Elastic Neon - Thong Games

Elastic Neon - Thong Games Elastic Neon - Thong Games

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


At the "Sunsets" resort in Palm Springs, CA. (The only resort in the world for men who wear thongs) Lounging by the pool and making new friends is always ongoing, but on Friday afternoons, the resort's recreational host gets everybody in the resort to play "Thong Games." In this story you will learn how to play some of the sexiest games for men into thong underwear, including: "Taste the Onion," "Tug and Float," and "Twonking." You learn something new everyday, let these thong games be one of them.


At the "Sunsets" resort in Palm Springs, CA. (The only resort in the world for men who wear thongs) Lounging by the pool and making new friends is always ongoing, but on Friday afternoons, the resort's recreational host gets everybody in the resort to play "Thong Games." In this story you will learn how to play some of the sexiest games for men into thong underwear, including: "Taste the Onion," "Tug and Float," and "Twonking." You learn something new everyday, let these thong games be one of them.


Submitted: June 04, 2013

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Submitted: June 04, 2013
















Friday, noon. The thonger with the megaphone gallops to the diving board, he's wearing his long socks, a black thong, and a tank top with the "Sunsets" logo. "Attention thongers! Attention thongers!" He says to the active crowd of thonged men. "It's noon! It's Friday! The weekend is about to begin, so we need to do something to celebrate that!" An approving murmur went up from the crowd. "So gather 'round, it's time to play some thong games!" The thonger with the megaphone said, every man at the pool cheered. Standing near the steps of the diving board was Alex, he wore a tan bucket hat, shades underneath, and a baby blue thong. "The best is here!" Alex said, raising his hands to the air as if he won something already. "That means you'll be first to volunteer for our first game, right Alex?" The thonger with the megaphone said, the megaphone still held to his mouth. "Watch me!" Alex said, "Okay, if we can get any volunteers for our first game held at the bald spot, on my right side of the pool, we can get the first game started! I'm looking for four couples to start!" The thonger with the megaphone said, hopping off the diving board and onto the surface. "Do you have a partner, Alex?" The thonger with the megaphone said, with the megaphone blasting right in Alex's face. Alex's immediate reaction to cover his ears was inevitable, "No, I don't have a partner!" Alex said, taking his hands off his ears. "Then wait for the next game!" said the thonger with the megaphone. All the thongers in the pool climbed out to gather in the forming crowd, couples began to crowd around the thonger with the megaphone to play. The crowd of thongers made a perimeter around the bald spot, and the thonger with the megaphone stood with the four couples he picked to play the game. He introduced his four chosen couples: Brock and Charlie, Angelo and Todd, Zack and Luis, and finally, Donny and Jaime. "So, our first game is called 'Taste the Onion' before I explain the rules to everyone I need every couple to decide which one of you will be the 'onion' for this game." The thonger with the megaphone said, all four couples had no idea what being the 'onion' meant, but whatever it was had to be exciting. 

Out of the four couples, Brock, Todd, Luis, and Donny agreed to be the 'onion' while Charlie, Zack, Angelo, and Jaime would be what is called 'the peelers.' "Okay, so our four 'onions' will be going over with Sunset's very own token straight boy staff member, Nick." Nick was a tall, lean, straight man with an amazing ass! His thong was devil red, and nobody at the resort could stop looking at his forbidden fruit whenever he walked by. Whenever he bent over to pick a towel off the ground, onlookers swore he bent over extra hard to show off his pink pucker against the thong strap between his cheeks! The crowd clapped for Nick as he took Brock, Todd, Luis, and Donny away from sight. "For those of you have never played 'Taste the Onion' before, here is how our little game works: The men with me right now will be known as 'the peelers,' the men who just went with Nick will be known as 'the onions,' the object of the game is very simple; the peeler who takes off all the thongs on their onion, using only their teeth in the fastest amount of time, wins! Each 'onion' will have the same amount of thongs on their body, twelve layers! Whoever wins the game will receive a romantic dinner for two at 'Alicante' just on Palm Canyon Drive." The crowd applauds, and all four of the 'onions' come back with layers of thongs on them. Nick comes back along side them with a boom box in his hand. The 'onions' stand next to their 'peelers' ready for action. Brock and Charlie immediately begin to french kiss, Charlie began to twist Brock's Daddy nipples, while Brock begins stroking Charlie's boy cock already erect in the snake skin thong he wore. The thonger with the megaphone walks up to both of them to break off their pre-play. "All peelers must refrain from using their hands during the game." He said, various breaks of laughter came up from the crowd. "So, if I can have all the peelers on their hands and knees before their onion's bulges!" All four of them kneeled, salivating over their onion's delicious, plumped and pumped bulges. The thonger with the megaphone caught stands off to the side. "On your marks, get set!…Go!" Nick pressed play on the boom box and the song "Ice Cream Truck." by, Cazwell comes on. 

