Bret's Surprise

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Bret had it all planned, but it wasn't what she wanted at all, or was it?

I left the cafe with Bret, he had been quiet all afternoon, and I wondered what was wrong. As we walked toward my car, I asked him what his problem was. He gripped my elbow suddenly, and started leading me toward his van. I struggled.

“Get off of me Bret”

I screamed.

“We’re supposed to be taking my car. Bret, you’re hurting me”

His face was stoic, no emotion at all, even when I started hitting at him. He opened the back door of his van, and threw me inside. The door slammed shut. It was so dark in there, I wasn’t sure if he’d gotten in with me, or just put me in. My breathing was heavy, and I was in a bit of a panic. As the van started up, I realised I was alone.

I felt around till my hand landed on the door handle. I tugged at it, but it was locked.

“You might want to sit down”

Bret yelled from the front of the van.

“Fuck you, let me out of here Bret, this isn’t funny”

I screamed.

“Suit yourself sweetheart”

He laughed. As the van pulled away, I fell heavily onto my ass. I cried out and I heard Bret laughing.

“Bret, let me out right now, I swear I’ll fucking kill you”

“Settle down sweetheart; make yourself comfortable, we don’t want you busted up do we”

We, who is we. Ok I had to think here, I needed to escape, I was scared now, even if I did think I knew Bret, and I thought I could trust him. I definitely didn’t trust him now, what was he doing? I felt around with my hands, hoping to find anything I could use as a weapon, there was nothing.

Right, so I had to run. He hadn’t tied me up or anything, which you usually do if you are actually kidnapping someone, so was this actually a kidnap? I was starting to question what exactly was going on here. If I ran, at least I wouldn’t hurt anybody, just in case this was some sort of sick joke.

The van drove for at least another 10 minutes, before it stopped and the engine died. I listened carefully, and I could just hear voices outside.

“Help, please somebody help me, I’m being held against my will”

I was screaming over and over as I banged on the inside of the van. There was no way they couldn’t hear me, so when nobody came I really started to question what was happening. There was no reason anybody would kidnap me. I or my family weren’t well off or anything.

I heard noises just outside the van door, and readied myself. The second the door was cracked open even a little, I shoved against it with all my might, and jumped down. I started to run, it took me a second to realise I wasn’t going anywhere, my feet moving in a running motion, without actually being on the ground.

“Well Bret, you’ve brought us a feisty one here”

I heard somebody behind me say. I realised it was the man who was holding me around my waist. I glanced around, and fear struck me as I realised I was literally in the middle of nowhere, with just 1 building for miles around. Bret stood at the side of the van, and I could see another 3 men watching from behind him.

“Let me go”

I screamed, struggling in his grasp. He placed me on my feet, but kept me close to him with a grip on my arm. I looked over at Bret and he smiled at me.

“Bret, what is this, why are we here, please take me back to my car”

I could feel tears welling in my eyes. Bret walked over to me.

“It’s ok Ash, I’ll drop you back at your car in a bit, and there is no need to panic”

“Why are we here?”

He touched my arm, which was still being held by this monster of a man beside me.

“It’s ok Rick, she’s fine”

I was confused. Rick slowly let me go, and I didn’t know whether to run or stay, I was just so confused.

“Come inside, have a drink, meet the guys”

“But, why did you just do that, why am I here? You scared me”

“I’m sorry; I never meant to frighten you”

“Why was he holding me?”

I had so many questions.

“We are in the desert sweetheart; we wouldn’t want you getting hurt. Come on”

He held his hand out to me, and I’m not whole heartedly sure why, but I took it, and followed him inside the lone building. Was it just a party, had he thought that was funny, I’d be sure to tell him it really wasn’t, as soon as I felt totally safe, which wasn’t just yet.

We walked in the door; rick and the other 3 men were inside when we entered the room. It was just one large room inside; there were a few chairs and tables dotted around, and a makeshift bar, so maybe a party after all. The 3 men I had seen outside were stood together with another 4 men, and Rick was sat at a table with 3 other men, no women. I felt super awkward under all their gazes.

