Fantasy Inc.

Fantasy Inc.

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


At fantasy Inc, all your fantasies can come true.


At fantasy Inc, all your fantasies can come true.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Fantasy Inc.

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At fantasy Inc, all your fantasies can come true.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 18, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 18, 2015



My nerves were on edge. It felt like I was awaiting results of an important test. Not just results of my interviews. Not that these were any normal interview situations. I took a deep breath, and just waited.

Nothing about this place, gave away what actually happened here. When I had arrived that first morning, I thought I had written the address down wrong. I don’t know what exactly I expected, just not such normality.

I had looked around the waiting room, and it just looked ordinary. There were 4 chairs, a table in the middle of the room, and magazines for your perusal on the table. It was like a doctor’s waiting room.

Only one other person knew I had come here. When Vicky had told me about this place, my insides had churned. How could anybody actually do it? But the more she had talked, the more intrigued I had become.

To get an appointment here, you had to be specifically recommended. You couldn’t just search on the internet, and find this place, unless you knew exactly what you were looking for.

It was so exclusive, you had to be interviewed, and vetted, before they would accept you. This included background checks, STI checks, and blood tests. I wondered if it was all worth it. But what they offered, was a once in a lifetime experience.

Today was my final interview. I would be told if I had been accepted or not. The anticipation was almost too much. The door opened, and a rather handsome man walked in.

“Hannah, hello my name is Will”

I stood up, and shook his offered hand.


I muttered, feeling my cheeks pink. Obviously, everyone who worked here knew why I had decided to come. But knowing this extremely gorgeous man, knew what I had asked for, had me trembling.

He sat down, and pointed to the chair opposite him.

“Please take a seat”

He smiled. I sat down, and folded my hands on my knee. I had no idea why I was trying to be all prim and proper. If I was accepted to join this exclusive club, I wouldn’t be prim and proper for long. Will, grinned at me.

“Relax sweetheart, there is no need to be so tense”

I took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. He had my file on his knee; I could see my name at the top of the folder.

“Ok so, I am pleased to tell you all your tests came back negative, and your background check was impeccable. Not so much as a parking ticket. We would like to offer you a place in our club”

Again he smiled. I smiled back at him, my mind in a whirl.

“Everything is all done now; all you have to do is make an appointment. Unless you are free today, we could accommodate your wishes, if you would like”

I swallowed hard. I knew if I left here today, I probably wouldn’t come back.

“I am free today”

I muttered. Will, gave me a huge smile.

“Wonderful. I will ask Pamela, who I believe you have already met, to show you to your suite”

Pamela had been the first person I had met. She was so beautiful. She was a tall leggy blonde, with a fantastic body. She was also very friendly, as was everybody else who I had met. Will, stood up and so did I. He took my hand.

“Thank you for choosing fantasy Inc. I’m sure you will find your stay with us more than satisfactory. If at any time you change your mind, all you have to do is say. You will not be forced into anything you do not want to do. Your happiness and pleasure are our utmost importance”

He leaned in and kissed my cheek.

“On a personal note, I’m so fucking happy you decided to start your journey, on a day I am working”

He whispered in my ear. I felt a jolt rush through my sex. He left me standing there, breathless. Oh god, I was actually going to do this. I flopped down into the chair, my legs refusing to hold me any longer. I was shitting it.

The door suddenly opened, and Pamela walked in.

“Hannah, how lovely to see you again. Welcome to the club, you will have the time of your life here with us”

My cheeks reddened again. I hung my head.

“Don’t feel too embarrassed honey, we all started where you are right now. We know exactly how you feel. Believe me; you will not regret your decision”

She picked up my bag.

“Let’s get you settled; you can relax for a little while”

She showed me to a beautiful suite. It was like a luxurious hotel.

“You can take as long as you like in here, you can even stay overnight if you wish. This is your personal suite. Anything you want, all you have to do is ask. No request is too big or small”

I smiled at her.

