Quickie At The Gym

Quickie At The Gym

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Claire was so on edge, no sex for 6 months, it was driving her mad. So did the guys at the gym, they drive her mad in other ways though.


Claire was so on edge, no sex for 6 months, it was driving her mad. So did the guys at the gym, they drive her mad in other ways though.


Submitted: October 10, 2016

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Submitted: October 10, 2016



I was driving along the road, beeping and yelling at other drivers, idiots, the lot of them. Ok, maybe I’m in a dreadful mood, but who can blame me. 6 months, 6 damn months, no sane person can survive that long without sex. I know I can’t anyway, hence why I was on my way to the gym.

I figured working off some of my tension would help. My best friend Clara had practically forced my hand.

“You are a nightmare lately, either get a fucking vibrator, or find another way to work off that mood, or I’m staying home from now on”

She had bitched at me, last time we went out for a drink.

“I have a vibrator, I have many actually, but it isn’t the same”

“Then join the gym or something”

So that is what I had done. I didn’t fancy going to the big gym by where I live, not with my ex working there. So I had joined a small out of the way one. Less people meant less chance of yelling at somebody. I signed in, and went to get changed.

I put on my shorts and bra top, and started warming up. Once I was all loose, I went into the main gym. The place was practically empty. There were only 4 guys. Each of them were doing their own thing, but engaging in conversation. But they stopped chatting, as I walked across the room.

I walked up to the treadmill, stepped on, and set it at a slow pace. I placed my headphones in my ears, but I didn’t press play on my phone. I was interested to hear what the guys were talking about.

“Jesus, the ass on her”

One of them said.

“I bet she can fuck like a rabbit”

Another joined in.

“Did you see her lips, made to suck cock them”

I should have been offended, but it just made me feel hot. I turned the speed up on the machine, and started running hard. I had to get rid of this need I had for sex.

“Look at her ass jiggle”

“I’d love to have my face buried in that”

“Shit, I’ve got a fucking semi here”

They all laughed, and I slowly stopped running, till the treadmill came to a stop. I turned to face the men.

“Maybe you should all check that a lady is actually listening to something, before you discuss ways to fuck her”

I said, with my hands on my hips. One of the men stood up. He was fucking dreamy gorgeous. Bright blue eyes, a bronzed muscular body, on show because he’s been doing weights. His smile is dazzling, and he is obviously the one with the semi. Wow.

“We weren’t discussing ways to fuck you, not yet anyway”

I swallowed hard. Is he flirting with me? Should I flirt back? I made an instant decision.

“How would that go?”

I grinned. Another of the guy’s, a tall, slim, but toned, man, with blonde cropped hair, walked over to the doors, and closed the lock over. I felt a slight thrill of panic rush through me. Had I done the right thing, and was I honestly about to fuck four strangers in my gym?

As the first guy approached me, he looked me up and down.

“Why are you here gorgeous, you don’t need to tone that body anymore?”

“I had a lot of excess energy I needed to burn off”

I confessed.

“Isn’t your man fucking you enough to burn it off”

“I don’t have a man; there has been no man for 6 months”

He walked around, stopping behind me. He leaned in and whispered in my ear.

“We can scratch that itch for you sweetheart, all you need to do, is say yes. The door is right there; you can unlock it and leave when you want. This is your choice”

My breath hitched, and my pussy throbbed. I looked at each of the men, all of them pleading with their eyes for me to say yes. I could leave when I wanted, I could leave now, and not look back. But the breath I could feel on my neck was driving me insane.

I leaned into him, and looked over my shoulder, locking my eyes with his.


I smiled. He slid his hand across my face, and wrapped his arm around my waist, pulling me in close, and kissed me. I let it happen. I wanted this to happen. He started walking forward, pushing my legs with his, making me take steps, as he held onto me tight from behind.

He walked us over to a weights bench.

“Lift your arms”

He said. I raised them up, and he swiftly removed my top, throwing it aside. He yanked down my shorts, finding I had no underwear on. I never wear knickers when working out. He let out a groan.

“My type of girl”

He grinned. He spun me around to face him, and he eyed my naked form. I was proud of my body; I knew I was curvy, but sexy. Each one of them showed their appreciation with their stares.

“Sit down”

He ordered, and I blindly obeyed, without question. I was in another place right now, so turned on I couldn’t cope. I sat on the bench, and he knelt in front of me. He opened my knees, pushing my thighs apart.

“You have such a pretty pussy”

He sighed, as he slid a finger down my bald lips. I was so focused on what he was doing, that I didn’t notice anybody approaching me. A hand touched each of my shoulders, and I jumped a little. The man between my spread legs, pushed at my chest.

