Mr Rogers 3 x

Mr Rogers 3 x Mr Rogers 3 x

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


we were heading for something intense, i could sense it.


we were heading for something intense, i could sense it.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Mr Rogers 3 x

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we were heading for something intense, i could sense it.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 20, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 20, 2015



I was going out on my first date for months. Since Mr Rogers had shown me what my body craves, I was desperate to find someone who could fulfil my needs. Mr Rogers had been away with work for a long time, and I was suffering. I missed him terribly. Mostly though, I missed his touch.


As I was leaving to meet Sean, I was grabbed from behind, and dragged into a nearby bush. I tried to scream, but a hand covered my mouth.


“Shh, relax baby”


He whispered in my ear. I instantly relaxed, and creamed my knickers, at the same time. He was back.


“I've missed your sweet little pussy”


He growled, his hand cupping me through my jeans. I groaned.


“Somebody is horny. I bet your date will love it”


I froze. How did he know about my date?


“I saw your mum earlier. She was bragging about this lovely boy. You don't need a lovely boy Jessica, you need a man”


All the while he spoke; he rubbed at my throbbing crotch.


“You need a man who can make you squirm. You need a man, who can set your cunt on fire. You need a man who will fuck you hard, and make you squirt come everywhere”


I was trembling and moaning under my breath.


“I bought a gift for you. I want you to wear it on your date”


He spun me around, so I was facing him.


“Pull your jeans down to your thighs”


He ordered. I did as I was told straight away. When they were down, he yanked my knickers down too. He pulled out what looked like a harness. He put the straps through the tops of my legs, placing a strip of leather against my sex. He clipped the sides closed, and tightened the straps.


“Pull up your clothes”


He grinned. Again I did as I was told, no questions asked. He pulled my body in close.


“We've never kissed have we Jessica?”


I shook my head. Oh god, that would be amazing, to kiss him.


“If you manage to make no noise, I will kiss you”


I wondered what he meant. Suddenly, I felt a pulsing sensation on my pussy. Reaching out, I grabbed his arm, to steady myself. Jesus, whatever he had put against my pussy lips, was vibrating. I tried so hard not to moan. But as the vibrations increased, I groaned.


“Oh, you lose I'm afraid. No kiss for you”


He smiled.


“But I will still let you come. Hold my arm baby. I'm switching this up full”


He held out a little control knob. It was a wireless remote control.


“I can decide when you come with this. As you eat your meal, I could switch it on”


He turned the dial up fully, and I was jolting all over.


“As you dance in the bar, I could put it on full, just like this”


I was lost in the sensation. I had a tight grip on his arms. I was so close to a huge orgasm, and then he turned it off.


“I love it when you’re close. You get a little patch of sweat just here”


Leaning in, he licked at my upper lip.




I begged. I had to come. Just one more rev of the vibrating strip, and I would lose it. He stroked my cheek.


“Jessica, part of a good sex life, is holding off your climax. It is so much better when you have to wait”


I was gasping.


“I can't go on my date like this. You said I could come”


I moaned.


“I didn't say when you could come. Do you want me to stop?”


I quickly shook my head. Of course I didn't. He smiled, and kissed my cheek.


“You should go; you’re going to be late”


He said, letting me go.


“I can't. How can I?”


He gripped my chin in one large hand.


“You will go on this date, and you will have a great time. But don't forget, any time I want, I can flick the switch. Don't you dare come, not till I am with you”


I shook all over. I walked to my car, and had just sat in the driver seat, when the vibration started again. I came instantly. I gripped the steering wheel, and rode out the pleasure. When it stopped, I glanced up, and Mr Rogers was standing in front of the car, a huge smile on his face.


I grinned back, and when my head was clear, I drove away. I was so aware of the contraption I was wearing. It felt so hot, knowing he had control over me, without him even being here. When I reached the restaurant, Sean was already there. He greeted me with a kiss.


“You look lovely Jess”


He smiled.


“Thank you, you too”


He had worn a suit. I felt slightly underdressed; I had only worn a shirt and a pair of jeans. We went inside, and ordered our food. After our starter, Sean excused himself, to go the bathroom. I was just taking a sip of my drink, when the thing between my pussy lips, sprung to life.


I gripped the table edge. God it felt so good. I was on the verge of coming, when it stopped. How did he know? I looked around; to make sure nobody noticed what had been happening. My eyes found Mr Rogers, in the far corner, sipping on a beer. He grinned at me, what the fuck was he doing here?


I was about to go and ask, when Sean came back.


“Are you ok Jess? You look all flushed”


“It's just warm in here”


I lied. I couldn't exactly say, I'm on the verge of coming. I needed to get off, I couldn't concentrate. I excused myself, and went to the toilet. As I walked in the door, I was shoved in a cubicle. Mr Rogers stood in the cramped space with me.


“You weren't coming in here to masturbate where you?”


He grinned. How did he always know what I was thinking?


“What are you doing here?”


