New Year's Fun

New Year's Fun

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Being single on New Year's Eve was awful, but the night was looking up



Being single on New Year's Eve was awful, but the night was looking up


Submitted: January 01, 2016

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Submitted: January 01, 2016



New Year’s Eve. The worst time of the year to be single. I was at my father’s annual office party. The place was jumping, the Champaign was flowing and the music was pumping. Everybody was having such a good time. Everybody, except me.

I watched couples dancing, holding each other close, and stealing the odd kiss. I was mad jealous. I hadn’t had a boyfriend, or more importantly sex, for over a year. I was sick of being single.

I would happily just settle for a fuck at the moment. Even just a one night stand. It was New Year’s Eve, surely I couldn’t be judged for wanting to end the year with a bang.

I scanned the faces in the crowd. After a while, I was ready to give up, when I spotted a gorgeous man heading my way. He was so tall and broad. He had the physique of a boxer. He looked so smart in a 3 piece suit.

As he got closer, I was mesmerized by his sky blue eyes. He had a manly jaw, and pouting lips. His skin was naturally tanned, sun kissed I would call it. With his floppy brown hair, he looked so much like Ian Somerhalder, very hot indeed.

I didn’t recognize him at all, so he mustn’t work for my dad, another bonus. He smiled wide at me, as he approached. His eyes never left mine. He had a swagger in his walk, like he knew how gorgeous he actually was, but not in an arrogant way. He was perfect.

He pulled me into a hug, which I didn’t complain about at first. Wow, he smelt divine.

“You look stunning sweetheart”

He whispered in my ear. I realised what I was doing, this guy was a stranger. I shoved him back, getting a feel of his muscular chest as I did.

“What are you doing?”

He grinned, and I realised he had dimples, yet another tick in the perfection column.

“So we are playing are we?”

He said.

“Ok, let me introduce myself, I am James, and you are?”

God his voice was so deep and sexy.


I mumbled. He took my hand and kissed my knuckles.

“It’s an absolute pleasure to meet you Melissa. Now take me somewhere where I can make you scream with pleasure, and nobody will hear”

My pussy clenched. Was I somehow dreaming? He was what I needed, more than ever, but could I really screw a stranger. I looked up at him, and saw hunger in his eyes. Hell yes I could do this. I gave him a smile, and walked toward the elevator.

He followed close behind. His scent surrounded me, when the elevator doors closed. I chose the top floor; there was a lounge there, with a rather large couch. He came up behind me, and pinned me against the wall.

“I am so hard for you. I knew the moment I laid eyes on you, that I had to have you. Tell me Melissa, is your pussy wet?”


I breathed out. His hands were travelling up and down my sides, just lightly caressing my shape.

“I fucking love your body baby”

He stepped back slightly, so he could reach in front of me, and grasp my breasts. His weight was back on me, as he kneaded the tender flesh, pinching my nipples between his fingers.

“Look at me”

He whispered. I glanced into the mirror, meeting his eyes.

“You are so beautiful. I want you to come for me, touch your pussy baby”

I felt so naughty and carefree; I would do anything he asked right now. I reached between my legs, and put my hand up the hem of my dress. My knickers were drenched, and I could feel how swollen my pussy lips were, through the flimsy material.

He removed his hands from my breasts, and gripped the sides of my dress, tugging it above my waist. With one swift movement, he tore my knickers away, exposing my glistening folds in the mirror. He ran his hands over my stomach, and underneath my dress.

When his palms closed over my naked tits, I let out a long moan. Fuck, I was so close to coming already.

“Finger your cunt baby; I want to see you make yourself come all over your hand”

I ran my middle finger along my lips. I was practically dripping.

“You need to hurry up; we are almost on the floor you picked. If you haven’t come by the time the lift tings, I will punish you, do you understand?”

Oh my god, he was too damn sexy. I nodded and glanced at the buttons; we had 5 floors to go. I looked back at his reflection, and he grinned, that sexy grin again. I gripped my clit between finger and thumb, and started massaging it.

