Royal Love part 9

Royal Love part 9

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


part 9 of Royal Love


part 9 of Royal Love

Chapter1 (v.1) - Royal Love part 9

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part 9 of Royal Love

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 12, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 12, 2015



I was just lying on my bed, when I heard someone run up the stairs, and knock on my door.

“Come in”

I yelled. Beth popped her head around the door.

“Get your glad rags on honey; we’re going out on the town”

I sat up.

“Really, we’re going to a club?”

“Yeah, there is one just on the outskirts of town, we will have a ball”

“Great, I can’t wait”

I smiled, jumping up to get ready. When Beth was ready, she came to help me with my make-up and hair. I was starting to learn how to do it myself. But we were going to a club, I wanted to look good”

When she was finishing my hair, Jack shouted up, from downstairs.

“Are you two ready yet?”

“We’ll be down in a minute”

Beth yelled. I stared, wide eyed, at her.

“Jack is coming?”

“Oh shit, didn’t I mention that?”

She said, with a half-smile.

“You know you didn’t”

“Look, I’m sorry ok; I know I should have told you. But tonight is the last night we’ll all be together; I just wanted it to be fun”

“It’s ok; I didn’t want to leave things like this between us. I still have to see him around the palace”

“But he…”

Beth started saying something, but stopped herself.

“What was that?”

“Oh nothing, it doesn’t matter”

I could tell there was something she wasn’t saying, but I just decided to ignore it. Tonight would be about fun. I wore another dress, which belonged to Beth. It was white, showing off my tanned skin nicely. It had a low slung back, all the material hung loosely around my backside. It was sleeveless, with just little straps. I did look good.

I could tell Jack thought so too. The way his eyes roamed over my body, as I walked down the stairs, had me trembling. I smiled at him.

“You look stunning Anna”

“Thank you, you too”

He wore a pair of black pants, with a white shirt tucked in. He had a black waist coat over the shirt and a black tie around his neck. He looked beyond sexy. Beth came running down.

“Let’s go, I can’t wait, I haven’t been out for ages”

We all walked down the hill, and got a taxi, from the taxi stop in town. It literally only had one car, this really was a small town. When we stopped outside the club though, it was jumping.

Lights surrounded the building. Which I guessed used to be a barn. Music thumped from inside, and my stomach leapt with excitement. I had never even dreamed I would ever go to a club. Let alone with Jack.

I glanced over at him, when we entered. I could see his professionalism, as he scanned the faces in the room. He was always on duty. Tonight, I wanted him to just be Jack.

“Will you relax?”

I yelled into his ear.

“Nobody is taking any notice of us”

He smiled.


He yelled back. I loved being this close to him, the loud music preventing us from talking at a distance.

“Do you want a drink?”

Jack asked me, I nodded. He headed for the bar, leaving Beth and I to head for the dance floor. We spent most of the night lost in the music. Jack even joined us for a few songs, before grabbing a table for us.

I was just swaying to yet another tune, when hands wrapped around my waist, from behind. I glanced back, and a man in a cowboy hat, grinned down at me, with a toothless grin.

“Hay darling, want to dance?”

He pushed his hips forward, and I was poked in the back, obviously by something I was in no way interested in.

“Please let go of me”

I yelled. He just smiled again, and gripped at my breasts. I saw Jack, before the man did. The first he saw, was a fist, flying at his nose. The man sprawled across the floor.

“Keep your mucky fucking fingers off my girl you asshole”

He yelled at him. His…girl. The man stood up, and took a swing at Jack. He ducked out of the way, and punched the man in his round stomach. Beth grabbed my hand, nodding toward the burly bouncers heading our way, and then pulled me toward the exit.

“Jack, we got to go”

She shouted, Jack looked around, and saw the guards too. He pushed the man to the ground, and casually walked away. When we got outside, we quickly found a taxi, and headed home. Luckily there was more than one there.

Beth asked to be dropped at her flat in town.

“I have work in the morning”

She explained. She leaned in and hugged me.

“I’m going to miss having you around”

She cried. I wrote my mobile number and e mail address in her phone.

“Please keep in touch”

I smiled through tears.

