Protection Detail

Protection Detail

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


trapped in a cabin with this asshole was not something i relished, but i needed him


trapped in a cabin with this asshole was not something i relished, but i needed him

Chapter1 (v.1) - Protection Detail

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trapped in a cabin with this asshole was not something i relished, but i needed him

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 17, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 17, 2015





I can’t believe I am sitting here. I look around the police station, convinced everybody is talking about me. The whispered voices, and sly looks, were making me paranoid. I know I’m an important witness, so surely they should be trying to accommodate me, not make me uncomfortable. I saw a man enter the main door. He wasn’t hard to miss.

He was at least 6 foot 9 inches tall. He had cropped dark hair and dark skin. As he approached me, I admired the way he was dressed. He wore blue jeans, which matched the amazing colour of his eyes. A dark blue t shirt was tucked into the waist, and he wore a black leather jacket. I caught sight of a gun holster, when his jacket was moved aside by the swinging of his muscular arm.

He oozed sex appeal. And his walk was so assured, and commanding. As he passed by me, a smell of woody aftershave washed over me, making my head spin. He was what I would call perfection. As he closed the door to the captain’s office, he gave me a look that chilled me to the bone. I would have believed I had wronged him in some way, if I didn’t know any better.

‘What the hell is his problem?’

I thought to myself, feeling all the more paranoid. I wanted to just go home, curl up in bed and forget today ever happened. Why had I even gone to that stupid interview this morning? I wasn’t even bothered about the job. If I had just skipped it, and not taken the shortcut through the field, I wouldn’t have seen the shooting. I wouldn’t have witnessed 2 men shoot and kill another man in broad daylight.

I remembered the look on their face when I screamed. They had obviously not expected anyone to see them. If I hadn’t ran track in collage. I have no doubt I would have joined the dead man in the field. Luckily for me the shooters must have been out of shape. I got to the main road and in a taxi, before they even got out of the field.

I had arrived at the police station not long after that. They didn’t take me seriously to begin with. They took what I said with a pinch of salt. That was until one of their officers went to the scene, and found the body. It was then that they moved me to here, outside the captain’s door, where I had been sat for the past 5 hours.

I realised I could hear raised voices. It was coming from inside the office, where Mr Sex god had just entered. I moved over a seat, so I could hear what was being said.

“I’m not a fucking baby sitter Wes”

“It’s not babysitting, she is a witness”

“She’s a rich brat Wes. I can see that just by looking at her. Can’t you get someone else to do it?”

“You’re my best man Morgan. Her dad is an important man. He knows the damn mayor. We have to protect her”

“Fuck Wes”

He yelled. I could feel my blood boiling. It was obvious they were talking about me. My dad, Anthony Mooney, was a highly respected business man. Everybody loved him, and respected him, he knew how to charm. Not that he showed much of that charm at home. He was not what you would call, a hands on dad. He barely spent any time with my sister Jan and myself. And when he did, it was regimented and time scheduled. More like a business meeting.

“Wes I swear if this brat causes me any bother, I will cuff her to the radiator”

The sexy man yelled. I jumped up and walked right through the door. Both men turned and looked at me shocked.

“Excuse me Miss Mooney, would you mind waiting outside for a moment?”

The one I assumed was Wes said, with a clipped smile.

“No, I won’t sit out there while this asshole rips me apart”

I yelled turning to face him. Looking at him, I almost lost my words. He really was spectacularly gorgeous. But my anger gripped me again.

“How dare you talk about me like that. You don’t know a fucking thing about me or my life. Believe me I don’t want you watching over me any more than you want to”

I turned back towards Wes.

“In fact I demand someone else for the job”

“That’s fine with me”

Mr sexy laughed, as he headed for the door.

“Stop right there Morgan”

Wes yelled. Morgan stopped in his tracks, letting out a huge sigh. Wes turned back toward me, with a friendly smile this time.

“Miss Mooney”

“My name is Anya”

“I’m sorry, Anya I have spoken to your father. He has asked for us to use our best man on this job. We need to keep you safe. And whether you both like it or not, you will have to tolerate each other”

“Is my father coming here?”

