Extra Credit (sequel to Homework Help)

Extra Credit (sequel to Homework Help) Extra Credit (sequel to Homework Help)

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


This is a continuation of "Homework Help". Student/teacher romance, basically. Please like and comment, since I'm probably going to hell for some of the things I wrote ;)


This is a continuation of "Homework Help". Student/teacher romance, basically. Please like and comment, since I'm probably going to hell for some of the things I wrote ;)


Submitted: September 08, 2012

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Submitted: September 08, 2012



I’m sitting in creative writing, not even trying to focus on schoolwork. To be fair, I’m probably not the only one. There’s a reason every girl in the school wants to get into this elective, and I can assure that it’s not because they have a passion for writing.

They’ve got a passion for something, though, and my fellow classmates- the female ones, at least- would be pretty jealous if they knew just how I was earning my A+ in this class.

Not that I’d really need “extra credit”; unlike a lot of the giggly girls in this room, I actually do enjoy creative writing. That’s probably why I was able to seduce him so easily. There’s something hot about people with brains…that’s what makes Mr. Winston so damn attractive- well, part of the reason, anyway.

Today, we’re learning about elements of a short story. “And what follows the rising action?” he asks the class. About five girls’ hands shoot up before he even finishes the question. I wait a moment, and then raise mine as well.


“The climax,” I reply simply, keeping my voice steady even though my mind is going crazy. I can’t stop thinking about our first and only encounter so far. When he talks about the exposition, I think of the way I threw my shirt aside and knew, just knew, he wouldn’t be able to tear his eyes away from my body. When he talks about the rising action, I remember how I could see through his pants that I excited him with my persistent innuendos. And when he talks about the climax, I am half-tempted to ask for a bathroom pass so I can go to a deserted bathroom and touch myself, but I know that it won’t be the same as feeling him in me.

He makes meaningful eye contact with me for a second, and we both hope no one can see it. He’s being careful. Too careful. He won’t do more than make out with me after school in his classroom when we get a chance. But today’s his 32nd birthday, and I think that’s a perfect excuse…

When I ring his doorbell, he looks shocked to see me, but he lets me in. Here, we don’t have to be nearly as careful. We don’t have to worry about another teacher walking in on us, or another student. He’s somehow still single, so I don’t have to worry about family, either.

“Happy birthday,” I greet casually, as if it’s perfectly normal to show up to my hot teacher’s house on a Friday night. I hope someday it will be, but right now, I’m just living in the present, trying to get what I want for today.

He smiles, and it’s gorgeous. It’s the same kind of faraway look he gets when someone writes something really good in his class. I melt every time. “I sincerely hope you didn’t bring a present.”

I smile back innocently, hoping he notices my skintight top that barely covers my boobs and slit skirt that barely covers my ass. “I didn’t bring anything,” I reply, “but I do have something to give you.”

“Oh?” He’s interested, but I know that if I told him right now what exactly my gift was going to be, he wouldn’t accept it. I had to play the game right. Speaking of games…

“You have Scrabble”, I observed, scanning one of the many shelves in his living room, most of which were filled with books. “I love that game.”

“We can play, if you want,” he offers, confused by my sudden change of topic, but obviously deciding not to question it.

I stand on my tiptoes and kiss him fiercely, my tongue exploring his mouth and his exploring mine. Finally, I pull away and assure him that, yes, I’d love to play…

He gets out the board and bag of tiles. I watch him set up the game, looking so attractive as always. “You know how I’ll tell you what your birthday present is?”


“I’ll spell it out during the game.”

“How do you know you’ll get the necessary letters?”

I shrug. “It’s not hard to spell.”

There are two chairs set up at the table, but I decide to surprise him by sitting on his lap. He doesn’t protest, and I pull myself forward a little bit, knowing that my skirt will ride up when I do so. My bare thighs rest on his, my ass on his crotch, and I feel so pleasantly exposed. I wonder if he can tell that I’ve chosen not to wear underwear today.

