Mr Rogers 4

Mr Rogers 4

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Was Friday the night, or would something get in the way?


Was Friday the night, or would something get in the way?

Chapter1 (v.1) - Mr Rogers 4

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Was Friday the night, or would something get in the way?

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 20, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 20, 2015



My whole week was filled with pleasure. I had been using the dildo Mr Rogers had bought for me. He had told me that I had to be able to take it all by Friday. Today was Thursday, and I was almost there. He had gone away again after Saturday night. I didn't like it when he was away. 

Not only because I missed him, but my mum had become good friends with Rita, Mr Rogers girlfriend, and she was constantly at our house. I honestly didn't like this woman. I knew it was because of jealousy, but still, her being in our house everyday was annoying me. Especially because all she did was talk about him.

Not one word was good. All she ever did was complain. I wanted to yell at her.

“How can you talk about him like that, when he knows how to make a woman's body come alive”

But I bit my tongue. She was here again today. I had not long come in from college, when she turned up. She was upset. 

“What's wrong Rita?”

My mum asked. 

“Glenn isn't coming back till Sunday. I am so angry with him. He promised he'd be back tomorrow. I had a romantic night planned”

I froze. He wasn't coming home tomorrow, why the hell not? After all my work with the dildo. I had hoped tomorrow would be the night he would finally fuck me. I felt so ready I creamed at the thought. I excused myself, I was so upset. 

I sat in my room the rest of the night. I had grabbed a bottle of wine on my way. I needed to feel better, I was so disappointed. I hated how much I missed him. It's not as if he was my boyfriend. Or even my lover, yet.

I thought back over everything we had done. I realised we had done so much wrong. Imagine if my mum found out, or even worse, my dad. It would kill them. It had to stop, and what better time to stop it, than when he lets me down. Because now I knew he would. 

I was resolute in my plan. That was till I realised I hadn't opened a package which had arrived for me that morning. I recognised the writing, from birthday and Christmas cards I had gotten off him. I pulled off the attached letter. 

I can't wait for tomorrow. Nobody knows I am coming back, so we have the whole night. Make an excuse to stay out. I want you all to myself. In the package is the belt you wore on your date. Wear it over the dildo, to keep it inside you. I hope you have done what I asked. I want it all the way in. Wear them both when you come over. I want you on the verge of coming when I see you. 8pm, be there. 
Mr R xx

Oh my god, he was coming home after all. My pussy clenched. I had to do as he asked, I loved to please him. After almost drinking the full bottle of wine, I pulled out the dildo, undressed, and lay on my bed. I rubbed it over my nipples, stiffening them. I thought of him, and what he might do to me, for a whole night. 

I couldn't wait till I finally felt him sink inside me. The thought of it had my cunt dripping onto the bed. I placed the dildo between my lower lips, running it against my clit. 

“Oh god Mr Rogers”

I moaned. Once I was almost ready to come, I placed the head at my channel. With just a little pressure, I buried it deep inside myself. It was almost all the way in. I still couldn't get it in those last few inches though. I hated the thought of disappointing him. I had an idea. 

I pulled out the dildo, and grabbed the chair by my dressing table. I stuck the end of the dildo to the chair, using the suction cup which came with it. I coated it in some body cream, and straddled the chair backwards. Using the seat back to steady myself.

Placing the head, once again, inside me, I slid down. It felt so much deeper at this angle. When I felt it bump against my cervix, I knew it was all the way inside. God it felt fucking amazing. I rotated my hips, feeling the pleasure/pain the dildo was causing. 

I could feel a building climax deep inside myself. I gripped the chair harder, and rode the dildo. I had an idea, and in my drunken state, decided it was a good one. Grabbing my phone, I snapped a photo of my pussy, with the dildo buried all the way inside. As I started riding the plastic cock again, I sent the picture, with the subject, ‘just as you ordered sir’

I had never e mailed him personally, but I had once for my dad, so I had his address saved. I hoped for a reply, and when it came, so did I. 

‘I can't wait to watch you ride my cock like that’

I shook from head to toe, as my orgasm washed over me. It seemed to start from deep inside me, right where the dildo hit me on entrance. When I could see straight again, I mailed him back. 

‘I came so hard then’

‘Show me your wet pussy’

He replied. I laid on the bed, and spread my thighs. I got a good picture, showing all my swollen wet folds. Almost as soon as I had sent it, he was calling me on video chat. I didn't know wether to answer. Even though he had already seen me naked, I felt shy.

‘Answer the call’

He demanded, once again I did as I was told. His face and naked chest filled my screen. God, he was fucking gorgeous. I wasn't in front of my camera, I had moved aside when I answered. I realised he was talking, so I picked up my headphones. 

“Jessica, can you hear me?”

I wrapped the sheet around myself, and climbed on the bed. He smiled when he saw me. 

"I love the glow you get in your cheeks, just after you come"

I felt my face flush more at his words. The fact he knew I had just come, should have made me embarrassed. Instead, my cunt twitched again. 

“Did you think of me as you fucked the dildo?”

“I always think of you when I masturbate, I always have”

I admitted. My drunken mouth running away with me.

"Really, you surprise me”

“Why would that surprise you?”

“Because I'm an old man Jessica. You’re a very beautiful young woman”

“I think you are sexy. I thought so the moment I met you. Seeing you in your uniform made my pussy clench”

He laughed.

"Jessica, have you been drinking?"

I shrugged. 

"You should go to bed. I will see you tomorrow”

I was suddenly feeling brave. 

“I'm naked under my sheet, are you sure you want me to go?”

