Elastic Neon - Brock & Charlie

Elastic Neon - Brock & Charlie Elastic Neon - Brock & Charlie

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Brock and Charlie are a pair of friends with benefits who love to show off to the world their love of male skimpy thongs, from rollerblading in thongs down the streets of South Beach, to walking down the beach in Maui hand in hand, they thrive on showing off to everyone their love of thongs. In this short story, find out how far they'll go!


Brock and Charlie are a pair of friends with benefits who love to show off to the world their love of male skimpy thongs, from rollerblading in thongs down the streets of South Beach, to walking down the beach in Maui hand in hand, they thrive on showing off to everyone their love of thongs. In this short story, find out how far they'll go!


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They arrived in their hotel room at 1:55 am, the island of Maui, Hawaii was the location, and the Marriot was the hotel. This was the beginning of a vacation both Brock and Charlie had been waiting for, for the longest time.

Brock was almost 50, but his body was smooth and muscled, big round ass, abs that purged out, his shoulders were wide, his pectorals were deliciously round, his mustache  was trimmed, and his hair draped down like a 70's porn star. Charlie was 27, lean, six foot two, surfer dude hair that draped over his eyebrows, golden yellow contact lenses, a perky booty, and a nice tan. 

They sat down on the bed after dropping their luggage next to the couch. They immediately began to undress out of their clothes, removing the shackles of their airplane travel clothes, and dressing down to their thongs. Brock wore a cow pattern thong with black spots, Charlie wore a zebra striped thong. 

They finally wrapped their arms around each other after the excruciatingly long flight. They lay down on their sides of the bed, and begin kissing passionately, their bulges frotting against each other. "I'm so glad my sexy thong boy is here with me." Brock whispers, "I'm so happy to be here with you." Charlie whispers back. He held the back of Brock's neck with only the tips of his fingers, brushing them through his hair. Brock slipped his finger under the tight strap of Charlie's thong, and snapped it three times. Charlie looks over his shoulder realizing he hadn't seen the view yet. 

He slowly backs away from Brock's snapping and walks to the glass door with an extra bounce in his step so Brock can see his booty shake a little. Charlie pulls the curtains to the side to reveal the brown adobe balcony, lit by the golden lights above. Brock gets off the bed to follow him. Charlie slides the door open and walks onto the balcony, the calming noise of the ocean hitting the shore is ambient and soothing.

Charlie leans over the ledge of the balcony to see an inactive restaurant right below them. The shore is only a walk away. The night sky is filled with stars, and the water gently hits the beach. "It's been years since I've been here, it feels incredible to be back." Charlie said, admiring the pitch black view. Brock wraps his around Charlie's shoulder. "You've got some catching up to do then."

"Where are we going to?"

"There's a secluded beach I know of that's twenty minutes north of Lahaina, I went there with a thong buddy last time I was here." Brock said, Charlie was already excited. "It's 2:00 right now, do you want to play around a little, or should we rest up for tomorrow?" Brock asked, wrapping his other arm around Charlie's shoulder and breathed him in. "Do you want me to take you on the balcony right now?" He whispered, reaching down to pull Charlie's thong below his butt. Charlie let out a quiet moan, immersed in Brock's big arms and warm body.

He pulled his thong back up over his ass. "I'm going to be a tease tonight, and make you wait." Charlie said, rubbing his ass against Brock's bulge for that extra tease. Brock let go of Charlie with a sigh of playful disappointment. "Damn, I thought for sure you would've wanted to go right here on the balcony." He said, Charlie bounced his booty to the bed and climbed on top of it like a cat. Brock followed inside, shutting the glass door behind him. He shut off the lights along his way to the bed.

Once all the lights were out, Brock climbed onto the bed and hovered over Charlie. He wrapped his legs over Brock's round ass and pulled him down, their bulges frotting, their lips kissing, soon their hands stroked each other's pouches, but Charlie whispered: "Beach tomorrow! Beach tomorrow!" Brock immediately let go of Charlie's cock, and Charlie let go of Brock's. "You better be ready for me!" Brock whispered as he got under the covers.

"Believe me, I will." Charlie whispered back like a naughty kid. He lay his head on Brock's large chest, and fell asleep to the sound of his heartbeat. Brock lay a kiss on Charlie's forehead and followed.

Brock and Charlie had met on a website for men into thongs, they both came from different parts of the country, although not that far apart. Brock had a husband at home who unfortunately didn't share the fetish as he did, but fortunately for Brock their relationship was open. Charlie was single. They took their first vacation together in South Beach to go rollerblading in their thongs. The place was crawling with beautiful bodies, and Brock and Charlie were no exception. 

