Fantasy Man

Fantasy Man

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


I had one hidden fantasy, could I handle it coming true? strictly for adults x


I had one hidden fantasy, could I handle it coming true?
strictly for adults x

Chapter1 (v.1) - Fantasy Man

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I had one hidden fantasy, could I handle it coming true?<br /> strictly for adults x

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 13, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 13, 2015



Heading up her driveway, Anna couldn’t wait to kick of her soaking shoes and warm herself in front of the fire. Her clothes clung to her shivering body. It was the worst day possible for her car to break down. She had left it in her works car park, and decided to walk.

She hadn’t realised it was raining when she had turned down a lift from pervy Colin. She would rather have put up with his beady eyes, lingering on her breasts and thighs, than walk in the torrential downpour.

She was already soaked through, when a car full of prepubescent idiots had splashed through a puddle and drenched her further still, if that was possible. She was on the verge of tears, when she finally reached her front door. She was dripping wet, cold and totally miserable.

She pushed the key in her lock, and stepped into her hallway. Kicking off her heels, and just throwing her sopping jacket on the floor, deciding she would deal with it later.

She was too cold to care. Pushing open the door that leads to her living room she stepped inside. Her first thought was to light the fire. She pushed the door closed with her foot.

As it closed over, she caught a glimpse of a dark figure, whose hiding place had been revealed, when she had closed the door. Before she could react, the figure launched at her.

She turned to run, but felt strong arms wrap around her waist. She tried to struggle free, but the grip across her stomach tightened, pulling her back against a hard body.


He whispers in her ear. She attempted to scream, but a gloved hand covered her mouth, before she could even get the first shriek out. She felt hot breath against her ear, again and a male voice spoke in a gruff whisper.

“I’m not going to hurt you, just don’t scream”

A surge of fear rushed through her, but to her surprise a rush of arousal also swept across her body, stinging at her breasts. She felt a wave of moisture gather in her underwear.

She stole a glance over her shoulder, and saw a pair of eyes staring at her through a slit in the balaclava the man had over his face. She couldn’t help appreciate how gorgeous those eyes were, the lightest blue she had ever seen.

The eyes stared with lust and hunger, and she could hear his breathing was laboured. He pulled her body harder against him, still covering her mouth, and she felt the obvious erection pressing against her back, which only added to her fear and arousal.

Struggling again to free herself, she threw back her elbow. It connected with his hard stomach, and she heard him groan in pain. He loosened his grip for just a second, which gave her enough room to wriggle free.

She took just two steps toward the door, and he was on her again. He lifted her of her feet, and again he spoke.

“Anna chill, just relax and enjoy”

She froze, how did he know her name? Suddenly the conversation she had had with her best friend Sue, the night before, came flashing back to her.

She and sue had been friends for many years, having met in high school. They were inseparable. Everyone used to assume they were twins, both had the same long blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, and although both tiny in height, they had supermodel figures.

That had changed once they left school. She still looked that same, but her friend sue had long since cut her hair and dyed it brown. Since she had kids, she no longer had the supermodel figure.

But Sue did not envy Anna in any way, she was happily married to her high school sweetheart Andy, and they had two beautiful children, Alexa who was 2 and Luke who was 9 months, and she couldn’t be happier.

Anna spent a lot of time with Sue and her family, but at least once a week they had a girly night. This involved lots of alcohol and gossip, and definitely no husband or kids.

The previous night had been just another of their girly nights. They were both totally inebriated, and the subject turned to sex, as it often did. Sue loved to live vicariously through Anna, having only ever had one lover in her life, she often said she felt she had missed a lot.

She loved her husband, and did not regret her decision to marry young, but she still liked to hear all of Anna’s stories about the men she hooked up with. Anna often embellished her sexploits, for her friends, and her own, benefit.

Truth be told, she had never truly had a great sex life. Most of her lovers had only been interested in their own pleasure, she had never had a man actually make her toes curl, like she had heard many of her other friends claim they had experienced.

After another couple of rounds of drink, the subject had turned to fantasies. Sue had confessed she had always fantasies about another woman jumping in their marital bed. She had never told Andy of this fantasy, because she knew he was not one to discuss their sex life, he embarrassed easily.

Anna was a little surprised, because Sue had always seemed kind of a prude where sex was concerned. She assumed it may have been the drink that was talking, so they just laughed about it.

Anna had also confessed one of her fantasies to Sue. One she had been too embarrassed to voice to anyone before. She had always wanted to be overpowered, maybe surprised by an intruder, and taken by force. Obviously it would have to be someone she knew, rather than an actual stranger. But it really turned her on, the thought of the surprise attack.

That last memory that entered her head, had her wondering if this man that held her tightly, but was not causing her any pain, was indeed a setup by her friend.