“Of course I will honey. See you soon”

We hugged again, and then she climbed out. I was still crying when we pulled away. I was surprised to feel Jack reach for my hand. I gave him it gladly. He stroked his thumb over my skin, again making me tremble.

“I’m sorry about what happened back there”

He suddenly muttered.

“I just saw that guy with his hands all over you, and I reacted. I shouldn’t have done that”

“I appreciate it. I didn’t like him grabbing me. No man has ever…beside you of course”

I whispered, again alcohol stopping me from holding my tongue. I could feel his eyes on me, but I couldn’t look at him. If I turned now, I would want to kiss him, and I couldn’t take the rejection, not again.

He continued stroking my hand, the rest of the journey. I would gladly take any contact from him now. Tomorrow I would be going back to the palace. And soon afterward, I would be getting married.

The thought of it, made me feel sick. I didn’t want anybody, but the man sitting next to me. If tonight was all we had, I wanted to be with him, in every way I could.


We pulled up outside the house, and I begrudgingly let go of her hand. I could have kept touching her soft skin all night. We climbed the stairs in silence, and I could feel the atmosphere between us was tense.

When we got inside, she headed for the stairs.

“Would you mind making me a coffee, while I get changed?”

She asked, with a sexy smile.


I muttered. What the fuck was wrong with me, I couldn’t speak properly. Everything was just mumbled. She made me so nervous. I put the kettle on, and sat at the table. 10 minutes later, she came strolling into the room.

I had to do a double take, because of what she was wearing. She had on a pink baby doll nightgown, covered by a short dressing gown, which was practically see-through.

“It feels good to get out of those heels”

She said, lifting her sexy leg up, and massaging her sexy feet. God, what was this girl trying to do to me? I looked away, and poured us both a coffee. After I had calmed down enough, I went to take a seat.

She had pulled out another chair, and had her bare legs up, crossed at the knees. I couldn’t help checking them out. Jesus, she was stunning. I took a few sips of my coffee, and then watched as she drank back the whole mug full.


I laughed.


She smiled.

“Can I have another?”

I poured her another cup, and she drank that down too. After about 20 minutes, and another coffee, she stood up, and walked toward me.

“Jack, can I ask you something?”

She smiled.


That was all I could say. Her, standing in front of me, practically naked, was almost too much.

“Do you think I am drunk?”

I studied her, frowning.


“Do you think I appear drunk?”

“After drinking all that coffee, I doubt it”

I laughed. She suddenly went serious, and moved even closer. I stared into her eyes.

“Anna, what are you doing?”

She placed her hands on my shoulders, and straddled my lap.


I warned.

“Jack, you said you wouldn’t make love to me if I was drunk. I’m not drunk now, and if we have tonight, and only tonight, please make love to me”

I could hardly believe what I was hearing.

“Anna, we can’t do this”

“Why not”

She looked embarrassed for a moment, and then she looked me deep in the eyes.

“Jack, I’m a virgin. I don’t want my first time to be with someone I don’t lo…care about”

Was she just about to say love? Oh my god, she was a virgin. How could I do this? Her hand moved across my face.

“Don’t you want me at all?”

“Oh honey, you know I do”

I admitted.

“Of course I do. I didn’t want it to end in the first place. But you have to…do your duty”

I couldn’t speak the marriage word right now. Not with her on my knee.

“That is tomorrow, right now I’m just Anna, your just Jack, and I can feel how much you want me”

She ground against my straining pants.

“You’re not playing fair”

I groaned.

“Just shut up and fuck me Jack”

Those words sent me way over the edge. I had to have her, now. Placing my hand on the back of her neck, I pulled her in for a kiss. She groaned against my mouth, as our tongues entwined.

I kissed across her neck, inhaling the scent of her flowery perfume.

“Did you just smell me?”

She laughed. This time I admitted I did.

“You smell so damn good”

I kept inhaling her, as I kissed along her collar bone. Her skin was so soft and warm, I couldn’t get enough. I gripped the shoulders of her dressing gown, and slid it off her.

She hung her arms down, letting it fall completely. I could see her nipples sticking out, through the thin material. I ran my thumb over them, making her mean, and lean further back.