“Thank you Pamela”

“My pleasure Hannah. As soon as you are ready for your fantasy to begin, just press this button”

She indicated a red button by the door.

“And somebody will be right along. I hope you enjoy your stay, and we would love to see you become a regular. Any requests you may have, please dial 1 on the phone, and we will be happy to accommodate you. Is there anything you would like to ask me?”

I shook my head.

“In that case, I will leave you to relax. There is a complimentary bottle of Champaign in the bedroom, please enjoy”

I saw her to the door. Once I was alone, I checked out the suite. It had a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom, with a Jacuzzi. It really was a wonderful room. I poured myself a glass of Champaign, and lay back on the bed.

Vicky had told me how lovely it all was, but this was like a little slice of heaven. Once I was more settled and relaxed, I decided to have a soak in the Jacuzzi. I knew I was just putting off the inevitable, but it had to be at my pace, isn’t that what they said?

I didn’t have my phone with me. That was one of the rules, no mobile phones, so I had nothing to do but chill. After a few hours, I was more than ready. The built up anticipation of what was to come, once I pressed that button, had me wet.

I changed into my nurse’s uniform, which had always been part of this fantasy, and stood by the door. With trembling hands, I reached up, and pressed the button. As they had requested, I just went about doing something normal.

I decided to give the Jacuzzi a clean. There was nothing else I could do. I was breathless as I waited. Not knowing when it would happen had me on edge. The slightest noise made me jump.

The only noise I didn’t hear was them entering the room. I was leaning over the Jacuzzi, when I was grabbed from behind. I tried to scream, but a hand covered my mouth.

“Keep your fucking mouth shut bitch”

A husky voice whispered in my ear. I struggled like mad, trying to get out of his grasp. He spun me around, and slapped me across the face. Not hard enough to mark me, but I landed on the floor on my ass. My cheek stung, sending my pulse sky rocketing.

Someone else pulled me back to my feet. I glanced around, there were 4 men all together, and 2 women. I could tell from the body types, as their faces were covered with eye masks. I was dragged into the living room. They all surrounded me.

“There is no point shouting for help, you’re ours now”

Another of the men stated.

“You will patch up our friend, without complaining, or you’re fucked”

I was shaking all over. I noticed a body lying on the couch. He was completely naked, except for his mask. His body was superb. And his cock was thick and very long. He was already very hard. I could see his phallus twitching.

He had what looked like blood on his chest. I was handed a bag.

“Fix him”

He demanded. I knelt beside the man, and dug in the bag to find what I needed. I pulled out a cloth and some rubber gloves. I put the gloves on, and started cleaning his faux wound. My eyes kept drifting to his magnificent penis.

Once he was clean, I applied an unneeded bandage.

“Why hasn’t he woken up?”

One of the guys asked me.

“I don’t know”

I muttered. My face was gripped in strong fingers.

“Well do whatever you have to do to wake him up, or I’m going to fucking hurt you”

My head was pushed down toward his cock. I could see a bead of pre come on the tip, so I licked it away. The man lying on the couch was a true professional. He didn’t flinch once, even when I took him into my mouth.

Somebody grabbed my hair, moving my head quickly up and down his shaft. I saw movement out the corner of my eye. I glanced up and realised everyone was now naked. I hadn’t even heard them move. Every person was super fit and ultra-sexy.

I continued sucking this stranger’s dick, and was rewarded with a mouthful of his hot juice. Again he didn’t flinch, as I swallowed ever drop. I was yanked up by my hair.

“It didn’t work bitch, so now your mine”

He grinned at me, and started tearing off my clothes.

“All you nurses are the same, fucking prick teases. I’m going to teach you a lesson you will never forget. You won’t walk properly for days”

I fought him off as best I could. I wanted this to be as real as possible. He smacked me again, and then ripped away the last of my uniform. I stood before them all, naked. I was so scared; it was such a turn on.

