Fantasy Inc. 2

Fantasy Inc. 2

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


At fantasy Inc. we make all your erotic dreams come true


At fantasy Inc. we make all your erotic dreams come true

Chapter1 (v.1) - Fantasy Inc. 2

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At fantasy Inc. we make all your erotic dreams come true

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 05, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 05, 2015



Hannah, my dearest friend, had given me the address to this place. She promised I would not regret paying it a visit. I felt nervous, yet excited. I had always harboured this fantasy, yet never had the guts to ask any partner to do it with me.

How could I explain this fantasy to a boyfriend? Surely they would assume I was a slut. When Hannah had told me about her experience, I was instantly wet and eager to go myself. I had been and registered, and had been given the all clear, in all their checks.

My appointment was today. My wildest fantasy was about to come true, and I was already half way toward an orgasm, just at the thought. I was greeted by a gorgeous man; he said his name was Will. He showed me to my room, and told me when I was ready, to press the button by the door.

I showered, and I just couldn’t sit around anymore, I was more than ready. I pressed the button, and waited. When there was a knock on my door, I rushed to answer. 4 masked men stood there. One of them held out his hand for me, and I gladly took it.

They led me to another room. When I walked in, I looked around. There was a huge bed in the centre of the room, with straps on each corner. I felt myself drip onto my inner thighs. I was beyond excited. Different pieces of machinery lay around too; I couldn’t wait to find out what each one did.

The man who held my hand, let me go, and tugged off my robe.

“Lay down”

He ordered. I did as I was told instantly. Each of the men grabbed either a wrist or an ankle, and secured me tightly to the bed. I was spread out stark naked, in a star shape. The man, who seemed to be in charge, sat down next to me.

“We are here to give you pleasure, in whatever way we see fit. But, if at any time it gets too much, all you have to do is say”

I nodded. He stood up and grabbed a jug off the cabinet, which sat near the door. He walked back over to me, and started pouring the warm liquid all over me. It smelt divine. When he put it down, all 4 men started massaging my skin.

None of them were touching me intimately. But it was still highly erotic and had my cunt throbbing.

“You are going to come more than you thought it was possible today. Just lay back and enjoy”

He grinned. Suddenly, 2 fingers entered me. I thought I would get warmed up first, I assumed they would be gentle to begin with. Boy was I wrong. I was finger fucked so hard, I actually came within 30 seconds. I bucked against the bed, moaning loudly.

“She’s fucking soaked”

The man who had his fingers in me said. When he withdrew his hand, I looked at him. He licked his fingers, getting every drop of my juice with his tongue.

“Let’s move along then, since she’s so wet. I think she’s more than ready for the drill”

One of the men picked up something, which looked exactly like the wall drill I had at home. The one huge difference was, this one had a massive dildo on the end, instead of a drill bit. The one in charge, climbed between my spread legs.

He poured a bit more oil over my pussy, and was handed the drill. 2 of the men knelt either side of me, and started licking, sucking and biting my nipples. I couldn’t take my eyes off that enormous phallus. When he pressed the switch, and I saw it spin and thrust back and forth, I groaned.

Oh my god, I just knew this was going to be amazing. He placed the head at my open hole, applying a little pressure. I was stretched almost to the point of pain.

“Brace yourself”

He grinned, and suddenly he pressed the button. If I hadn’t been tied down, I would have leapt as high as the ceiling.

“Holy fucking Christ”

I yelled. This gargantuan cock was spinning faster, and pumping into me, harder than I had ever thought I could take. The vibrations had my whole body shaking. I felt a hard bite on my tit, when I glanced down, I saw them applying the second bulldog clip.

“I think she can take more”

The man between my thighs laughed. He upped the speed of the drill, and I started coming instantly. The sensation of that fake cock fucking me so hard, sent me over the edge time and time again. I could feel a pool of liquid under my ass.

I came for about the sixth time, and he suddenly withdrew the penis. I collapsed into a messy heap. I assumed I was spent; surely my body could take no more. But when I felt a tongue lapping at my cunt, I was moaning aloud again.

I became aware of the throbbing in my nipples getting worse. Standing either side of me, 2 of the men had attached chains to the clips. They hung the chains on hooks above the bed. They were tightened, so I had little manoeuvrability. Every movement made them tug at my sensitive buds.

“Get the big boy”

I heard one of them say. A machine was wheeled over to the bottom of the bed. This one had 2 cocks attached to it. The man who was between my legs, lapping away at my clit, moved aside. They lift my ass off the bed, placing a cushion under me.

The clips on my nipples tugged, making me cry out. More oil was poured over me and the machine. They manoeuvred it into position.

“Have you ever been fucked in the ass?”

