Anything for an A

Anything for an A Anything for an A

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


This is the sequel to Homework Help and Extra Credit. It's Kya's prom night, but she'll be spending it in a hotel with her hot teacher instead...


This is the sequel to Homework Help and Extra Credit. It's Kya's prom night, but she'll be spending it in a hotel with her hot teacher instead...


Submitted: November 08, 2012

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Submitted: November 08, 2012



“This can’t last,” Mr. Winston reminds me as we step into our hotel room.  It’s so plain-looking, so clean and white and generic, so unfitting for us.  Nothing about us is plain.

I sigh.  “I know.  Let’s not think about that.”  I am tempted to kick off my high heels, which I am not exactly used to walking in, but I leave them on just as I know my classmates will be right about now.

“You don’t have to do this, you know,” he reminds me for about the millionth time.  “You could just have a normal prom with some nice boy your own age.”

I kiss him softly, and bring my hand to his face, loving the feeling of his stubble.  Every girl in my grade would kill for this.  “That’s not what I want though.”  To prove my point, I bring my hand down from his cheek, run it over his chest, down his stomach…I then let it skim over the front of his pants.  I hear his breath quicken.

“You little tease,” he mutters quietly as I walk over to the radio next to the bed.  He doesn’t sound upset, though.

“Don’t worry,” I say, switching to my favorite station.  “The radio’s not the only thing that’s getting turned on tonight.”

The song that’s playing is “Skyfall” by Adele.  Mr. Winston walks over to me slowly and grins.  “You’re not gonna miss out on the prom experience completely, Kya.  May I have this dance?”

“Of course,” I respond.  I wrap my hands around his neck, and he places his around my waist as we slow dance like we’re actually at prom or something.  It’s adorable.  I use this time to stare into his blue eyes.  I can tell he’s deep in thought, like always.  His intelligence turns me on.

Finally, towards the end of the song, he lowers his hands down to my ass.  I silently wish his hands could stay there forever, but I’m okay with the fact that they won’t.  His hands will have more important places to travel tonight, and I feel myself becoming wet at the mere thought.

The next song is a fast song, and he finally removes his hands from my body, much to my dismay.

“This doesn’t really lend itself to slow dancing,” he explains.

“True,” I say, turning away from him and pressing my ass against his crotch.  “But fast songs are the best part of high school dances.”

He laughs, obviously understanding what I’m getting at, and circle his hands around my stomach from behind me.Inexperienced, but luckily a strong observer, I know what to do next.  I begin grinding on him slowly, and then increase my pace, feeling him begin to become hard.  I tilt my head back as my ass rubs hard against his crotch, gauging his reaction.  He smiles down at me and then shakes his head, as if he can’t believe he’s doing this with one of his students.

By the time the song ends, his erection is glaringly obvious through his pants.  I turn the radio off and then walk back over to him, wondering what will come next.  I know he doesn’t like to take initiative since he doesn’t want to feel like he’s taking advantage of me, but this time, he does.  He grabs my hand and places it over the bulge in his pants, his hand resting on mine as I cup his erection through his pants.  “This is the effect you have on me,” he says softly.  I let my hand remain there for a moment longer, not at all eager to remove it.

“If you want me to have the full prom experience, then fuck me,” I beg, my hand still up against his dick.

He doesn’t reply, but reaches around to my back and begins to unzip my long, flowy dress.  I feel the cool air of the room hit me as my dress falls to the floor.  Now I’m standing there in high heels, black panties, and a black strapless bra.  I absolutely love the way his eyes skim over my body as if he’s never seen it before.

He picks me up and carries me over to the bed, his hand rubbing my ass gently as he does this.  He then lays me down on my stomach and sits down next to me, beginning to massage my shoulders and rub my back.I feel myself shiver with pleasure as his hands run down my spine, touching me so innocently, so close to the places I want him to touch me, yet so far.  His hands travel down to the wasitband of my underwear.  They then slide around toward my stomach and linger on my lower hips.  Now up the sides of my torso until they reach the sides of my breasts, where, finally, his fingers slip into the underwire of my strapless bra, briefly feeling the bottom of each breast before traveling back up to my shoulders. 

After repeating this pattern a few times, he finally unhooks my bra. Still sitting beside me on the bed, he carefully flips me over so I’m laying on my back, my bra resting over my chest, unhooked but still covering my tits.  He runs his fingers over the top of my bra a few times before finally removing it.  I see a slight smile form on his face as he glances down at my D-cup boobs, and I know it must take a lot of willpower for him to keep his gaze on my eyes as he begins to caress me there.

His lips press up against mine as I feel his thumb circle around first my right nipple, and then my left.  I sigh audibly.  “You like that?” he asks in a low voice.

“Damn right I do,” I whisper back.