“He thinks it may be safer if he was to stay away”

“Safer for what me or his career?”

I sneered. Both men looked at me, again surprised. Wes approached me, giving my arm a friendly squeeze.

“I’m sure he’s just thinking of you. If the press found out you were his daughter, it would be easier to track you down. And no one wants that”

I just nodded. I had expected nothing more from my father anyway.

“So, what now?”

I asked. Totally lost as to what was going to happen next. It wasn’t every day I witnessed a murder.

“We want to put you in a safe house”

“What? No way, I am not going to disrupt my life. Why can’t I just be watched at home?”

“Miss…Anya, please sit down”

He pulled out a chair, and I took it in a daze. Wes sat on his desk in front of me.

“We have identified the body. He is well known to us. He was the witness to a crime a few months ago. The court date was supposed to be this Monday. We believe they killed him, so he couldn’t testify. We are concerned they may come after you now”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Someone wanted to kill me.

“No wonder my dad wanted to stay away”

I laughed. The two men made no comment.

“We are hopeful to get some evidence at the crime scene. They were sloppy just leaving his body there. You probably scared them off, before they had a chance to dump it. You won’t be in hiding long with some luck”

I just nodded. How could I argue anymore, my life was on the line? Wes stood and turned his gaze to Mr gorgeous and angry.

“We need you on this Morgan”


He snapped back.

“Come on”

He said to me, without even glancing my way. I stood up and followed him out the office.

“Morgan, have her look at some mug shots before you leave. And Anya we will do our best to catch these bastards”

“Thank you”

I muttered, trailing behind Morgan, as he headed for another office. We went inside, and it was empty, bar a table and 2 chairs.

“Sit down. I’ll be back in a minute”

He muttered before leaving me alone. I took a seat, and fought back the tears that were threatening to fall. When he came back inside the room, he had an arm full of pictures. I watched him as he spread them across the table.

“Have a look at each of these people, and tell me if you recognise any of them”

There were at least 20 in total. I scanned each face carefully. At first none were familiar to me. I shook my head.

“Look again. Really study them. Think about the men you saw at the scene”

I pictured the faces in my mind. Then I looked at the photographs again. Instantly one jumped out at me.

“Him, I recognise him”

I said, pointing at a man with short blonde hair. He removed that picture.

“Any more?”

He asked. He watched me closely, making my cheeks redden. Again another face stood out to me. I pointed at the bald headed man.

“And him”

I snarled, hating both these men for ruining my life. Morgan grabbed that picture too.

“Ok that’s fine. Let’s go”

He said in an unfriendly manor. I stood up and once again followed him. This time we went outside to a car.

“Get in”

He snapped. Usually I would not stand for someone speaking to me the way he was. But I had no energy to argue with him. I just wanted to sleep. I climbed in the car, and shut my eyes. I must have slept the whole journey. Because the next thing I knew I was being shaken awake.

“Anya, get out the car, we have to get inside”

I climbed out like a zombie, still half asleep. He unlocked the door to the small house, and ushered me inside. I looked around. The space was small, and sparsely furnished. It contained a small kitchen in one corner, a sofa, a TV that was older than I was, and a rocking chair. It was like an old cabin my grandfather used to have. Then I realised that might be where we were, in a cabin.

“Where exactly are we?”

I asked.

“It’s probably best you don’t know”

“Why the hell not, who am I going to tell?”

“Were in my family’s cabin, no one knows it’s up here. It’s a safe place. That’s all you need to know. If you hadn’t been asleep for the journey, I would have blindfolded you”

He snapped.

“The hell you would have”

I snapped back. He just grinned at me, and then walked toward the fire. He flicked a switch, and it came to life. He went back out to the car, when he came in again, he was carrying a couple of bags. He went toward a door on the back wall, swung it open, and switched on the light inside.

“This is your room. There are some clothes and toiletries in these bags”

He threw the bags onto the large double bed. Then he moved toward another door, again swinging it open and illuminating the space.

