Royal Love part 4

Royal Love part 4

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


part 4 of Royal Love


part 4 of Royal Love

Chapter1 (v.1) - Royal Love part 4

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part 4 of Royal Love

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Submitted: July 12, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 12, 2015



What the hell was Beth up to? I knew her well enough, to see when she was up to no good. I had been very careful around Anna all day. After what happened in the garden, I knew I had overstepped the mark. What had I been thinking? Telling her she could touch me when she wanted.

I placed my palm on my face, feeling so ashamed. I had to stop this shit. She was a fucking princess, and I was her guard. I had a duty to fulfil, and coming onto a 22 year old girl, was by no means part of the plan.

I climbed the stairs, and stopped just outside Anna’s room, when I heard the girls giggling.

“You look absolutely stunning”

Beth said.

“I feel so sexy. I love the feeling of the silk against my skin”

Anna replied. Jesus fucking Christ, she was wearing silk, how was I supposed to cope with that? I went to my room, and decided to make an effort. I wore my best suit, trimmed my stubble, and drowned myself in cologne.

When I was ready, I headed downstairs. The girls were in the dining room, setting the table. I looked at Anna, and almost lost it again. She absolutely did look stunning. She had a knee length red dress on, which fastened around her slender neck, and showed her entire back off.

Her skin looked so smooth and soft, god I’d love to kiss her there. Run my hands up and down her back. It dawned on me, the dress was not silk, so what did she have on underneath it, which was silk? I mentally slapped myself, I had to stop this.

Beth noticed me standing in the doorway. She twirled around, in her long flowing gown.

“Well, how do we look?”

I couldn’t take my eyes off Anna.

“You look astounding”

I smiled. Her face reddened, and she lowered her eyes, looking embarrassed. Ok, not the best start. I thought.  I helped Beth dish up the food, and we placed the bowels on the table. As we were about to sit down to eat, Beth’s phone bleeped.

“Sorry guys, I’m going to have to love and leave you, emergency at work”

“Beth, you work in a supermarket, what type of emergency could there possibly be?”

“I am the boss, dear brother, and I am needed. Enjoy your meal”

She laughed, as she literally danced out of the room. I knew then what it was she had been up to. This was a total set up. I turned to look at Anna. I expected her to be as stunned as I was. But she just smiled, and took her seat.

“There is no point letting it go to waste”

I nodded, and sat down beside her. We dished up the meal, and sat in total silence as we ate. The atmosphere was absolutely tense. I tried to not keep staring at her, but it was so hard. I was almost positive; I had caught her looking at me a few times too.

We drank a bottle and a half of wine, which may not have been a great idea after yesterday. I could tell she was tipsy already. When we had finished the meal, Anna stood up.

“We have crepes for desert, but they need cooking. The mix is ready, but could you show me how to cook them?”

She smiled.

“Of course”

I smiled back. We grabbed the dirty dishes, and headed into the kitchen. I took a frying pan from the cupboard, and turned on the stove.

“Place a little oil in the pan, and swirl it around”

I told her. She put in the oil, but she was shaking, rather than swirling it. I walked up behind her, placing my hand over hers on the handle, and started rotating her wrist.

“You have to swirl it, to spread it around evenly”

I said into her ear. She smelt like vanilla and strawberries. I had to take a little sniff. She dropped the pan, and spun around.

“Did you just smell me?”

She asked, with a slight grin on her face.

“What, no of course I didn’t”

I protested, taking a few steps back.

“You did, I felt your nose in my hair, and you sniffed”

I grabbed the bowl full of batter, and ignored what she said.

“When the oil is hot enough…”

“So, we are just ignoring it now are we?”

I could tell she was teasing me now, in her drunken state.

“Let’s just get on with the crepes shall we?”

As I reached across to pour in some batter, she moved across to grab the pan, knocking my arm. The ladle spun out of my hand, and splashed batter all down her dress. Everything froze for a moment. She looked down at the liquid dripping onto the floor, and started laughing.