The peelers begin to lick and bite the thong straps on their 'onions.' Zack tried tugging at the strap on the left hip of Luis's deep oblique. Zack ended up getting two thong straps off at the same time, and tried desperately to get both of them under his tongue. The thonger with the megaphone caught Zack immediately "One thong at a time, taking more than one off at once will disqualify you!" He said, so Zack goes back to working on getting the first thong off. Angelo took the strategy of removing the thongs off Todd from the back, sticking his tongue under the triangle back and sliding it down from there. The crowd cheered them on, some of the guys watching began to rub their pouches while squeezing a nipple, jerking off to the hot show they observed. Jaime tried to remove the thong off Donny from the left hip, but Donny became ticklish, and began to have a giggle-fit. Brock and Charlie had a different strategy, Charlie sucked on Brock's thong layered dick, up and down, and wasn't removing a single thong off Brock. Brock had a great big smile on his face. "That's my sexy thong boy!" Brock whispered, Charlie smiled with his eyes, the hint of a grin formed around his mouth as he sucked the pouch, the twelve layers of thongs began to stretch as Brock's dick pushed through all those layers of thongs on him. "I fucking love you! Fucking love our thong fetish!" Brock continued to whisper, Charlie kept sucking as Brock's dick stretched and stretched through all those layers on him. 

"Here's where we stand: Donny and Jaime have peeled off one layer, Angelo and Todd have peeled three, Zack and Luis have peeled six, and Brock and Charlie have peeled off none but Charlie is certainly giving his 'onion' one hell of a BJ!" The thonger with the megaphone said, Charlie continued to stare deep into Brock's eyes with his "Come fuck me" eyes as he sucked. Brock saw as his dick got harder and harder, the more layers he could see. "Okay my sexy thong boy! Go!" Brock whispered. Charlie stopped sucking and began to lick the top of Brock's shaft, scooping the inside of the pouch with his tongue, pulling it over the tip of Brock's dick head, frothy with pre-come, and pulling it all the way down from Brock's big round butt. By the time Charlie got to the back of Brock's thong, and the strap between his ass was pulled down to the area around his hole, the thong would just fall off by itself, down to the ground. Charlie did it again with the second thong, scooping up the pouch with his tonnage, and pulling the back down over his hole, and down it fell. Their strategy was paying off. 

"What's this? It looks like Brock and Charlie are catching up! They're already up to four thongs! Zack and Luis still in the lead with eight! The rest of our competitors still need to catch up!" The thonger with the megaphone said, Zack and Luis made the mistake of stopping to look at Brock and Charlie gaining momentum. They had already gotten up to six thongs. "Let's go Mijo!" Luis shouted, Zack picked up pace by biting more, which resulted in a big mark on Luis's left thigh. "Ouch!" Luis winced, Zack gasped. Charlie got up to nine layers, keeping the pace steady and focused. The tongue scooped the pouch, and as he went to Brock's ass, he pulled the back down to his hole, and down the thong fell on it's own. Zack and Luis tried to get back on track, but Brock was completely stripped of the layers of thongs! "We have a winner!" The thonger with the megaphone shouted, the crowd cheered! Brock stood there naked with an erect dick, a clear drip of pre-come pulled by gravity leaked out of his piss slit and didn't break until it hit the ground. Charlie took Brock's cock in hand and began stroking him. They began to french kiss right where they left off before the game began, their hands holding each other's heads. The other three couples applauded, and each of them gave their partner a congratulatory kiss. "Brock and Charlie have won the romantic dinner for two at 'Alicante' right here in Palm Springs!" The thonger with the megaphone said, he pulled out a lanyard from underneath his tank top that carried the gift card to "Alicante" inside, Brock and Charlie broke their kiss and accepted the card.

A few minutes later, the thonger with the megaphone had brought the crowd around the edge of the pool. The thonger with the megaphone sat on the ledge of the diving board, his feet dangling right above the water. He had picked ten volunteers, five of which were Calvin, Shinji, Alex, Ben, and Vince Omega. The crowd around the pool was hungry and horny for this game. More and more men watching were stroking their erect cocks through their thong pouches, a couple of them were completely nude, just full on jerking off their hard dicks, and the game hadn't even started yet. 

The volunteers for this game were divided on separate sides of the pool, five on one side, and five on the other, all of them floating on their backs on top of water rafts. "So, our next game is called 'Tug and Float.' We have ten hot and sexy thongers in the pool on water rafts, and when I say 'go' they will all have to swim out on their backs to the center of the pool and find a partner on another raft. When they swim up to each other they must remain on their backs and give each other a hand job through the pouch of their thong, whoever comes first is the loser and must leave the pool, the man who doesn't come, moves onto the next thonger and jerks hims off repeating the same thing until one of you is the last man standing!" The thonger with the megaphone said, a man from the crowd screamed "Fuck yeah!" followed by an uproar of cheers and applause from the horny crowd. 

"To our contestants, to avoid being disqualified, remain on your backs the entire time! If you sit up during the challenge, you're out. If you fall off the raft by accident, you're out. If you hurt your fellow contestant or yank them off their raft, not only will that hurt like hell, you'll be out! Other than that, let's get the game mother fucking started!" said the thonger with the megaphone. All ten of the contestants cheered, the crowd went wild. Nick, the token straight boy staff member set the boom box near the edge of the pool, but at a distance so it wouldn't fall into the water. "Ready!…get set…go!" said the thonger with the megaphone. Nick presses play on the boom box and the song "What Makes You Horny?" by, Justus Boyz is on full blast! 