“Lay back honey, relax, let us give you what you need”

I let my body flop backward. Gentle hands laid me down. The two hands belonged to the blonde guy (who said his name was Ben) and another man (Whose name was Mark) who was bald, older than the others, but just as fit and sexy. He gave me a smile, and leaned in to kiss me. He was a great kisser.

The man between my legs (Paul) was running his hands up and down my inner thighs, each upward caress getting closer to my cunt. Mark stopped kissing me, and moved down across my chest, kneeling with Ben. They both started caressing my tits, rubbing their thumbs over my nipples.

I let out a moan.

“She’s gagging for it, aren’t you baby?”

Paul smiled at me, and I nodded. There was no point lying, I was soaked, and he must have been able to see it.

“Scott, come and take a look at this”

He shouted out to the fourth guy, who had yet to join in.

“I don’t know”

He said.

“Oh come on, she wants this, tell him sweetheart”

I looked up and the fourth man was the sexiest of all of them. He could have just stepped out of a catalogue. His body was outstanding, and his big brown eyes shone with trepidation. He just needed a little encouragement, and I had a feeling he would be amazing.

I held my hand out to him.

“Come and join the fun Scott”

I groaned again, and dropped my body back down, as Ben took my nipple in his mouth, and bit down. I heard movement, and glancing between my legs. I saw Scott kneel next to Paul. He licked his lips, and glanced up at me. I gave him a smile, and he lunged forward, running the flat of his tongue along the length of my pussy.

I cried out. This was the start now; it was way past a little grope and play. He flicked his tongue over my clit, drawing out louder moans. Ben and Mark licked, sucked and bit my swollen nubs. I watched Scott as he slipped down to my hole.

He grabbed my feet, lifting them into the foot rests, and spread my thighs as far as they would go. His tongue entered me, and I almost leapt off the bench. Paul reached over, and placed his thumb against my sensitive clit, rubbing it in circles.

I was screaming out, as I started coming hard.

“Oh yeah, like that, fuck, yes yes yessssss!!”

I creamed all over Scott’s gorgeous face. He knelt up, and Paul stepped back.

“Ok, I’m up for this, if I go first”

Scott said to the group. I wasn’t complaining. If the bulge in his shorts was anything to go by, I was in for a treat. All eyes fell on me.

“Any order you want boys”

I grinned, just desperate to get with the fucking. They all agreed it was fine by them if Scott goes first. He stood up, and in one quick movement, he had his shorts and underwear off. Shit, I swallowed a lump of worry, when I saw his sheer girth. I had never seen such a wide cock in my life.

He was thrown something by Ben, and I realised what it was, when he rolled on the condom. It’s a good job they thought about protection. I was not thinking straight at all. He moved closer to me, pulling me into a sitting position.

“You want this?”

He asked. I nodded.

“Say it”

“I want this”

He slipped 2 fingers up my hole, and I gasped.

“You want me to fuck you, in front of my friends, as they wank their cocks?”

“No, I will wank them for them”

I sighed, as he sped up his fingering. I wanted all of them.

“You’re a dirty bitch aren’t you?”

“Yeah, oh god yes”

I began to judder, as he made me climax again. Before my pussy had stopped pulsing, he lay me back down, and thrust his massive cock inside me. I was in a constant state of orgasm, as he fucked me hard and fast. Hands once again cupped my tits, and I became aware of someone sitting up by my head.

I glanced up, and was greeted with another massive prick. Paul had his hand wrapped around himself. As Scott ploughed into me, I flicked my tongue out, allowing Paul to place his cock in my mouth. I reached out, and grabbed Ben and Mark’s penises, and the room filled with moans of total pleasure.

 Scott started leaning forward, when he plunged into me, his pubic area causing friction on my clitoris. I was groaning around Paul’s mushroom head, as he fucked my mouth. Scott put my feet on his shoulder, and stood up. He drove into me again, hitting that special spot inside.

Instantly I was coming, my cloudy liquid spurting all up his chest.

“Fuck baby, that is fucking hot”

He clenched, and his face scrunched up. Even with a condom on, I could feel the force of his come. He gently placed my feet back on the bench, and pulled out. Like some erotic conveyor belt, all the guys changed places. Ben ended up between my thighs, and Mark ended up above my head. The other two were instantly in my hands.

I started rubbing their hard phalluses, it made me realise how big Scott really was. Even for an older man, Mark was also huge in the underwear department. He stroked my cheek.

