Justice and Love

Justice and Love

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


They both wanted Justice, but they found each other along the way. Strictly for adults only.


They both wanted Justice, but they found each other along the way. Strictly for adults only.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Justice and Love

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They both wanted Justice, but they found each other along the way. Strictly for adults only.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 15, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 15, 2015



I was stuck in this place, with these people, no matter what I did. Owing James Randal money had bought me here. Not that it was my debt. But I wouldn’t let my little brother, Joey, anywhere near these bastards.

When the debt was paid, I would be free to leave these animals. Or so they said anyway. I didn’t believe a damn word that came from their lips.

This job we pulled had resulted in us taking a hostage. She was the daughter of a banker. Her father, Peter Marks, had ripped his bank off for millions. He had been arrested, but the money was never found.

James Randal wanted that money, and he would do anything to get it. Taking Peter Marks daughter was his idea. If she didn’t know where the money was, her father would surely tell him, if he had his daughter.

I had been given the job of taking care of her. She had been locked in a dark bedroom, with no windows, for about a week now. I tried my best to make her stay comfortable, but she had taken some roughing up.

Carlos Sanchez was Randal’s right hand man, and he was just as sick. He would tie her to a chair, slapping her lightly around the face, until she was sobbing. Not necessarily to hurt her, but to break her. 

He would strip her down to her underwear, and parade her in front of all us men, like she was a piece of meat. The men would all grope her and leer at her. I could tell from her face, she felt so humiliated, which was what Carlos was aiming for.

I would always make up an excuse; leave the room, when he did this. I couldn’t help the girl, but I wasn’t going to add to her torture. I might be trapped with these guys, but I would not become like them.

I would sit with her after these attacks, trying to calm her down. I felt sorry for her, but if I tried to help her, I would be killed. Even though she shed tears at her torment, I could tell she was a strong woman.

Not once had she uttered a word about her father or anything. They would ask her often where the money was. She would just stare at a spot in the distance, and zone out. That took some strength. I had to admire her for that.

Another week passed, and they had picked up their torment of her. She would be tied to the chair, and Carlos would whip her all over, with his belt. She would scream, but again, no words ever passed her lips.

I heard Carlos talking on the phone one day.

“She’s not breaking. I think she knows something, or she wouldn’t be trying so hard to keep her mouth shut”

I watched Carlos, as he listened to the other persons reply. His eyes looked toward me, and he grinned.

“Sure boss, it’ll give me a chance to break in the new guy”

My heart sank. What the fuck had he planned for me? When he hung up, he walked toward me.

“Matt, go give the girl a shower, she must stink. Take some clean clothes too”

I relaxed a little bit, maybe that was all he wanted. But the memory of the way he had looked at me, told me, this was not all I would be doing today.

I grabbed a clean towel, and a pair of my jogging pants, and a t shirt for her to wear, and unlocked her door. She curled up in the corner of the mattress, when I opened the door.

“Hay, its ok, it’s me”

I whispered. She physically relaxed, when she heard my voice. I always spoke low when I spoke to her, if the others heard me being nice to her, I’d probably get a beating.

“Would you like to get cleaned up?”

I asked her. She nodded. I reached out my hand to her, and she grabbed it, letting me pull her up. She flinched as she moved; almost falling, but I grabbed her around the waist.

“Sorry, are you ok?”

I asked. She looked up at me with her big brown eyes, and gave me a small smile. She was absolutely stunning. I forgot where we were for a moment, lost in her gaze.

“What the fuck is keeping you?”

Carlos shouted from the living room, breaking the mood. She shied away from his voice, but what surprised me was, she moved closer to me. I liked that she felt she could trust me. I would do a lot of things, but hurting a woman was not one of them. I think she knew that.

I took a step back, and grabbed her upper arm.

“Sorry, I’ve got to do this”

Again she nodded. We walked toward the door, side by side. But once we walked into the living room, I had to look like I was dragging her. I noticed how her whole demeanour changed. She hunched her shoulders, and lowly whimpered.

I wondered if she was doing it because she was genuinely scared, or if she was playing a part. Once we were in the bathroom, she stood up tall again. I realised then, she was also very intelligent. Acting weaker, and more upset, than she actually was.

I decided not to say anything. I wouldn’t want her to lose her trust in me. Besides, if doing that helped her cope, why ruin it for her. I closed the door, and turned my back.

“Help yourself. There are some clean clothes on the toilet lid. I promise I won’t turn around”

I heard movement, and then the water started running. After 10 minutes the water turned off again. Another 5 minutes more, and she tapped me on the shoulder.

I turned around, and she was dressed. I couldn’t help appreciating how sexy she looked in my clothes.

“I have to lock you back up, I don’t have a choice”

Her face fell, and she nodded. Again when we walked through the living room, she acted all meek and pitiful, when she was anything but, I had realised.

I walked her into her room, and as I was about to leave, Carlos came in, shutting the door behind him.

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