I asked. He held up the remote.


“This only has a short range, I told you I could switch it on when I wanted”


He flicked it up fully suddenly, and I was instantly coming. I groaned, but he stopped my noise with a kiss. It was our first, and the best kiss I have ever had. His lips were firm, commanding. His tongue probed my mouth, wrestling with my own. I wrapped my arms tight around his neck, and put as much passion in the kiss as I could.


Once I stopped bucking, he turned the machine off. He pulled away, and his smile was huge, as was the bulge in his pants. I had never even thought about how he must be feeling. All these times he had touched me so intimately, and I had never reciprocated. I reached down, and touched his cock. He jumped back.


“Oh no you don't. You aren't there yet”


He scolded. Then he pulled me close again.


"Now go back to your date. I will be in the corner. I am going to put this back on the lower setting. I want to watch you as you come, without people noticing. You can't react, or people will know”


I was shocked. I couldn't do this. I shook my head.


“Mr Rogers please, I can't”


He grabbed my chin.


“Yes you can, and you will. If you do good, I will reward you, it will be worth it baby”


My entire body clenched. I had to admit, this game was so fucking hot. I bit my lip, when he switched the control up to one.


“It's not too intense, it will build slowly. Your orgasm will be a small one. But only I and you will know when it's happening”


It wasn't bad at all; I could do this, couldn't I? He opened the cubical door.


“Go on, back to your seat”


He gave my ass a smack as I walked out. It felt so nice as I walked. My pussy lips slipping over the device, with each step. All I could think about was my reward. And the fact he said I am not there yet, when I touched his penis. Yet, was the key word. God, I longed for him to finally fuck me. I had no doubt I would be in heaven, with him inside me.


I took my seat, and chatted idly with Sean. He was so inquisitive. I was desperate to change the subject, so I wouldn't have to talk anymore. I could feel my cunt lips swelling. The vibration was gentle, but I could feel it slowly building inside me. Just like he said it would.


"So tell me about your job"


I muttered. Desperate to hear everything, so I could be quiet. As he spoke, I glanced over to Mr Rogers, and he was holding the remote. He gave me a wink, and switched it up a gear. I ground my teeth together, trying so hard not to cry out.


This was not fair. I honestly couldn't do this, if he kept switching it up. I know eventually I will just lose it, and all the people here would know. Again he seemed to know what I was thinking. He switched it back to the lowest setting. I was so close now. I knew it would be soon.


Sean had stopped talking. So I looked at him.


“Are you sure you’re alright? You keep zoning out”


“Sorry, I haven't been feeling well today”


Again I lied to him. He took my hand in his, and I was trembling.


“Are you cold? Would you like to go?”


I shook my head. I couldn't have stood if I tried.


“I'm fine Sean, thank you for your concern. You were saying?”


He reluctantly started talking about his job again. He was a computer technician. He designed games. It sounded fascinating, but I was somewhat distracted. I glanced at Mr Rogers again, and he was watching me intently. He knew how close I was.


The last bit of build-up was almost too much. It felt like a thousand tiny pins were pricking at my cheeks. I was flustered, and hot. I squeezed the sides of my chair, as a slow, yet mind blowing, orgasm washed over me. I actually managed to keep my composure, which I was shocked about.  


Mr Rogers gave me a wink, and the machine turned off. I sighed with relief. He stood up, and walked over to me. What was he doing? Sean stopped talking, when he stepped up to our table.


“So sorry to interrupt your meal, hello Jessica, how are you dear?”


He leaned in and kissed my cheek. I gasped. Why was he torturing me? Sean reached out a hand to Mr Rogers, when we all sat quietly.


“Hello sir, I am Sean, you are?”




I stammered.


“Sean, this is Mr Rogers, our neighbour”


They shook hands.


“Anyway, I'm sorry for disturbing you both; I just wanted to say hi. See you later Jessica, very nice to meet you Sean, look after my girl”


He grinned. Sean smiled.


“I will sir”


As he walked away, the vibrations switched on fully. I only just managed to keep in a yell of pleasure. Almost as soon as it happened, it stopped. The rest of dinner was uneventful and quite boring.


He was a nice enough guy, and a few months ago, he would have been my ideal man. Mr Rogers had ruined that for me though. I could never imagine any man making me feel how he does.


Sean dropped me home about an hour later. He kissed my cheek, and said he hoped to hear from me again. I doubted that would happen, but I just smiled and nodded.


As I walked toward my path, the machine switched on fully. I almost fell. Again it switched off almost instantly. I glanced toward Mr Rogers’s house, and I saw him sitting in his window. He motioned for me to come to him. I stood there, undecided on what to do.


However, when he turned the switch again, I knew I had no choice. He would keep it on if I didn’t do as I was told. There was no way I would make it to my room, without my parents noticing something was wrong.


I held a hand up, in defeat, and the vibrations stopped. I checked around, making sure nobody would see me, and I rushed up his path. The front door was open. I walked in, and he yelled that I should come upstairs.