“Would you mind her on her knees lads?”

He asked. Everyone stepped back.

“Kneel up beautiful”

He smiled. I again obeyed instantly. He guided my head down, and I swallowed the head of his cock. As he entered my throat, Ben entered my cunt. I believe they call it a spit roast. I never expected this would be happening this morning. But I was sure glad it was happening right now.

Scott and Paul were guiding my hand over themselves. I couldn’t concentrate at the moment. I felt Mark tense up, as I sucked in my cheeks, and he shot his load down my throat.

“Fuck baby, you know how to suck cock like a pro”

I let out a giggle.

“Let me have a go”

Scott said, swopping places with Mark. I needed to open my mouth to the max to take him in. I sucked him down as far as I could, and by the noise he was making, it was far enough. Ben rubbed his finger around my ass hole, as he slowly fucked my throbbing hole.

I had never tried anal before, but I felt like I would do anything for these guys, all they had to do was ask.

“Have you ever had two in you baby?”

He asked. I made a negative noise.

“Want to try?”

I nodded, bobbing my head up and down Scott’s penis. He yelled out, and almost choked me with his thick seed. I only just managed to swallow it all. Everything about that man was thick. I felt Ben pull out of me.

“Who is getting underneath?”

He asked the lads.

“I think I’d like the pleasure”

Paul offered. He pulled me to my feet, and kissed me. I was surprised; considering I had just swallowed his friends come. He obviously didn’t care. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and kissed him back. He sat on the bench, and placed my legs astride his lap.

“Get on me gorgeous”

He ordered. I grabbed his prick, and guided him inside me. He leaned back, taking me with him, so my ass stuck up in the air. I felt breath down below, and then a tongue licked at my puckered ring. I didn’t expect that would feel so good.

He tongued me again, making my muscle relax. He slipped a finger inside, as Paul slowly rotated his hips. I was gasping, at the intrusive feeling, but it didn’t feel bad at all. In fact, it felt pretty fucking great.

“You ready for me honey?”

He whispered in my ear. I let out a moan, letting him know I was more than ready. He too straddled Paul’s dangling legs, and I felt his head against my anus. He pushed in slowly, I felt my insides tightening.

“Relax darling”

He said through gritted teeth.

“You’re an anal virgin aren’t you?”

I nodded. He pulled back, and started gathering juices from my dripping cunt. He worked 2 fingers in and out, till I was groaning in ecstasy. I could do this now; I knew I was so ready.

“Please, just fuck me”

I cried. He got close again, and rimmed my tight hole. This time I relaxed and let him push all the way inside. I felt so full, and stretched, but in an amazing way. Paul started moving my hips up and down, as Ben slowly pulled in and out. I was shamelessly screaming out.

“Oh god, fuck me, treat me like a whore, harder, yes. Give me a cock to suck”

I yelled. Someone approached me, and I sucked the hard cock in my mouth. I guessed it was Mark, as Scott was so much wider than that. Hands surrounded my hanging tits. I was losing all control as both men inside me sped up their pace.

The groans, moans, and the smell of sex surrounded us. I started coming and felt Paul tremble under me. Ben froze and juddered, and we all collapsed in a sweaty heap. Mark was wanking his cock over my chest, and I reached out to help him finish. He came all over my tits, and I rubbed it all in.

I felt sexy and wanton and I was more satisfied than I had ever been. I was handed a towel, and I cleaned myself up. Mark, Paul and Ben got dressed, and I realised Scott had left. I had to admit, I felt a little deflated by him. He was such a gorgeous guy, and what a cock he had. I had hoped he had enjoyed himself.

I got dressed, and said my goodbye’s to the other guys. They all kissed my cheek, and thanked me for a great time. I walked out of the gym, with my bag over my shoulder, literally floating on air. As I walked out of the door, someone touched my arm. I turned around, and Scott smiled at me.

“Hay, I wondered if you would like to get a drink sometime”

I smiled back.

“Sure, I’d like that”

He held his hand out.

“I’m Scott, lovely to meet you”

“Claire. The pleasure was all mine Scott, believe me”

I shook his hand, and winked at him. I walked toward my car.

“How do I get in touch with you?”

He asked.

“Why don’t we meet here next week, same time?”

“Should I bring a friend?”

He asked with a hopeful smile.

“Bring as many as you want”

I giggled, and climbed in my car. As I drove away, I couldn’t stop smiling. That was the best gym workout ever; I couldn’t wait for next week, and maybe a drink with Scott, afterward, of course. My pussy pulsed at the thought, I never had to be in a bad mood ever again. 

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