The crowd cheers o the contestants as they make their way to the center of the pool, ready to jerk some hard thong bulge! The closer the thongers on rafts got to each other the more rowdy the crowd got. Vince Omega, wearing a shiny silver thong, his black skin oiled and shiney, approached Shinji on his back on the raft. "Hey Baby, lets see that purple thong bulge cream for Daddy Omega!" Vince said as he approached Shinji in his purple thong. Vince peddled up to Shinji's face and began to kiss him while remaining on his back. They kissed passionately to get each other hard. When Vince felt he got himself and Shinji hard enough, he stroked back up on the water raft so his head would be near Shinji's feet, and he could reach for his cock. Shinji was hungry for Vince's hard dick in the silver thong pouch. He wasted not time and began to stroke Vince aggressively, Vince wrapped his entire hand around Shinji's purple thong bulge squeezing the cock inside while caressing the head with the tip of his thumb. Vince knew this kid was not a challenge. 

Calvin swam up to an older gentleman in the pool, they decided to look at each other eye to eye as they stroked each other's cocks! Calvin smiled at him, that devilish smile of his on his innocent face was making his jerk buddy wet. Their hands inside each other's pouches instead of stroking the pouches on top. Alex and Ben decided to stay next to each other on the water rafts, they turned the bottoms of their feet so they could interlock legs, and be ass to ass. "Scoot up more." said Alex, Ben moved his ass to the thong strap between his cheeks, rubbed against the strap between Alex's cheeks. "Fucking hot!" Ben said, smiling. "Fuck yeah I am!" said Alex, "That's why I know I'm going to make you come!" Ben smiled and laughed, his hand already stroking Alex's thong covered cock. "I wake up every morning to a dick encased in a nice smooth thong! I've got this!" Ben said, Alex let out a satisfied groan. "Do your worst, I'm still the best." Alex said, researching for Ben's thong covered penis, stroking up and down, he already found Ben's pressure points. 

Ben's boyfriend Jay looked upon the display. He had encouraged Ben to play the game and win a prize since he was too shy to play along with him. Jay's expression was sour, he had a lot on his mind, and part of it had to do with Ben and their home life, still Jay sat on the edge of the pool to watch the 'Tug and Float' game. "Here is where we stand, Alex and Ben are tugging each other in a leg lock, Vince and Shinji look just about ready to come, Calvin and Kevin are making out to make each other come, anode ur two other couples are going at it--" suddenly one of the men from the two un-named couples (to protect their identity) comes all over his belly, his partner has stroked his cock out of the thong pouch. "Okay, our first comer! Thank you for playing baby, but you're out!" The thonger with the megaphone said, he calls out the winning tugger by his first name. "…you'll be paired with the next thonger to win!" He said, Calvin and his daddy thonger stroke furiously under the cover of their thong pouches. The daddy thonger growls with pleasure, Calvin trembled while gasping in little breaths of air. They stared into each other's eyes enjoying the sensation of the stroking but at the same time trying desperately not being the one to come first. Both of their hands were drenched in pre-come, as if crystal clear sap drenched their palms. "Come! Come for me!" The daddy thonger roared, Calvin just cracked a smile out of the side of his mouth while staring directly into his Daddy thonger's eyes. "Make him come!" A voice shouted from the crowd, who it was directed at was unknown, but Calvin felt it was for him. Sure enough, in the spirit of gay porn legend Zak Spears, Calvin's daddy thonger growls like a lion as he comes all over Calvin's left hand underneath the tight pouch of his thong. "Oh you nasty motherfucker!" the daddy thonger said as he huffed and puffed, the last drops of come draining out of him. 

"We have more come! Calvin beats off his sexy competitor, and will now have to make his way over to our previous winner!" said the thonger with the megaphone, "We have another winner!" He says pointing out the twink thongers off to the side, floating on their water rafts, one with their eyes closed. Shinji's chest starts heaving up and down faster and faster, he begins to moan, soft at first and slowly rising to louder. 

As Vince hears Shinji moan, he smiles victoriously, he continues to stroke him and massaging Shinji's pee-hole with the tip of his thumb on the pouch of Shinji's thong! Shinji begins to moan helplessly, his hips start thrusting into Vince's firm grasp. "Come you fine ass motherfucker!" Vince says, and Shinji spills his warm, thick, love goo on the tip of Vince's wild thumb. "Come boy, come! Yeah!" Vince says in a cool, calm, and suave tone. "Vince just made Shinji erupt like Shikotsu!" said the thonger with the megaphone, Shinji continues to tremor as Vince squeezes the last drops of come from him. 

Vince looks at his come-covered hand with a big smile, and starts paddling over to the twink on the water raft. Calvin wases on the water raft until he finally meets the first winner of the game, with their hard cocks straining against their thong pouches, they go straight to it and jerk their cocks. Calvin's hand goes under the thong pouch of his competitor and his competitor stroke's Calvin's bulge on the thong pouch.