"I want us to wear matching thongs." Brock said as he put on his helmet in their South Beach hotel room. Charlie had butterflies in the pit of his stomach about the whole thing, but he was incredibly excited at the same time. Brock pulled out a thong with water wave patterns in aqua and ocean blue. Charlie smiled at the sight of it. Their rollerblading uniform had been made official.

They walked down to the lobby in their water pattern thongs, knee pads, helmets on their heads, and their rollerblades carried in their hands. Immediately people around began to notice, but no one said anything to them. They were quick on their way, out to the front step of the boutique hotel. They sat down and put on their rollerblades, it was a hot day in july and of course lots of passer-bys were wearing close to nothing, but so far Brock and Charlie were the only ones wearing thongs. "I can't wait to see the glances we get from all the people we pass by." Brock said, "I just love to know as we pass by each person on the street they'll know you and I are together because of our matching thongs." Charlie said with a mischievous grin. "Thong Son and Thong Dad." Brock whispered, Charlie leaned in closer after latching up his rollerblades.

"Wearing our skimpy little fagsuits for everybody to see." He said. Brock and Charlie slipped their tongues inside each other's mouths with everybody to see. They pulled away and sat up ready to roll. "So where do you want to go?" asked Brock, "Let's find an outdoor bar and order a drink. The farthest one we can find too, I want as many people to see us going to it as they will when we come back." Charlie said, Brock smiled at his thong boy, and slapped him on the ass. "Sexy thong boy!" He said, taking off on his rollerblades, Charlie followed.

Their exhibition was off to a good start, Charlie had the pleasure of staring at Brock's thonged ass flying by for the first few blocks they were able to sail right on by. Charlie also saw the second glances of the people noticing Brock was wearing a thong, he wanted to be rollerblading right next to that, getting those second take glances with him. They made a stop at a crosswalk, Charlie finally caught up to his adonis, Thong Son and Thong Dad standing beside each other.

The sound of caribbean steel drums by the street performers on the sidewalk filled the air. Another sound Brock and Charlie heard was the subtle sound of camera phones clicking their shutters nearby. They glanced at each other with a quick smile after hearing the sound of a camera phone click. When the crosswalk signal across the street turned to the walking man, Brock and Charlie continued their revealing rollerblade exhibition. 

They skated through a skate park hoping to make a couple skater boys fall off their skateboards for a double take. Luckily none of the skaters made any snarky comments, possibly because they liked what they saw. "I see a side bar, want to get a drink?!" Brock said, "Let's do it." Charlie replied. They rolled up to a moderately busy tropical style side bar, the bartender didn't notice their thongs since the ledge of the bar went up to their navels.

Brock and Charlie noticed everyone around was wearing a lot more clothing, and they were the least clothed. They never felt more sexy. They ordered two frozen strawberry margaritas and planned to stay right where they were for as long as they drank it, so more people could see them. It felt incredibly sexy to be standing there in their matching thongs side by side, thong son and thong dad. Brock and Charlie tried to refrain from getting hard when the people around discreetly or not so discreetly pointed their iPhones in their direction to get a picture of the man and boy wearing matching thongs in public.

They took so much time to finish their frozen margaritas, they were surprised no one ever came up to them to say; "Hey, I like your thongs!" or "Can I get a picture with you two?" No one even came up to slap them on the ass, but every so often during their conversation, Brock and Charlie would hear the click of a camera shutter from an iPhone. Charlie was the last to finish his frozen margarita. "I guess I'm ready to head back to the hotel. Ready to make the journey back?"  Charlie asked, "We might as well. I'm already looking forward to seeing all the looks we'll get." said Brock, they placed a twenty dollar bill on the bar, enough to cover both drinks and a good tip.

As Brock and Charlie rolled away from the bar, the Bartender removed their empty glasses. As he pulled them away, he caught the sight of Brock and Charlie rolling away in matching thongs, their big butts arched out. "Dammmmmn." The Bartender said to himself, eyes glued to their big globes. Brock and Charlie made the mile long trip back to their hotel on rollerblades, stopping only a couple times at crosswalks. Getting glimpses from the people around, but nobody was saying anything to them, no laughs from groups of nervous girls, no compliments, but always the sound of a camera shutter from an iPhone, and on they rolled.