Was she making one of her fantasies come true for her? The man had called her by her name, so she could only assume that was the case. But she did not recognise the voice, and Sue had never told anyone the secrets they had shared in the past.

The man was still carrying her. She kicked and struggled, but with less vigour than before. Her breasts chaffed against his hard body, as he moved across the room, causing her arousal to soar.

He dropped her back on her feet, when he had her cornered in the alcove next to her fire, which she noticed was lit. Would an intruder light her fire? She was becoming more and more convinced this was Sue’s doing. So she decided she would play along in the fantasy, and again tried to escape.

The man pinned her against the wall, his knee shoved between her legs. She moved her crotch closer to his thick thigh, grazing her already blazing sex against him.

A rush shot through her clitoris, up across her belly, and came to rest on her already swollen nipples. She wanted to pinch them and ease the ache. But she had to play the part of the victim, for the fantasy to feel real.

She saw a slight smirk on the lips of the man standing before her, when he noticed her erect nipples. She again tried to get past him, and then she noticed something in his hand and froze to the spot.

In his hand he held a gun. She could not see in the dim light of the room, if it was real or not, but it only helped heighten her arousal. She wondered if something was wrong with her for this to be turning her on, but it was only a fleeting thought, as the man spoke again.

“Take of your clothes”

He was talking in a gruff whisper, she assumed to disguise his voice. So he must be someone she knew, like she had told Sue she would want. But the not knowing was part of the fantasy. He repeated the words to her, but this time he raised the weapon in his hand, pointing it straight at her. So she slowly obeyed his orders.

She pulled her wet jumper over her head, dropping it at his feet. Then slowly, she unbuttoned her shirt. This too was still soaking wet, so she was happy to be getting out of it. She dropped it on top of her jumper.

He could see just how hard her nipples were, through the flimsy black lace of her bra. She watched his eyes in the light of the fire, and he watched her intently as she stripped for him. She saw pure lust, which made her want him inside her soon.

He waved the gun at her, indicating for her to continue with her striptease. She unbuttoned her jeans and slowly pulled down the zip. She saw him lick his lips in anticipation of her removing them.

“Turn around”

He suddenly said. So again she obeyed. His voice was more strained this time; obviously she was having as much of an effect on him, as he was on her. As she pulled down her jeans, she knew her ass was on show to him. She had on a black lace thong, which matched her bra. She knew from that angle, it left little to the imagination.

She heard him suck in a ragged breath, as she bent fully forward to pull off first one leg, and then the other. She threw the jeans behind her, to join her jumper and shirt at his feet.

She stood with her back to him, wondering what he was doing. She wanted to look back, but he told her not to turn around. She felt him approach her, and before she could react, he pinned her against the wall. She felt his naked flesh against hers, he had undressed too.

She could feel his rock hard erection pressing against her bare ass, which caused another gush of liquid between her legs, soaking her g string. He forced his hands around her stomach, caressing her naked flesh.

He leaned of her a little, so his groping hands could climb higher, pushing her bra up, so his hands were cupping her naked aching tits. He could feel her nipples respond to his touch, hardening further.

She stifled a groan of pleasure, still wanting to stay in character, for the time being. She realised he must have put away the gun, but she had no intention of fighting anymore.

He leaned in, crushing her breasts against his probing fingers. She could feel his hot breath on her neck, leaving little kissing as he went. She would not be able to hold back her moans much longer. Her neck was her most sensitive body part, apart from her sopping cunt. He licked up her neck.

“I’m going to make you come baby, like you have never come before”

He whispered against her ear. The words were followed by his hot tongue, making her tremble.

His hands still worked their magic, on her now swollen aching mounds. Kneading and rolling the nipples between his thumb and forefinger. She let a little moan escape her lips, unable to keep it in.

She wanted him to fuck her hard. But he was taking his time, savouring her body. She almost cried out when he removed his hands, but she felt him slide them up her back, undoing her bra. He slid it slowly down her arms, tossing it aside. His hands slipped down her sides, hooking his thumbs in the stringed sides of her g string.

Pulling away from her sides, he snapped the flimsy material. He tugged at the back of the garment, so it slipped through her legs, pulling it hard against her cunt, chafing as he removed it.

Standing there fully naked, she felt all her nerves tingling. Every touch amplified, as he caressed her ass and hips. He whispered her name, wanting desperately to be inside her hot tunnel, fucking her, making her moan and squirt all over him. But first he had to have a taste.

There was a box next to where they stood, and he hoped it would be strong enough to hold her leg. He put his hand on her inner thigh and pushed, so she lifted her leg.

He placed her foot on the box, glad it held her there. Her legs were open wide enough for him to fit between. He knelt down and kissed along her soft round ass cheeks. She was moaning freely now, not caring about the game. If indeed it was a game? She brushed that thought aside, and just enjoyed his kisses inside her thighs.