Alex and Ben are still stroking, doing everything they can to turn each other on and getting them to come! "I can feel you getting wet!" Ben says, "I don't come that easily, you're going to have to work harder to get me to do that!" Alex replies, both of them are lost in the ecstasy of their strokes. Their holes touching each other, and rubbing against their thong straps. Their pelvis's subtly thrusting, trying desperately not being the first to come. Jay watches with folded arms, observing his boyfriend grind against Alex, stroking him off. Joaquin, the sexy Danish boy with the most milky white skin, and an ass bigger than almost anybody else at "Sunsets" notices Jay observing Alex and Ben. He has a seat o the edge of the pool next to him. "Who do you like?" Joaquin asks, Jay notices Joaquin after being completely unaware that he's there, "My boyfriend is that guy!" Jay says unmoved, pointing to Ben on the water raft. Joaquin looks to Ben and Alex continuing to pleasure each other. "Not Alex!" Joaquin said, hoping it wouldn't be true. "God no, the one stroking him."

"Oh, I see." said Joaquin, he watches them with fascination. From their point of view, it's obvious Alex and Ben are talking dirty to each other.  "Why did you want to ask me?" asked Jay, "Because you're the only one watching who is not cheering." Joaquin said, Jay looks away from Joaquin as if he just got caught stealing something, "And you never answered my question…" Joaquin leans in closer to Jay. "…so tell me, who do you like?" Joaquin nearly whispers, Jay looks back at the guys in the pool and spots Calvin making his competitor explode inside his thong, and shaking like Elizabeth Berkley in the pool scene of "Showgirls." 

"Calvin gives another explosive handjob! There must be something magic in those fingers!" says the thonger with the megaphone. "Calvin." Jay says to Joaquin, Joaquin nods in agreement. "What about you?" Jay asks, Joaquin's eyes go to Alex. "None of them really. I would say Alex  but he's so pretentious and he talks too much."

"Tell me something I don't know." Jay responds, "Someone needs to teach him a lesson." says Joaquin. In the pool, Vince Omega is practically finished with his shuddering thong twink. "I ain't doing shit, and you're still going to come!" said Vince, the blonde twink wearing a burgundy thong moans like a girl, and orgasms so over the top that he slips off the raft before Vince makes him shoot. "Vince, you win that by default! You and Calvin are dominating your competition, and must now face each other! Meanwhile, Alex and Ben are still stroking the very first thonger they started with, and that would be each other. Surely one of them must be ready to come by now!" Says the thonger with the megaphone, Calvin and Vince Omega paddle toward each other on their rafts, their erections pointed high to the sky. 

When they finally approach each other, Calvin's hand goes up to Vince's left nipple, and Vince lay his left hand on Calvin's thigh. Vince's nipples were wired to his cock, but he didn't want Calvin to know. Calvin tugged Vince's nipple between his two fingers in one hand while rotating Vince's hard bulge like a joystick. Vince squeezed Calvin's cock tight in his hand like he had with all of the others, Vince could feel his balls tighten, the eruption of come was inevitable, he tried hard to fight it. Calvin found Vince's achilles heel, but Vince remained determined to not give in. Calvin's naughty smile filled his face, Vince could feel the tip of his own dick tingle, the rotation Calvin gave Vince's shaft was a pleasurable overload, Vince could feel the come about to leak out of him, but still determined to not let go of the spunk inside him, he sat up on the raft! "Oh no! Vince! You're out!" The thonger with the megaphone says, "Bitch! I didn't even get to come!" Vince shouts back, "You sat up! You're suppose to remain on your back the entire time. Calvin you only need one more thonger to come in order to win! Vince you're out!" Vince splashes the water infuriated and hops off the raft to swim out of the pool. Calvin makes his way over to Alex and Ben who are still stroking each other's cocks. 

"We only have three thongers left, Calvin waits for either Alex or Ben to shoot their load, and soon we will be down to the top two." Alex looks over at Calvin waiting to get in on the action with one of them, and then he got an idea. "He kid! Why wait? Come over now, I'll jerk you with my right hand, and Ben with my left!" He said, Calvin accepted the challenge. Alex and Ben separated from their asses, and went back to being side by side. Calvin floated to Alex's right, Ben was o the left. As soon as the crowd got the idea of what was going to happen, they went wild with cat calls, applause, cheering, and dirty chants of support! "Well, well, well! Looks like we found a loophole in the rules. Three men at a time?! Let's see how this turns out." said the thonger with the megaphone. Alex stroked Calvin and Ben's thong bulge in matching rhythm. 

Calvin gave his award winning, seductive smile while staring into Alex's eyes, the same smile that not only got him all of his modeling jobs, but also got his previous competitors to come. Alex was wearing shades so it became difficult to see if he had any effect. Ben continued to stroke Alex, he had been stroking from the start so he didn't plan to stop now. Calvin thought tugging Alex's balls might be key in getting him to come, but saw something more vulnerable and untouched behind his thong strap. Calvin slipped his finger behind Alex's thong strap, and entered Alex's hole. For a second, Alex paused, Ben kept jerking, and Calvin was getting started. Alex resumed stroking, "Oh fuck, you horny fuckers! No one touches my man-clit!"

