Mr Rogers

Mr Rogers

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


He was hot, older, and in control, just how i loved it.


He was hot, older, and in control, just how i loved it.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Mr Rogers

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He was hot, older, and in control, just how i loved it.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 17, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 17, 2015



I was horny. That was the sad truth. I had been horny for days. Masturbating had never rly had any appeal to me, but I was considering it right now. I was suffering thanks to my hot as fuck neighbour. He had been screwing his girlfriend in his garden, a few days ago. I had watched the whole show.


Now I couldn't get the image out of my head. He wasn't a young man, Mr Rogers, but God he was gorgeous. He was an ex army man, my dad knew him from Afghanistan. They had served together. I remembered the first time I had met him.


I was 16, and he was in his uniform. I felt the first stirrings of want. He kind of reminded me of George Clooney. A total silver fox. And seeing him plough that woman, making her scream, was why I was so fucking turned on all the time.


Screw it, I needed to get some sort of relief. I had never had sex, and I had wanted to keep my first orgasm, for when I lost my virginity. But I was so stressed. I had to get the release I needed. I was home alone, so it was the perfect time.


I decided to get in the Jacuzzi, try and relax. Build myself up to it. I was kind of nervous. All my friends had said it was mind blowing. Having an orgasm, a good one, had your toes curling. I needed to give it a go.


I put my bikini on, and climbed into the bubbling hot water. As I lay my head back, I thought about Mr Rogers. The way the moon had lit up his fantastic body. The way his ass had plunged forward, fucking his girlfriend. The way she had yelled out as she came.


But the sexiest part was seeing him spill his seed on her tits. His cock was very large, and watching him lose control had my pussy pulsing. I slipped my hands up to my breasts, giving them a squeeze.


“Mr Rogers”


I moaned. I pulled at the string on my top, letting it drop down. My fingers pinched at my nipples. Ok, so far so good, this felt great. I imagined Mr Rogers’s mouth was on my nipple, and nipping at me with his teeth.


I could feel my clit swelling. I had felt the odd jolt now and then, whilst washing, or seeing a sight like I had the other night. But I had never actually touched it. Tugging the string, either side of my hips, I removed my bottoms.


I massaged my inner thighs, and my belly. I was trembling. The first swipe of my finger across my lower lips, made me cry out. Jesus, the sensation was overwhelming. I had my eyes closed, as I slid along my pussy again.


“Being submerged in water will lessen the feeling”


A deep sexy voice said. I sprung up, shocked I had been caught. I totally forgot I was basically naked.


“Anybody could see you Jessica, out in the open like this”


Mr Rogers said, with a slight grin. His eyes were roaming over my body. I quickly sat back down. Not that the water covered me much.


“Oh my god, Mr Rogers, I am sorry, I didn’t know you were there”


I blurted out. He casually leaned on the edge of the Jacuzzi.


“I’m not complaining honey. It’s not often I get to see a beautiful 19 year old body”


My whole face flushed.


“It’s true what I said though. Water washes away your natural lubricant. It is so much better when you are slippery”


I stared at him, my jaw slack.


“I could show you how good it can be, if you want”


Holy fucking Christ, did he just proposition me? My fantasy man was offering to get me off. He held out a towel for me, and I climbed out, in a daze, letting him wrap me up.


He took my hand, and led me through the gate, toward his house. I just lagged behind, practically being pulled along. My whole body had gone numb. Was this happening? Could I still be in the Jacuzzi, lost in my own fantasy?


He had a little private garden area, hidden under some trees. He sat me down on a garden lounger, and poured us both a glass of home-made lemonade. It was already set up, with 2 glasses, had he been expecting me to come over, before he even asked?


I suddenly realised, he only had on a pair of shorts. My god, he had an even better body, up close, than I could make out the other night. He was tanned, and so toned. For a man his age, he had the body of a Greek god.


“Do you like looking at me Jessica?”


Nobody ever called me Jessica. I was Jess to everybody who knew me. I hated my full name. Somehow, though, he made it sound so sexy.


“You work out?”


I spluttered, like a total idiot. He laughed.


“I fuck. That is a workout isn’t it?”


I let out a gasp.


“You’re a virgin, aren’t you Jessica?”


He said, as a matter of fact. I nodded.


“Have you ever been close to being fucked?”


God he was direct, and to the point. I had to say, I fucking loved it.




I mumbled.


“Have you ever had any sexual experience at all?”


Again I shook my head.


“Have you made yourself come before?”


“Not yet”


“So I caught you touching yourself for the first time?”


I nodded.


“Then I’m glad I did catch you”


He sat at my feet, on the lounger.


“Fingering yourself in water would have chaffed. You would have made yourself sore. Your first orgasm should be a lubricated one. Sit forward for me Jessica”


I did as he asked.


“Did you feel how slick you are, as you moved?”


I nodded. It felt like I had sat on something wet.


“Now feel how wet you are”


He slipped my towel off, and pushed my shoulders, so I was lying back again. Gripping my ankles, he placed my feet flat on the chair, pushing my knees apart.


“It’s all about comfort, and relaxing”


He took my hand, and laid my palm flat against my sex.


“Can you feel how hot you are?”


I again nodded.


“Slip your middle finger along your lips, lightly at first”


I followed his instructions, without question. I wanted to lie back, and close my eyes, but he griped my chin.


“Watch what you’re doing. Learn what your body can do, what feels good”


I looked down, watching my own finger slide along my outer lips. It was a fucking hot sight.


“Slide your fingertip inside, moving from bottom to top. Gather your juices around you clit”


My finger slid in easily. I was so fucking wet. I pushed the thick liquid up toward my clitoris.


“Spread it around baby, find the best spot, the spot which makes you feel like you’re having a panic attack, and then massage it”


I did as he said, and found a spot, just to the left of my clit, which made me see stars. Huge anticipation washed over me. A building energy filled my whole body.


“Oh god”


I cried.


“Look at me Jessica”


He ordered. My eyes locked with his.


“Keep doing what you’re doing”


I kept up the massage, and the sensation was building toward something amazing, I could sense it coming. I was gasping for air.


“When you start coming, I’m going to put my finger inside you. It won’t hurt, it will make your orgasm last longer. Your first one should be memorable”


Just the thought of his finger fucking me, had the first spasm jolting through me. He leaned across me, his fingers dipping just at my entrance.




I cried out, as he entered me, with his thick middle finger. I gripped his bicep with my free hand, trying to stay grounded. I felt like I was on the verge of floating away.


My whole body bucked, when he touched something deep inside me. He placed his other palm, just above my sex, applying pressure. I literally lifted off the lounger. I shook all over.


The anticipation I had been feeling building, crashed over me.


“Oh Mr Roger, oh my god, fuck”


I screamed. I felt a pool of wetness beneath my ass, soaking into the towel.


“Fuck Jessica, your squirting baby, look”


I glanced down, my eyes were misted, but I could see the jets of come splashing onto his chest. It made me come again. My bottom half lifted high up, as I lost complete control.


I ended up flat on my back, gasping for air, still trembling all over. I was soaking wet, and absolutely spent. Mr Rogers stood up, and went to get a towel. He pulled me to my feet, and wiped down my legs, and between my thighs.


“Now go home, and don’t flash your body to the neighbourhood again, or I will have to tell your parents”


He landed a smack on my ass, making me gasp, and then wrapped me in a clean towel. He practically shoved me through the gate, before closing and locking it. I stood there shocked. What the fuck?


As I went inside and jumped in the shower, I realised I had just come all over Mr Rogers. I couldn’t help hoping, it wouldn’t be for the last time.  



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