Elastic Neon - In The Garden

Elastic Neon - In The Garden Elastic Neon - In The Garden

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


When hot, Danish, sex god, Joaquin decides to explore the tropical garden at the "Sunsets" resort in Palm Springs, CA. He discovers a cottage with the front door unlocked, and becomes curious as to what is inside. Little does Joaquin that Alex is following him, and hoping to get closer to him.


When hot, Danish, sex god, Joaquin decides to explore the tropical garden at the "Sunsets" resort in Palm Springs, CA. He discovers a cottage with the front door unlocked, and becomes curious as to what is inside. Little does Joaquin that Alex is following him, and hoping to get closer to him.


Submitted: August 28, 2013

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Submitted: August 28, 2013















Joaquin sat in a lounge chair reading a copy of "Whiskey Beach." It was mid-afternoon, so most of the guests were back at the pool or in the gym at this hour. At a dull moment in the book, Joaquin placed his bookmark in between the pages of "Whiskey Beach" and began to watch the thongers around him. People watching was something Joaquin did a lot, especially at "Sunsets."

Joaquin still had not had thong sex or any kind of sex during his stay at "Sunsets." He did make a new friend, Jay from San Diego, but Jay was off somewhere with his boyfriend Ben, nowhere to be seen in the pool area. Joaquin looked to the pool, he wasn't really up for a swim. He looked to the bar, didn't want to get drunk. Then he looked to the garden area, it was located on the left side of the pool rooms, an enormous facade of tropical plants and palm trees covering the garden itself inside. 

Joaquin suddenly wanted to go exploring, he had never seen anyone go in, or see anybody come out. There was a footpath between two giant tropical plants and no sign that said the garden was off limits to guests, so Joaquin set his book on the chair and decided to go see what was in the garden. 

Up on the balcony of the second floor of the pool rooms, Alex was getting used to the new view of the pool room he upgraded to, after winning the thong game "Tug and float." in the "Sunsets" pool. he felt so great about himself, so accomplished. With his arms over the ledge, a smile on his face, and a dark red g-string around his amazing ass, Alex looked down at the guests in their thongs, and to his surprise, he spotted Joaquin.

Joaquin wore a black thong, and a skin tight tank top made of lycra, it was a white cream color, and revealing of his pectoral cleavage. Alex was mesmerized with Joaquin, every time he saw him he could not stop staring at him. Ever since Joaquin took down Alex in a game of "Twonking" Alex's hunger for the Danish sex god would not die. 

Joaquin looked around before walking into the garden, and entered. Alex leaned away from the ledge and headed down the stairs, but took his time so Joaquin would not know that he was following him. As Joaquin set foot in the garden, he entered a completely different world. Everywhere he looked, green colors. This wasn't just a garden, this was a forrest. He walked down the foot path and went around the corner of a big bush of magenta flowers. 

He found a hawaiian style table with bamboo structure, and matching seats. Wicker lamps surrounded it, the kerosene strips were fresh and haven't been burnt. Joaquin was fascinated more than ever, there had to be more to see. He walked around the table and found another path between two giant flower bushes that blocked off the view of anything ahead. Joaquin was surprised he had not caught anyone having sex in any corner of the garden yet. This seemed like the perfect place to be intimate, Joaquin was the only one in the garden, that was until Alex crept his way into the garden just a few yards behind him. Joaquin continued down the path and came into the center of the entire garden; four ponds each with their own identical waterfalls. Koi fish swimming in each pond.

Stepping stones with polished surfaces in the ground circled their way around the ponds. The path Joaquin continued on lead straight down between the ponds. At the end of the path was a golden sepia glow beaming down on what appeared to be a cottage. Joaquin had not seen this cottage on the website of the resort, or even in the brochure, so his curiosity had only gotten stronger. 'What is this?' He thought. As he walked down the path and got closer to the cottage, he noticed the front door was slightly ajar, and the lock on the door had the same kind of lock that all the other rooms at "Sunsets" had, to slide their hotel room cards in. 

Alex kneeled down at the far end of the path with his hands clasped together, observing Joaquin. As he finally reached the door of the cottage, Joaquin saw the door was in fact slightly open. He didn't want to trespass so he knocked on the door. He waited thirty seconds but there was no response. Joaquin knocked a little harder and a little longer. "Hello? Is anyone there? You left your door open!" Joaquin said, there was still no response. Joaquin waited to hear something, but nothing inside seemed to be making a sound. He pushed the cottage door open and peeked inside, still hesitant to go in. He knocked even louder against the door. "Hello?!" He shouted, there was still no response.