“I can’t believe you just did that”

“I am so sorry, it was an accident”

I laughed with her. She gave me a look I had seen Beth pull many times, but never Anna. She had a mischievous look in her eye. She grabbed the ladle off the floor, and held it up.

“Don’t you dare”

I warned, as she walked toward me.

“Anna, I swear to god”

“What, what will you do if I throw this at you?”

“I will throw you in the pool”

I laughed.

“Oh really, you would have to catch me first”

She flung the rest of the batter at me, coating my suit. Then she turned and ran.

“You’ve had it”

I yelled, chasing after her. We were both laughing loudly, as we ran around like children. She ended up in the garden, stupidly. As she ran for the door, I grabbed her around her waist. She screamed, as I hauled her toward the pool.

“No, Jack don’t you dare. Jack, that’s an order damn it”

I just laughed all the more. We were way past orders now. I stopped at the side of the pool, and held her over the edge.

“Jack, please don’t do this. This dress isn’t mine, Beth will kill you”

I had a tight grip on her waist, her whole body was pressed against mine, and I forgot what we were doing. I placed her on her feet, and she giggled.

“You fool”

She swiftly backed up, and placed her hands against my chest. With a huge grin, she shoved me backward. I lost my balance, and started falling toward the water. At the last moment, I managed to get hold of her wrist, tugging her after me.

She let out a scream, as we both hit the cold water.

“Oh my god”

I shouted, shivering. Anna started manically laughing, and splashed water over me. I dived on her, dragging her down under the surface. As we swam, closely together, she wrapped her arms around my neck, and placed her lips on mine. I was so surprised, I pushed her away.

When we broke the surface again, she quickly jumped out and ran for the house.


I yelled. Shit, what had I done? What the fuck was wrong with me? She had just kissed me, and I had literally shoved her away. I had just been so taken aback. I jumped out, and rushed after her.

“Anna, where are you?”

I shouted, searching the house. She didn’t seem to be anywhere. I dashed out the front door, and spotted her running down the path.

“Anna, wait please”

I ran as fast as I could, till I managed to catch up with her. I jumped in front of her, and stopped her walking. She wouldn’t look at me.

“Anna, Christ”

I huffed.

“Please come back into the house, its freezing and dark, your shivering”

I reached for her, and she took a step away.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that. I didn’t mean to embarrass myself so much. I don’t know what came over me. I think I just got caught up in the moment. I really shouldn’t drink”

She whispered, through chattering teeth.

“Fuck Anna, please don’t apologize. I swear I didn’t mean to shove you away like that, I really didn’t want to, believe me, you just took me totally by surprise”

I was trembling myself now.

“Please Anna, come back inside. It’s so damn cold”

She turned and walked back to the house, I trailed closely behind.

“Wait here a second”

I said as we entered the hallway. I ran upstairs and grabbed 2 dressing gowns. I handed her one, and told her to go into the living room, by the fire.

“I’ll get changed out here, just yell when you’re dressed”

“I’m not letting you change out here, don’t be ridiculous, it’s so cold”

She grabbed my arm, and pulled me into the living room. The room was so warm; the fire burning was the only light. She glanced at me, as she hung the dressing gown over the back of the chair. I turned away.

“I swear I won’t look”

I said. I heard movement, and then she said it was ok to look. When I turned around, she stood in just a silk pair of knickers. Her hands were covering her breasts. I swallowed hard.

“You said you didn’t mean to push me away, I just shocked you. Well how is this for shocking?”

She dropped her hands, and I stumbled backward.

“Anna I…”

I didn’t know what to say.

“Don’t you want me?”

“Honey, I’m here to protect you, not take advantage of you”

She started walking toward me.

“I’m the one taking advantage”

She grinned. I moved backwards away from her.

“Anna, you’re drunk, I can’t do this when you’re drunk”

She stopped her advances.

“Jack, I sobered up the moment I hit that water, I am not drunk”

I threw my robe toward her.

“Please cover yourself up; I can’t concentrate when you’re all on show”

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