From here on out, I was no longer in control. I had outlined my initial fantasy, in my briefing; the rest was up to them. I was forced onto my knees.

“Have you ever sucked on a pussy darling?”

He whispered in my ear. I let out a long breath, while shaking my head. One of the women stepped forward, placing one leg up on the couch next to me.

“Eat her, now”

The man said, shoving me toward her open legs. I shuffled forward, and I could smell her arousal. It was musky, yet sweet. She pulled my hair, and buried my face against her.

“He said fucking eat me you slut”

I lapped at her folds, as she moved my head where she wanted it. She practically fucked my face, making it difficult for me to breathe. Any chance I got, I sucked in a lungful of air.

She shoved me onto my back, and straddled my head. She lowered her dripping pussy back onto my face, bucking against my tongue. I was suddenly aware of my legs being touched. My thighs were forced apart.

I kept trying my hardest to close them, but more hands grabbed at me, holding me open. I could feel the woman riding my face trembling. She was obviously close to climax. I felt a sharp pain rush through my pussy, oh god they were clamping me.

I almost came at the thought of what I must look like. My swollen lips being held open by clamps attached to my thighs. As long as my thighs were held open, my sopping wet cunt would be wide open too. The woman above me let out a yell.

“Oh fuck, I’m coming”

A gush of fluid shot out of her, at jet speed. My mouth filled with the sweet juices, as she rode out her orgasm. When she climbed off me, I spluttered. Jesus that was fucking hot, I was soaked with her pleasure. I wished I could do that.

The man, who seemed to be the leader, leaned over me.

“Did you enjoy making her come all over you? I’m going to enjoy making you squirt”

He grinned. I had never done that before, I didn’t know it was actually possible. The thought of coming that much, had me creaming even more.

“Look at you, your practically dripping on the carpet”

I glanced down, and for the first time, I saw what they had done to me. My legs were tied to loops that were on the floor. I hadn’t noticed them before; they must have been well hidden.

I was spread wide open. Chains were wrapped around each thigh, with a clamp on each end. Those clamps were attached to each of my pussy lips. I could see all my glistening folds. My clit was hard and prominent, begging to be touched.

The leader crouched down between my legs.

“We are going to fuck you, in whatever way we want. Nobody is coming to help you. When we are through with you, we will leave. Until then you do as you’re told, is that understood?”

I nodded.

“Have you ever squirted before?”

I shook my head.

“You will. I promise I will make you squirt. You will come lots of times before we are finished with you, whether you like it or not. And you better please us, or I will have to punish you, is that understood?”

Again I just nodded. My mouth had dried too much to speak. He ran a finger across my clit, making me jolt.

“This could do with being bigger”

He grinned. He was handed a cylindrical device. I watched as he placed the open end over my clitoris. There was a pump on the other end, and he started squeezing it.

“Oh fuck”

I yelled out. The feeling was indescribable. He landed a slap on my thigh.

“Did I say you could talk?”

I was gasping, and feeling dizzy with arousal.

“Come and see how wet she is”

He motioned to one of the men standing over me. He knelt down next to the leader, and his head disappeared between my thighs. I felt his tongue lapping at my hole, as the leader continued pumping. I was moaning out loud now, I didn’t care if I was punished.

The leader pulled the pump part out of the cylinder. It stayed suctioned on my now large clit. It looked like a tiny penis. Gripping the cylinder, he started masturbating me, as I was tongue fucked by the other stranger. I came in moments, crying out.

When my mouth was wide open, a penis was suddenly shoved inside. I greedily sucked it in, relishing in the afterglow of a mind blowing orgasm. The other woman lay down next to me, and she too had a clit pump attached to her. She started sucking my nipples, and squeezing my breasts.

Pressure started building up inside me again, as the tongue in my pussy was replaced by fingers. I moaned around the thick cock, which was now pumping in and out of my throat. I gasped as come shot down my neck. I tried to swallow it all, but some dribbled down my chin.

