Day's Fun

Day's Fun

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



A day of housework, or a day of fun??



A day of housework, or a day of fun??

Chapter1 (v.1) - Day's Fun

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A day of housework, or a day of fun??

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 15, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 15, 2015



It’s a lazy kind of weekend morning. The day is overcast, with a light rain steadily falling. I got up a little earlier than usual, put on the coffee, took a quick shower, made your favorite breakfast, and served it to you in bed.


After eating, we snuggled up and talked for a while. I always feel so peaceful and content, when my head is lying on your warm chest, your hand lightly caressing up and down my arm.


I experience such a sweet, simple pleasure in the feel of your chest hair lightly tickling my nose, and the sound of your voice rumbling under my ear as you speak. These tranquil conversations do so much to restore a sense of harmony and balance in my heart and soul.


All too soon, it seems, you decide you really need to get up and have a shower, and then take care of some minor repairs you planned to do around the house. As you shower, I recline on the bed and my thoughts take a decidedly sensual turn.


I envision the water running in soapy rivers down your magnificent body, and how tantalizing it is when your hands slide between your legs to wash your most intimate parts.


I become so aroused, that I cannot resist the urge to throw back the covers and strip off my long t-shirt and panties. My hands go to my breasts and start to roll and play with my nipples, until they are hard peaks.


I wet a finger and run it over the stiff, sensitive nubs, imagining that it is your tongue licking and flicking at me. With each pinch and caress of my nipples, I feel an almost electric jolt of pleasure pulse in my most intimate of places.


As I use one hand to continue playing with my breasts, I slide the other hand between my legs. I am wet and throbbing, and my fingers feel so good, as they find my clit and begin to massage it in slow circles.


As the tension and anticipation builds, I insert two fingers into my tight sheath. As I move my fingers in and out of me, I pump my hips to counter their rhythm. Softly, I start to moan from the pleasure I am giving myself.


I open my eyes and see you standing at the foot of the bed, gloriously naked, watching me—your eyes lit with a hungry fire. Your body is damp and glistening and your erect cock draws my attention with a hypnotic effect.


I sit up and slide to the end of the bed, positioning myself so that you are standing between my thighs. I grip your buttocks and pull your hips forward, as my hot, wet mouth slides slowly down your shaft.


Putting your hands on the back of my head, you leisurely thrust in and out of my mouth, groaning from the pleasure of this unexpected, oral fuck. My mouth is a gentle, but firm, vacuum sucking on your cock.


Reaching between us, I fondle your balls, loving the heavy feel of their smooth, warm texture in my palm. Your thighs and buttocks tense, and I know that your moment of climax is near.


My mouth keeps a slow, steady rhythm, as I feel your cock expand between my lips. Arching your back, you throw back your head and give a loud, deep groan, as rivers of hot cum spurt down my throat. Your climax seems to go on forever as you shudder and continue thrusting yourself into my mouth.


Once spent, you drop to your knees and drape my legs over your shoulders. Pulling open my lower lips, you lean forward and begin to lick and suck my clit. As your wet tongue strokes up and down my slit, I start to play with my breasts and nipples again.


Glancing down, I see you looking back at me from between my legs, as you pleasure me. Sitting up slightly, I raise a breast to my mouth. With a wicked gleam sparkling in my eyes, I latch onto a nipple, licking and sucking on myself, while you watch me.


Knowing how much this excites you, I make sure to take my time, flicking my tongue back and forth over each nipple in an alternating fast, slow rhythm. As I roll and pinch and lightly nip at the hard nubs, you thrust two fingers into me, tickling and stroking my clit from the inside, while your tongue teases me on the outside.


You are so skillful with your fingers and tongue, it is not long before I am moaning and bucking my hips in orgasm. You greedily lap up my hot juices, as wave after wave of intense, sweet pleasure wash over me.

Once my climax has peaked and ebbed, I lay there panting, exquisitely drained and fulfilled. My sheath continues to pulse around your fingers, as I experience small aftershocks of electric sensation.


When you stand, it is evident that giving me such pleasure has caused you to again become hard and aroused. In invitation, I give you a seductive smile and pat the empty space on the bed beside me.


Climbing onto the bed, you crawl towards me on all fours, reminding me of a ravenous jungle beast...a magnificent lion stalking its prey. Your eyes glitter with a savage, naked, feral hunger.


Covering my body with the heat and strength of yours, you take my face between your hands and kiss me with a deep, intense passion. As our tongue slide together in a hot, sweet dance of ecstasy, I feel the hard length of your cock pulse and twitch on my stomach between us.


Once again, my pussy becomes wet and starts to throb with a delicious ache. As we continue to kiss, I put my hands on your chest and push you onto your back. Breaking our kiss, I adjust myself to straddle your hips.


Leaning forward, I brush the tips of my breasts up and down your chest, as I slide my wet slit back and forth over your cock. Sitting up, I arch my back and massage my breasts, as I continue to rock my slick heat over the outside length of your pulsing shaft.


Locking my eyes with yours, I bring a breast to my mouth and close my lips over the nipple. Not breaking our eye contact, I use my teeth and tongue to nip and lick my nipple, until it is rigid and throbbing.


Bending over your chest, I offer my breasts to you. As your tongue laves over a nipple, mine joins in tandem. The tips of my breasts are caught in a licking, teasing dance of tongues on nipples and tongues thrusting against tongues. The twin orbs throb from the dual attention of our wet fire.


Frantic with need and desire, I move to straddle your face and lower myself to your questing tongue. Unable to wait any longer, I lean forward and slide my mouth down your hard, wonderfully thick cock.


You taste delicious, and the smell of your male arousal excites me even further. As your tongue toys with my clit and probes deep into my wet pussy, I relish the pleasure of sucking you and use my hand to help stroke you in a firm, steady rhythm.


As I get closer to orgasm, I grind myself on your mouth in a frenzy. You can feel my moans vibrate through your cock and into your balls, as I suck you faster and harder.


In a monumental burst of ecstasy, we both explode and spill our juices at the same time. The sweet, honeyed nectar of my cum flows into your mouth, as the dam breaks and cum erupts from your cock like hot, molten lava from a volcano.


Cum pours down my throat as your powerful explosions shoot into my mouth, over and over and over again. Our shared orgasms are so amazingly strong, they rock us to the core of our being and leave us limp, breathless, and totally satisfied. I crawl into the haven of your arms, and tenderly we kiss. Smiling and exhausted, we drift off to sleep...the day’s chores happily forgotten.

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