They made it back to their boutique hotel and stepped out of their rollerblades, as Charlie bent down to undo the buckles of his rollerblades he saw Brock's bulge was hard. He saw the black band of a cock ring peeking out near the top of his pouch, Charlie smiled. He knew he had to get Brock upstairs as soon as possible. They walked into the lobby carrying all their protective gear, and marched side by side in their matching thongs on full display. Finally they received a compliment: "I have that same pair." a voice said, Brock and Charlie turned their head to the sound and saw that it was the man at the front desk, he waved. "Hot!" Charlie said, followed by laughs from all three of them, "Thanks man." Brock said, they could tell the man at the front desk was getting hot from the sight of the Thong Son and Thong Dad.

Once they got into their room, they randomly threw down their rollerblading gear and went straight to the bed. They held each other by the head and began kissing fervently. Passionately engulfed in their kisses and touch, Brock played with Charlie's straps like the reigns of a horse. Charlie started masturbating Brock's thong covered penis, the slick sound of the lycra material rubbing against his fingers was fast. "I love showing off with you thong stud! All those horny people looking at us in our thongs!" Charlie said passionately, in between their kisses. "Thong Son and Thong Dad!" said Brock, equally as passionate. "Rollerblading in our matching fag suits!"

"Skimpy, stretchy, little fag suits!" 

They jerked each other off, their thong encased penises throbbing under the lycra material. Brock flicked Charlie's hard thong bulge. "All those horny people taking pictures of us in our thongs!" Brock said, kissing Charlie passionately. "In our skimpy little thongs!" Charlie shuddered, shaking Brock's cock furiously with passion. "Masturbating together in our skimpy little thongs!" Brock said, the cream inside him rising. "Thong, thong, thong…" Charlie whispered into Brock's ear. 

All it took was Charlie to whisper that word three times to get him to squint his eyes tight, moan louder and louder, and shoot his cream out of his shaft! As soon as Brock came, Charlie felt he finally had permission to come too. He shot his load right onto Brock's bulge. Their thong cocks were creamy messes of come. It didn't take long for them to come due to the fact their rollerblading trip had been the whole build up to it.

Brock never intentionally showed Charlie while they were there, but at one point for a good three minutes of standing at the beach bar, Brock had a hard dick standing straight out underneath the ledge, away from everybody's sight. Charlie however did his best not to acknowledge Brock's boner, but after seeing it wouldn't go down, he leaned into Brock's ear and whispered: "Fat hairy girls with mustaches, taking cold showers!" He said, Brock didn't say anything. Charlie looked down to see the hard cock between Brock's legs go down.

"Thank you." Brock whispered. When Brock and Charlie woke up in their hotel room in Hawaii, they started their day by going down to the restaurant right below their hotel room balcony. Waffles with maple syrup and two strips of  bacon for Brock, and eggs benedict for Charlie. Breakfast ended, and they made their way back up to their room to change into their thongs.

Brock had a tropical print thong with lots of blues, purples, pinks, greens, and a tiny bit of white accents, it was this thong they decided to wear to the beach together. Charlie, prior to the trip did not own this particular thong but as soon as Brock told Charlie about the trip to Hawaii, Charlie purchased the thong to match Brock, based off of a photo he had seen from the website they met on.

They hopped into the car and headed for the secluded beach twenty minutes north of Lahaina. Charlie had no idea what to expect, all he knew was that Brock said it was never busy, and very beautiful. Both of them couldn't wait to strip out of their clothes and walk out onto the beach in their thongs. They pulled up to a spot where they could park, Brock and Charlie looked around to see if anyone else was around, there wasn't. They stripped down to their thongs, and placed their clothes on their car seats.

Brock came over to Charlie and sprayed him down with sunscreen spray, Charlie gladly returned the favor. They grabbed a couple beach towels, and headed down to the beach. This was the ultimate fantasy that both of them wanted to live out, to be in matching thongs letting everyone who was around know they were together and they both liked to wear thongs.

Unlike the trip to Miami where they went rollerblading in thongs, that was purely for exhibition. This was different, their trip to the beach in matching thongs was to include another form of display, affection! Although there was hardly anyone on the beach, Brock and Charlie were excited to be on the beach putting on display that they were together.

They lay their towels on the sand, kicked off their sandals and embraced. Everything felt right, the heat of the weather, the warmth of their arms wrapped around each other, the feel of their tongues sliding in and out of their mouths, they were ready for a nice stroll down the beach in their thongs. Without saying a word, they held each other's hands, and broke away from their kiss to stroll down the beach as "Thong son and thong dad."

They walked along the shore hand in hand admiring the view beyond the water, and the view down the beach. Only one other man down the beach, far and far away resting on a beach towel. Their butts in their fag suits swaying as they walked hand in hand. Charlie's heart was pounding out of his chest, Brock's was too. Even though they were not a committed couple, the stroll felt romantic for both of them.