I had to see her naked, sink into her soon, before I lost my shit completely. I tugged at her night gown. She lifted her arms, allowing me to remove it completely. Only then, did I realise, she had no underwear on.

“Holy fuck, you are gorgeous”

I smiled, kissing the tops of her breasts. She was almost completely shaved down below. I could see her swollen clitoris, glistening with her juices. I swiped my thumb across it, and she jolted forward, wrapping her arms around my neck.

“Oh god”

She moaned. I had to taste her. I could smell her arousal, and my mouth watered. I grabbed her waist, and sat her bum on the edge of the table. I didn’t even have to stand or crouch, she was at the perfect height.

Lifting one of her legs, I hung it over my shoulder. I planted little kisses along her thigh. Starting at her knee, and working my way slowly upward. She was trembling all over. The first swipe of my tongue across her pussy had her whimpering.

“Oh Jack, oh god”

I pulled her swollen clit between my teeth, and bit down gently. She jerked, and lay back on the table, gripping the edges. I sucked hard, and using my index finger, I slowly slid inside her.

She was so wet, my finger glided into her folds with ease. I found that spot inside her, which made her jump, and moan even louder. As I licked and sucked at her clit, I finger fucked her roughly. I knew from the noises she was making, she was close to orgasm.

Her hands gripped my hair, and pulled my face harder against her. She ground against my tongue.

“Oh fuck, oh Jack, I’m coming”

She yelled out, and then she went rigid. Her insides sucked my finger deeper. Then she was bucking against my mouth. I continued sucking and fingering, until she relaxed back on the table.

I slowly placed her leg back down, and kissed across her belly, till I was leaning fully over her.

“You taste fucking amazing”

I growled. She gripped at my shirt, and pulled it off over my head.  Her hands moved over my chest, and arms.

“I love these tattoos”

She smiled. Leaning forward, she licked along my peck, flicking her tongue over my nipple. I needed to be inside her. When she reached for the zip on my pants, I knew she was thinking the same thing.

I let her undo my pants, and when they fell, I kicked them away. She pushed my boxers down, and reached for my already hard cock.

“Wow, you are huge”

She grinned. I closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling of her soft hand stroking me.

“I need you Jack, please”

She pleaded. I opened my eyes, and stroked her cheek.

“Are you certain?”

She kissed me, and smiled.

“I don’t want it to be anybody but you”

She reiterated.

“Put your arms around me baby”

She did as I asked, and I picked her up, by gripping her bare ass. I climbed the stairs, and took her into my bedroom. I laid her down gently, and climbed on beside her. I stroked her arm, and down her side.

“You have an incredible body”

Leaning in, I kissed her again, more gentle this time. I wanted to just take her, fuck her hard. But she deserved her first time, to be special, and gentle. I lay on my back, pulling her with me. She was balanced on her elbows, over me.

“Sit across me honey”

She slid her leg over mine, and pulled her body up. I griped her hips, and positioned her just above my throbbing dick. I grabbed the shaft, and rubbed it through her folds, opening her up to me.

I placed myself just at her entrance, and pushed up slightly. She took in a shaky breath. I noticed her eyes were closed.

“Hay, look at me”

She peeled her eyelids open.

“Relax; just lower yourself at your own pace. Don’t rush yourself; your body will take over”

She bit her lip, and slowly pushed down onto me. I had never felt anything so good in my whole life. I sunk deeper, till I could feel some resistance.

I held her face in my hands.

“Look at me”

She locked eyes with me, and I wrapped my arms around her waist.

“Tell me if I hurt you”

I thrust forward with a bit more force, breaking through her hymen. She gasped, but soon that was followed by a moan of pleasure. She shoved her hips forward, dropping down all the way onto me.

“Oh god, you feel so fucking good.

I grunted. She was made for me. Every fold wrapped around me perfectly. I kissed her gently.

“Are you alright?”

She was breathing heavy, and I was worried.


She stammered. I realised what she was saying. Just by me entering her, I had her on the verge of another orgasm. I grinned up at her.

“Hold on baby”

With those words still hanging in the air, I pulled out slightly, before plunging back in deep. That was all it took. I could feel the ripples inside her, as she collapsed on top of me, writhing.

