Birthday Wishes

Birthday Wishes

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


He might have been her mothers boyfriend, but Jess wanted him, but she wanted to share him with Freya, would Jackson agree?


He might have been her mothers boyfriend, but Jess wanted him, but she wanted to share him with Freya, would Jackson agree?


Submitted: October 13, 2015

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Submitted: October 13, 2015



I loved this place. My friend, Freya, and I were lounged down by the lake. The sun was beaming down, warming our practically naked bodies. With nobody around, we could sunbathe topless. I felt a slight chill, as a shadow blocked my sun.

I opened my eyes, and Jackson stood over me. I sat up, covering my exposed chest.

“Sorry honey”

He said, looking away. I pulled my bikini bra back on, and stood up.

“Your mum is on the phone”

He muttered. I rushed to the house, feeling utter shame. I can’t believe my mum’s boyfriend, had just seen me topless. Freya had been lying face down, lucky her. Not that she would have minded anyway. She thought Jackson was hot.

Ok, I did have to admit, he was a dish. When mum introduced us, he had my pussy dripping, with just a smile. They had been dating for a couple of months, and they were already discussing marriage. My mum, the impulsive person she was, always rushed things.

It was the reason I had be raised by my Nan. She had rushed into a relationship, with a married man. They had run away together. A kid would have cramped her style. It wasn’t the only time she had chosen a man over me. It seemed to be a regular occurrence.

If I am being honest, mum wasn’t someone I knew all that well. She wasn’t in my life much, when I was growing up. It was only recently that we had started getting to know one another. She was far from being my favourite person. She was stubborn, snooty and selfish. I didn’t care for her at all.

I picked up the phone.


“Hi, Jess. Sorry I’m not going to make it up to the cabin tonight. I will try and come tomorrow, if I can get away”

We had come here to celebrate my 18th birthday, which was tomorrow. And she was saying she would try and make it. What a bitch.

“Whatever Cindy, don’t worry about it”

“Aw don’t be like that baby, I have a date”

“A date, what about Jackson?”

“Oh we aren’t exclusive, I have needs, and what he doesn’t know, won’t hurt him”

“Fine, not a problem, you don’t have to come, go and enjoy yourself”

I was being sarcastic. Anybody else would have picked up on that, but not my mother.

“Thank you Jess, I will see you when you get back”

She hung up, without even a goodbye. Why did I even bother with that woman? It didn’t hurt when she let me down, I was so used to it, I expected it. I walked back down to the lake, and Jackson was lying down on my towel, topless.

How could my mother cheat on him? He was spectacular. His body was just perfect, not too muscular, just firm and formed. Every muscle in the right place, and they rippled even when he just breathed. He must have sensed my gaze.

He looked up at me, and smiled sadly.

“I’m guessing from your face, she told you she couldn’t make it?”

“Yep. I’m not surprised. It’s the norm where she is concerned”

“She can’t help it if she has to work”

“Seriously, you are swallowing that bullshit. I guess you are as thick as you look”

He stood up, and Freya sat up, both of them surprised at me snapping.

“What is that supposed to mean?”

He asked.

“She’s fucking someone else Jackson, just assume she is always fucking someone else”

I yelled at him. He clenched his jaw; the muscles in his cheeks were jolting. Fuck, he looked too hot when he was mad. He stormed past me, toward the house. I felt instantly bad.

“That was uncalled for Jess”

Freya said to me.

“I know”

I sighed.

“I honestly thought I didn’t care. I don’t know why I do. She has always chose men over me”

“That’s not Jackson’s fault. He is just a victim of your mother’s slutty ways, just like you”

“I’ll go and talk to him”

I said, heading back to the house. He wasn’t downstairs, so I ran up to his room. I didn’t knock, stupidly. He turned as I walked in, and he was completely stark naked.


He yelled, trying to cover his private parts. I should have looked away. He was struggling to cover his huge genitals, with his large hands. I couldn’t tear my gaze off him, my whole body trembled. He reached for a towel, and wrapped it around his waist. Not before I noticed, he was now hard.

Once he was covered, the spell was broken. I quickly turned my back.

“I’m so sorry Jackson. I should have knocked”

I muttered.

“What do you want Jess?”

“I wanted to say I’m sorry. I had no right to take, all my shit with my mother, out on you”

“It’s ok”

“No it’s not. I’m sorry. And she probably is just working”

I lied. He let out a sigh, and I glanced over my shoulder. He was sitting on the bed, so I turned fully to face him.