As they continued to walk hand in hand, the waves crashing against their ankles, Charlie placed a kiss onto Brock's shoulder, they kept on walking. Charlie looked down to see Brock's semi-hard dick rising in his thong pouch. Charlie smiled, "I'm glad we're here Brock. I'm loving every minute of this, I can't say that enough." He said, Brock stopped but didn't say a word, he had a big smile on his face. Brock put his hands on Charlie's face, and squeezed it tight. "You are just so fucking adorable." He said, followed by a big smooch on the mouth. Charlie wrapped his arms around Brock's waist and grabbed his bare buttocks pulling him close. They started kissing like crazy, their bulges frotting against each other. The spandex stretching and rubbing against their bulges. Brock humped slowly while Charlie moved with Brock's pelvis. Right there in this secret beach that few knew about, Brock and Charlie were making love in their thongs on the beach. 

Charlie guided Brock down to the sand, he lay on his back while Brock lay on top of him. Brock and Charlie continued to frot their thong bulges, their kisses filled with tongue, only making them harder, and their dick heads leak with pre-come. "I love making love with you in our thongs, right here on the beach." Brock whispered in between breaths. "I love rubbing our thong covered penises, grinding against each other right here on the beach." Charlie whispered back in between kisses. "Sexy thong boy!"

"Sexy thong stud!" They whispered back and forth. Then, out of a fit of passion, Brock got up on his knees and lifted up Charlie's left leg while getting him to lay on his side at the same time. "Oh fuck yes!" Charlie said in an outburst of passion,  Brock was finally going to fuck him. Normally, Brock and Charlie never liked to fuck or get fucked by each other, being in thongs was hotter!

But something came over Brock, and apparently Charlie was up for whatever was going to come. Brock lifted the thong string off of Charlie's entrance, pulled down his own thong pouch to reveal his eight inch long cock squeezed at the base by a metal cock ring, erect and smeared with crystal clear sap on his piss slit.

Brock pressed his pre-come soaked dick head onto Charlie's dark pink starfish, and entered with ease. Charlie had felt so relaxed, he gladly took in Brock's giant whopper of a cock with no initial pain. A giant smile filled Charlie's face as Brock began to fuck him, their thongs remained on, but out of the way of their fucking. Brock fucked Charlie slow at first, letting his big dick slide in and out of his hole, to see it penetrate Charlie, and enjoy the feel. Charlie couldn't stop smiling, letting out a sigh, or subtle moan every now and then.

"How does that feel thong boy?" Brock asked, as he picked up pace fucking Charlie, "Oh it feel's so fucking good, thong stud!" Charlie said in ecstasy. Brock started fucking faster, "Yeah, you like that?!" He said, "Yeah! Fuck your thong hole!" Charlie said whimpering with delight. Brock began to fuck Charlie faster, Brock growled through gritted teeth. Charlie began to moan out of control. If anybody were only a few feet away from them, they would definitely be able to hear Charlie's moaning.

Brock snapped Charlie's thong strap on his hip four times. Charlie reached for Brock's straps on his hips and held onto them like the reigns on a horse, twisting them around in motion with Brock's thrusting pelvis. Thrust, thrust, thrust, Brock pounded Charlie to fill him with cream. "You like fucking your thong hole?!" Charlie asked whimpering, "Oh fuck yeah Charlie!" Brock said panting, he lifted Charlie's leg just a couple inches up, he was extremely close to coming, he got the pulsing sensation on his dick head that his cream was going to erupt.

"I'm gonna come in my thong boy!"


"I'm gonna come in my thong boy!"

"Fuck yeah!"

"I'm gonna come in my thong boy!"

"Shoot, Brock! Shoot!"

"I'm gonna come in my thong boy!" Brock said one more time, "Yes Brock! Come in me!" Charlie shouted, Brock let out a loud orgasm, and shot a creamy load inside Charlie. Both of them shuddered, Charlie began leaking a thicker stream of pre-come from his dick, while Brock fucked out the last load of come into Charlie. Brock pulled out his cock and watched, the string of come attached to his piss slit break away from Charlie's entrance.

Drips and drips of come leaked out of Charlie's hole. While Brock began to catch his breath, Charlie stood up to finish up. He stood next to Brock's face, his cock aimed at Brock's right cheek, he stroked his pre-come soaked dick ready to shoot. Brock stuck his tongue into Charlie's navel, tonguing the belly button, he knew how much it got Charlie off. Charlie orgasmed, letting out a loud moan and his warm hot sap covered Brock's cheek. The creamy white goo splattered all over his face, and dripped to his shoulders.