“Oh god, oh god”

She groaned, as she rode out her powerful climax. I continued to plummet into her; she ground her hips onto me, letting me sink deeper than I had ever gotten before, with anybody, ever. She truly was made for me.

I could feel my climax approaching, but I wanted her to come at the same time. Reaching between us, I thumbed at her clit. She tossed her head back, and bucked her hips hard against mine. Within moments we were both crying out.

I could feel her juices leaking onto my thighs, as I pumped deeply inside her. She collapsed on top of me. I caressed her back, and let her gather herself. That had been fucking mind blowing. She eventually pushed herself up onto her elbows, and grinned at me.

“Why the hell haven’t we been doing that all this time?”

She giggled.

“Because we are stupid”

I laughed too. I gently lifted her hips, sliding out of her. She let out a little hiss, obviously she would be tender. I kissed her on the lips, the climbed off the bed.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going to run you a bath. It will take away some of the ache”

She grinned wide at me, as I left the room.


Oh holy mother of god. I have just had sex with Jack. He had just taken my virginity. He had made me feel unreal. And now he was running me a bath, to stop the ache. He was the most amazing man. I loved him so very much.

How could I ever be like this with anybody else? I could never imagine anybody ever making me feel this satisfied, and happy. He walked back in the room, a towel hung low on his hips. God he really was hot.

He smiled at me.

“Ready for that bath”

He asked. I jumped up, and flung myself at him. My lips found his, and I kissed him passionately. He held me close, and ran his hands up and down my back. When I pulled back, I nodded.

“Ready when you are”

He suddenly flung me over his shoulder, I let out a yell.

“Put me down”

He landed a light slap on my bare behind, sending tingles right between my legs. I had always wondered what it would feel like to be spanked. It felt fucking good. I wiggled my bum, and he laughed.

“Oh, I see. You like that do you”

His hand landed on my ass again, this time a little harder. I yelped again, but damn that felt amazing. His strong fingers kneaded the stinging flesh, and I reached between my legs, and started playing with my clitoris. I was unbelievably horny.

“Oh shit”

Jack groaned, as he noticed what I was doing. I pulled my hand away, but he put me down at the side of the bath.

“Don’t stop”

He said, taking a step away from me. I felt my cheeks pink.

“Really, after everything we’ve already done, now you’re getting shy”

He chuckled. I reached back between my legs, running my finger along my slit. It was so slippery, and felt so good.

“Is this how you get yourself off at home?”

He asked me. His breathing was laboured, and he was semi hard again. I shook my head.

“It’s not my favourite way”

“Show me”

I reached for the shower head, and unscrewed it. Once I had just the pipe, I turned on the water. I climbed into the bath, and sat on the edge, against the wall. I spread my legs wide, and using my thumb to make the water jet, I aimed it right at my clitoris.

In mere moments, I was coming apart. I forgot where I was for a second. When Jack spoke, I jumped.

“Come here”

He ordered, and I gladly obliged. He turned me around, when I reached him.

“Put your hands on the sink”

He whispered in my ear. I again did as I was told instantly. Usually I would hate being ordered around. But with him, I would do anything he asked. He came up behind me, his fingers dug into my hips. He leaned across my back, his mouth next to my ear.

“Have you any fucking idea how damn hot that was. Watching you make yourself come. I almost came myself”

As he spoke the naughty words into my ear, he moved himself to my entrance.

“I love the way your face contorts when you come, it’s so fucking sexy”

He pushed into me, from behind. It stung a little, but that was soon overtaken by an amazing feeling. He was getting so much deeper at this angle. I felt him hit something inside me, which almost made me climax instantly.

I had heard of the g spot, and I was guessing he had definitely found it. Holy fuck, this felt too amazing. Reaching around, he gripped my chin, making me look at him in the mirror.

“Look at me when you’re coming. I want to watch you”

His words sent me right to the edge, and I locked eyes with him. He picked up his pace, and reaching around, he stroked at my clit. I started shaking all over, my whole body convulsing. I felt him release inside me again. Our eyes never left each other.

He slid out of me, once we had both stopped jolting. He leaned forward kissing my cheek.