"What's the matter Alex? That turn you on?" Calvin said with delight, Alex began to moan, "Fuck Alex! Your cock is so wet!" said Ben, "So is your man-clit!" Calvin said smiling, "Agh…look how strong my arms are! See how fucking pumped my nips are?! You like the way my man-clit pulsates?!" Alex said, doing his best to turn them on, Calvin felt Alex's anus lips push onto his finger, and Ben paid more attention to Alex's nipples, they got harder and harder as he talked dirty. Ben had been stroked for so long, watching Alex turn himself on was beginning to make Ben's load rise out of his shaft. 

The pulsating anus on Calvin's finger was turning Calvin on more than he expected. With Alex stroking their thong cocks at the arousing pace he did, Calvin and Ben finally erupted out of their thong pouches. Every member of the crowd watching them was turned on, the crowd members watching while masturbating shot out of their pouches. "We have a winner!: The thonger with the megaphone said, Alex sat up and jumped off his raft, with his fingers pointed to the sky. "I'm the best!" He shouted, a giant victorious smile filled his face. Calvin and Ben swam to the shallow end of the pool to get out. Jay and Joaquin, sitting at the edge of the pool, both reacted differently. 

Joaquin clapped very lightly for Alex's victory, a subtle smile on his face. Jay continued to observe as if nothing happened. "Sorry about your man." Joaquin said, Jay shrugged carelessly. Alex hovered under the thonger with the megaphone on the diving board, "Okay Alex, since you won this game of 'Tug and Float' you get the grand prize of having a room upgrade!" The reaction from the crowd was mixed, some of the men were mad he won, and some applauded with support. "Pool Rooms baby! I want to stay in one of the pool rooms!" Alex said feeling victorious, "Fine, we'll upgrade you to a pool room! But for now, it's time for our third and final thong game of the day!" The thonger with the megaphone said.

Thirty minutes later, the crowd surrounded a bald spot on a green lawn, surrounded by palm trees, and tropical plants i the background, just a path way away from the "Sunsets" garden area. The thonger with the megaphone takes center stage on the lawn, "Okay, can I have my first group of four thongers stand behind me?" He said, Vince Omega, Charlie, Luis, and Angelo stand behind the thonger with the megaphone in a straight line, with a one person distance in between each of them. 

"So, our third and last game of the day is called 'Twonking.' We have three groups of four men, four rounds, and only one thonger can win the grand prize. In each round, four thongers will turn their thonged asses to you, our audience, and do a dance called 'twerking' and since you'll be doing it in thongs, we call it twonking." a generous amount of laughter comes from the crowd. "Now, unlike our two previous games, this game is judged by your truly to see how well you twonk, if I feel you are twonking good enough, you get to keep twonking during the round. However, if I feel you have lost energy or if I feel you aren't twonking correctly, I will tap you on your shoulder and you will have to watch the rest of the game with the audience. Whoever is the last man twonking, moves onto the fourth and final round, and since this is after all a thong game, here's the twist: if anybody during any of the rounds can twonk their thong off their own ass and make it hit the grass, you are the automatic winner of that round. Any questions?" The thonger with the megaphone asks, the contestants seem anxious and ready ,the crowd starts cheering. "okay, I think we're ready. Thongers, twonking positions." Vince, Charlie, Luis, and Angelo turn their thonged asses to the crowd, and arch their backs so their asses stick out. "Nick! Music!" Nick sets the boombox on the lawn. "Ready, get set…go!" Nick presses play. The sound of a rapid fire drum machine booms out of the speakers, followed by five drum hits, the song starts and all four of them start shaking their asses at an amazingly rapid fire pace. "Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, B-B-B-B, Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, Bitch." are the lyrics to the song coming from the speakers. The crowd cheers on, some are even jerking off their thong bulges. The thonger with the megaphone watches the ass shaking thongers closely. Vince Omega's ass makes a full circular motion, it's moving so fast that the silver thong between him is almost a blur. Charlie has his hands on the ground and his heels parched together to make his booty bounce, possibly to get his thong to slip off. 

The thonger with the megaphone looks over at Charlie's man, Brock, stroking his full erect cock i his thong pouch, and teasing his daddy milkers, watching Charlie twonk. The thogner with the megaphone looks at the last two, Luis seems to be twonking just fine, looking over his shoulder every once in a while to see the crowd reaction, and Angelo is a mad man, coming in as close competition with Vince Omega, Angelo is on his hands and knees, twonking his ass from side to side, his thong between his ass is almost a blur. The thonger with the megaphone feels it's time to make some decisions. He walks up to the front of them to start narrowing down his options. First, he walks up to Charlie, "Thank you sexy! Enjoy your romantic dinner." The thonger with the megaphone says to Charlie.