“I know she isn’t working. She’s already cheated on me 3 times. But this is too much. She should be here, with you, to celebrate. Not getting fucked by some random stranger”

He held his hand out to me, and I took it.

“We will still have a great time honey. I will make this birthday special for you, I promise”

I leaned in and kissed his cheek.

“Thank you Jackson”

“No need for thanks. Now get out of my room, I need to take a shower”

I hesitated. I didn’t want to go anywhere. The image of his naked body was burned into my brain, and I wanted to study it, touch it, lick it, kiss it and bite it. He made me feel like a wild animal, I could just gobble him all up.

I realised I had stood there for too long. He was starting to frown. I made a swift exit, and I was about to walk back down to the lake, when I realised something. He was getting in the shower, the same shower, which was in the only bathroom in the cabin. The same bathroom, which had a broken lock.

I spun on the step, and snuck back upstairs. I could hear the water running, and Jackson was whistling a tune. I glanced through the gap in the door, and just caught his naked behind, as he climbed into the bath. Jesus, he was just, wow. My mouth watered, as did my cunt.

The shower door was frosted, but I could just make out his body, as he soaped himself up. I pinched at my stiff nipple, imagining his hands touching me. I closed my eyes, as I thrust a hand in my bikini bottoms. I was so wet; it felt like I had wet my knickers.

When I heard him groan, I looked back at his silhouette. I could make out his hand moving between his thighs. He was wanking. Shit, that was fucking horny. I flicked at my clit, and listened to his low moans, as his hand moved faster. I wanted to come at the same time as he did, so I frigged myself quicker.

“Oh god Jess”

He sighed, as he grunted through his orgasm. I came instantly. My entire body jolted, and my knees almost gave in. He had said my name. He had masturbated, and said my name, as he shot his load. Did he always think of me when he touched himself?

I realised he was stepping out of the bath, so I rushed back downstairs. I sat at the kitchen table, in a complete daze. Not once had he made me feel like he noticed me, never mind that I might actually turn him on. God I wanted him, like never before.

Freya came in the house.

“What the hell Jess, you could have told me you weren’t coming back”

“Shit, sorry”

I smiled. I had honestly forgotten about her.

“Is Jackson ok?”

“He’s fine, the bitch has cheated before”

“Is she mad, he’s gorgeous?”

“Tell me about it”

I sighed.

“Oh my god, you really like him don’t you?”

She gasped, taking a seat, waiting for all the gossip.

“Don’t be soft; he’s my mum’s boyfriend”

“Not anymore he’s not”

She grinned.

“Jess, go for it, I would”

“I don’t know. He might not want me like that”

I knew I was taking nonsense. You didn’t think about somebody you didn’t want, as you masturbated.

“I have an idea. Why don’t we get dressed up, and have a few drinks. We could play truth or dare. I’ll find out if he likes you like that. If he does, I think you should take advantage of it. What a birthday present that would be. I’m actually jealous”

“Well, nothing is stopping you from going for him”

“Nothing is stopping us both”

She grinned. I knew what she was suggesting. We had fooled around together before. I couldn’t think of a better way to have my first sexual experience with a man, than sharing it with my friend. I smiled back. We just had to hope he was up for it.

“Let’s get ready then”

I grinned. We both ran upstairs, giggling. We went into our own rooms, and changed. I wore my red dress, which was short and low cut at the chest. Freya wore a blue dress, which was similar to mine. We both wore our hair dawn, and I had to admit, we looked sexy.

Freya pulled me in for a kiss, I responded straight away. I loved kissing her, she was so soft, and tasted so sweet. When she pulled away, she took my hand.


She asked.

“Oh yes”

I laughed. When we entered the living room, Jackson was sitting on the couch, watching TV. Freya walked over to the set, and switched it off.

“It’s almost midnight, we should be drinking”

She smiled at him. He turned and looked at me.

“Get the glasses then”

He said. I rushed into the kitchen, and grabbed 3 glasses, and a bottle of vodka. When I walked back in, they were moving the coffee table.

“We are playing a drinking game”

Freya grinned. I took my place on the floor, next to Jackson. He smiled at me, and I licked my lips. God I hoped this worked. I realised his eyes had dropped to my mouth, so I tongued my lips again. He sighed, and quickly turned away. Ok, that was a good sign.

“Right, truth or dare. If you don’t give a good enough answer, or refuse to do the dare, you take a shot”

Freya explained the rules. Jackson and I nodded, understanding.

