Mr Rogers 2

Mr Rogers 2

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


I had not seen him in a while. How would I face him?


I had not seen him in a while. How would I face him?

Chapter1 (v.1) - Mr Rogers 2

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I had not seen him in a while. How would I face him?

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Submitted: August 18, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 18, 2015



I had just got in from collage. I called out, but nobody replied. I got a whiff of the barbecue, so I headed out back. My dad was burning the coals. 

“Hi sweetheart, how was your day?”

He smiled. 

“Good thanks dad, are we having people over?”

We never had a barbecue unless we were having guests. 

“Yes, Glenn and his girlfriend are coming around”

He said. He didn't notice my reaction thankfully. I hadn't seen Mr Rogers, since he had tough me how to masterbate. He had ended up covered in my come, as he fingered me till I squirted. My pussy throbbed at the memory. 

I had tried many times, in these last few weeks, to get myself off like he had. But I never had any success. I always came, with a slight shudder. But his fingers inside me, had felt so different to how my own felt. 

I realised my underwear was damp, at the thought of seeing him. Then I realised dad had said he was bringing his girlfriend. Probably the same woman I had seen him fucking in his garden. That had gotten me in the situation I was in now. It had turned me on so much. But how could I face either of them, especially in front of my parents?

I went to get changed, and as I headed back downstairs, I heard a sexy voice I knew. I took a deep breath, and walked back outside. Mr Rogers was standing, leaning, against the jacuzzi. I almost came on the spot when he smiled at me. 

“Hello Jessica, how are you?”

He said, approaching me. He hugged me, and kissed my cheek. He had always done this, but now it made me moan inside. He took my hand, leading me toward a tall leggy blonde. 

“I don't think you have met Rita have you? Rita this is Jessica, Marks baby girl”

Rita smiled at me. 

“Lovely to meet you Jessica”

“You too”

I mumbled. I actually hated her, for no reason. I realised I was jealous, as he wrapped his arm around her waist. Mum came out then, breaking the tension I was suddenly feeling.

“Glenn, Rita welcome”

She greeted them both with a hug. She handed out drinks, but had nothing for me. 

“Sorry honey, I didn't know you were in yet”

“It's ok, I'll go and grab a beer”

As I was walking toward the house, I heard Mr Rogers say he was going the bathroom. I was standing at the fridge, when I felt him come up behind me. His arms wrapped around my waist. 

“You look stunning today Jessica”

He whispered. My entire body reacted to his touch. 

“Tell me, have you been finger fucking yourself lately. Did I teach you well?”

I shrugged. 

“Hmm, seems like you could use a bit more tutelage. Have you ever thought of using objects to help?”

I gulped. 

“Say this bottle for instance”

He held his beer bottle in front of me. 

“It's a perfect shape, and plastic, so it's safe”

I was shaking already. 

“Open your legs”

He whispered. I shuffled my feet, spreading my legs. His hand ran up my inner thigh. 

“I can feel your heat. Are you wet Jessica?”

I nodded. I had been soaked from the moment I knew I was going to see him. He cupped my sex, and I gasped. 

“Your underwear is soaking wet”

Hooking his thumbs either side, he pulled them down. Taking them off my feet, he put them in his pocket.

“I'm going to wank into them later”

He groaned. I felt my heart skip a beat, and my pussy drip. I felt something cold, press against me, down below. 

“You might want to hold onto something darling”

I placed my hands on the bottom shelf of the fridge. Simultaneously, he pushed the neck of the beer bottle inside me, as he stroked my clit with his thumb. I cried out. He shushed me, and I realised where we were. Anybody could just walk in.

This heightened my arousal. When he started fucking me with the bottle, I was trembling. Having something thicker than a finger inside me, felt beyond amazing. 

“Look at me Jessica”

I glanced at him, and saw the lust in his eyes. His thumb flicked faster at my clit, hitting just the right spot. I was literally about to drop over the edge, when he stopped. He removed the bottle, and his hand. I looked at him aghast. He grinned.

“I want you on the verge of coming all day. Each time I take a sip of my drink, I'm going to be tasting you”

He demonstrated, by taking a long swig. 

“Mmm, you taste like syrup”

He licked his lips, and walked away. I wanted to finish myself off, I was so close I was almost twitching. Then mum shouted me. 

“Jess, get the paper towels honey”

I sighed, and let my skirt fall back into place. I snatched the towel, and stormed out, my legs wobbling as I walked. I was in such a fowl mood now. I needed to come so badly. Mr Rogers came back outside, and sat next to me at the picnic table. His leg was touching mine. I couldn't take this.

If I were to excuse myself, my mum would ask why. And after they had gone home, I would get lectured about how rude I was. I honestly couldn't be arsed with it. So I stayed and just suffered.

Everyone was so talkative, and having lots of laughs. I couldn't join in though. I was beyond on edge. Mr Rogers took a long sip on his beer, glancing at me out the corner of his eye. My cunt clenched. I genuinely thought I was going to come, right there at the table. 

He must have noticed my struggle, because he grinned at me. I wanted to hit him. 