Charlie stops twonking and runs back to Brock, welcoming him back in his arms. The other three are still going strong and keeping up with the beat of the music and lyrics. "Fuck my--Fuck my--Fuck my--Fuck my--Fuck my--Fuck my--Fuck my--Fuck my bitch, Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, B-B-B-B, Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, Bitch…" the lyrics to the song go, Vince Omega begins swerving his hips back and forth like a hula hoop, his ass is still a blur. 

The thogner with the megaphone goes back around to watch their asses shake. Luis and Angelo continue to do well, although the thonger with the megaphone notices Angelo puffing his cheeks and blowing out air, possibly fighting a cramp. The thonger with the megaphone notices Vince Omega's thong is starting to slip off his ass. Vince stands more upright on his heels and lets his ass slide down off his body. "Holy shizzy! Vince Omega is actually twonking out of his thong!" The thonger with the megaphone announces, like a hula hoop, Vince's thong goes down his cheeks, down his thighs, and hits the grass. "We have a winner!" The crowd cheers and Vince raises his fingers pointed to the sky, het turns to the crowd to reveal his massive cock dangling above his knees. The thonger with the megaphone is distracted for a second, but snaps out of his daze and brings the megaphone back up to his mouth. "Vince congratulations you'll be in the final round, now lets bring on the next group." He says. 

Minutes later, the next group of four guys take their spots on the grass. Their thronged asses turned to the crowd. The four men include Todd, Zack, Alex, and Shinji. "Okay, on your marks, get set…go!" Says the thonger with the megaphone, Nick presses play o the boom box, the song "Peanut Butter." by, RuPaul comes on. "Oh yes honey, due to the fact that her thighs spread just like Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, P-P-P-P, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanut Butter!…" the lyrics of the song go, al flour of the competitors start shaking their asses to the rapid rhythm of the lyrics and beat. 

The thonger with the megaphone watches them with a critical eye. Todd's twonking is good, but very basic. Alex's legs are outstretched in a frog leg position, his ass has an incredible bounce, and hints of his thong bulge can be seen flopping back and forth from behind his ass. Zack is doing the same thing Charlie did earlier, hands on the ground and his heels, helping his ass jiggle upward with hopes the thong will slip off. Shinji's ass, although quite voluptuous, was not twonking. Instead it just looked like he was fucking someone in the ass. The thonger with the megaphone walks up to Shinji and taps him on the shoulder. "Thanks babe." He says, Shinji walks away. Todd, Alex, and Zack remain. 

"…and your sister on the corner, sister on the corner selling Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, P-P-P-P, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanut Butter!…" the chorus goes, and their asses go wild. Unlike Charlie, Zack's ass looked like it was shaking hard on it's own and not like he was trying too hard to shake it. The thonger with the megaphone decides he can stay. Alex's ass continues to twonk in perfect form and rousingly fast. The thonger with the megaphone feels a rising sensation in his thong pouch, so he looks away from him to not make the rising sensation grow. Alex stays, Todd is still doing well but the thonger with the megaphone notices he's not keeping up with Alex and Zack's pace. 

He taps Todd on the shoulder. "Thanks babe, I appreciate you playing." Todd stops, "Why? What did I do wrong?" Todd says out of curiosity, "You did nothing wrong, I just feel you didn't keep up with the music as fast as you could've." The thonger with the megaphone says, Todd walks away with a look of "I could do better" the song has a beetles breakdown. "Must be jelly 'cuz jam don't shake, must be jelly 'cuz jam don't shake…" the lyrics say, Zack does a small booty bounce, and Alex goes into a split keeping his ass bouncing, and his cheeks clapping against each other, giving the audience a treat to see the thong strap on his ass for a split second. The audience was very appreciative. The song begins to build back up again. 

Alex and Zack start twonking faster, both back up on their feet. "Oh yes honey, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, P-P-P-P, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanut Butter!.." the chorus goes, and then…Alex does something no one at "Sunsets" has ever done before during the "Twonking" game, he does a hand stand, followed by splitting his legs into a speed eagle position, turns to the audience on his hands and continues to twonk. "Holy shizzy! Alex is twonking in a hand stand!" The thonger with the megaphone says stunned, the crowd is cheering for Alex as if Madonna made an entrance. Zack continues to twonk as he had before, but it's no match against Alex's air twonking. 

The thonger with the megaphone goes up to Zack and taps him on the shoulder. "Thanks babe, you were great." He says to Zack. "We have a winner!" Alex stands back up on his feet raising his fingers to the sky victoriously. "The best!" Alex says, the crowd cheers Alex on for what feels like an hour. "If that's what you had to offer for the preliminary round, I can only imagine what you'll offer i the final round." says the thonger with the megaphone.

The next round of men include Jay, Joaquin, a blatino muscle god, and a small ginger boy with well trimmed chest hair. "Twonking positions…ready, get set!…go!" The thonger with the megaphone says, the music comes on, and instead of the typical 'twerk' music as played in the previous rounds, it's "Breathe You In (Andy Caldwell Dub Mix)." by, Samantha James. At first all four of the contestants are hesitant to start twonking. "Oh yes! We're throwing you a curve ball, instead of twerk jams, we're giving you a house song with lots of bass." said the thonger with the megaphone. The contestants try to find a rhythm to the song that they can bounce to. slow at first, they find the rhythm and begin shaking their asses. 