“Jess you go first, truth or dare”


“Have you ever had sex before?”

Jackson gasped, and looked at Freya in surprise.

“I don’t think that is an appropriate question”

He stated.

“We are all adults here Jackson”

“She’s only 17”

He said.

“Actually, she’s 18 now. It’s past midnight”

He glanced at the clock, and then back at me.

“Happy Birthday Jess”

He smiled.


I muttered my reply. Freya lunged at me, hugging me tight.

“Happy Birthday gorgeous”

She giggled. I shoved her off.

“You loony”

I laughed. We all had a shot of vodka, as Freya proposed a toast to me. Then it was back to the game.

“I believe I asked you a question”

Freya smiled.

“You know I have had sex, with a woman”

I stated. Jackson literally drooled at my reply.

“You have…”

He stared at me, with his mouth hung open. That had obviously gotten his attention.

“Freya and I are very close”

I stated. His eyes darted between us.

“You two have…oh my god”

I noticed the bulge in his trousers.

“Anyway, it’s my turn”

Freya said.

“I choose truth too”

I looked at Jackson.

“You can ask her something”

I said. He looked shell shocked.

“Erm, what is your favourite colour?”

“Oh come on, you can do better than that”

Freya laughed.

“Favourite film”

She shook her head.

“This is sex truth or dare Jackson. It’s what Jess and I always play”

“I erm, I don’t know…how many times?”

She frowned at him.

“How many times what?”

“Did you two…”

He didn’t finish the sentence.

“About 6 times wasn’t it Jess?”

I could see how much this was turning Jackson on. Let’s see how he handles this, I thought, with a gleeful smile.

“Well I know you licked my pussy hundreds of times, but actual sex, yeah, about 6 times”

He was practically panting.

“Your turn Jackson”

I chuckled.

“Oh, erm, truth”

He stammered. I got a wicked idea in my head.

“Who do you think about when you masturbate?”

I asked him. He stared at me, utterly shocked. Would he give me a true answer?

“I…well I…I’ll take a shot”

He mumbled, pouring himself a drink. Freya and I sniggered at him. He wasn’t looking at me anymore, and I knew why. He knew exactly who he thought of and so did I.

“Jess, your go”


“I dare you to kiss me, with tongues”

I knelt up, and leaned over, exposing my cleavage right in front of Jackson’s face.

“Come here then beautiful”

She too leaned across, and our lips collided. We snogged passionately, only a few inches from his surprised face. Reaching out, I cupped her luscious tits. She let out a moan, as I pinched her nipples. This was not part of the dare, but I knew Jackson would love seeing it.

We both sat back down, and the look on his face was pained. He was clearly close to losing it.

“Your turn Jackson”

Freya said. He was obviously finding it hard to think.


He quickly said. Freya smiled wide at me.

“I dare you to suck on Jess’s nipple”

His eyes bulged, and he shuffled backwards.

“I can’t do that”

He looked around, like he was going to bolt. I crawled over to him, and knelt just a few inches away.

“It’s only a game Jackson. Why not play along”

I said, as I pulled one dress strap down my arm, revealing my breast.


He huffed. I stroked my hand down his stubbly cheek.

“It’s your choice Jackson”

I stated. His eyes fell to my breast. When he licked his lips, I knew I had won. Grabbing hold of my shoulders, he pulled my nipple into his mouth. I tossed my head back, revelling in the sensation it was causing. My pussy was throbbing, and dripping wet.

I gripped his hair, and held him against me, as he licked and nibbled my stiff nub. I moaned out, and he suddenly jumped back, like I had electrocuted him. I pulled my strap back up, and took my seat again. Freya gave me a wink. God, I was ready to combust I was so hot.

“I’ll have dare”

I said, when Freya said it was my turn again.

“I dare you to sit astride Jackson, and kiss him the way you kissed me”

“Wait a minute”

Jackson tried to protest. But I moved so quickly, he had no chance to escape. I was sitting right on his swollen penis, my pussy wrapped around him. I didn’t have underwear on, and I wondered if he could feel my heat. I wrapped my arms around his neck.

“Jackson, kiss me”

I moaned, already on the verge of an orgasm. He let out a pained grumble, but pulled my face to his. We kissed like we had not kissed anybody in years. There was urgency and passion in this kiss. I bucked against him, and he placed his hands on my hips.

“Whoa, enough”

He breathed, pushing me away. I slid off his knee, and sat back on my ass.

“My turn, my turn”

Freya clapped.