The woman licked up the overspill, when the line reached my tit. The cock slipped from between my lips, and I was kissed on the mouth by the woman. We shared the come in my mouth, it was so hot.

I came again hard, grabbing hold of the woman, holding her close as I shook all over. I lay there breathless. When I felt the pump being touched, I looked down. The leader was removing the cylinder. My clit was triple the size it usually was, so swollen and engorged. He also removed the clamps.

The woman climbed between my legs, and I watched her remove her own pump. She too was now swollen, and so wet. Shuffling forward, she placed her clit onto mine. I sucked in a deep breath.

Bucking her hips forward, she rubbed our cunts together. I watched our juices mingle, and our lips stick together. I had never witnessed anything so sexy. She ground against me, as our orgasms approached.

Suddenly I had two mouths on my tits, sucking and biting. The leader knelt beside my open legs, holding up a huge vibrator for me to see. My whole bottom half was on fire, the friction from the woman’s pussy sending me soaring.

The woman leant forward, letting the leader reach under her. I felt the vibrator at my entrance.

“This is going to hurt so good”

He said, as he shoved it all the way in. I cried out. The sheer size of it was too much. I had never been stretched so wide before. I wanted to tell him to stop, but when he turned it on vibrate; it started feeling way too good.

The pussy rubbing against mine, the lips on my nipples and the gargantuan faux phallus inside me had me screaming out in utter ecstasy. I came, even harder than before. Each climax was better than the last. The woman jolted above me, as she also crossed the line. Her face contorted with pure desire.

Everybody moved away from me, and the vibrator was removed. I became aware of my legs being untied. I was flipped over, my body was too sated to even try and fight anymore. My top half was placed face down on the couch.

“Do not fucking move”

The leader whispered in my ear. He knelt beside me again.

“I told you not to make a fucking sound. All you have done is moan. I warned you I would punish you”

His hand landed hard on my ass. The sound reverberated around the room. I cried out again.

“Don’t you fucking listen?”

He yelled, pushing my face into the couch. He was being so rough with me, and I couldn’t get enough. He smacked me again, harder this time. I managed to hold my yells in.

“Good girl”

He said, rubbing his hands over my burning ass cheeks. He spanked me a few more times. Each time I held in my whimpers. I was literally lying flat against the couch now, so he gripped my hips and made me kneel again.

“Keep still”

He warned. I felt something cold dripping onto me puckered hole. Oh god I was so nervous. I had never had anal sex before. A finger rubbed the slippery liquid in. I felt pressure against my hole, and a finger was wiggled inside. I gasped.

After a few moments, another finger joined the first. It felt amazing. He made a scissor motion inside me, stretching my virgin walls. He was rubbing his hand against my back, keeping me calm, as he opened me up.

“I’m going to fuck you here in a minute”

He said, leaning over my back. I started shaking.

“You’ll enjoy it, just relax”

He whispered in a kind voice, obviously breaking character for a moment, just to ease my worries. I instantly felt my body, which was so tense, let go. Everything so far had been overwhelming. I trusted these people not to hurt me, just to give me pure gratification.

The man, who had been my fake patient, sat on the couch beside my head.

“Look whose back from the dead”

The leader laughed.


He ordered. My legs were so wobbly, but with a tug on my hair, I was forced to push myself up.

“Sit astride him”

The leader ordered. I knelt either side of his thighs. Reaching between my legs, my patient rubbed at my clit. It was still swollen, and so very sensitive. I didn’t moan though, I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation.

Hands gripped my hips, and moved my pussy over his hard cock. I hadn’t actually been fucked by a real cock yet, I was looking forward to this. When he entered me, in one long thrust, I couldn’t help moaning. A slap landed on my ass, but I didn’t give a fuck.

My patient started thrusting into me. I put my hands on his muscular shoulders, and rode him hard. A lever on the side of the couch was pulled, and the back of the seat fell flat. I and my patient went with it. More hands gripped my hips, holding me still.