I feel his lips kiss each breast gently, and his hands cup them one more time before his right hand trails down my stomach, and then traces the outline of my panties.  I feel myself become increasingly wet.  Taken over by passion, I sit up and pull him on top of me, reaching to touch the now full-sized bulge in his pants.

He draws back.  “Not yet,” he breathes into my ear.  “I wanna make you feel good first.  You certainly did that for me last time.”

Ah, yes.  I’d given my first blow job not too long ago.  But, contrary to what he insisted, it hadn’t been a favor.  I’d thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of his cum sliding down my throat.

“Relax,” he tells me as his fingers grip the waistband of my panties.  His other hand rubs my upper thighs before skimming over where I wanted his hands to remain forever.  “You’re so wet.”

“Well, whose fault is that?” I giggle.  I’m nothing but a giggly schoolgirl, yet my drop-dead handsome teacher still wants to please me.  I can’t complain.

“I know your mind…wanders…during class.  I intend to make all your daydreams a reality tonight,” he informs me as he pulls my panties down my legs, finally removing them.  I lay there naked on the bed, waiting as he slowly folds up all my clothes and sets them down on the bedside table. 

He suddenly remembers that I’m still wearing my heels.  Ever so slowly, he slides them off, and then rubs my feet.  It feels great.  His hands move up to my angles…up to my knees…and then my thighs.  He massages my thighs for a moment before running his hands back down my legs, back down to my feet…he does this several times, each time allowing his fingers to travel farther and farther up my thighs.  But I know he knows where I really want him to touch me…

“You’re beautiful,” he breathes as I feel his warm, soft hand travel between my legs.  I spread them wider, guessing  what he was going to do.His fingers gently open the lips of my vagina, and I feel one of his fingers slip inside me…

Oh my God.  Nobody had ever done this to me- for me.  He’s breathing heavily now, clearly turned on by the wetness he’s feeling.  I let out a moan of pleasure as he inserts yet another finger into me, and pushes the two fingers in more deeply than before.  I just want him to go deeper…Finally, I reach my climax and gasp as I cum all over his hand.

Ever so slowly, he pulls his fingers out of me, massaging my clit while he does this.  “How would you grade me on that?” he asks, smirking, as he eventually gets up from the bed.

“ B+, but you can raise it to an A+ if you let me touch you,” I reply, also getting up.  I wrap my arms around him and hug him tightly, knowing he can feel my naked breasts pressing up against his chest.  Without waiting for an answer, I kiss him, and our tongues meet with passion.  I remove his shirt and tie while we’re kissing, and run my hands from his hair, to his muscular shoulders, over his chest and stomach…and we’re back to this.  I can feel him through his pants, and I know he’s every bit as eager as I am, even though he tries to hide it.

I unzip his pants and he steps out of them.  The outline of his cock is so obvious now through his boxers.  I reach up and wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him, rubbing my crotch against his boxers as he moans softly.  Finally, my hands travel back down and I remove the last item of clothing between us, but I do it slowly, preserving the moment.  I feel his erection press against my stomach as I kiss him yet again, his lips meeting mine eagerly.

“I have an idea,” I whisper as I stroke him and feel him becoming still harder with my touch.

“I’m down for anything,” he breathes.  He may be my teacher, but when I’m touching him like this, I have so much power over him.

“Let’s take a shower.”

He smiles, his blue eyes lighting up, always so beautiful.  Same look he gives when someone makes a really insightful comment in class.  It makes all of us girls melt.

He follows me into the small, but tidy hotel bathroom.  I step inside the shower and turn on the water, feelings its warm running down my back.  He steps inside a moment later, still rock hard.  I take a washcloth and cover it with soap, and then begin to wash him…first his face, then his neck, up and down his muscular arms, feeling his muscles while I do so…over his chest and stomach…down each leg, and back up to his thighs.  I smirk and pretend to be finished then, pulling my hand away.


I laugh out loud.  “I didn’t forget.  Believe me, I didn’t.”  I use the washcloth to rub soap all over his junk, making sure to thoroughly clean his dick and his balls, knowing he was loving the feeling of my hands all over him like this.  Rubbing the wash cloth up and down…

“I don’t wanna cum yet,” he whispers suddenly, taking the washcloth from my hand.  “Your turn.”  He then does the same for me, lingering over my breasts, even rubbing in the soap with his bare hands.  I feel my nipples become harder from the attention, and once again he’s kissing each breast, holding them firmly in his hands.  Just as I had, he saves the best for last as he cleans me.

The warm water still running over us pleasantly, he kneels down in front of me as I feel him rubbing soap between my legs, and I feel his fingers back inside me.  I lean back against the wall and feel an orgasm building.  The water rinses off the soap, but he’s not done.  Suddenly, I realize what he’s going to do to pay me back for the blowjob I’d given him last time…

His head is between my legs now, and I feel his stubble against my thighs.  He kisses me right where I’ve always fantasized about him kissing me, and then his tongue is slowly entering me the way his fingers had.  It moves in and out, feeling almost as good as his cock had felt the one time we’d had sex.  I can’t hold back a groan, and I know I’m becoming wetter and wetter, but he doesn’t mind.  His tongue is still doing everything to please me…and it’s working…I scream out his name as I climax.