She grinned. I knew Jackson was on the verge of running away. He was fighting his own needs. I didn’t want to scare him anymore, all I wanted, was for him to finally give in. I winked at Freya.

“I dare you to lick my pussy, till I come”


Jackson gasped. I lay back, onto my elbows, and opened my legs, letting my dress ride up. Freya moved swiftly, crawling between my open thighs.

“Mm, no knickers. Can you see Jackson?”

She asked him. His eyes were glued to my pussy.

“Can you see how wet she is?”

She asked him. He just nodded. She pulled my lips open, and ran her tongue from my asshole, right up through all my folds, coming to rest on my clit. She flicked away, making me moan, and writhe under her.

“You taste amazing”

She mumbled. I looked over to Jackson, and his hand was between his legs, rubbing his hard cock. Finally, I thought.

“Don’t be greedy Freya, let Jackson have a taste”

I groaned. His eyes found mine, and I smiled.

“Bbbut its Freya’s tturn”

He stuttered.

“We aren’t playing anymore Jackson, come and lick my pussy”

I said. He seemed hesitant.

“Jess, I don’t think I can do this”

He mumbled through his gasping breaths. Freya stopped licking, when I sat up. I crept across to Jackson, and sat astride him again.

“You are so hard; I can feel you throbbing against my cunt”

“Fucking hell Jess, stop talking like that”

“Don’t you like it, or do you like it too much?”

He let out a deep sigh, like he had just lost all his fight.

“It’s too much. I like it way too much. This is wrong”

I reached down, and pulled my dress over my head, so I was now completely naked.

“I know you wank and think of me, I heard you in the shower. Do you want to know what I did?”

He looked almost dizzy. But he nodded anyway.

“I fingered myself, like this”

I leaned back, and ran my perfectly polished nailed fingers, over my engorged clit. He sucked in a ragged breath.

“Oh god, I’m going to fucking hell”

He sighed. His hand pushed my hand aside, and landed on my sex. He massaged my clitoris, and pinched it between his thumb and finger. I was in utter ecstasy. Freya crawled over to us, and sucked my nipple between her teeth. She had stripped off her own clothes.

I ran my hand over her shapely body, grabbing her ass, and giving it a squeeze. She moaned around my areola.

“Seeing you two together, is so fucking hot”

Jackson groaned. Reaching lower, I placed my finger, just inside her gaping hole. She was just as wet as I was. Jackson took my other nipple in his mouth, as he continued flicking my bean. I was so close, but I wanted his mouth on me.

I pushed them both away, and lay on my back, with my legs wide open.

“Lick me Jackson, lick my cunt”

This time he didn’t hesitate. He lunged forward, and sucked on my lower lips. I reached for Freya, and pulled her stride my face. I watched her beautiful bare pussy, as she lowered herself to my waiting tongue.

As I lapped at her juicy clit, Jackson sucked at mine. I was gasping, but trying to please Freya too. When I put a finger inside her, she came. I suctioned my lips around her bundle of nerves, and bit down, just as she liked it.

“Oh yes, fuck”

She moaned, as she bucked against my face. I started coming, as she climbed off me.

“Tongue fuck her as she comes, she loves that”

Freya told Jackson, and he shoved his tongue deep inside my twitching opening. He moved up over me, once I was spent, and kissed my lips. I could taste myself and Freya on our tongues, it was such a turn on. When he pulled away, he looked down at me.

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do that”

He grinned.

“I hope that’s not all you wanted”

I smiled back.

“Not even close”

He groaned. I pushed him backward, and onto his ass. I looked at Freya and she was obviously thinking the same as me. As I reached for his belt, she tugged at his t shirt. He let us undress him, helping when he had to. Soon we were all naked.

I took in the size of his cock, and wanted to taste him. I lay down, with my head just above the tip, which was leaking his pre come. Freya lay opposite me, and we both grinned at each other, before lapping at him in tandem. He moaned loudly.

Our tongues wrestled up and down his shaft. We kissed, with his dick slipping in and out of our mouths. He gripped the back of my hair.

“Please take it all”

He begged. Freya happily moved aside, and let me take his whole length. He hit the back of my throat, as he thrust deep inside. My eyes watered at the contact, but I swallowed him down, deep throating his penis. He tasted musky and manly, it was almost hedonistic.

“Oh god, oh Christ, Jess stop”

He groaned, but I wanted all of him. I wanted to feel him lose control in my mouth. I sucked my cheeks in, and again took his tip into my throat. He gasped, and jerked in my mouth. I drank him up, every last spurt of his hot come. I could feel it slipping down my gullet, and almost come at the sensation.

