Love, a lifetime's worth

Love, a lifetime's worth

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica



We loved, yet we never were, could we ever get it right?



We loved, yet we never were, could we ever get it right?

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Submitted: February 27, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 27, 2016



My name is Lela, I am 89 years old, and if you would give me just a little time out of your busy life, I would like to tell you a story. It’s the story of me. Now, it may not sound like fun, just reading about a nobody’s life, but if it makes at least one person remember him, then I have done my job.

I was just 13 when I first laid eyes on him. But I would like to start from when I was sweet 16. He was my first ever serious crush. Jackson Williams was hot. He was a senior in our high school, one of the most popular boys. He played football, so he was also fit as fuck. His sweaty, muscular, body haunted my dreams.

For the past few weeks, I had sat on the school field to eat my lunch, just so I could watch him train. I had always experienced feelings I didn’t quite understand at the time. They were all too obvious now. I had 2 major issues in my crush, his sister and his girlfriend. His sister Gwen, was my best friend, I knew she would hate me crushing on him.

His girlfriend, Hannah, well she was just a bitch. She had always been the school bully. I never understood what he seen in her; she was just a skank ho. Then again, if her reputation was true, she was an easy lay, maybe that was the attraction.

She would always run up to him, on the playing field, throwing herself into his arms. That was my cue each day to leave. I couldn’t stand watching her all over him. I would get this pain in my chest, like a tightening. I also couldn’t stand her because she was slim, and me, well I was, what my gran called, portly.

I was on my way to my next class, when I bumped into Gwen.

“Hay, I looked for you at lunch, where do you disappear to each day?”

“I prefer to eat outside”

I lied. Well it wasn’t really a lie, but I wasn’t about to explain why.

“Do you want to stay over tonight?”

She grinned. I felt my stomach flip. I loved staying in Gwen’s house; Jackson would often walk around topless. I was shocked I hadn’t been caught drooling up to now.

“Yeah sure, I will go and get my stuff after school”

“Jackson said he will give us a lift”

I smiled wide.

“That’s really nice of him”

I gushed.

“I had to pay him; he’s not doing it for free”

She moaned. The bell rang out again.

“See you in Maths”

She yelled, as she rushed to her own class. I was excited all day. Being in Jackson’s car was so thrilling to me. I had only ever been in it once, but Bob, Gwen’s dad, had been driving. I couldn’t wait to watch him handle a car, his muscles rippling.

“Am I boring you Lela?”

My Geography teacher roared, dragging me out of my fantasy. I made myself stop thinking about it, I didn’t want detention. Once the last bell rang out, in our last class of the day, Gwen and I gathered our maths books, and headed for the car park. His car, a Silver Escort, vintage, was superb. Just like him, sexy and sleek.

He was already in the car, but so was someone else. As we got closer, my heart broke more. Hannah was literally sitting in his lap and they were kissing. Now you must understand, I absolutely hated this girl, at this point, and she despised me too. Gwen opened the back door.

“Get a fucking room”

She spat, pulling a sickened face.

“Shut up brat and just get in, before I make you walk home”

He smiled. Gwen and Jackson were typical brother and sister. He was only a year older than us. They would pull each other apart, but if either of them needed the other, they would be right at their side.

“Don’t threaten them walking Jack, poor Lisa almost had a heart attack”

Hannah sneered, what a bitch.

“My name is Lela”

I snapped at her.

“Ok, tubby, keep your shirt on. Please lord, keep your shirt on”

She laughed. I was about to jump into a tirade of abuse, when Jackson spoke.

“Fuck sake Han, there is no need for that, apologise, or you can fucking walk”

My heart swelled. I had heard him stand up for Gwen, obviously, but never me.

“Oh come on Jack, it was just a joke”


He warned.

“Fine, sorry your fat”

She said through a curled lip. Jackson leaned over her, and opened the door.

“Get out; I’m so sick of you being a bitch”

That moment was when I realised I loved him.

“WHAT!! You are kidding right?”

“No, I’m not kidding. Lela is family, and we stick together. I’m done with you”

Oh my god. Was this actually happening?

“Jackson please…”

She began, but he just started the engine, and ignored her.

“Fine, but you’ll regret this, I’ll tell everyone you are crap in bed, and your dick is tiny”

She threatened. Jackson started laughing.

“Baby, you have had so many dicks in you, everybody knows it’s like entering a slip and slide”

She was fuming as she climbed out of the car, slamming the door. Jackson just put his foot down, leaving her standing alone. None of us spoke on the journey to my house. I rushed in, and told my mum I was staying out, and then grabbed my pre packed backpack.

I gave my mum a kiss, and rushed back out. When I got in the car, Gwen and Jackson were talking about alcohol.

“I will not buy you vodka. I will get you some alcopops”

“They are shit Jackson; they don’t even get us pissed”

Maybe not Gwen, but they always get me drunk. Even now, I can’t have a sherry without my head feeling light.

“I will not drive you to hospital with alcohol poisoning. Plus they ask for I.D. if you buy spirits, and I am not using my fake I.D. for you”

“I hate you”

“Maybe, but at least you will be alive later”

“Fine, alco…shitty…pops it is then”

He drove off, and stopped at the off licence by their house. He went inside. I admit, I did get a cheeky glimpse of his firm ass.

“We have to try and sneak some of mum’s vodka into the pop. I feel like getting smashed”

Gwen whispered conspiratorially.

“Sounds good to me”

I laughed. Although I knew I would not be drinking too much. I was a serious lightweight, where alcohol was concerned. But after what had happened earlier, I could honestly use a drink. He had finished with his girlfriend for me, which made my heart skip a beat. But he had also called me family, which stung.

He got back in the car, putting the bag on the passenger seat. Gwen leaned over, and counted them.

“2 each, seriously”

“Be glad you got them”

He mumbled as he pulled off. Gwen sat back in a huff. He pulled into their drive, a few minutes later, and we all jumped out. Jackson handed Gwen the bag.

“Don’t let mum or dad see that”

He warned, and walked inside. I loved when he was all masterful. Gwen and I said hello to her parents, and then went up to her room. We sat on the bed, and got our homework for the weekend finished. We were good girls really. Plus, that way we could recover from our hangovers for 2 days. 

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