I slowly climbed the steps, my knees were trembling. I stepped into the doorway of his room, but it was empty. Next thing I knew, my head was covered with a hood, and I was face down on the bed. His body was on top of mine.


“Do you know how close I was to coming in my pants, when I saw you lose it in the restaurant? I wanted to be under the table, licking all your juices up”


His hands were touching me all over, except the places I wanted him to touch.


“But I always keep my word, and I promised you a reward. You did well keeping it together. Now you don’t have to. I want to hear you scream, as I lick your pussy, do you hear me?”


I felt my inside twist. Jesus fucking Christ, he was going to go down on me. I nodded under the hood.


“It will be more intense, if your senses are blocked. Not seeing what I’m doing is a big turn on. It will heighten your climax”


He wasn’t wrong; I could already sense the difference. Being literally helpless, and not being able to see anything, had my fanny dripping.


“Turn on to your back”


He said. I followed orders as usual. His hands slid down my stomach, to the buttons on my pants. Slowly he popped each button, followed by little kisses on each bit of new skin revealed. I was gasping. The sensation was overwhelming.


He yanked my pants off, and I couldn’t help yelping. This made us both laugh. However, the moment his lips touch my lower belly again, all laughter stopped. He slipped my knickers off, and pushed on my thighs.


“Open up for me baby”


He groaned. I spread my legs, and felt him settle his body between them. His hands stroked my inner thighs.


“Your pussy is soaking wet, your lips have swollen so much they are wrapped around the vibrator”


I was trembling. The vibrations started again, and I cried out.


“Oh God, I fucking love this thing”


I groaned. I was getting more confident with Mr Rogers. At the start, I was awkward, and barely spoke; now I felt like I had to.


“Please Mr Rogers, I need to come”


I begged, when he again switched it off.


“You will honey, just be patient”


He said with a smile. I couldn’t see it, but I could tell from his voice he was grinning. He unclipped the device, and slid it off me. I was completely exposed to him. He blew across my lips, and I jolted.


“God, you smell amazing”


He moaned. I felt him swipe his tongue, lightly, across my pussy. I moaned loudly.


“You still taste like syrup”


As soon as the words lift his lips, he buried his face against me.




I yelled. He flicked his tongue over my enlarged clit, holding me open with his fingers. He locked his lips around my bundle of nerves, and sucked, scraping at it with his teeth.


I grabbed his hair, forcing him harder against me. I had never felt anything so pleasurable. He pulled away, and I felt him move away from me.




I begged again. I couldn’t take this teasing anymore. He climbed back between my legs.


“I also bought you another gift baby. To get you ready for when I finally fuck you”


I wanted to see what it was, but I daren’t remove the hood. Something cold dripped on me down below, and I realised it was some sort of oil, when he began to massage it in, and by the smell. It was floral and beautiful.


After a few moments, something big was placed against me.


“Try and relax baby”


He muttered. I let out a breath, and tried to chill out. Pressure was put at my entrance, and then something was slowly pushed inside me.


“Oh, oh god, oh, Mr Rogers”


I screamed. It felt so good. He slightly removed it, but again pushed in back inside.


“Your cunt is taking almost all of this. Soon you’ll be ready to handle me”


He said in a husky voice. I realised I knew this voice; it was when he too was very turned on. I was getting to know him, just as he was me. His lips once again sucked in my clit. I was coming instantly. He fucked me roughly, with this new object. I was screaming with pure pleasure.


He took me over the edge at least 4 times. I had lost all control over my body functions. All I was aware of was the sensation of a never ending orgasm. I honestly didn’t even notice when he moved away from me. My body was still in a state of spasm.


He removed the hood, and sat next to me on the bed. I was trembling. He held out a plastic cock, that thing was fucking huge.


“So I guess you like this then?”


He grinned. I started laughing.


“Very much”


I replied.


“I want you to take it home with you. You can take almost all of it at the moment. I want you taking it all by Friday. Is that understood?”


I nodded. He threw my clothes at me.


“Get dressed honey”


He said over his shoulder, as he left the room. I dressed as quickly as I could. My knees were so wobbly. When I was dressed, I followed him downstairs. He was sitting in the living room.


When I entered, he stood up, and pulled me into a hug.


“I didn’t like you being with that boy tonight. As soon as I heard you had a date, I flew home”


I frowned at him.


“I thought my mum had told you”


“No, she had told Rita earlier. Rita mentioned it in a text. While we are doing this, you do not see other people, got it?”


I wanted to say that he was seeing Rita, but I just nodded. I didn’t honestly care what he did when not with me. As long as he kept my orgasms so intense, I would happily let him away with anything. He placed a light kiss on my lips.


“I will see you Friday”


He smiled. Again I just nodded. He handed me a bag.


“All the way remember”


He stated, while he led me to the door. I left in a daze, and headed home. As I lay in bed that night, I thought of what Friday might bring. I honestly couldn’t wait.

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