Joaquin notices Jay is not picking up pace like him and the rest of the pack. "Arch your back, and bend your knees, and act like you're humping something." Joaquin whispers, "Joaquin! No pointers!" The thonger with megaphone says, they all start shaking to the drum machine build up of the song, everyone of them has a different way of showing how they twonk to the beat, the thogner with the megaphone holds off before making a decision. When the bass drops and a dirty electro loop pumps through the speakers, the ass shaking goes turbo. Joaquin's massive globes in his black thong look like they're slapping his lower back. The blatino muscle god in his orange sherbet thong gets his ass cheeks clapping together, his hips gyrating back and forth. 

The thonger with the megaphone goes up to Jay and taps him on the shoulder, and straight over to the ginger to tap him on the shoulder too. "Good luck." Jay whispers to Joaquin before he walks away, Joaquin stays focused and keeps twonking. The song has a breakdown, the bass lowers. The blatino muscle god slows his twonking down and does a split, keeping his ass clapping. Joaquin gets down on his hands and knees and keeps his massive butt cheeks shaking up and down as if they were hitting his lower back. "Angel is in a split, just like Alex did in the previous round." The thonger with the megaphone points out. Then, as the drum beat picks back up and the dirty electro loop of the song pumps through the speakers, Joaquin jumps off the grass and does a single clap with his hands fro his previous position, and lands on his feet, while shaking his ass in the same motion. His hands touch the ground, his legs spread apart, looking over his shoulder to see the crowd reaction. 

He jumps again, does another hand clap and lands back i the same position, only a foot further away from where he stood, and does it again and again to the beat of the song, getting closer to the cheering crowd. The thonger with the megaphone knows Joaquin has won, he just wants to see how far he'll go. Joaquin is just inches away from the crowd, the men he approaches get rowdy and horny for him. Joaquin's butt continues to twonk, they bark at him like a dog. The thonger standing closest to his ass starts pouring the remains of beer out of his beer bottle all over Joaquin's ass cheeks, aiming for his hole. The beer splatters off his twonking ass, and splatters all over the spectators, driving them wild with cheers of delight. Teht thogner with the megaphone taps the blatino muscle god (Angel) o the shoulder, and walks away in defeat. "We have our final three!" The thogner with the megaphone says. Joaquin stands up and takes a deep breath. 

Finally, all three of the previous winners from the first three rounds are lined up for the last round of twonking. "Okay, everybody! For the last and final round of 'Twonking' we have the top three twonkers competing for the grand prize, the grand prize being a fully comped vacation, including hotel and airfare round trip to any major gay palm springs event!" Alex, Joaquin, and Vince Omega feel a rush of nervousness hit the pit of their stomachs. "The hotel being 'Sunsets,' the airfare being for whatever choice of airline you like, and the major gay palm springs event being, but not limited to: The White Party, Blatino Oasis, Thonger's Weekend, etc." The crowd applauds, Alex, Joaquin and Vince Omega get into twonking position with the grand prize clouding their minds. It just got serious! "So unlike the previous rounds where I played judge, for our final round it's sudden death. You twonk until you're out of energy…or fuck it up." The thonger with the megaphone. "Nick, put 'Peanut Butter' back on. I like that song." 

Alex, Joaquin, and Vince Omega wait anxiously. "On your mark, get set!…Go!" the song comes on. "Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, P-P-P-P, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanut Butter!…" The lyrics go. Their asses start twonking, and the crowd cheers for them like it's the final pitch at the world series. Vince shakes his ass at an out of control pace, making an entire circle with his ass in rotation. Alex drops down to his elbows and knees, and his feet in the air, shaking his ass just as good as before. Joaquin does something new, he gets one of his ass cheeks to twitch to the beat of the "Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh." lyrics of the song, and the other one to twitch to the "P-P-P-P." lyric. 

All of them are twonking differently, and it's only a matter of time before two of them energy, and one of them wins. When the song picks up from the repetitious chorus, all three of them change positions, and twonking techniques. Joaquin gets his ass cheeks to clap, revealing quick second glimpses of the black thong strap covering his pussy. Alex makes his buns vibrate and jiggle like jello with his back arched, standing tall looking over his shoulder for crowd reaction and to check his form. 

Vince Omega is still shaking his ass at an extremely hyper pace, his thong is a blur, his ass like jello infused with an energy drink. "Your daddy's in jail, raising hell, and your sister o the corner, your sister on the corner selling Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, P-P-P-P, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanut Butter!…" The lyrics go, as if Vince wasn't twonking hard enough, his whole body looks like a shockwave once those repetitious lyrics shoot out of the speakers! 

