I'll change your mind

I'll change your mind

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Happily ever after, it was a joke. Well...Andrew wanted to try and change my mind, let him.


Happily ever after, it was a joke. Well...Andrew wanted to try and change my mind, let him.

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Submitted: October 06, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 06, 2016



Another family party, god I hated these things. There was always something going on. When you had a huge family, it was always an occasion to celebrate. It could be a wedding, a birth, or an engagement, like today’s party. We have even had parties for divorces. Basically it was any excuse. And I was never allowed to say no, my mother was not a woman you argued with.

The only good thing about these parties was Andrew, my bitch Cousin Wendy’s husband. To be honest, he was the only reason I didn’t deliberately break my leg to get out of going. He hated these things more than I did. But we would keep each other sane.

Like now for instance, we were sat in the corner of the room, in our booth, playing a game. Who would fall down next, is what we called it. My money was on Uncle Rex; Andrew had his money on Aunty Dawn. When I say money, our prize would be a fish bowl, which we inevitably shared anyway.

This time, I was the victor. Andrew had just gone to the bar to buy my drink.

“Getting your cousin drunk again, you are a bad influence”

My dad laughed.

“He’s the one buying the fishbowl”

I protested.

“I’m guessing it was Rex you picked, bloody drunken idiot. He almost knocked over mum’s drink, can you imagine”

He rolled his eyes, and sunk into the booth with me.

“Let me guess, she acted like he had knocked over every drink around her”

“Oh yes, he’s still getting an earful now, that’s why I escaped”

We both started laughing. Andrew came back with the huge drink, with 2 straws sticking out. Dad glanced behind Andrew, and noticed Rex had moved away from mum.

“I can go back now”

He smiled, kissing my cheek.

“You make sure she is not too drunk to get home safely”

My dad warned Andrew.

“I’ll probably need her to drop me off Clive”

He laughed. I watched dad approach mum, and she smiled wide, when he leaned in and kissed her. I loved seeing little moments like that between them. I was witnessing the love they still held for one another, and I knew that was rare now days. Most of my friends had been either engaged, or married. Those same friends are now single again.

It just seemed to me that couples were destined to break up. Despite my mum and dad still loving one another, I had little faith in relationships. Take Andrew and Wendy for instance. They were both clearly miserable, yet they pretended to stay together, for her dad.

Wendy’s dad, my Uncle Rex, (yes one and the same), was a religious man, a stinking drunk, but still religious. He did not believe in divorce, and Wendy had been raised to think it was a bad word. No matter how bad things got, she had begged him to keep up the pretence.

Wendy was not one of my favourite people. I didn’t hide that fact from Andrew, but I never pulled her down in front of him. He was a man of principal. He would moan about her, and say she was a nightmare, but he would defend her if anybody else said something bad.

I turned away from my mum and dad, and caught Andrew watching me.


“I don’t care how much you try and hide it; there is a romantic in there somewhere”

He grinned.

“Shut it”

I smiled, sucking a bit of drink into my straw, and spiting it at him. He managed to dodge my attempt at a swilling.

“Fine, you’re as hard as nails”

“I never said that, but happily ever after does not exist. Life is not a fairy-tale”

“I believe it does exist”

“Even though you’re sleeping in the spare room, and your marriage is all but over?”

“Yes, because I believe everything happens for a reason. Eventually things will work themselves out. Who we are meant to be with, will happen when the time is right”

“Oh shut up with that bullshit”

I laughed, and sucked on my straw, this time swallowing my drink. It was the strongest one I had drunk all night, and it really hit the spot.

“Hay, we share remember”

He grumbled, before taking his own straw in his mouth. We drank till the bowl was empty.

“You cheated”

He choked. We both relaxed back into the booth, letting the alcohol soak into our bloodstreams. He turned and looked at me.

“I wish I could change your mind about love”

He suddenly said. I started pissing myself laughing.

“I’m serious, your young and gorgeous, you should be in love by now”

“Don’t ruin my buzz Andrew, you sound like my mum”

“Fine, so, who is falling next?”

This went on the rest of the night. I won 2 more fish bowls, and he won one. His one was the best though. Wendy was dancing like a maniac; she slipped on her own bag. I swear I peed a little when she fell. Andrew practically hid under the table, too afraid of her seeing him laughing.

Once she was on her feet, she barged over to our table.

“I want to go home”

She snapped. We tried our best to stop laughing, but after 3 fish bowls, it was too hard. She was so angry, she stormed off.


Andrew sighed.

“I guess I should go after her, are you alright to get home?”

“I’m fine”

He stood up, and turned to face me.

“I’ll change your mind”

He winked, and stumbled off. I rolled my eyes, and giggled to myself. Not likely, I thought. 

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