Sex Therapy: Session 1 Mya

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Dr.Alexander has the cure for any of his female clients sex related problems. See how he accomplish everyone of them.

Peeking through his bay window, Tyron watches as he sees his new patient walk up the front porch and approaches the metal screen door. He smiles to himself and likes what he sees.

Mya, a twenty year old woman, is going to her first sex therapy appointment. She comes nearer to the iron door of a private home practice and knocks. A tall, dark, sexy man answers and smiles warmly at her. "You must be Mya" he says as he hold out his hand. "I'm Dr. Tyron Alexander." She stares at him for a few seconds before she realizes he said something to her. "Oh I'm sorry" as she shakes his hand and blush brightly. "Yes I am. It's nice to meet you." He welcomes her in, walk pass the foyer and continues down the hall until he gets to the last door where his office is.

She enters first and Tyron watches her as she pass him, her small hips swaying with every step. She is wearing a short sleeves, pale yellow blouse that is holding together by three buttons in the middle, showing off her pierce small butterfly charm. Her dark denim, tight short shorts barely reaches under her butt cheeks, hugging the small ass nicely. He grows hard as he can picture himself fucking her from behind, supporting her against the wall, grabbing her hips and pulling her hair back as he thrust deep inside her. She runs her tiny hand through her long jet black hair that ends at the middle of her waist and he imagines how it will feel on his bare skin as she bends over to suck his cock.

Mentally he shakes the image away and continues to his elegant oak desk to gather the pen and paper. Mya sits down on the couch by the window while the doctor retrieves his paper from the table. Taking off his coat, she watches him, his muscle flexing underneath his dress white shirt while placing the jacket behind the chair in front of her. But when he sits down on the chair, she notices even though his gray pants isn't tight on him, the outline of his crotch is visibly outline and she can swear he has a hard on.

"So Mya, how have you been?" he asks smiling at her with his sexy grin. She shifts in her seat and hopes he hasn’t catch her glancing down there. Lowering her head, she replies "I'm doing okay doc." "How can I help you?" he questions her and getting ready to write down her problems on paper. Feeling her face heat up and never been to a sex therapy before she blurts out, "Things are getting serious between me and my boyfriend and since we never had sex yet, I'm worried that if I stall any longer, he might leave."

He stares at her and asks "Are you telling me that you’re a virgin?" She nods her head yes. Knowing she is untouched, he becomes extremely turned on just thinking about her very tight pink pussy. How the virginal pussy wall stretch from his cock and clasp around it. He feels his dick getting really hard now and demands him to take her right here. "Why haven't you told him that you are still a virgin?" he commented while he wrote in his notes, trying to get his mind off of her pussy.

"I guess because I don't want to disappoint him. I don't know what I'm doing." she responds, holding her hands together tightly. Seeing her wring her hands, he leans forward and takes her petite warm hands into his large ones, holding it while his thumb rubs her knuckles. When he sees her feeling uncomfortable, he gets up and sits down beside her on the couch. She continue to explain her problem, but his attention is on her. Resting one arm behind her and holding her hands that is on her lap, he glances down and sees her tan, slim legs and the shoes.

She has on a pair of black 4 inch stilettos and straps wrap up around her legs to the calves. Even though she is a short lady, the shoes make a person want to look at the straps that leads up which seems to go on forever. Just knowing if he follows them, there will be an untouched, dripping wet, tight cunt at the top waiting. He always had a leg fetish, either having them wrap around his waist, holding them up with pointed toes or wearing sexy high heel shoes. Anything to emphasize the long, smooth, thighs and calves while he fucks and pump inside a soaking tight pussy.

As he sits close, Mya rambles on, smelling his cologne in her nostrils. He smells of man and sex. Still talking, she looks at him and see his chisel features and stops speaking when her attention goes on his goatee. She has a thing for goatees and wonder what will it feel, having him scrap her inner thigh as he eats her out. She lowers her lashes and glimpse down to see his big budge through his pants. Wow she thought, he's huge. She knows his dick will fill her if he fucks her from behind, slamming his dick into her and hearing her pussy making noises from the slippery wetness.

The doctor notice she is quiet and catches her looking down at his crotch as she licks her lips, taking all his strength to not come in his pants. He rather stick his cock in her mouth, feeling her suck him while her tongue moves around and him spilling his seed in her warm mouth. She reach down and lightly graze his dick with her manicure nails. His prick jumps. Leaning over Mya whispers "I want to know what sex feels like. Can you help me?"

He looks at her with hooded eyes, wondering if he hears her correctly and ask in a husky voice " Are you sure Mya? What will your boyfriend say?" He feels her stroking his budge more boldly and answers "He doesn't need to know. Can you show me how it feels like?" Growling at the thought of entering her tight pussy, squeezing him as he moves within her and without thinking, the word comes out of his mouth. He replies yes.