The hyper energy of Vince Omega however comes with a price, suddenly he gets a charlie horse in the back of both of his calfs at once, sending a shock of pain thought his body. "Aaack!" Vince shrieks in pain, "Clap for Vince Omega everybody!" The thonger with the megaphone says as he rushes to his aid, the crowd applauds for his effort. He puts his hand on Vince's shoulder and whispers something to him, they wrap their arms around each other's waist and watch the remainder of the game together. "Our final two competitors, Alex and Joaquin are now in a battle of total ass domination!" says the thonger with the megaphone, Alex and Joaquin shake their asses furiously to the beat of the song. They look at each other at the same time. "I'm taking your ass down, Swedish meatball!" Alex says, "I'm not Swedish, I'm Danish!" Joaquin responds, "I'm going to show you what a big Danish ass can do to an American asshole!" He added, Alex assumed Joaquin mean "asshole" literally. Joaquin spreads his legs as far as he can, to as close to a split as he can get. Alex watches him and follows lead, spreading his legs as he can. The crowd starts roaring and applauding like the audience on "Married with Children" when a busty bimbo would enter the room. 

"Must be jelly 'cuz jam don't shake, must be jelly 'cuz jam don't shake." the lyrics to the song go. Keeping their asses jiggling they take the breakdown of the song to bring their asses closer to each other. "Ass to Ass mother fuckers!" the thonger with the megaphone says, with both of their legs in a split, their asses twonking, they twonk against each other, their ass cheeks clapping against each other, their holes behind the thong straps just barely an inch from one another's. Joaquin and Alex look at the crowd of thongers cheering them on. 

There's men jerking off in their thongs as they watch, men holding money in their hands betting on winners, men clapping hard. There was no other place in the world where this could all be going on, it was a unique moment i time, and Joaquin and Alex were the center of attention to it all, "Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, P-P-P-P, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanuh, Peanut Butter!…" the song is getting into it's last minute. Little does Alex know that as Joaquin twonks his ass against his ass, he slowly raises the arms, and scream in victory as it becomes clear who the winner will be. Joaquin's ass dominates Alex's butt twonking on the ground. 

Alex looks up over his shoulder to see Joaquin over him. Slapping his thong bulge against Alex's ass crack, and his giant cakes towering over his, pinning Alex down. Alex's cock fucks the grass tickling his thong encased dick, and eventually stops as Joaquin twonks on Alex's defeated ass. "And that Gentlemen, is what 'twonking' is all about!" The thonger with the megaphone says. He walks over to Joaquin sitting on top of Alex and raises his arm as the victorious champ. The crowd continues it's deafening cheers! "Joaquin is this week's 'twonking' champ. Thank you so much to everyone who participated, congratulations to all of today's winners! Next friday we will have a whole new round of more 'thong games' if any of you are still checked in with us, if not, then please enjoy the remainder of your stay at the one and forever only 'Sunsets' resort!" The thonger with the megaphone says, the crowd breaks apart and goes back to enjoying what else the rest of the resort has to offer. 

Alex, still on the ground catching his breath, removes his hat off his head, and the shades from his eyes. Joaquin is off to the side talking with the thonger with the megaphone. Alex stands up and puts his shades on the right hip of his thong strap, and holds his bucket hat over his bulge. "…so before you go, just stop by my office and we'll get your room booked, your flight picked out, as soon as you decide what even you'd like to attend." The thonger with the megaphone says to Joaquin, he gallops away leaving Joaquin alone, and Alex approaching him from behind. "Hey kid." Alex says, Joaquin turns to him, his hands on his hips. "Yes?"

"Look what you did to me!" Alex lifts his bucket hat away from his bulge to reveal the tip of his dick wet underneath. "Do you know how hard it is for me to get pre-come?" Joaquin has no idea what to say, but feels flattered. "I didn't mean to call you a Swedish meatball, not all American guys are assholes, especially not the sexy ones." Alex says, Joaquin shakes his head and giggles, he thinks Alex is so pretentious, despite how sexy he thinks Alex is. "I had fun."

"And you got a trip, what event you gonna go to? White party? Thonger's weekend?" Alex asks, Joaquin shrugs his shoulders, he just smiles, and doesn't say a word. It becomes quiet around them, and none of them are being the first to walk away. 

"You here by yourself?" Alex asks, "Yes, I am." Joaquin responds. "How come?" again, Joaquin smiles uncomfortably and looks to the side. "It amazes me how brave you are to twerk your ass in front of a group of horny men in thongs, but you're too shy to talk to me." Alex says with a smile, Joaquin starts blushing. Alex moves a little closer to Joaquin and snaps the strap to his black thong on his hip. "Snap!" Alex whispers with a craving or sex in his voice, Joaquin is tempted to move in closer and touch him back. Alex keeps his face close to Joaquin, their mouths are just inches away from kissing. The energy between them feels sensual, with no trace of resistance. 

Joaquin sticks his finger under Alex's thogn strap and snaps it. "Enjoy your room upgrade." Joaquin says, Alex stares into his eyes, his face is frozen. "This was a lot of fun." Joaquin says, smiling. He walks away from Alex and heads for the main building, possibly to claim the prize he just won for shaking his massive ass. Alex puts his bucket hat on, and watches Joaquin walk off. "He's mine!" Alex thought. "After all, I'm still the best!"

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