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Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


he was her boss, he was famous, could the magic of christmas bring them together?


he was her boss, he was famous, could the magic of christmas bring them together?

Chapter1 (v.1) - Cooper

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he was her boss, he was famous, could the magic of christmas bring them together?

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: September 13, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: September 13, 2015



Callum Cooper, or Cooper, as I called him, was a mega star. He was in all the latest blockbuster films, and had started his own line of underwear recently. He was also a lovely man. I had been his P.A. for a few months now, just while he was on a promotions tour, for the latest film.

It was almost Christmas, and I was actually going home. All the cast and crew were taking a few weeks off. I had missed these last few years, due to one reason or another. Mostly it was a money issue. The ticket back to England was just too much for me to pay out. This year, however, I had saved up.

I was due to fly out in the morning. So tonight was party time. The whole crew of people, who followed Cooper, everywhere, were throwing a farewell doo, in the hotel ball room. I was just getting ready, when Cooper came to my room.

“Hay, can you help me with this tie?”

He smiled. He was utterly useless with ties. I had to say, I enjoyed helping him like this. It was a reason to get quite close. He always smelt divine. Tonight, he looked divine, not only smelt it. His suit was black, and so was his shirt. Obviously it was designer, and you could tell.

“I hope you have nowhere to go for 2 weeks, I won’t be here to do this for you”

I laughed.

“I’m locking myself away honey; Christmas is just another day to me”

“You are kidding”

I gasped.

“Christmas is a magical time”

He laughed at me.

“Maybe in Melanie world”

“You just have to let it in”

He grabbed my wrists, stopping me from doing up his tie.

“I swear if you burst into song, I will not be responsible for my actions”

I tugged my hands away, laughing.

“You have made me mess up your tie now”

I slapped his arm.


He yelled. This made me slap him harder.

“If you make those guys hold me hostage again, I swear…”

The knock came, interrupting my threat. Cooper smiled at me. I raised my eyebrows in warning.

“Its ok guys, false alarm”

He shouted.

“You are so lucky”

I giggled, while starting to do his tie again. He gripped my sides, tickling me.

“What would you have done Melanie huh, come on tell me”

I smacked his hands away.

“Will you behave, or we will never get to the party”

“We could always just not go”

I finished his tie finally.

“And miss all those fluttering eye lashes, when you walk in the room, looking super-hot”

I smiled, as I flattened down his suit jacket, getting a sly feel of his muscular chest.

“All eyes will be on you honey, you look wonderful”

He grabbed my hand, and twirled me on the spot. I curtsied.

“I do try sir. Come on you, before they think their guest of honour isn’t showing up”

“Oh god, I hate this shit”

“Stop complaining, get a few drinks down your gob, and you’ll be fine”

“Have I ever told you that you talk funny?”

“I talk the Queen’s English, I will have you know”

I said, as posh as I could.

“Nope, didn’t catch a word of that”

I shoved him out the door.

“Stop trying to start a row with me, I know you are just stalling”

I literally had to drag him the whole way down to the ball room. He really was socially awkward, especially for somebody in the public eye. He made me promise I wouldn’t leave his side. Unfortunately, the girls from the make-up department dragged him away, as soon as we arrived.

He glanced back at me, with a pleading look in his eye. I just laughed, and headed for the bar. As I downed my third drink, he appeared at my side. His face was covered in lipstick marks.

“Well thank you very much, I was literally molested”

“You know you loved it”

I smiled.

“Can we get out of here now?”

“Just have a drink and shut up”

I passed him a beer.

“You are a cruel cruel woman Melanie Price”

We ended up having a few more drinks, even though he complained the whole time. Eventually I relented.

“Fine, we can go back to the room, but you are buying a bottle of Champaign as compensation”


He grinned. We grabbed the bottle and two flutes, and headed back to his room. He must have kissed about 30 women, before we could even leave. His face was now basically covered in lipstick. He huffed as we got on the lift.

“Your free now, calm down”

I sighed.

“I have one more kiss to collect”

He held up a sprig of mistletoe. I smiled at him.

“There is no more room left for me to kiss”

“Right here baby, I saved these for you”

He puckered his mouth. I laughed, and planted a quick kiss on his luscious lips. Not what I needed. My whole body reacted. He just stood there unaffected, it wasn't fair.

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