Mya smiles, feeling her heart soar and leans back so she can see his face as she unzips his pants. Already hard, it seems like his cock is pulsing as it springs free when she pulls it out of his black boxer shorts. Pulling down his pants and boxers to his ankles, she slides her hand up his thigh and places it around him, feeling his warm cock that is soft as velvet. Seeing liquid coming out of it, she grins and wonder what he will taste like, swallowing his cum as it runs down her throat. She dips her head and put it all the way down her throat, sighing at the salty sweet taste.

Dr. Alexander shuts his eyes, feeling her lick the top of his head and taking him all the way in. He places his hands on her head as it bops up and down while she sucks him, making her hair fall on his legs. He brushes aside her hair so he can watch her full lips wrap around his dick and pleasuring him with her mouth. Thrusting his hips with the rhythm of her movements, he can feel every seductive flickers along his shaft, up and down the sides. She cups his heavy sacs as she strokes his hard on and causing him to groan.

Lightly, she scrapes her teeth along the length of him, swirling her tongue around his shaft as she comes up. Pulling up, she grins at him, taking her hand and squeezing his dick, jacking him off while raking her long nails around his balls. She spites on his prick making it more wet, moving her hand up and down on him, making sure she rubs the tip as well. Lifting up his testicles with her other hand, she laps around each balls, going under and around.

As she increases her speed, she leaves his balls to suck on his cock in tune with her hand and scratch lightly with her nails on his testies again. The sensation of her nails, hand and mouth going at once, he feels himself losing control and when she moans, causing vibration on his dick, he is so close to coming in her mouth. Not wanting to bust just yet and still looking forward to sample her virginal cunt, he says in a raspy voice, "Enough" pulling her head up with his hands.

Before Mya can ask what she did wrong, he tugs her to him, kisses her long and passionately as he lies her down on the couch. Her body aches as he ravishes her mouth and their tongue plays. He runs it inside her mouth, over her teeth and slowly suckle hers, spreading heat over her body causing her clit to throb. Running his hands down her shoulders and across her chest, he first rub the erect nipples through her shirt and unbuttons it.

Tyron starts to push it to the side, wanting to taste her erect nipples and suck on her breasts, anticipating to see what kind of bra she is wearing. However, what it sees floors him. She isn't wearing a bra at all and it leaves him breathless.

Even though he loves big busty women, her tits are small but perky, fitting in his hands perfectly. Stripping off her shirt, he caresses her breasts, massaging her tits then taking one nipple at a time, rolling them between his fingers and puts it in his mouth to suckle them. She breaks their kiss and tells him "Please fuck me now." she whines.He desperately wants to shove his dick in her waiting cunt and fuck her hard, but he knows he has to control himself and prepare her first.

In a raw voice he says "Not yet. It's your first time and I want to savor you slowly." He goes on his knees, unfastens her button, and pulls the shorts off. He traces his hands up her shoe straps and decides to leave them on, wanting to see her legs in them as he screws her. He slips off Mya’s light pink drench panties, open her legs with his hands and plunge his finger into her moist pussy. "Your already dripping for me." he points out as his finger went in and out, over and over again slowly.

She lies her head back on the couch, rubbing and pulling her nipples. When she sense the tension building, she holds his hand still. "I am ready now." He chuckles at her eagerness as he also trying to contain himself, finger still inside. "Not yet" he replies, "You're not ready yet." Trying to push away the feeling of her tight wet cunt around his finger, he opens her pussy lips and covers her swollen nub with his mouth.

Mya almost yells at the sensation of his mouth, sucking her pussy and his tongue licking her clit. Feeling his goatee scrap against her inner thigh and prickling her swollen lips, she trembles. Never having anyone go down on her before and as he start moving his finger around deep inside, she did yell. Loud and clear. Smiling, Tyron hears her and wonders what else she will do if he adds another finger inside. So he did, feeling her clench around him, she grabs his head. Panting and grunting loudly, she holds him there and press her cunt harder on his mouth, rubbing and grinding against it.

He eats her pussy, licking up and down in small movements on her clit as he finger fucks her faster and faster. He can feel her inner walls squeezing his fingers and knows she is about to come soon. Stopping what he is doing, he hears her whimper in protest. He gets up and shreds off the rest of his clothes. Mya sees his body cover in muscles, nice and rip, and runs her hands over his define body as he moves over her. Traveling his kisses down from the hollow of her neck, he process to her tits, licking and nipping at her nipples. She hisses as he left her breasts, missing the attention he was giving them.

He goes down to her black triangle again, sticks two fingers back in and eats her pussy, fucking her with his fingers faster. She holds him place, not wanting him to move away again, pushing her hips up and down against his mouth and wanting him to do it harder. His goatee scrapes the inside of her pussy as he moves his head from side to side, picking up his tempo. Screaming and shaking she came with full force, dripping out of her wet hole and into his mouth.