“Guy’s this is Ashley, and she’s our guest for the night”

I was handed a drink. My eyes suddenly fell on something in the centre of the room, set away from the bar area, a huge bed with just a sheet and no pillows, not even a headboard, held my attention. Was this somebody’s home? Rick stood up suddenly, and motioned to the rest of the group. They all stood and started moving the chairs and tables aside.

I watched them and then suddenly heard a loud metallic bang behind me. I spun around and saw another man securing a chain around the door lock; he padlocked it and stuck the key in his pocket. That was the only entrance and exit, panic once again rose. I turned to look at Bret, and he smiled at me again.

“Time to get comfortable sweetheart”

He took my drink off me, placing it on the bar. He slid my jacket off my shoulders, and I just let him, I was in a sort of daze, still totally unaware what was actually happening. He stood in front of me.

“I really like you”

He said. My attention was still on the door and the bed, so I wasn’t even looking at him.


I turned my eyes to him.

“I said I really like you”

“Oh, ok”

Was all I could reply.

“Ok, that’s all I get after setting all this up for you, do you like me?”

“Yeah, I do”

“You have to say it”

“I really like you Bret”

I said sort of in a daze, because I was trying to figure out what he had set up.

“What have you set up?”

I finally asked.

“This, it’s your fantasy about to come true”

He indicated to the group, who were now all stood over by the bed, some already removing their clothes. Right then it hit me, oh god. I’d dated Bret for a few weeks and he’d once asked what my sexual fantasy was. I’d told him, why wouldn’t I, he was my boyfriend. I’d never for one second thought he’d set it up.

Sexual fantasies are just that, fantasies. The majority of them are just things that turn you on, role play between couples maybe, did he honestly think I actually wanted this? As I looked at the men around the bed, half of them now fully naked and touching themselves intimately, my pussy pulsed. Damn my body.

I shook my head.

“No Bret, you’ve got this all wrong, I watch videos of this, I read stories of this, it does turn me on, but, actually having it happen is something totally different”

I stammered out quickly. He gave me a wink, and suddenly grabbed my hand, pulling me toward the bed. I fought with all my might, screaming loudly.

“Bret stop, please don’t do this, I don’t want this”

He flung me on the bed, and 12 naked bodies surrounded me, with Bret, who was still dressed, stood at the foot of the bed looking down at me with a smile. He genuinely thought this was my fantasy, and I had no idea how to stop it.

Oh god I’d even given him the password we had set up, but we hadn’t been serious, it was after sex talk that’s all. I really like you, I mean, that was a dumb password anyway, what had I gotten into. This was actually about to happen and there was nothing I could do about it.


Bret said. My eyes were fixed on his, trying to block out the heavy breathing and swift movement coming from all around the bed.

“Bret please…”

“I said strip or I’ll fucking strip you”

Maybe if I played the story differently to how I laid it out to him, he would realise something was off. In the fantasy I would struggle and he would strip me, so instead I began to strip. As I removed my dress he smiled, so that was a nonstarter, he must think I’m just into it.

So many times, when I was getting myself off, I had watched porn videos of women being gangbanged, quite roughly, like taken against their will, they were obviously just badly acted porn, I wasn’t a sadist. And my iPad was full of books I’d downloaded about women being roughly taken, it was a kink I had.

I let my eyes wander, and realised I was literally in a VR version of those videos, only I was the supposed victim. I was about to be fucked by all these men, who were all now rock hard and just waiting their turn. Who would be first, I couldn’t help wondering. Just as I was considering that, Bret slid onto the end of the bed.

“I told you to fucking strip”

He yelled, as he tore at my bra and knickers. I tried to fight him off, but I was grabbed by hands from behind me. I was helpless, and completely naked. A hand grabbed my breast, and I turned away as much as I could, but my nipple pebbled from the touch.

Bret stood up and quickly undressed, he too was already hard and raring to go. This also answered the questions about who would go first, as he climbed back on the bed, and cupped his hand under my mound.

“Oh you’re so damn wet, look at this boy’s”

He held his hand up and it glistened in the dim light. I felt shame and revulsion, but simmering in the background, was a burning desire to just be fucked to within an inch of my life.