"Glenn, did you bring those glasses with you, the punch ones?”

My mum asked him.

“I'm sorry Gail, I totally forgot. I'll go and get them now”

“Jess, why don't you go and lend a hand”

My mum smiled. Mr Rogers stood up, and headed for the gate. I sat frozen. I couldn't be alone with him again, if he would tease me and leave me on the edge. I was barely holding on at the moment. 


Mum stressed my name, letting me know she was getting pissed. 

“It's ok Gail. She doesn't want to come, that's fine”

I caught the tone in his voice, he said the word come with a slight grin. I stood up.

“I don't mind”

I muttered. He smiled. I followed him to the gate. When I walked through, he shut it behind me. He grabbed me from behind, pinning me against the gate. 

"I'm going to make you come 3 times, in just a few moments. Can you keep your moans down?”

I gasped at his words. 

“I guess not”

He took my knickers out of his pocket.

“Open your mouth”

He ordered. I instantly did what he said. What was the power he had over me? He could honestly tell me to do anything, and I would. As long as it ended with him making me come. He stuffed my knickers in my mouth. 

“Can you taste how sweet you are?”

I nodded. I actually could, and it really didn't taste bad. He placed my hands against the gate frame. 

“Don't move”

He said. His rough palms moved over my arms, across my sides, till he reached the hem of my skirt. He yanked it up, exposing my bare behind. 

“You have such a sexy ass”

He groaned. He ran his fingers down my ass, then further down, between my legs. The first touch of his finger on my clit, had me coming so hard. I cried out, but the knickers muffled the noise.

“God, you were ready to pop”

He laughed. 

“That was one. The next two will be just as fast. Hold on tight baby”

He pushed 2 fingers inside me, touching that wonderful place, the one I had been searching for, for the past few weeks. My knees almost gave out, but he pressed his body against mine, holding me up.


He asked. I nodded. He started moving his fingers so fast inside me. I could hear my juices squelching under his touch. He touched just above my sex again, putting pressure there. I started jolting, as I came again. 

He didn't stop fingering me. I could barely stand it. My whole body was shaking. As one orgasm peaked the second one hit. I fell back against him. The arm around my waist the only thing keeping me up.

“Good girl”

He whispered. I could barely breathe. He removed the underwear, once again putting them in his pocket. After a moment, I found my feet. He stepped away, and grabbed the glasses off the table behind him. He hadn't forgotten them. He must have planned this. God that was fucking hot. 

I pulled out a tissue to clean myself up, but he stopped me.

“I want to know you can feel how wet you are. I want it dripping down your thighs”

It was already coating the tops of my legs. I wanted to protest, but I couldn't, so I put the tissues away. We went back into my garden. Nobody paid us any attention, yet I worried they knew. 

Again Mr Rogers sat next to me. As we ate, I felt a hand on my knee. I knew it was him, I knew his touch now. The hand got higher, pushing my skirt up. He casually chatted with Rita, as his fingers massaged the top of my thigh. I was in heaven and hell.

He pulled away after a few minutes. I watched as he picked up a piece of chicken, and took a small bite. When he placed it back on the plate, he licked each finger in turn. He eyed me the whole time. I knew he was licking my come off his fingers, not chicken juice. 

“Mmm, that is beautiful”

He groaned. 

“So glad you like it, have some more”

My mum grinned. I almost choked on my own food. If only she knew what she had just said. 

"Excuse me a moment"

I practically yelled, rushing inside. I had to just take a minute. What was I doing? This was crazy. It couldn't continue. There was a knock at the bathroom door. I panicked, thinking it was my parents. Had they found out?


Mr Rogers said. 

“Your mum asked me to come and check on you. Are you ok?”

He was talking loudly, obviously my parents must have been listening. 

“Yes Mr Rogers, I am fine. I just felt a little hot, must be too much sun”

"Would you like me to check you over?"

He had been a medic in the army. But I knew that's not what he was saying. I wanted to open that door, and drag him inside. But I just said.

“No thank you. I will be out in a minute”

I heard him walk away. That was it, no more. I had to be strong, and just keep away. I called mum upstairs and told her I was ill. She told me to go and lie down. She would pass on my apologies for leaving without saying goodbye. I happily did what she suggested. 

Eventually I heard them leaving. I breathed a sigh of relief. Later that night, I still couldn't sleep. I heard noises from outside. I went over to my window, and Mr Rogers was in his garden. He had my knickers in his hand, as he wanked himself off. 

I just stood and watched. Eventually I couldn't stand the ache inside myself. I had to come. I placed my thumb against my clit, and massaged it. He was really going for it, moving his hand, up and down his shaft, fast. I increased my speed, so I could come as he did. 

As I reached the edge, he looked up, and we locked eyes. His face twisted, and he shot his load all over my knickers. At the same time, my body jolted in a huge orgasm. He knew I was watching, and he knew I was fucking myself with my fingers. 

He blew me a kiss, and I couldn't help smiling. Who was I kidding, this was not over, not by a long shot. 





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