One of them asked me. I nodded. I had tried it, but it never appealed to me. A finger was shoved inside my puckered hole, stretching me open. A bullet shaped vibrator, was placed against my swollen clitoris. I moaned, and tried hard to keep still, but it was impossible.

The combination of utter pleasure, and pure pain in my nipples, was beyond hedonistic. I was on the point of no return, when I felt more pressure from below. Glancing down, I watched as they guided the double cock into my cunt and ass.

I wanted to tell them to stop, it was too much, but I couldn’t. When they were fully inside me, the bullet was once again placed on my clit. I lay my head back, literally exhausted from the pleasure. I didn’t see when the machine was switched on.

The first I knew about it being activated was the sense of overwhelming gratification. The two pricks slipped in and out of me slowly. Each time they plunged back in, my nipples pulled, and my g spot was stroked.

I knew I was on the edge of a mind blowing climax. As I was gasping, a cock was shoved into my mouth. I suckled it gladly. I drew in my cheeks, pulling him deeper into my throat. As I felt him start to spurt in my mouth, someone switched the machine up a gear, and my orgasm struck.

My lips opened up wide, in a silent scream of joy, as my body tensed up. Come poured down my throat, making me splutter. But I honestly couldn’t care less; I could not even begin to explain the sheer heaven I was in. Every part of my body convulsed. It was like I was having an all over seizure.

I was jolting so much; the clamps on my nipples sprang free. I cried out with the pain, but the carnality overrode any other feeling. They withdrew the cocks, and let me lay still for a few moments. I could hardly breathe. I was covered in come, all on my face and chest. Yet I felt sexy and surprisingly still horny.

My arms and legs were untied. Fingers rubbed where the soft cuffs had been, bringing life back into my hands and feet. Suddenly I was lift up. My body was so limp, but they had a tight grip on me.


I was ordered; I just managed to get my legs under myself. My wrists were once again bound. Only this time it was from chains hanging from the ceiling. They tugged at the chain so I was almost dangling. One of the men placed, what looked like, a horse saddle under me.

It had a little dildo, and a knobbly section just in front of it. I recognized the machine. It was called a Sybian. It was the reason I had this fantasy of machines to begin with. I had seen a girl use one in a porn film; it had triggered a part of me I hadn’t known existed.

“Open your legs when we lower you. Sit astride it”

I had little strength, but as they slowly moved me lower, I just managed to get my legs either side of it. A hand reached under me, and guided the tiny penis into my aching hole. Considering what I had already had up there, it slid in easily.

“Grip it with your thighs”

I was told, I held on as tight as my muscles would allow. He again reached between my legs, and spread my lips wide, so my protruding clip lay flat on the knobbly bits.

The first vibrations struck, as he turned the dial on the remote. I let out a growl. Christ that felt so good.

“You can move your hips baby”

One of the men said, as he leaned in and started sucking on my nipple. I realised with the first swipe of his tongue, that they were very sore. I would no doubt suffer tomorrow. I would relish in the pain, as it was a reminder from today.

The dial was switched up again, so the vibrations increased. I swivelled my hips, creeping closer to release.

“You’re taking way too long to come baby”

He grinned, spinning the switch to max power. I think I lost all sense of anything. The only sensation I was aware of, was the trembling through my cunt. I was crying out over and over again. I think I came at least 7 times on the wonderful thing.

When he turned the Sybian off, I could barely open my eyes. My inner thighs and the Sybian were drenched. My hands were released, and I was gently laid down.

“No falling asleep honey, it’s our turn to have some fun”

Oh god, could I really take any more? I know part of my fantasy was to come, till I couldn’t come anymore, but I was so exhausted. The Sybian was moved off the bed, and the man in charge climbed between my thighs, spreading them wide open.

“While I fuck you raw, you’re going to suck off my friends, and swallow every fucking drop. Do you understand honey?”

I just had the strength to nod. He freed his cock, and if I thought the machines fake dicks were big, his was gigantic. He pushed himself deep inside me, in one swift thrust. I sucked in a breath of air, just in time, before a cock was shoved between my lips.

His fingers gripped my hips, and he used the leverage to fuck me hard. I sucked off 3 cocks, as he screwed me through another 3 orgasms, before he released inside me. I collapsed then, completely depleted.

Somebody lifted me into their arms, and I was carried back to my room. I was placed in bed, where I must have just crumpled. I woke up the next morning, feeling a building pleasure inside me. Somebody was licking my sore pussy.

Teeth bit down on my clit, sending me soaring. Once I had rode out my orgasm, Will, appeared from under the covers.

“And that makes the 25 you asked for”

He grinned. Once he left, I showered, and gathered my stuff. I could barely walk, as I headed out to the desk. I thanked Will, and made an appointment for next week. I’m sure I could think of something else on my fantasy list.

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