A Love In The Spot Light

A Love In The Spot Light

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



could their love last in the spotlight, only time would tell.



could their love last in the spotlight, only time would tell.

Chapter1 (v.1) - A Love In The Spot Light

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could their love last in the spotlight, only time would tell.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 16, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 16, 2015



“I am bored”

I moaned. Work had been slow, but with wedding season coming up, I knew that wouldn’t last long.

“You should enjoy the rest while you have the chance. You know how hectic it gets in the summer”

Lee said. He was lounging on the couch in my office. I smiled at him, just laying there flicking through a magazine he had bought on the way here. He looked so young, despite his 29 years. His eyes sparkled like those of a small excited child, which was also how he acted most of the time. He was so handsome, with brooding dark good looks. But he had a child-like quality, which I loved about him.

I had only known him for just over a year. But I felt like I had known him my whole life. We were the best of friends, and being new in town, I was so grateful I had met him. I had been taking pictures for a new club, which was opening on Hollywood Boulevard, and he was the owner. We had hit it off straight away.

It had been exciting, when I had decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue my dreams of being a photographer. Leaving behind all my friends and family in England. But it had also been scary. I hadn’t found it easy to make friends. The only people I knew were clients, so when Lee asked me to come to the club opening, I jumped at the chance.

From that night on, we were inseparable. When we weren’t together, we were chatting. Be that on the phone, online or by text. Lee had no family, except a brother, Neil Finley, who was a major film star in Hollywood. Lee spoke about him often. He was so proud of his achievements. I hadn’t met Neil yet, because he was away shooting a new film or TV series. And when he came back, it was only for a flying visit. Which was why Lee spent so much time with me I suppose, he too was lonely.

When I told my sister Siena that I knew Neil Finley’s brother, she basically flipped out.

“Oh my god Mel, he is so gorgeous. If you meet him, give him my number”

“You’re married you pervert”

I laughed.

“He’s on my shag list, so it’s OK”

“Oh god, I could have gone my whole life, without knowing my sister had a shag list”

She burst out laughing.

“Don’t tell Keith, he doesn’t know I have one”

“Poor Keith, that husband of yours deserves a medal putting up with you”

Lee suddenly jumped up off the couch, snapping me out of revere.

“How about we get out of here, pick up a pizza, some wine and a slushy girly movie to cheer you up?”

I grabbed my coat.

“Let’s do it”

I said enthusiastically. We headed for Lee’s house, mainly because he had the big screen TV, but also because my flat was tiny. We were half way through the film, when we heard the front door open then close. Lee frowned,

“Don’t know who that can be”

He jumped up off the couch, and was about to go into the hall, when the door swung open.


I heard him say, as he hugged the figure hidden by the door. I suddenly felt nervous. I had been living here for almost four years, and I had seen many well known faces around. But I had never met anyone famous personally. Lee turned around, and I could see how happy he was to see his brother.

I stood as he walked in the door. Siena was right, he was extremely gorgeous. With black hair, slightly long in length, his eyes were big and dark, like Lee’s, but his had more of an effect on me for some reason. He had full lips, and a stunning smile. I couldn’t help but stare, my mouth hung open.

“Melanie Green, this is my brother Neil Finley”

Neil looked at me and smiled, but his brow was slightly furrowed. I extended my hand.

“Lovely to meet you”

I said feeling uneasy for some reason.

“Yeah same”

He said in a monotone voice, as he barely shook my hand, before dropping it like it was hot.

“Do you want a beer?”

Lee asked him enthusiastically, he nodded. So Lee headed for the kitchen, leaving us standing alone in the room. I didn’t know whether to sit or stay standing, and I kept fidgeting. His eyes never left my face, making me feel uncomfortable.

“Look it’s been a while since I’ve seen my brother, so if you wouldn’t mind”

He said, standing back extending his hand, basically showing me the door. I was taken aback. Lee popped his head around the door, handing Neil a bottle of lager, then he disappeared again.

“Just going the loo”

He shouted, as he climbed the stairs. Neil closed the door over, and walked up to me till he was merely inches away.

“Look you got your wish OK. You’ve met me, now you have a lovely story to tell all your friends. So just leave, and don’t come back hay”


I said feeling stunned and angry.

“How dare you”

“Look I know your type, I’ve seen it all before, using my brother to get to me. My brother can be gullible when it comes to a pretty face and a nice ass. So just do us both a favour, and sling your hook”

I felt the hairs on my arms and back of my neck stand on end, I stepped back.

“Who the hell do you think you are? You arrogant egotistical asshole. I have never used anyone in my life. And for your information, I have known Lee for over a year, and I have never wanted, nor asked, to meet you”

“Yeah sure that’s what they all say”

I got right up close to his face, and with a snarl I said.

“You think you can judge me by everybody else’s standards, without even knowing me. You have no right to talk to me like this. I don’t care how famous or how better than me you assume you are. I will go, but only because I know Lee has missed you, although I can’t see why, and I don’t want to make the atmosphere bad. But you cannot, and will not ever, keep me away from my friend, you prick”

I walked away feeling smug yet a little guilty. I wasn’t a confrontational person usually, but he had bought it out of me. Lee was coming down the stairs, as I was opening the front door,

“You’re not going are you?”

He asked, sounding disappointed. I turned and tried to smile, but I was fuming,

“I have got an early day tomorrow”

“No you haven’t, I know your schedule remember?”

He glanced toward the living room.

“What did he say to you?”

I shook my head.

“Nothing really, I just thought because it’s been ages since you have seen him, I would give you some time together”

“Mel whatever he has said, ignore him, he can be a twat sometime”

I laughed; I could tell Lee was mad.

“Its fine, I’ll call you tomorrow”

I gave him a kiss and walked out the door, feeling guiltier now I may have caused trouble between them. But it dawned on me, that idiot had bought it on himself. 

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