“Sexiest thing ever, watching you fall apart”

He whispered. I spun around and held him close. Eventually, he warmed up the bath water, and I climbed in.

“I’ll leave you to relax”

He smiled, leaning in to kiss me. I kissed him back, and watched him walk out the door. Tears streamed down my face. What had I done? Knowing what I would forever be missing, was worse than the pain of him rejecting me.

I sat and cried for about 15 minutes, then I realised the water was getting cold. I quickly washed, and then climbed out. I wrapped myself up in a robe, and headed for his bedroom.

He was lying on top of the covers, in just his boxer shorts; his arm was over his eyes. I took a moment to take him all in. He was everything to me; I had to find a way we could be together. I climbed onto the bed beside him. He pulled me close into his side.

I ran my hand over his muscular stomach.

“Thank you for tonight Jack”

I said. He stroked my hair.

“Don’t you dare say thank you, I have had the best night of my life”

He looked down at me.

“Don’t ever say thank you for somebody lo…caring about you”

Oh my god. Was he just about to say love? I know I had almost slipped up before, but he was always so in charge. Seeing him almost make a slip, with his words, meant a lot.

He held me close all night, and when I woke in the morning, he was gone. I got up and showered, and then went looking for him. Beth was in the living room.

“Hi, I thought you had to work today”

I smiled.

“I do, but Jack had to go somewhere, he asked me to wait with you, till your car comes”

“He won’t be back before I go?”

I asked sadly.

“Sorry honey, that’s all I know”

I went to my room, and packed my clothes. I wouldn’t cry, I told myself. Last night obviously hadn’t meant as much to him, as it had to me. When I had my clothes packed, I waited for my car.

I didn’t have to wait long, luckily. I couldn’t wait to get out of here. As I kissed Beth goodbye, and swore to keep in touch, I fought the tears. It wasn’t till the car pulled away, that I let them fall freely.


I watched the car pull away, and saw the sadness in her eyes. I hated myself, but there was no way I could have said goodbye. When the car was out of sight, I walked out from behind the house. Beth stood there with her arms folded.

“I can’t believe you did that. She was devastated”

“I just couldn’t say goodbye Beth. I fucking love her damn it. I would have made her stay, selfishly. I couldn’t do that to her”

Beth hugged me close.

“I’m so glad you’re staying Jack. I’m here if you need to talk. But right now I have to get back to work”

She grinned at me, and then headed down the path. I went inside, and sat in the living room. I had just lost the only woman I had ever loved. The one woman I wanted more than any other.

At least I didn’t have to see the marriage spectacle. My immediate resignation had been accepted instantly. I knew it was because the Queen could tell there was something between us. But whatever the reason, it was for the best.

Tomorrow, Beth and I would bury our father, and then we were moving back into the house. Both of us had realised, we had to move on from the past, and I had to try and move on from Anna.


A month had passed since I had seen Jack. My father had been away on business, but he was back today. I shouldn’t have been looking forward to seeing him, but I really was.

He was all I had thought about, despite trying to plan my sham marriage. I had met up with Prince Henry a few more times, since coming home. I had gotten to know the real him, and I didn’t like it.

He was very controlling, and rude to everyone around him. Basically he was a dick, as Beth would probably say. I had spoken to her a few times, since I left. I had made sure never to mention Jack, and neither had she. I did wonder what he had told her though.

I was sat in the parlour, when I heard the cars pull up. I jumped up to the window, and looked out. I saw my father, and his driver. I saw 2 guards climb out after him, and then they closed the door.

Where was Jack? I rushed out, thinking maybe I had missed him climbing out. But the only people who were there, were the ones I had already seen.

“Hello beautiful”

Dad beamed at me.

“Hi dad”

I smiled. He hugged me tight.

“I missed you honey. I’m sorry I haven’t been here since you got back”

“That’s ok”

I said, looking over his shoulder, just to be sure he wasn’t here.

“Your hair is lovely honey, you look so much older”

I realized he hadn’t seen it yet.

“Oh, I didn’t think you would like it”

“I like what you like baby, as long as you’re happy”

I tried to smile, but I wasn’t happy, not at all. He must have seen something in my face.