“This is the bathroom. The hot water has to be allowed to heat up for at least an hour, before you use the shower. And there is only enough water each day for 2 short showers, so don’t go staying in there too long”

I walked to my room, and shut the door behind me. Why was this happening to me? I went over to the window, and looked outside. The scenery was beautiful. We must have been up a mountain or something. All around were trees, and a beautiful lake. But further to the right was a cliff in the distance. It was huge, and at the same level we were.

I turned and emptied the bags that were on the bed. They contained a few pair of jeans, and t shirt’s, some underwear and a pair of trainers. There was also a few pair of pyjamas. Everything in my size, how did he know? A bottle of shampoo and some shower gel were in a toiletry bag, as was a toothbrush and some toothpaste.

I needed to take a shower, I felt dirty after the hours I spent in the police station. I grabbed my bag, and made my way back out to the living area. When I opened my bedroom door, I was confronted with the sight of Morgan’s naked torso.

I stopped dead in my tracks. He was more amazing, than his clothed body would suggest. He was cooking on the little stove on the counter top. He must have felt my stares, because he turned around. I quickly looked away.

“Are you hungry?”

He asked with a grin. I felt my face redden. He was obviously very aware, of the effect he had on women. But no matter how perfect he may seem on the outside. He was an asshole, and an arrogant one at that.

“I’m cooking some bacon if you want some?”

He asked again.

“I want to take a shower”

I muttered.

“The water is cold. You have to let it heat for at least an hour. We have been through this. Don’t you listen?”

I had had enough of him snapping at me. I just blew up at him.

“Look I don’t want to be here either you know. This is not my idea of a good time. But unfortunately I have someone who probably wants me dead. I have a father who couldn’t give a shit were I am, and a total egomaniac supposedly protecting me, in the middle of fucking nowhere. I don’t need your bullshit attitude on top of all that ok?”

I yelled. Storming into the bathroom, I slammed the door and locked it. The tears that I had kept hidden fell freely, as I sat on the edge of the bath. I hated losing my temper, it hardly ever happened to me. But this man seemed to bring it out of me. I hated him a little for that. I took a very quick cold shower. I dried, and put on a pair of the pyjamas I had found.

I wrapped my long blonde hair up in a towel, and headed back out to go to my bedroom. Morgan was sitting at the small table in the kitchen. There were two plates set out. Each had a pile of charred bacon, some rubbery looking eggs and some buttered bread on them.

“You should eat”

He said, with less of a tone than before. The smell was making my stomach grumble. I decided I was hungry, so I sat down. He had slipped on a t shirt, thankfully. I wasn’t sure I could have eaten, had he still been half naked. We ate in silence. The only noise in the room was the roaring of the fire.

When I had finished, I stood and put my plate in the sink, running some water over it to clean it. I could feel him watching me. Grabbing my bag I moved toward my bedroom.

“Anya, I think we should talk”

He said before I could retreat to my room. I turned to look at him.

“Sit down”

He said more friendly than earlier in the evening. I sat back down.

“We got off on the wrong foot. As Wes said, we have to tolerate each other, for however long we are up here. I know this isn’t ideal for you, and neither is it for me. So let’s just make the most of it ok? I’ll stop being such an asshole, if you listen to me and do what I tell you, deal?”

I just nodded.

“Good. Firstly I don’t believe I have introduced myself. My name is Josh Morgan, but most people call me Morgan. I am a detective. And although, as you said, I may sound like an egomaniac, I am damn good at my job. And I will protect you, no matter what”

I suddenly felt safe. I believed what he was saying to me. He was here to take care of me, and he would do his job. Despite it not being what either of us wanted.

“I believe you, and I do appreciate what you are doing for me”

I muttered. He smiled.

“There that wasn’t so hard was it?”

I just stood up and went to my room, closing the door behind me. I sat at the window for a while. Under different circumstances, being up here with Josh would have been perfect. The fire crackling in the living room, the surroundings, it was so romantic. But I had to stop thinking of him that way. He was here simply to do a job, and under duress to do it. 

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