A few moments later, I feel his mouth leave me, and he stands up and pushes my dripping hair behind my ear as he turns off the water.  “Happy prom night,” his deep, sexy voice tells me.

“Thank you,” I whisper back.  “You’re amazing.  You didn’t have to do that.”

“You didn’t have to seduce me after class that one day.  But I’m glad you did.”

“Well, what can I say, it can never hurt to raise my grade,” I tease.

“I will say I’ve been a little more…lenient with you.  But you’re an excellent writer, so you really didn’t need it.”

He thinks I was actually doing this for extra credit?“It wasn’t about the grades,” I reply, incredulous.

“Then what was it about?  What is it about?”

I laugh, still shocked that he thought I’d only slept with him to benefit my academics.  “Cause I’m fucking in love with you!”

He grins.  “I was kidding, Kya.  I know as well as you do that it wasn’t about the grades.  I’m…I’m fucking in love with you, too.”

“Aw,” I respond.  “But there is something hot about the thought of doing it to get an A.”

“Well, we could always pretend…”

Hell yes.  Role-playing with my gorgeous creative writing teacher…I feel myself becoming wet again, and I wonder how turned on it’s possible to become in one day.

He walks back into the bedroom and sits at the hotel desk, looking like a teacher except for the fact that he’s completely naked.  I walk in a minute later, pretending to be a helpless student failing his class.

“Yes?” he asks, looking up from his desk.

“I’m failing your class, sir.  I need to get my grade up or I won’t be able to get into my dream college.  Is there anything I can do?”

He looks my body over.  “There might be…” he murmurs.

I lean over his desk, making sure my arms are pressing my boobs together to create more cleavage.  “I’ll do anything, sir.  Anything.

He raises his eyebrows.  “What kind of grade are you looking for?  A C?  A B?”

“I need an A…”

“Honey, if you wanna get your grade up that high, you’re gonna have to get something else up.”

My eyes widen in feign nervousness.  “Just tell me what to do, and I’ll do it.  I need an A in this class.”

He gets up and begins fondling my boobs.  “I have something for you to do, but you have to promise not to tell anyone.”

“I won’t,”  with the fake shaky voice of an innocent virgin.  “I’ll never tell a soul.”

“Perfect.  You’ll get the grade you want if you do what I ask.  Stand against the wall.”  I do.  “Just relax.  This might hurt a little, but it should feel good for both of us.”

I gasp and have trouble keeping a straight face while pretending to be completely scared.  And then I let out a real gasp when I feel his erection up against my opening.  “This is wrong,” he whispers in my ear.

“Anything for an A,” I reply, still playing along, but now panting as I spread my legs and feel him begin to slip inside me.  My hands are grip the wall behind me.

“No, I’m being serious,” he says, and I can tell from his face that he is.  “This is wrong…”

Maybe it is, but it feels perfectly right as I feel him push further inside me, filling me completely.  I groan, preparing for yet another orgasm as he pulls out a little, then pushes back in…out and then back in, over and over, increasing his rhythm.

Now he’s groaning too, and I can tell he’s about to cum.  He didn’t use a condom this time, but now I’m on the pill, so it’s not a concern.  Without the condom in our way, this feels even better than the first time.  Direct contact.  God, I love it.

He speeds up his rhythm even more, pushing harder than I thought possible, and it’s almost painful…but it’s the best feeling I’ve ever experienced.  I think about all my classmates, probably sleeping with each other in crappy hotel rooms while I get to feel the hottest teacher in the school moving inside me…feeling his warm cum being released as we both reach our climax.

And then he pulls out of me.

“This was all just so wrong,” he repeats again, shaking his head.  He’s still sweaty, and his erection hasn’t gone down completely.  I want to kneel down and please him the way he pleased me in the shower, but he’s putting his pants back on already.

“But I want it, Mr. Winston.  I’ve wanted it all along.  From the moment I walked into your class, I was trying to imagine what was under those pants and what it would be like to have you inside me.  Those days you called on me and I didn’t know the answer, it was because I was fantasizing about this.

“Our role-playing was just too real,” he mutters, buttoning up his shirt.  “I know you aren’t doing it for the grades, but that doesn’t change the fact that we’re doing it.  And I’m your teacher…my job is to give you knowledge, not an orgasm.  Your job is to do your homework, not suck me off.”

“But I’m 18!” I plead.

“But I’m married.”  And with that, he gives me one last apologetic kiss, picks up his suitcase, and walks out the door.

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