“Oh god”

I moaned, closing my eyes.

“Look at me, do not close your eyes when you come”

I flicked faster, trying to win against the lift. I was literally on the edge, my body stiffened, when he pulled my hand away. A moment later the lift pinged.

“Looks like you lost darling”

He leered, and picked me up, throwing me over his shoulder. I let out a squeal, and as he landed a smack on my still bare ass, I squealed again. That smack felt so good, the warmth spreads across my exposed cheek. I let out a moan.

“I’m glad you liked that, because I owe you a punishment baby, and your ass will be stinging all over when I’m finished with you”

I couldn’t help moaning again. I swear this man had stepped straight out of my fantasies. He walked into the lounge, and sat on the couch, pulling me into his lap. He tenderly stroked my face.

“Take off your dress”

He ordered. I pulled it all the way off, throwing it aside. His eyes caressed my body.

“I adore your tits”

He groaned, as his tongue flicked across my nipple. I let out a sigh. I was still so close to orgasm, and if he kept that up I would come on his lap. Suddenly he spun me around, laying my willing body over his knees.

“I can tell how close you are. My pants are wet from your juices. I want you to come on the fourth smack, open your legs”

I obeyed straight away. What was the power this man had over me? He smoothed his palm over my bare ass.


He whispered, and suddenly landed a hard slap against my right cheek.

“Oh my god”

I cried out. It was a mix between pleasure and pain, very hedonistic. As his hand soothed the stinging skin, I felt the pulse from the pain, resonating in my clit. I doubt I could hold out for another 3 slaps. The second smack landed half on my ass, half on my pussy.

“Fuck, oh shit”

I moaned. I was beginning to tremble, from the force of holding back my orgasm. The third smack came not long after the second; again his fingers caught my pussy lips. The bottom half of my body was on fire.

“I can’t hold it, please”

I begged.

“Now baby”

He moaned, landing one last very hard crack, against my whole pussy this time. That was it, I was coming hard. He held me down, as I bucked like a dying fish on his lap. I coated his pants with my come, squirting everywhere.

“Fuck, that was hot”

He grinned. He sat me up, and hugged me close. It was strange, it felt like we were dating, rather than just fucking. He seemed to be very tender with me, despite my stinging ass. He lay me down on the plush carpet, climbing over me.

“I want to taste you, feel you squirt in my mouth”

He said, before kissing my lips gently. He swiftly moved down my body. When his lips suctioned around my swollen clit, I was screaming out in utter pleasure. He bit down, and I started coming again. He opened his mouth, swallowing each spurt that erupted from me.

When he crawled back up my body, he was smiling wide.

“God I love how you taste baby”

He said, kissing me passionately. His mouth and lips were soaked with my juices. I wanted him naked, so I slipped off his jacket, and unbuttoned his waist coat. He helped me remove his shirt. He was so defined, like a sculpture. I ran my hands over his pecks. He was a solid mass of muscle.

“I need to be inside you honey”

He was breathing so hard. He quickly removed his pants, and got back between my legs. He smiled down at me, and stroked my cheek.

“I adore you”

He said, kissing me again. I was slightly taken aback. This was so weird; I felt so close to him. He gripped my thigh, pulling my leg up, and manoeuvred his cock to my soaking opening. He thrust forward, filling me up so much. I gasped. I had never felt so stretched before.

“Oh fuck, you feel so fucking tight baby”

He said, whilst thrusting hard into me. I was coming undone. He wrapped his huge arms around my waist, and began to really pump inside me.

“Oh James, oh my god, you feel so good”

He sat onto his ass, taking me with him.

“Ride me sweetheart”

He demanded. I started bucking my hips, and he licked and bit at my nipples. He sucked so hard at one point, that it hurt. I had learnt earlier that pain can add to pleasure, so this sent me flying.

“I’m coming, holy fuck”

I yelled.

“That’s it baby, squirt that come all over me”

I was trembling. He took over the thrusting, and before long I was screaming through another orgasm.