“What’s wrong sweetie?”

He asked me, cupping my cheek.


I lied.

“Where’s Jack dad?”

I asked, without thinking.


He frowned. I had never asked about any of his guards.

“Oh I just left something in his house”

I said, thinking on my feet.

“Jack doesn’t work for us anymore. He resigned the day you came home. You will have to just replace whatever you lost”

My heart shattered. Replace what I had lost. I would never be able to do that. He was gone, forever. I excused myself and went to my room. I called Beth.


She said happily. I couldn’t hold the tears in.

“What’s happened Anna?”

“Why didn’t you tell me Jack had quit?”

“I honestly thought you knew. We never talk about Jack Anna, I had no clue you hadn’t been told”

“Why did he quit, was it to get away from me?”

I sobbed.

“God, no, Anna, he was torn apart about it. He still is”

“So why did he quit?”

“He…Anna he’s sworn me to secrecy”

“Please Beth, I need to know”

“He couldn’t watch you get married. It would have been too hard for him”

“Why didn’t he say anything?”

“Because he knew you didn’t have a choice. He didn’t want to make you choose between him and your parents”

“Beth, I love him, I don’t want anybody else. If he had told me how he felt, I would have stayed, despite the consequences”

“You love him that much?”

“More, Beth I have to see him”

“I will talk to him”

“No, he will say no, for my sake. I will come to him. Please make sure he is home tomorrow night”

I said goodbye, and hung up.

“Who exactly do you love, and who are you going to see tomorrow?”

I turned my head quickly toward my bedroom door. My mum stood there, arms folded.

“Anna, please explain what I have just heard. I hope it was your fiancé you were talking about”

I thought I had to be honest. There was no point lying. I loved Jack, and he was all I wanted, if he would have me.

“Mum, sit down”

I said firmly. She looked surprised, but took a seat next to me anyway. I turned to face her, and grabbed her hands.

“Mum, I wasn’t talking about Henry. I was talking to Beth, about Jack”


She said incredulously.

“As in your dads former head guard Jack?”

“I love him mum. More than I have ever loved anybody. Henry is a total idiot. He treats his staff, and anybody he deems as below him, terribly. He is controlling and quite nasty”

“Why didn’t you tell us about him?”

“Because it is what you wanted for me. You and dad mean everything to me, I was just trying to please you, and do my duty, as you said. How could I disappoint you?”

“Oh sweetheart”

She cried, and she hugged me, to my surprise. I cried with her.

“I know you and dad have had a good life, and that is how you married, but it is an old fashioned idea. I do not want to marry Henry”

“Sweetie, your dad and I weren’t in love for many years after we married. It took us a long time to become what we are today. I just assumed love would come with time. I guess it is rather old fashioned”

I was so shocked. I sat staring at her, my mouth wide open. She placed a finger under my chin.

“You can close your mouth; I’m not always so controlling, am I?”

“A little bit”

I laughed.

“Oh sweetheart, at the end of the day, it is your happiness that matters. I knew there was something between the two of you, when I saw the way he looked at you”

“He was looking at me?”

“Darling, he couldn’t keep his eyes off you. I’m afraid I may have warned him off, I’m sorry”

I couldn’t be mad at her. It seemed she had finally realised, I had to make my own decisions in life.

“So what now”

I asked.

“I guess we should arrange a car for tomorrow”

She smiled. I jumped up and hugged her.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you”

I realised something suddenly.

“But what about dad, the marriage would have secured our finances”

“Don’t you worry your little head about that honey; your dad has just arranged a very lucrative deal. We will be just fine”

“Do you think he will be ok about Jack?”

“He’s an old romantic your father, I’m sure he will be fine. Nobody will ever be good enough for his little girl, but he loves Jack like a son. He was devastated when he quit”

I couldn’t wipe the smile from my face. But I suddenly I realised something.

“What if he doesn’t want me?”

Mum draped her arm around my shoulder.

“He would have to be crazy not to”

I couldn’t wait until tomorrow. I just prayed he would welcome me back into his life.


I walked into the house, and Beth suddenly appeared.

“I need you to stay home tonight”

She smiled.

