dropped off at her house. She still had the blanket wrapped around her, and her muddy clothes over her arm. I smiled at her.


“Well, I guess this is goodbye then”


She frowned.




“Well you are going to tell your dad what I said remember”


She let out a laugh.


“You honestly think I'm going to get you fired now? I'm going to need a driver at the weekend, I will be requesting you”


She winked, as she walked inside. I was truly fucked.

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