“Shit, I’m going to fill you up”

He groaned and then he was spurting up me. I could actually feel his seed coating me inside. Our combined passion dribbled down both our thighs. He held me tight, till he stopped jolting. As we started coming down, I realised what I had just done, and started feeling so awkward.

I pulled away from him, and stood up. I quickly grabbed my clothes and started dressing.

“Everything ok gorgeous?”

He asked. I couldn’t look at him.

“Fine, my dad will be wondering where I got to. We should get back to the party”

“Yeah, but first”

He gripped around my waist and pulled me into his arms. I had only managed to put my dress over my head; it was still gathered around my waist.

“I haven’t finished with you yet. Get on your knees”

As I moved away, I saw that he was rock hard again. No wonder I felt so full, he was obscenely huge. It looked almost angry; it was such a turn on.

“I’m going to fuck you hard and fast, get ready”

He was deep inside me before he finished the sentence. His big fingers gripped my hips, and he was slamming into me so fast, my brain shut down. I was just a blur of feelings and sex, red hot sex. Like no sex I had ever had before. We both cried out as he filled me, and my pussy pulsed around him, sucking him in so deep he was breaching my cervix.

He leaned across my back, and kissed my cheek.

“That was sensational darling. You can go back to the party now”

He laughed. I stood up and pulled my dress down. I watched him getting dressed. God, I hoped this wouldn’t be the only time I got to enjoy him. Something that intense can’t just be a onetime thing. He smiled at me, as he wiped his pants down with a tissue.

“You have ruined my pants, but it was worth it”

He grinned. Once he was fully dressed again, he held out a hand to me.

“Come on baby, let’s go and get a drink”

He kissed my knuckles as we walked toward the lift. The ride down was tough, I wanted to grab him and kiss him, but I felt so strange, too tense. We were almost at our floor, and he pulled me close. He stroked my face.

“That was so amazing. I’ve never seen you squirt like that before. It was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve missed you sweetheart”

I frowned at him.


I gasped. What was he talking about? The lift doors opened. We stepped out, straight into my twin sister Beth.

“There you both are, dad said he had seen you getting on the lift”


I gasped. I was so confused.

“Hay honey, sorry I’m late”

She smiled, leaning into James. His face had gone pale.

“That’s ok”

He mumbled. Realisation struck me. All the things he had said, all the ways he had been gentle with me. Saying he adored me. He thought I was Beth. That’s why he had said, so we are playing are we. I just thought he was being kinky, he was really just playing along, role-play he obviously thought.

My stomach dropped. This must be the infamous Max she had been gushing over. I knew she was bringing him tonight, to finally meet the family. James, or rather Max, still looked shell shocked. He obviously needed rescuing.

“I was just showing him around the office, you know how much I love to show off dad’s business”

I lied. She grinned up at him.

“She hasn’t been boring you, has she?”

I swallowed hard, when he glanced at me.

“Not at all, it was really great”

“Anyway, I’m off to get a drink, I’ll see you in a bit”

I smiled. Dad’s secretary tapped Beth’s shoulder, as I walked away. I was almost at the bar, when I felt a hand on my arm. I turned around and Max was looking down at me.

“Where’s Beth?”

I asked, worried he might say something that could be overheard.

“She’s been grabbed by people she knows. Melissa, I just wanted to say I’m so sor…”

“Please don’t say that”

I interrupted.

“You did nothing wrong, you thought you were having fun with your girlfriend. I’m the one who should say sorry. I’ve never felt more of a slut in my whole life”

I laughed. He took my hand.

“Please don’t feel like that, I was rather forward”

We both laughed this time.

“Let’s just move past this, she loves you Max, so much”

“And I love her very much”

I gave his hand a squeeze.

“I know you do, I can tell”

He smiled.

I let go of his hand, and held my other hand out to him formally.

“Hi, I’m Melissa Walters, it’s a pleasure to meet you”

“Hi Melissa, I’m Max, the pleasure is all mine”

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