A finger, once again, entered my ass hole. I was impaled on a huge cock, being fingered in my ass. I could hardly breathe. Every part of my body felt more alive than it ever had.

The fingers were removed, and I felt something significantly bigger press against me. I tensed up. My patient rubbed against my clit again. The cock pressed harder into my puckered hole, breaching my defences. He entered me slowly, as my patient withdrew.

He was all the way inside my tight orifice, and I was gasping.


He whispered in my ear, I just nodded. They both began to move inside me. As one pushed in, the other pulled out. They kept up the rhythm, as they sped up their thrusts. I was falling apart. I couldn’t even hold my hands up on my patient’s shoulders anymore.

It was like all my muscles had turned to mush. I let them take over total control of my limp form. They fucked me harder than I thought possible. When I came, I felt both men shoot their load inside me. I think I blacked out. Because the next thing I knew, I was lying on my bed.

Will, was lying next to me, running his hand up and down my body. I grinned at him.


He smiled.


I said back, my voice was all gruff. He handed me a glass of Champaign.

“Just sip it”

He told me. I took a few little sips, and handed it back.

“How are you feeling?”

My smile widened.


I replied.

“Well, I believe I made you a promise”

I frowned.

“I told you, you would squirt before the night was over. Lay on your back”

I realised he was the leader of the group, by what he had said. So I happily rolled over. I was still naked, but covered with a sheet. He yanked the sheet off me. I didn’t think it was possible to feel so turned on again. Well, I assumed I couldn’t, until he started touching my pussy.

I tried not to moan, but he looked up at me, and let out a chuckle.

“Treat this like any other sexual experience. We aren’t playing anymore Hannah”

When he gripped my, still swollen, clit, and started squeezing it, I moaned loudly.

“I love it when you moan baby”

I let out another one, just for him. He moved to sit between my thighs. I noticed a bottle of liquid in his hand. He rubbed the small bottle between his palms. When it was ready he poured the warm oil over my stomach.

“This will get warmer, the more I massage”

He grinned. He started rubbing my skin, massaging it into my stomach, and my thighs. The oil was really heating up, and it felt so good. He pushed my legs apart, and poured more oil into his palm. He flattened his hand against my sex, running his middle and index finger, either side of my clitoris.

The heat off the oil had my loins ablaze. When 2 skilful fingers entered me, I almost jumped clear off the bed. He touched something inside me, which had me coming instantly. He didn’t let up on the pressure, his fingertip manipulating the soft tissue.

My orgasm continued, just ever so slightly, in the background. He placed his hand onto my lower belly, applying his weight. The feeling inside me intensified.

“Let me know when your close baby”

He uttered. I was practically panting, by the time I felt ready to pop.

“Oh god, I’m so close”

I groaned. Suddenly, he was fucking me roughly with three fingers. It felt like my whole groin area was unexpectedly inflated. The first shudder lifted my ass off the bed. My entire body was trembling, from the tips of my toes, to the tips of my fingers.

“That’s it Hannah, look at you squirting all over me. You are a sexy fucking bitch”

I had to see, so I glanced down. Jet after jet of my love juice shot from my body. Will was soaked in it. It was the most erotic thing I had ever felt and seen. I lay my head back, and rode out the last waves of delight.

Will, lie next to me again.

“I told you I could make you squirt, that was so fucking hot”

I nodded, totally in concurrence with him. He pulled my body against his, and I fell asleep. When I woke, I was alone. I felt utter contentment. I had been given the best night of my life.

I showered, packed my stuff, and headed out to the reception. Will, was standing at the desk. He gave me a huge smile.

“Good morning Hannah, I hope you had a pleasurable stay with us”

“More that pleasurable”

I smiled.

“In fact I would like to book another appointment for next week. What nights are you working?”

I grinned, giving him a wink.


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