Joaquin finally felt assured no one was inside, he stepped into the cottage leaving the door slightly ajar for a quick escape if needed. Alex moved out from behind a bush once Joaquin was inside the cottage. He began to think to himself, what exactly was he doing? Was he stalking Joaquin, or hoping for an encounter? Did he hope Joaquin would spot him and that would lead to an encounter then? But if Joaquin was in the cottage how could he possibly grab his attention now?

He walked down the path past the four ponds and waterfalls, and saw the door of the cottage slightly open. A question mark popped above Alex's head, why did Joaquin leave the door open when he should've closed it shut? Did he forget? Was he hoping someone would come in? Alex had no idea why the door was still open, then he got a crazy idea. If Joaquin left the door open he must think he is the only one there, so Alex thought this would be a great time to live out a fantasy he thought he'd never get to live out at all, to be a voyeur.

Alex took a good look at the cottage and studied where he could get around and hide. Inside the cottage, Joaquin continued to be mesmerized, unlike the pool rooms which were really luxurious just for a vacation, the Cottage seemed like the perfect place to live. The kitchen walls were decorated with copper antique dishes, and gold silverware hanging from the racks. It had polished umber wood cabinets, and counters. The living room was ivory white, with a white leather couch and glass coffee table, a flat screen TV stood in the corner. 'What a wonderful home this would be.' Joaquin thought, Alex began to creep around the cottage. As he approached the back he saw two things; an entire garden of desert flowers, and a big giant glass shower attached to the bathroom of the cottage.

The shower itself had maple brown floor tiles and red stone for the wall with the water nozzles. Inside the cottage, Joaquin explored the bedroom, there stood a big giant bed with fluffy covers, two giant pillows, each equal to two smaller ones. The wall was a lime green color that reminded Joaquin of his Grandma's house. The air conditioning turned on, the bed looked so comfortable. Joaquin subconsciously began to have a vision of him and Alex, the vision of them in tight skimpy black thongs kissing while holding each other close on top of the bed. Their big bulges rubbed against each other, and during an unexpected moment, Alex's bulging cock pops out of his pouch, lubed with pre-come. Alex reaches down to push Joaquin's thong strap between his ass to the side, and enters his hole raw. Alex silences Joaquin's moan from the initial pain with a kiss, and begins to fuck him. Joaquin breaks out of the vision by shaking his head and sees the empty bed again. 

The vision did not leave without it affecting Joaquin, an enormous hard-on had risen in his thong pouch. He left the doorway of the bedroom and began to look for the bathroom. Outside, behind the cottage, Alex found a large plant he could hide behind in the desert flower garden. He lowered himself behind the branches so no one from inside could see him. Joaquin found the bathroom,  his hard dick from the vision in the bedroom still stood erect. He thought he'd just stick his hands under the sink in cold water to get his hard on down and leave, but after seeing the glass shower with the incredible view of the garden in the back, he couldn't leave that room without trying it out. 'You could get a tan without ever leaving the cottage!' Joaquin thought as he slid the glass door to the side.

He entered the shower in awe, he peeled the lycra tank top off his torso and dropped it onto the floor of the bathroom. Alex peeked a little more behind the branch to see Joaquin in the shower. His heart began pounding out of his chest, and his cock began to stretch the pouch of his thong. Nervous and horny at the same time, Alex let out a big breath and began teasing the tip of his cock, making a tiny little circle around the piss slit. Joaquin's black thong stayed on. He adjusted the water temperature and up above, the shower water poured onto him like rain. The back muscles on Joaquin were strong, and bulged as he flexed. The running water pouring down his back looked like a powerful waterfall down a cliff side. 

Alex began rubbing the shaft of his cock, watching the water trickle down Joaquin's back and into the crack of his ass where his thong squeezed tight around him. Joaquin's body glistened from the water, and shined in the sun. To his convenience, a bottle of shampoo and a soap bar sat in a soap dish carved into the red stone wall of the shower. Joaquin opened the bottle of shampoo and squirted a tiny dollop of it into the palm of his hand, and ran it through the short strands of hair on his head.

Alex felt tension building in his cock head as he continued to stroke his shaft in the thong pouch. His index finger ran up the head over the dick hole and back down the head again. Joaquin lifted up the pouch of his tight thong and let the water trickle into his shaft. He placed his shampoo covered head underneath the water letting the soapy suds drop onto his cock inside the thong pouch. The pre-come in Alex's thong was becoming frothy. The ooze of it covered his dick all around, he was ready to come and ready to come at any moment. 