“Jessica, do as I say. Goodbye”

He hung up the call. I was kind of pissed off. Why did he call in the first place? I was so horny. Once again he had gotten me worked up, and left me hanging. I typed out an angry drunken e-mail. 

‘I'm sick of you getting me turned on, and leaving me high and dry, well wet, but you know what I mean. I've had enough. I'm going to find a man who will just make me come, no games. This is over’

I pressed send, and instantly regretted it. He didn't reply. I started to panic, what had I done? I had another glass of wine, and sat watching my screen. After an hour, I still had no reply. I went to bed feeling desolate. 

I was woken by a feeling of utter pleasure. I thought I was dreaming, when I saw Mr Rogers lying next to me. His hand was in my pants, his fingers inside me. I closed my eyes, enjoying the sensation. 

“You think you can just end this on a drunken whim? I wasn't about to do anything with you, while you were intoxicated”

He whispered. I suddenly realised this was real. 

"What are you doing"

I whispered. 

“How did you get in here?”

He didn't answer me, he just kept up his fingering, and soon I didn't want a reply, I just wanted him. I was still a little drunk, so I didn't think before I spoke. 

"I want you to fuck me Glenn"

I whispered. His hand stopped moving. He stared down at me. 

"Don't call me that”

He snapped. I frowned. 

“Call you what?”

“Glenn. It's not right you calling me that”

I shoved him back. 

“Why the hell not?”

“Because it makes this too real”

I jumped up. 

"This may not be real for you, but it's fucking real for me”

I yelled. He jumped up himself then.


I shoved at his chest. 

“Why should I shush? Maybe I should just shout louder, get my dad in here. How do you think he would feel, would he think this was real?”

I was crying now. 

“Jess please”

He begged. I pushed him toward my door. 

“Get out, this thing that wasn't real, is really done”

I shut my bedroom door in his face. I was broken. I had really fallen for him. Who would have thought that saying his name could cause this. How could he say this wasn't real? I hated him at that moment. What had I been to him, just a little project? 

I hardly slept that night. When I woke I had a message on my phone. It was simple and to the point.

“I apologise” 

How was I supposed to reply to that? It meant nothing. I decided he needed to see what he had lost. I called Sean. 

“Hi, could you come over today?”

I asked. He sounded pleased to hear from me. I explained my plans for the day, and he sounded excited by them.

"Of course, I will see you in an hour” 

Before he arrived, I showered and put on my bikini. I switched on the heated water, and climbed in the jacuzzi. When he arrived, I called him outside. I made sure I yelled loud enough to draw attention from him. I saw his curtain twitch, and knew he was watching. 

When Sean came into the garden, I jumped out, and straight into his arms. 

“Shit sorry, I got you all wet”

I flirted. 

"Get your kit off then"

I laughed. I jumped back in. I thought about the first time anything had happened between Mr Rogers and I. It had all started in this Jacuzzi. I wished I could go back. Would I have gone through with it? Hell yes, was my answer. 

Sean climbed in next to me, wearing just a pair of shorts. He had a decent body, but it wasn't a patch on Mr Rogers physique. I longed to touch him all over. To finally make love to him. Only for him, it would just be a game. 

I saw his curtain move again. Right, time to show you what your missing. I thought. I moved closer to Sean. 

“I had a great night last week Sean. I'm sorry I haven't called you sooner”

“It's fine, if this is my reward”

I leaned in to kiss him. When a cough next to the Jacuzzi interrupted us. I spun around, and Mr Rogers was standing there, looking pissed off. 

“Jessica, I'm sure your parents wouldn't like you being in there with a man, half naked, for anyone to see”

“There is a lot I have done lately, which my parents wouldn't approve of”

I smiled. He reached over, and grabbed my arm, yanking me out of the water. 

“Excuse us a moment, Sean, isn't it?”

Sean just nodded. I fought with him to let go of me, but he pulled me into the house. 

"Get your fucking hands off me"

I yelled, finally pulling free. He reached for me again. I tried to get away, but he caught me. He dragged me over to the window, pinning me against the sink. 

“Can you see him?”

He asked against my ear.

“Glenn, get off of me”

I cried, stretching out his name, just to piss him off. He held my chin up.

“Can you see him”

He asked again. 

“Yes, damn it”

Before I could stop him, his hand was down my bikini knickers. He put 3 fingers inside me, and the pad of his thumb against my clit. I started breathing heavy.

"Can he make you feel like this? Could his fingers make you cream all over his palm? Could he make you crazy with lust?”

His own breathing was ragged, and I realised he wasn't as in control as he usually was. I rubbed my ass against him, and he hissed in a breath. He didn't stop me though. He finger fucked me rougher, till I was screaming out, about to come. 

I started bucking against his hand. He had done it again. Despite my protests, he had made me come, and I had loved it. He hugged his arms around my waist, leaning into my ear.

“I hope this shows you how real this is for me. I didn't mean what I said, I'm sorry”

He whispered. I spun around, facing him. He stroked my cheek. 

“I just panicked. It won't happen again, I promise. Just don't screw the boy”

I laughed. 

“I was just trying to make you jealous”

“Well, it worked”

He admitted. 

“Please say you will still come over tonight”

I nodded. His smile was infectious. He planted a small kiss on my lips. 

“Don't forget what I want when you arrive. I will see you then”

He walked out. I heard him tell Sean I had gone for a lie down, and I would call him. I felt bad for how I had treated him. I would have to apologise one day. I watched out the window, as he dressed and left. I glanced at Mr Rogers house, and felt excitement bubble over. Tonight would be the night. I would make sure of it.



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