Charlie pulled his thong pouch over his dick and kneeled back down to Brock. They engaged in gentle kisses, covered in come all over their body. Brock put his dick back in his thong pouch and held Charlie's hand. They didn't say a word, but they knew what to do. Together at once they ran for the ocean water holding hands, they spent the next three hours at the beach together. They rested on their beach towels improving their thong tans, got a chance to kiss long and passionately at every chance they got, and managed to walk down the rest of the beach hand in hand as "Thong son and thong dad."

They spent the rest of their vacation exploring what else the island had to offer, they ate Bubba Gump Shrimp one night, went to a luau on another, and went back to the beach to go thonging, although not as memorable as their first time there. Of course every night before they turned out the lights, they'd slip on a new thong, and wake each other up the next morning only to make each other come in their thongs.

When the four day trip ended, Brock and Charlie arrive at the Sea-Tac airport together, since their round trip ticket was bought for Seattle. Charlie still had to hop on a connecting flight to San Francisco. Brock checked his cell phone to see a text message from his husband. "Antonio is here, he's waiting in the pickup area with the car." said Brock, Charlie always hated parting ways with Brock, but it was what it was, they were only friends with benefits. "This was a wonderful time, as always Brock." Charlie said, "Always." Brock said, they kissed each other followed by a hug. 

Charlie wrapped his arms over Brock's shoulders, Brock pulled Charlie close into his chest. Neither one of them wanted to let go. "I love you." Charlie said, Brock kept Charlie close but did not say a word. Charlie's heart began to beat fast, out of nervousness and worry. Brock placed his right hand against Charlie's cheek and lay a big wet smooch on Charlie's neck. "I love you too buddy." Brock whispered, he pulled away slowly from Charlie.

Charlie felt a sigh of relief take him over, his biggest fear was that Brock would have given a re-evaluation of their relationship to Charlie right then and there, but Brock seemed to have felt the same way. Both of them knew they couldn't be committed to each other, considering both of them were miles away from each other. Brock had an open relationship with a husband he seemed attached to through all their hardships, Charlie was still living with family, while Brock had a career working out for him in literary publishing, not to say Charlie wasn't working, he had a nice job at an Apple computer store, but it was not a career. 

They were perfect for each other in terms of affection, appreciation for each other, and their fetish was something they both shared very strongly, there was just a big divide between them on other things. They took a good look at each other one more time before Brock had to go meet his husband, and Charlie had to catch his connecting flight to San Francisco. One more soft and tender kiss, and Brock began to slowly back away. "I'll talk to you later bud, don't miss your flight." Brock said, Charlie began to back away too. "bye stud, good seeing you." he said, and they parted.

After Charlie had gotten his ticket for his flight back to San Francisco, sure enough there was an hour long delay before they could board. While Charlie waited to be called to the B group sitting in the waiting area, he felt a tear drop pushing out of his left eye. Charlie wiped away the tear drop before it even left his eye. He pursed his lips tighter together as he felt the second tear drop about to fall from his eye. Charlie wiped away the second tear drop falling from his eye right before it fell off his cheek.

Three more tears, two out of his left eye, and one out of the right began to flood Charlie's eyes. Charlie pursed his lips tighter together, but this time he knew he couldn't stop from crying. To save himself the embarrassment from having everybody seeing him cry, Charlie reached into his coat pocket and pulled out his sunglasses, placing them over his eyes.

By the time he got onto the plane an hour and fifteen minutes later, Charlie's eyes were red and a little puffy from his silent sobs in the airport. Even though the view out his window seat was pitch black, Charlie kept staring out the window until they landed in SFO. At one point during the flight Charlie put his hand in the coat pocket on his right side and felt something he hadn't felt there before, it felt like a brochure.

Curious to find out, Charlie pulled out the mystery brochure inside his coat pocket and saw that it was in fact a brochure. It was an introductory brochure to a resort in Palm Springs, CA called "Sunsets." The cover showed the "Sunsets" logo with the tagline; "Our dress code is thongs, tan lines, and a smile." featuring a picture of two massive male bubble butts in skimpy thongs stepping out of a beautiful pool. 

What caught Charlie's attention the most was not the bubble butts in thongs, or the fact it was a resort for men into thongs, it was the hand written message at the bottom of the cover, written in black sharpie ink. "Want to go in the summer? I'd love to have you come with me! - Brock." it read, and after reading that, Charlie wasn't crying anymore. He had a smile on his face the rest of the way back home.


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