Tyron removes his mouth off her pussy, lapping up her cum off his mouth and continues to play with her clit, urging on her climax as he sticks his cock into her gently, intensifying her release. He feels it stretch, consuming prick and clasping it. He fucks her slowly, trying to control his pace as he can feel her very tight and convulsing pussy. It is hard, not ramming in her and come inside but somehow he holds back. Wanting to be even farther inside her and knowing that her cunt has already accustom to him, he pulls out and tells her to lean forward on the couch.

Doing what he requests, she moves forward with her hands on the arm rest, arching her back and opening her legs wide. Stroking his hard cock at the position and giving him a good view of her ass, he briefly debates if he should fuck it. However, he knows he couldn't just yet, it is to soon for that, but promises himself he will gradually introduce it to her next time. Taking his dick, he eases himself into her from behind, gripping her hips and skimming it over herderrière.

Mya gasp at the feeling of him thrusting in and out, making the sensation build as they fuck, his balls hitting her pussy. Taking hold of her shoulders, he pushes deeper inside, her head thrashing back and forth as she meets his thrusts. Looking down, Tyron sees her cunt wrap around his dick tightly and her left over cum coating him. Grabbing the couch, she groans " Oh yes. Fuck me harder. Oh yes. I love how your cock is deep inside me. Mmm, right there" she moans over and over again.

Flexing his ass and gritting his teeth, he tries not to come, waiting for her to find her release first. He reaches down, open her folds and begins rubbing her clit which was still sensitive. Yelling out she wiggling her hips and pushing hard against him. Moments later, she screams, "I’m gonna come” as he fuck and plays with her, picking up the tempo. When she came, she squirts all over his dick and cries out as her pussy walls spasms around him.

Tyron feels her orgasm subside and her pussy squeezing him. He tells her to bend one leg on the couch so he could see it better. When she does this, he stares down at her sexy leg in the shoe and passes his hand over her calf, touching the cool leather straps. Grunting at the sight, he holds her hips and pushes even deeper inside her, speeding up his pace. His balls tighten as his come is about to bust. Orgasm coming, he quickly pulls out and Mya reaches over and strokes his cock, forcing him to throw back his head.

He roars out his climax, spilling his hot creamy cum all over her back. She keeps on rubbing him back and forth, feeling him shake as he carries on thrusting in her hand that milks every last drop of his release. With both of them drain from their encounter, she lies down on the couch and he collapse on top of her. She looks up with face flush and smiles at him. "That was incredible" she sighs in satisfaction. He kisses her, helps her up and when she bends over in front of him to pick up her clothes, he nips her butt cheeks.

Mya comes up to him and gives him a heated kiss. "Thank you doc" she purrs, running her hand over his crotch. "You helped me a lot." "It was my pleasure, believe me and you did everything perfectly." he answers. "I will see you at your next weeks appointment." "You bet Dr. Alexander. Again, thanks for everything." She leaves, with a big smile on her face.

Closing the door Tyron leans against it, still can't believe he had sample an untouched pussy. He says out loud, "I wonder what my next appointment will be like and what kind of help I can give with her sex problems." Waiting eagerly, he heads back to his office, finishes some paper work and cleans up the evidence from his last patient. An half and hour later he hears a knock at the door. He answers it and there stands his three o'clock client behind the screen door. A beautiful brunette woman with a curvy body and huge tits. He opens the door and she strolls in.

Seeing her breasts pressing against her top, his pants gets tight on his erection. He grins, picturing himself sticking his dick between her big bouncing tits, fucking it. "Dr. Alexander?" she asks unsure, breaking though his track of thoughts. He nods yes. " Hi, I'm Alicia." giving him a sexy smile.

Returning her smile he says "Hi Alicia. Nice to meet you. How can I help you today?"

Submitted: August 28, 2010

© Copyright 2022 just holding on. All rights reserved.

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Wow, great story!! Got me going! ;)

Only suggestion is break it up into paragraphs. Booksie doesn't make formatting easy but once you get it, the breaks will make it flow much better.

Tue, August 31st, 2010 1:28pm


Thanx for that tip!

Sun, April 10th, 2011 1:09pm

Brooklyn Bellaire

Yes, great story. You have a great imagination JHO.

Wed, November 3rd, 2010 9:39am


Thanx sweetie.

Thu, November 4th, 2010 11:35am



Think someone is about to be struck of the sex therapist register!!!

hot hot hot though, loved it!!

- buzz

Mon, November 8th, 2010 3:27pm


lol, thanx sweetie.

Tue, November 9th, 2010 7:43am

Bethany falmer

Chuckles, now that would be a number I think would need to be in quite a few women's phone book!!! Lol how far booked ahead is he?!!!
Great story JHO, as someone mentioned, the paragraphing needs a little work but good contents

Tue, December 27th, 2011 6:23pm


If you are still active here I have to tell you that this is a work of art and I loved looking at it.
You just described every mans dream job.

Sun, April 3rd, 2016 9:42am

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