He moved himself around, so he came face to face with her glistening pussy. He placed his hands on her ass cheeks, and pulled her forward, nuzzling against her outer lips.

She was completely shaved, which excited him beyond belief. He could feel the aching in his balls, the need rising as he plunged his tongue inside her, tasting her juices.

She was so wet. He sucked at the fragrant liquid, savouring the flavour, sweet and sticky. She ground herself against him, feeling his teeth nip at her clitoris, making her knees go weak.

He ran his tongue the full length of her sex, only pausing to slip his tongue inside her. After a few long strokes, he tongue fucked her, feeling fresh liquid seep into his eager mouth.

She was moaning loudly, he could tell she was on the verge of an orgasm. He replaced his tongue with two fingers, plunging them deep inside her, while sucking on her clit. She bucked against his face, gripping his hair to pull him harder onto her, as she came hard. Just as he had promised, like never before.

As the feeling subsided it occurred to her, she had her fingers entwined in his hair. He no longer wore the mask; she could look down and see who he was.

But decided against it, it was hotter not knowing. He stood, again behind her.

“Baby you taste so fucking good”

He whispered. She suddenly realised he had lift her again, carrying her over to the couch.

She could feel the muscles in his chest pressing against her. She looked at his arms wrapped around her waist, so strong and tanned. A tattoo adorned his forearm, black swirls, so sexy.

She suddenly realised who this was. This sexy man, her attacker, it was Joe, Sue’s younger brother. She was shocked to say the least, but also extremely happy. She had liked him from afar for many years.

He was three years younger than her and Sue, and so very hot. With a broad muscly body, beautiful features, and a strong jaw, so manly and sexy. But he had never given any indication he liked her too, until now.

How could he have known about her secret fantasy? Surly Sue would not have told her younger brother about their chat. They were very close, and Sue felt embarrassed when a sex scene came on in a movie in front of him, so how could he possibly have known? Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted, by him putting her back on solid ground, at the back of the couch.

He slid his hand up her back and pushed her gently, so she bent over the soft cushioned sofa back. His hands dipped back to her hot wet cunt, flicking his finger over her clit, making little spasms rush through her.

“Fuck me please”

She begged. He didn’t give her a chance to finish the sentence, before he plunged deep inside her. He was huge, pain shot through her, quickly replaced by pleasure. As he stretched her to full capacity, his hands gripped her hips. He pulled himself back out slowly, driving her mad.

He slammed back into her with more force, making her scream out with pleasure and pain combined. Again he withdrew agonisingly slow. She reached behind and gripped his ass, squeezing the flesh, urging him to fuck her harder and faster.

“Please Joe, fuck me hard, please”

She begged. Hearing his name on her lips, he gladly obliged. Taking a tighter grip on her trembling hips, he impaled her again, just as hard and fast as the last time, and withdrew just as quickly. In and out, over and over fucking her like she has never been fucked before. She could feel her orgasm growing, as she squeezed her cunt muscles around his huge cock.

He was very close to coming and her sucking his penis in deeper, with her wall muscles, threatened to push him over the edge. She pushed back against him, matching his thrusts.

Both of them groaning louder each time, he slammed into her. Reaching round, he grabbed her dangling breasts, thrilled to find her own hands already tugging at her nipples.

He pulled her backwards, so she was against his body. Still he thrust inside her, his cock now nudging against her g spot, driving her wild. He grabbed her face turning it toward him.

“I want to watch you Anna; I want to see you come”

He said, this time in his own voice, no longer having to disguise who he was. His hips sped up, thrusting deeper and harder each time. He felt her pussy tighten around his hard phallus, as her body twitched.

He watched her face contort in beautiful ecstasy, which was enough to set of his own orgasm. He groaned as he felt his cock twitch and squirt inside her, setting off another intense orgasm for her. Her toes curled at the feeling, so this is how it feels, she thought.

Gasping, they both collapsed over the couch. Her body lay on top of him, his softening penis still inside her. He turned over, feeling it slip out of her with a wet slurp. Lying on his hard body facing him, for the first time, she pressed her hand to his face.

“How did you know?”

She asked. He smiled a leering beautiful smile.

“I heard you and Sue talking last night. I have wanted you for so long, and I had to seize the opportunity. I never expected you to be so tough, a small thing like you”

She laughed; he always teased her about her size.

“How did you know it was me?”

He enquired.

“I saw your tattoo”

He glanced at his arm.

“Well next time, I’ll have to disguise myself better won’t I?”

A thrill shot through her, at the sound of them words.

“There is going to be a next time?”

She asked, hoping his answer would be yes.

“You bet your sweet ass there will be. I have so much more I want to do to you. Anna, this is just the beginning”

With that, he kissed her for the first time. His hot tongue still tasted of her sex, as she swirled it with her own

“I can’t wait”

She said with a devilish smile.


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