“God, Kya…” He wraps his arms around my stomach from behind. I wish he’d move them up and touch my breasts. So close, yet so far… “Now you’ll be able to cheat and look at my tiles.”

Now I’ll be able to feel when I turn you on. “I won’t look,” I whisper seductively. Sometimes I wonder how my life ended up like this. I mean, I’m talking seductively about an educational board game. And I thoroughly enjoy it.

I’m good at this game, but I’m not playing to win this time. If all goes as planned, we won’t finish the game anyway. Still, I examine my letters carefully, and every chance I get, I use my tiles to spell out words that I know will excite him. Eventually, he begins doing the same.

“Double word score,” he says innocently as he puts down the word “cum” for 14 points.

“I prefer long words,” I respond, purposely shifting in my seat so he can feel the part of me he hasn’t touched in weeks rubbing against him. His dick had been becoming increasingly firm with every sexual word I’d used. I build off one of our boring words, “mast”, to form “masturbate”. It had taken a few turns of lame words to save up the letters for that one.

I turn around to gauge his reaction. He raises his eyebrows. “You’re into that?”

“Sometimes, when you won’t do things with me,” I explain, hoping he’ll take the hint that I need him to do things with me and to me.

I grab new letters and notice that I have the one I need. While I’m waiting for his turn, I make one last move to get him just a little harder. All I have to do is shift on his lap a little bit, and my skimpy skirt has finally ridden up to the point where my entire ass is exposed, my bare skin against his pants. I can now feel the wetness forming near his crotch. Damn, I’m good…

He spells out “erect”, a word I find quite appropriate. Finally, he reaches from behind and touches my chest, slowly rubbing my nipples, barely touching them. I sigh. “This is what I’m gonna give you,” I breathe. There’s an open B on the board, and I place my J underneath it, hands shaking from either excitement or nervousness. This was one thing we hadn’t done during our previous encounter, and I wanted to make him feel amazing.

His blue eyes widen. “Kya, you can’t…” he whispers.

I turn around on his lap so I’m facing him, straddling him, and I run my fingers through his hair as I kiss him. “I want to.” It’s completely honest. I want to kiss every inch of him, to feel him in my mouth. “It’ll be just as much for my pleasure as it is for yours.”

“I don’t know about that.” His voice is so sexy. None of us can even handle it when he teaches. I can’t handle it now.

“I want to know how you taste,” I urge softly.

He groans with pleasure at the mere thought. It’s amazing what words can do. He gets up from his chair slowly and then scoops me up with surprising strength, carrying me down the hallway like a knight in shining armor…a knight in shining armor with his hand on my ass.

He lays me down on his bed, but that’s not part of my agenda. I get up and walk over to him and drop to my knees. “You don’t have to do this,” he assures me. “You’ve already given me more than you should have.” He’s probably referring to my virginity. But I’d felt privileged to get to lose it to him.

I reach up and pull down his pants, and take a moment to skim my hand over the bulge in his boxers before removing them, too. “Almost forgot how fricken huge you are,” I mumble, looking up at him. “Quite gifted down there.”

He rolls his eyes but smiles. “You’re way too nice to me.”

I smirk. “I’m about to be even nicer…”

I wrap my hand gently around his dick, and hesitantly lick the tip…and then, more confidently, do so again. My other hand is feeling his balls, and I can tell I’m doing everything right because he’s panting and groaning a little. I finally wrap my lips around him and suck, shoving him deeper into my mouth. This isn’t bad at all. Not at all. I feel myself getting turned on by watching him get turned on, so I continue to suck him off.

“I’m sorry,” he apologizes breathlessly as I feel liquid enter my throat. I want to tell him not to apologize, ever. I want to tell him that every girl in my class would give up their college savings to feel his cum in their mouths. I want to tell him that, in addition to being one of the smartest and kindest people I know, he tastes like heaven.

Instead, I continue giving him his birthday present, not telling him any of these things, though maybe I’ll slip some subtle hints into my creative writing assignments next week. After all, it’s rude to talk with your mouth full.

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