He flopped back against the couch, and gasped.

“Holy Christ, that was fucking superb”

I grinned, feeling pride in myself.

“Shit, I wanted to fuck you. I don’t know if I can get it up again”

He said sadly. I smiled wide, and reached for Freya.

“I’m sure we can help”

I said.

“Have you ever seen two girls fucking?”

I asked him. His eyes widened.

“No, not in real life”

Freya stood up.

“I’ll be right back”

She said, as she sashayed away, her sexy naked body on display. I couldn’t wait to see his face, when she came back in. I climbed back onto his lap, and placed a peck on his lips.

“I shouldn’t be doing this. I can’t take your virginity Jess”

He said, while running his hands over my body.

“Why not, I want you. I have always wanted it to be you. I am so ready, please Jackson, don’t change your mind now”

“I don’t know”

I could tell he was struggling. Freya walked back in, holding our double ended vibrator. His mouth fell open.

“Fuck, you use that?”

“Oh yeah, it’s our favourite toy”

I smiled. I jumped up, and walked over to Freya, pulling her in for a kiss. We stumbled down onto the carpet, our hands exploring, our lips locked. I could hear Jackson breathing heavy, as we caressed each other’s breasts. Freya turned on the vibrator, and held it against my nipple.

The pulsation felt so good.

“Oh yes, Fuck me Freya”

I moaned. She moved the huge dong down over my belly, and placed the head against my clit. I was screaming out in pleasure. She slipped it inside me, till it was as deep as it would go. I felt so full and so close to climax.

Freya placed her legs over mine, moving in close, guiding the plastic phallus inside herself. Our pussy’s ground together, when it was deep inside us both.

“Fucking hell”

Jackson moaned. I glanced over, and he was rubbing his, once again, hard cock. Thank fuck he was hard again, I wanted him inside me so badly. Freya and I started bucking against each other. Each inward lunge, would slap our clits together. I was teetering on the brink of coming.

I reached between us, and flicked at her clit. I wanted her to come with me.

“Oh Jess, yes, I’m coming baby”

She yelled out. All it took, was one last forward thrust, and we were both lost in a huge orgasm. Freya slipped the vibrator out of her, and then removed it from inside me. She gave me a kiss, and then stood up.

“I’m off to bed; enjoy the rest of your night”

She smiled. I was still lying on my back, with my legs wide open. I looked over at Jackson, and he was looking at me, with hunger in his eyes.

“Did you enjoy that?”

I asked. He moved then, slowly making his way toward me. He lay down beside me.

“That was the most erotic thing I have ever witnessed”

He grinned, his hand rubbing over my breast.

“Jackson, I want you to fuck me, please”

He sighed.

“Baby, I could not walk away now, even if I had to”

I smiled wide. Gripping his shoulders, I pulled his body down against mine. He kissed me tenderly, and caressed my body. Now and then, he would pinch a nipple, or slide a finger along my swollen pussy lips.

“Jackson please, now, I’m ready”

I was more than ready. He moved above me, and I opened my legs wider for him. He held my face in his hands, once he was lined up, and kissed me gently.

“I love you”

He said, as he entered me slowly. I arched my back, pulling him in deeper. When he was balls deep, he looked down at me.

“I really do love you. I did from the minute I saw you”

“I love you too”

I finally admitted. He withdrew, and pushed back inside at a deeper angle. I groaned loud.

“Oh god, you feel so fucking good”

He moaned. I wrapped my legs around him tightly, drawing him even further inside.

“Jackson, fuck me, hard please”

I begged. He sat up slightly, taking hold of my hips, and started slamming into me. I lost all thought process.

“Baby, I’m going to come”

He said through gritted teeth. I met each thrust with my own.

“Come inside me Jackson, oh god”

I cried out, as he started pumping even harder. I felt his cock twitch, and that sent me over the brink. I clung to him tightly, as I climaxed with him. Our bodies slid together, both of us covered in a sheen of sweat. Once we had both stopped trembling, he climbed off me.

He pulled my body against his, and held onto me.

“What do I do now?”

He asked, with a laugh.

“I can not only have you once, I have to have you when I want”

“I am all yours Jackson. Sod everybody else”

“Your pussy is mine baby”

He said, while kissing me”

“All yours Jackson”

“Happy Birthday Jessica”

He smiled. I sighed, before falling asleep in his arms.

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