“You’re going to come, so we know you’re ready for us all”

“No Bret, please, I don’t want this, I know you think it’s what I want…”

I was cut off when he shoved a scarf in my mouth, and it was tied behind my head. I could no longer protest. So when he shoved his hand back between my legs, and ploughed 3 fingers deep inside me, all I could do was cry out. His fingers tortured me, fingering roughly, just scraping at my g spot, as hands grabbed at and twisted my boobs.

I was in heaven and hell, I had slept with Bret a few times, but he had only been my second sexual partner, I was a novice really. More hands joined in the caress, my hips my ass my stomach, all being rubbed as they were massaging my flesh.

I was on my knees, being held up by strong hands under my arms, but as Bret sped up his assault on my cunt, I was obviously becoming too heavy to keep upright as my muscles melted. A strap was placed around my wrists, I realised it was attached to the ceiling, just before it was yanked higher by Rick tugging a chain. His muscular hulking body rippled with the force as the chain took my weight.

I literally hung on the bed, kneeling. More hands were touching me now, and I was stupidly still trying to pull away. I knew there was no point, but this hadn’t gone too far yet, only Bret had really touched me intimately, I’d been groped by many men before.

Just as I was thinking this, I felt a tongue swipe across my nipple.

“She tastes like apples boys”

He laughed, and then tongue after tongue had a taste of my now erect bud. Some licked, some sucked, and some nibbled, one even bit down. Is it wrong to admit I liked that one the best. Bret’s thumb brushed against my clit, and that was all it took, I was coming, I couldn’t hold it back anymore.

“Here we go lad’s get ready”

Somebody suddenly grabbed my feet, Bret let his fingers slip out of me, and my legs were slipped into more straps hanging from the ceiling. The bed was pushed aside and I was suspended waist high to all the men, in what I realised was a sex swing.

It was comfier than when my arms were just strapped, but this was where the real torment began. Men who I did not know, 13 of them, were about to fuck me. Panic, shock, fear and delight shot through me all at once, and I had an orgasm after shock.

“Check out her pussy, she’s twitching already”

I looked at them all scrambling to get a glimpse and it made the twitch last a little longer. I’d always been a bit of an extrovert, not to this extreme, but I could feel myself dripping between my ass cheeks, I knew it was clearly visible to them all.

Bret stepped forward, and indicated to two of his friends.

“Take a nipple each”

He called over Rick.

“Go under”

Rick gave me a sexy smile before he fell to his knees out of my eye line. Bret pulled my legs apart, and clipped something around each knee, so I was kept spread wide open. He too dropped to his knees, but I could see the top of his head between my open thighs.

He licked my pussy from my hole to my clit, torturously slow, over and over again. I began to moan around the scarf, just as two mouths sucked on my tits. Then I became aware of a second tongue rimming my arsehole, I guessed it was Rick. Fuck, he knew what he was doing.

His huge hands wrapped around each ass cheek, squeezing and moulding my flesh, as his tongue explored me virgin hole. Bret and Rick got into a rhythm, both licking, and probing around driving me insane, along with the expert tongues lapping my nipples.

Suddenly my head was tipped backward, hanging down. The scarf was removed from my mouth; quickly it was replaced by a cock. The position I was in meant I couldn’t move my head left or right, I was getting my throat fucked, and I just had to take it all. I was gagging on this thick sausage as it slid in and out of my throat.

I considered biting down, but these guys had no idea I wasn’t involved in this decision, they honestly thought this was something I wanted and was enjoying. I mean, I couldn’t really deny the pleasure I was receiving, and they hadn’t even fucked me yet.

I may not have totally agreed to this. And it was obviously a serious misunderstanding, but I was starting to honestly enjoy myself, especially as the tandem tongues in my body drew out another mind shattering climax.

As I was jolting, I felt the cock in my mouth swell and shoot its hot seed down my throat. I swallowed, and was sat back up as Bret stood, pulling my legs toward him. He speared me on his huge rod, and his fingers dug deep into the flesh of my hips as he began to fuck me hard and fast.

As he ploughed me, I felt pressure on my anus. I realised Rick had not stood back up. I felt something cold being rubbed on my puckered hole, and then something smooth and hard pressed against me. He shoved harder on the foreign object, and I felt like a popping sensation as my asshole closed around whatever it was.