Joaquin pulled the back strap of the thong down and leaned up against the red stone wall to let the water roll down his back and into the crack of his ass. Alex felt the cream inside him churning and waiting to rise out of his cock. He let go of his throbbing thong bulge and looked for a way to sneak out so Joaquin wouldn't spot him through the glass. Alex saw a set of stepping stones to his left which would lead him to the front of the cottage, if he could make a dash for it while Joaquin was in the shower, and turned away from the sight of him, he could leave without a trace. 

Alex did not want to wait till Joaquin was finished in the shower or he would've creamed his thong when he didn't want to come…yet! Joaquin took the soap bar and began lathering his big round buttocks. While Joaquin kept his focus on the soap bar lathering his gigantic behind, Alex took the chance to make a run for it and successfully ran out from the bush and onto the stepping stones leading back to the front of the cottage. He managed to be unseen, but he wasn't ready to leave the garden just yet. He had come all this way after Joaquin and he didn't want it to be for nothing. His hard cock still stood erect,and he was still incredibly horny.

The cottage door remained slightly ajar, and Alex was more than anxious to go inside. Joaquin had finished his shower in the glass shower, he dried himself off with the towel and placed it neatly on the towel rack he found it on. As he slipped his lycra tank top back onto his torso, clinging tightly to his body, his mind went back to the bedroom with the fluffy covers that looked so comfortable. Alex crept up to the front door of the cottage and pushed it just a little bit more open to see the tiniest glimpse of the inside, and hear the sound of whatever went on. 

Alex squatted down while peeking inside the cottage. The sound of footsteps crept up closer to the front door, Alex's heart began to race. Joaquin walked into the bedroom of the cottage, Alex saw him walk in. He had seen through a window on his way from out of the bushes that the room Joaquin walked into was the bedroom. Alex was now incredibly horny, on the verge of coming, and ready for Joaquin. The thought of Joaquin taking a nap or lying on the bed excited him. Slowly, trying not to make a sound, Alex opened the door of the cottage.

Joaquin crawled on top of the bed feeling the fluffy covers under his palms and knees. The sheets felt like silk. Alex had successfully crept into the cottage without Joaquin noticing. Joaquin lay on his back, the sheets felt delightfully cool on his buttocks and so soft. He raised his legs up and slipped out of his thong. With every little twitch and slip his body made, the sheets felt incredibly sensual, sending tingles up his spine. The soles of his feet went up to the ceiling in a split. He brought his hands to his open buttocks, spreading the cheeks further apart, his anus puckered. He shut his eyes and let out a deep breath through his nose. His hole let loose and gaped like a hungry mouth. Using his right hand, his three middle fingers slid over the anus and began to rub the ass-lips at a rapid pace.

Joaquin's cock hardened in a matter of seconds. Alex crept up to the open door sill, and the moment he saw Joaquin lying on the bed with his eyes closed, his legs in the air, and his fingers diddling his man-clit, Alex reached for his cock bulging in his red thong pouch and began to stroke it. Alex leaned up against the door sill, Joaquin was lost in the ecstasy of trying to reach an anal orgasm. He rubbed and rubbed his throbbing anus. As he turned his head toward the door, Joaquin opened his eyes to see Alex at the door sill stroking his cock. Whether it was another vision or the real thing, Joaquin was happy to see him there.

He continued to rub his anus, the wet clicking noise it made made both of their dickheads red and harder. None of them said a word, they just knew it felt right. As Joaquin's anal orgasm intensified, a long satisfied breath came out of his nose. Alex could feel cream about to rise out of his shaft, and let out a tiny "Fuck yeah." His muscles tightened up, ready to spunk the floor. Joaquin's chest began to heave, his breathing became more like moaning, he stuck his middle finger into his hole and pre-come began to drip out of his pee-hole, but what Alex and Joaquin heard next stopped them both in their tracks killing the moment; a laugh!

Alex lost his concentration and the intensity of his building come shot. Joaquin sat up in the bed and grabbed his thong, ready to put it back on. "Did you hear that?" Alex said, whispering caught off-guard. "I did, what do we do?" Joaquin asked, the laugh had come from outside in the garden. Alex walked back to the front door of the cottage and peeked through the crack in the door. The thonger with the megaphone walked down the path past the ponds accompanied by two men; Darius, the manager of "Sunsets" in his tie-dye thong, and Mr. Onikos, the owner of "Sunsets" in a royal blue thong. "Fuck! They're coming this way!" Alex said, Joaquin slipped back into his thong and stuffed his hard cock back into the pouch. "Is there another way out?" Alex asked, "I don't know, I didn't get to explore the whole cottage." said Joaquin, both of them felt panic stricken, looking to find another way out or just a place to hide. 