“I was meeting the lads for a drink”

What I really meant was, I was going to sit in the bar alone, drinking to forget.

“We both know there are no lads, now just do as you are told”

“What’s going on, why do you need me here?”

“I have a friend coming over, and I would like you to meet her”

“Beth, I do not want to be set up with one of your friends”

“I am not trying to set you up. I just want you to meet her”

I sighed. I suppose I could say hi, before I went to the bar.

“Fine, but I am not sticking around. A girly night does not sound like fun for me”

She gave me a huge smile.

“Great, she’ll be here about 8pm. Please dress better than that”

She gave me a look of pure disgust.

“What is wrong with what I am wearing?”

I gasped.

“Jack, you haven’t changed or showered for weeks”

“I have showered”

I protested.

“Well you haven’t changed or shaved, that’s for sure. I can smell your clothes from here”

She laughed. I just ignored her, and walked away, running upstairs. I decided she was right. I had to have a god shower, and trim my beard, and wear some clean clothes. I did feel slightly better when I was ready, so I went back downstairs and grabbed a beer.

The doorbell rang, and I huffed. I really wasn’t in the mood for one of Beth’s squealing friend’s tonight. Who was I kidding; any night would have been bad. I hadn’t felt like doing anything, since I watched my future drive away from me.


Beth shouted.

“I’m in the kitchen”

I yelled back. I kept my back to the door purposefully.

“Jack, I would like you to meet my friend Anna”

When she said Anna, I froze. I could not cope with this shit. Beth knew what I had been going through. I was so mad with her right now.


I said, without even looking.


Said a very familiar voice, I spun around, and there she stood. I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t even breathe.

“Anna, this is my big lug of a brother, Jack”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Jack”

Anna smiled. I still didn’t know what to say. It had been over a month since I had seen her.

“What are you…how are you…what is going on?”

They both just grinned at me.

“Well, Anna was looking for a place to crash. I told her she could stay here, but she would have to ok it with you first”

Anna took a step toward me.

“Is it ok if I stay Jack?”

“What about Henry?”

“Well I’m not sure, but I think he will be sleeping at his house. I’m guessing he won’t want a room”

“So you and him…”

“We’re nothing. He’s a dick if I’m being honest”

Beth laughed out loud.

“I knew he was a dick, the moment I laid eyes on him”

She said. Anna laughed too. I still couldn’t breathe properly.

“Beth, can you give us a minute please”

I asked. She just shrugged.

“Anna will tell me everything anyway”

She giggled, as she left the room.

“I swear I won’t”

Anna laughed. I just stared at her.

“Anna, please tell me what is going on. I don’t want to jump to the wrong conclusions, I’m so confused”

Again she took a step toward me.

“All I want is to be here with you and Beth. My parents know where I am, and they know why I’m here”

“Why are you here?”

Again she took another step; she was right in front of me now.

“I’m here for you. I love you Jack, I don’t want anybody else, I never will again”

I stared at her again.

“You love me? Anna, are you…I mean, I’m just me. I’m not a prince”

She placed her hand on my chest.

“Did you not hear what I said? I do not want anybody but you. A prince can bring wealth and power; a prince can bring a lot of things to my country”


 I sighed.

“But a prince wouldn’t bring anything to me. Not like you. I feel safe with you. I feel like me with you. You bring out, in me, the person I want to be, just by being with you. You make me feel special, and beautiful, and I want to live a “normal” life with just you”


I used the same air quotes he had a while ago. I had taken offence back then, but he had been right. I did not have a normal life, but that was what I wanted now, more than ever.

“So, can I stay?”

I grinned at him. He grabbed my waist and pulled me in close.

“You don’t even have to ask, this is your home”

His hands caressed my face.

“So you want me to stay”

He smiled for the first time.

“Well it would be hard for me to show you just how much I love you, if you weren’t here”

My heart skipped a beat.

“Did you just say…”

“That I love you, yes. Anna, I love you, so much. I have loved you for years. I never dreamt you could ever love me back. Knowing that you do, makes me the happiest man alive”

He picked me up, and swung me around. I let out a happy squeal. When he stroked my hair away from my face, and looked into my eyes, I knew I had found the one, my own prince. 

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