I felt so stuffed, Bret’s cock now feeling even snugger inside me.

“You like that, you like the plug up your ass”

He asked me, and I realised I could actually answer him, I was no longer gagged. Did I tell him to stop again, or tell the truth? He was screwing me so damn hard, it was almost painful and I was fucking loving it, especially all the eyes on me. All these men waiting to be inside me, and I couldn’t wait.

“Oh god yes”

I moaned out, as he drew me once again into paradise. Rick yanked out the plug as I screamed out in the throes of my orgasm, my whole body jolted, throwing Bret out from inside me. He quickly moved up by my head and again tipped my neck backward, stuffing his cock, covered in my juices, into my mouth.

I sucked, wanting him to come inside my mouth, I was here, stuck, why not just go with it. As I came to that conclusion, I felt fingers probing my cunt. I sucked harder as a cock was rubbed over my folds, I wanted to see who was about to fuck me.

Bret let out a guttural moan, and shot wave after wave of come down my neck. I gladly swallowed ever drop. He slid out of me, and let me sit up just in time to watch Rick’s impressively long and thick cock be swallowed up by my more than willing pussy.

“Oh fuck”

I cried out, he was stretching me to capacity. He unstrapped my knees, and lifts my legs high up, attaching more straps keeping them up and in place. He pounded into me, his groin slapping hard against my ass.

“Spin her”

He said suddenly, pulling out of me. I instantly missed him being inside my cunt. Many hands grabbed around my waist, each moving a strap, till I was face down, with my ass stuck high in the air. My head was hung down at groin height. Rick pushed back inside me from behind. He poked at my womb entrance at this angle.

I was crying out in utter ecstasy, and another cock was stuffed into my mouth. Rick fucked me hard, all the while running his thumb over my asshole. As I began to spasm again, he slipped his thumb inside, and spun it around, my body convulsed, and I felt him shake and empty himself inside me.

Without even a second to ready myself, another cock was shoved in my hole. Hands were grabbing my hanging tits, and I was still sucking on a dick in my mouth. This man was quicker than Bret and Rick had been, a few pumps and a squirt, but that was followed by another huge rod.

Meanwhile I had swopped the cock in my mouth, after swallowing yet another shot of thick come. I just couldn’t get enough; I would happily swallow and swallow till I couldn’t physically take anymore. The cock fucking me was rougher than before, his member short but very fat, he slammed into me so hard, I would lunge forward taking the cock I was sucking on deep into my tight throat entrance.

I was gagging, but it was the most erotic thing I’d ever done, or had done to me. As his hand landed on my backside, leaving a stinging sensation, I was once again soaring to oblivion. He slapped me a few more times, before he filled me up. As he pulled out, I felt his sperm dripping out from inside me.

I kind of wished I could touch myself to feel it all there.

“Let me down”

I said. Bret appeared next to me.

“I want to be on the bed, I want my hands free”

I could barely keep my body still, I was so turned on. They gently unhooked me, and pulled the bed back over, getting rid of the swing. As soon as I was placed down, my hands slid between my legs. I pushed two fingers inside my come soaked entrance, and scooped out a clump of sticky sex juice. I heard sighs and groans as I licked it from my fingers.

“Come on boys, whose next, please fuck me”

I lay down, fingering my pussy, just waiting for one of them to get to it. Suddenly a young guy jumped onto the bed, and pins me down, shoving his cock inside me, quickly fucking and holding me tight like he was scared I’d push him away. I’d given over to this now, I didn’t want anybody rushing.


I whispered in his ear, he slowed his pumps and looked down at me.

“It’s ok, you can let me go, I want this, slow down, enjoy it”

He loosened up his hold on me, and I was able to move under him, meeting him thrust for thrust. He was moaning, his face screwed up like he was in pain. I held his face in my hands, and squeezed my pussy muscles around his cock, starting off his orgasm.

“Oh fuck, oh god”

He was crying out. He filled me up, and rolled off gasping for breath. Again I fingered myself, wanting more and more.