Outside the cottage, the thonger with the megaphone and Darius escort Mr. Onikos down the path in the garden. "The cottage was just finished about two weeks ago, we haven't even put any information about it in our brochure or the website to keep it a surprise." Darius explained to Mr. Onikos. "We're glad you get to be the first guest to stay inside it." The thonger with the megaphone said with a seductive smile, "I'm thrilled to see it turned out so great." Mr. Onikos said, "Why wouldn't it be? You designed it!" The thonger with the megaphone added, Darius rolled his eyes off to the side. "Darius, thank you for escorting me through the resort en route to the cottage but Jordan here is about to go over the interior design of the cottage with me in explicit detail, and that could take awhile, your presence is no longer required." Mr. Onikos said, Darius nodded and walked away. 

Jordan (the thonger with the megaphone) had noticed as Mr. Onikos dismissed Darius, that the front door to the cottage was open slightly. He pulled his cell phone off the side of his thong strap and began looking at text messages from housekeeping. "Don't be alarmed, but housekeeping forgot to shut the door when they left, I just saw the text message." Jordan said, "Why would housekeeping be in the cottage if none of the guests have used it?"

"To put in the bathroom supplies: Soaps, shampoos, towels, etc." Jordan replied, "Speaking of which, I wanted to try out the glass shower, I hope you'll give me the full detailed tour of it." Mr. Onikos said as he slipped his hands onto Jordan's butt! "I wouldn't have it any other way." Jordan replied, bringing his middle finger to the tiny mouth behind Mr. Oniko's thonged greek butt!

They checked to see if anyone was around and went in for a big wet french kiss. Alex and Joaquin, still stuck inside the cottage, huddled together behind the door so when it flung open, they would be covered. "I think it's a huge risk to take, what if they close the door the moment they enter?!" Joaquin asked, "You got a better idea?!"

"Yes! The kitchen!" Joaquin pointed to the kitchen table with a long white linen table cloth. "The oldest trick in the book?" Alex shouted in a hush tone, "That doesn't mean it won't work." Joaquin said, Alex made up his mind in a matter of three seconds and darted for the kitchen table, he crawled under the table and hid under the cloth, Joaquin followed immediately. Footsteps approached the cottage door, and Jordan along with Mr. Onikos, came inside kissing each other like passionate lovers who haven't seen each other in a long time.

Their hands were grabbing at each other's thronged buttocks! Under the table, Joaquin places his hand over Alex's mouth. Mr. Onikos and Jordan pull their hungry lips off each other, panting out of control. "I'm going to get that shower ready…I want to eat your thonged bunghole, and I want you to eat mine!" Mr. Onikos panted, "It's down that way!" Jordan pointed out, and Mr. Onikos made a run for it. Jordan took a moment to catch his breath, as he stood in place he looked toward the kitchen table. Jordan saw the tip of two fingers peeking out from under the table cloth.

Alex and Joaquin froze as they heard footsteps approach the kitchen table, their hearts beating out of their chests. The table cloth went up and Jordan caught them. Instead of screaming, Alex and Joaquin remained frozen. Instead of being upset, Jordan shut his eyes and shook his head. "Just go! I'm horny and I don't want to be bothered!" Jordan said, not a trace of anger in his voice. Alex and Joaquin crawled out from underneath the table on their hands and knees. "Thanks." Alex whispered, they got to the front door and once they left, they finally shut the door.

Once outside, Alex and Joaquin ran out of the garden, not saying a word to each other. Alex went back up to his new room, and Joaquin went back to his lounge chair, deciding to continue reading "Whiskey Beach." Before Alex went inside his room, he looked down at the pool area one more time to see where Joaquin went. Joaquin lay deeper into the lounge chair immersed in the book. Alex spotted him and hoped he would look his way. He whistled, and Joaquin looked in his direction, he smiled. Alex was eager to get Joaquin to finish his anal orgasm, and better yet help him achieve it. He gestured with his hand to come up to the room, it was obvious they both wanted each other. Joaquin smiled more, but went back to reading his book instead. 

Alex wanted Joaquin more than any guy he ever met in his life, but Joaquin could not get over the shyness eating away at him inside. Alex went back into his room and shot his load in the shower, although satisfying, it was nothing to what he and Joaquin could experience together.

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