“The term gangbang means a gang who bang, what else are you all here for, fuck me”

I yelled out. Suddenly they all surged forward. The young lad was moved off the bed, as somebody climbed between my legs and entered me roughly. I reached between us, rubbing at my clit as he fucked me.

“Fuck, you’re a dirty bitch, I love it”

Both my arms were pulled away, and cocks placed in them, fingers replaced mine on my clit. Bret appeared knelt up by my head, his prick once again hard in his hand.

“Come on my tits”

I begged, as the guy screwing me tugged at my nipples, hurting me so good. Bret wanked above me, as I tongued at his balls, licking and sucking them into my mouth. I had a cock in each hand, fingers and a cock in my cunt and Bret’s balls in my mouth. The only thing missing was something in my ass, I wanted it all.

“Fuck my ass”

I pleaded to anybody who would listen. The young enthusiastic man from earlier reappeared.

“Fuck, let me, please, I’ve never fucked anybody’s ass before”

He was literally begging. I was moved as he slid under me, the cock in my cunt was pulled out, so I could get into position. I felt him guide himself to my tight hole, and I braced myself as he pushed forward. Without time to adjust, the cock was shoved back into my cunt.

They took turns thrusting in and withdrawing in rhythm, my eyes were watering, and I began to lick Bret’s sack again, my hands rubbing at the hard dicks, the fingers flicked at my clit, my nipples pinched and twisted, oh my god I was in erotic heaven.

I screamed out as I came, my body unable to take anymore, but they didn’t stop. They continued to fuck me through 3 more orgasms before they filled up both my holes. As they moved away, I collapsed onto the bed. I didn’t have time to rest, this double teaming me, seemed to now be a thing they all wanted to try.

I was lift up, and flipped over, lowered onto a waiting cock. As he held me close to him, I felt pressure once again against my ass, as a second cock was pushed inside my now slack hole. I must have adjusted to the invasion, because it was definitely starting to feel so damn good.

They were both huge, and clearly wide as I was stretched almost painfully in both entrances. The room was warm and the air itself felt muggy, as I felt gulps of sticky come rain down over my back from those standing just watching me being used like a human sex doll. I wished I could be one of them, just for a moment, to see just how hot this looked from the outside.

Just as I considered that, I was swapped over once again, having been filled in both my now raw dripping wet openings. Only this time I was laid down on the edge of the bed, with my legs held high by 2 men kneeling behind me. Bret and Rick appeared, and they both knelt down at the foot of the bed.

As they tried to position themselves, I realised what they were attempting, and I almost came instantly. As two of the biggest cocks pushed at my cunt, fighting to gain their way inside, I pushed up to meet them, trying to open up as much as I could, desperate to be speared onto both their rods.

My eyes met Ricks, as they breeched the barrier, and filled me up. Both their meaty sticks fucked me to absolute sexual ecstasy. I couldn’t look away. He looked so fucking sexy as he lost control sharing my cunt channel with his friend. I lost total control myself, having never felt as fulfilled and horny and wanted in my life.

This whole experience had been like a horrific nightmare to begin with, and ended up being the best night of my life. I would have to be sure to thank Bret when he dropped me back at my car. Maybe even arrange another visit with the boys.

Who knows, they may have some friends who would like to join in, I could try and set some records, try some toy suggestions, I was honestly up for anything. I knew one thing I would bring next time for sure, a camera, I had to see myself like that, and as Bret and Rick both shot their hot frothy creams inside me at the same time, I screamed out an orgasm, and prayed my next visit would be very soon.

Submitted: May 16, 2020

© Copyright 2021 K L Sherrington. All rights reserved.

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Amy F. Turner

Well, at first, this was very scary. However, it seems that her guy was merely fulfilling a fantasy. Had he targeted her specifically? It sounds like they were game and had done this before. But how often? Who knows but by the sounds she wants to do it again! Wow! Hot and dirty telling of a gangbang for the ages. Well written, KLS.

Sun, May 17th, 2020 3:58pm


Thanks love, appreciate comment and glad you enjoyed it. It was a fantasy she knew she had, she hadn’t realised it was one she’d enjoy, now she knows, I’m sure they can have many more nights with the boys xx

Sun, May 17th, 2020 9:01am

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