Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Jess did not expect the event that transpired to happen when she attended confessional on that early Sunday morning but will she attend again and what would the consequences be if she didn't. Please comment your thoughts and ideas, hearing your feedback boosts my confidence to write more.


Jess did not expect the event that transpired to happen when she attended confessional on that early Sunday morning but will she attend again and what would the consequences be if she didn't.

Please comment your thoughts and ideas, hearing your feedback boosts my confidence to write more.


Submitted: August 15, 2016

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Submitted: August 15, 2016



I wake up full of remorse as I look over to the stranger lying next to me, I know what I did was wrong and dirty. I need to make amends for my sinning. I slide out from his bed, stumble around the room picking up my scattered articles of clothing and head out of his bedroom into the lounge. I briskly put my clothes on and hurry out the front door, closing it softly so not to wake my mystery one night stand.

Walking down the road, I straighten my dress, running my hands over the front to flatten down the creases from it being in a heap on the floor all night. I run my hands through my hair trying to remove the tangles and make it look less of a mess. As I walk past a a shop window, I stop and stare at the reflection looking back at me. I look such a state doing the dreaded walk of shame. How did I get myself in this situation. Last night I was a virgin this morning I wake up a non-virgin. I knew I shouldn't of gone out with the girls. I shake my head at the woman looking back at me, my own reflection but I do not know this person. I have changed over night.

I carry on walking down the street, just in front of me is the local town church, it's not my usual church so I decide to head in as nobody will know me here. They won't be able to judge me so easily. As I open the big wooden door I take a deep breath and step inside. The heavy door shutting loudly behind me. I pause seeing the reverend at the front giving his regular Sunday service. I slide into a Pugh near the back of the church, he looks up at me breathily before turning back to his bible and reading a passage to his congregation. I sit and listen, his voice carries over the room, I can hear how deep it is. I take the bible from in front of me and open it, skimming through my favourite passages.

Before I know it the congregation have all stood up and are starting to leave. As some of the older members walk past me they give me judging looks as they whisper among them selves. I look down and stare at my hands, fingers entwined on my lap. Once they have all left, I slide down onto my knees to say a prayer for forgiveness. I feel a hand on my shoulder, the hand is a considerable size, his fingers stretch over my collarbone. I look up and see the reverend looking down at me. I beckon red faced with embarrassment and I look down again.
“Hello my dear, I don't believe I have seen you in my service before” the reverend says.
“This is my first time in this church reverend, I was just passing” I say quietly at the floor, not lifting my head to look at him.
“ what are you asking for forgiveness for my dear” his voice loud
“You were praying for forgiveness as I approached you”
“Oh, I did something bad reverend and need forgiveness from the Lord”
“Maybe you should tell me what you have done, we can go to the confessional box if you'd like” he kneels down next to me, drawing my eyes to his. I can't bring myself to look away now. He places his hands on my lower arms and guides me up so I am standing in front of him. Now I am standing I can see his distinctive features. A prominent jawline, large forehead that his hair drops down onto. My hands are on his biceps and through his robe I can feel his large muscles underneath. I realising I am staring at his too much and step backwards dropping my arms to my sides. He looks at me, not breaking eye contact and chuckles gently.

He holds his hand out in front of him, in the direction of the confessional box. 
“After you” he says dropping his gaze from me and stepping backwards, to allow ,e room to exit the Pugh. I walk slowly to the front of the church, taking in the beauty of such an old Victorian church, with amazing glass windows where the sun shines through the glass filling the room with different colours across the walls and ceiling. We reach the confessional booth. A large wooden structure with two door ways, each door way covered by a large velvet curtain. The reverend pulls back the curtain on the right and gestures for me to step inside. Once I am inside he lets the curtain fall back into place.

I hear him step inside and then a small window between the two sides slides open and I can see him through the holes in the wood. 
“So what is it that you feel you need to confess, young one” he says quietly
Young one, he can't be that much older than me, I think to myself. I'm twenty four and he must only be in his early thirties. Quite young for a reverend I remember thinking when I first saw him.
“Well reverend, I've been really naughty and I'm not sure how to tel, you what I've done” I whisper.
“Please call me James” he says “I don't do formal here but you must speak up a little as I can barely here you”
“I'm not sure it's a good idea for me to tell you what I've done James” 
“You can tell me anything, everything said in confessional is strictly confidential it won't leave this room” as he says that I relax slightly, this is my first confession and I didn't want anyone else knowing my sordid secret.
“I have been bad James, I have had sex before marriage”
“That's not so bad, do you plan to marry your boyfriend” as he says this I pause. I'm definitely not going to marry this guy, I can barely remember his name.
“No, he's not my partner” I say as my face flushes red once again.
“oh so this was sex outside of a relationship as well as outside of marriage” he says with a judging voice.

My heart sinks and I know what a terrible thing I did, I've always believe in abstaining from sex before marriage and I don't know what happened last night. I tell myself I must never drink again.
“Yes James, I have been really bad”
“Did you enjoy it?” He asks
Why does he want to know if I enjoyed it, will it be more of a sin if enjoyed my experience. I question whether to tell him the truth or not but I know I cannot lie to a reverend under the lords roof. 
“Yes I did” I whisper
“What was that, I didn't quite here you, please speak louder and clearer my dear”
“Yes I did” I say a bit louder this time
“Oh you enjoyed it did you, and how many times have you sinned in this way.” He asks
“Only last night, it was my first time last night”
“ so you lost your virginity to a stranger”
My fingers twine together tightly “yes I did”
“Mmm” he moans very quietly that I barely here him
“Sorry what did you say James, I didn't quite catch that?” I ask unsure of what I heard.
“Oh umm nothing, I was just thinking” he stammers

I stare down at my fingers waiting for him to say something else but he is quiet for a few minutes and I wonder what he is thinking. He probably thinks I am a dirty girl who should be punished for her sins. I can hear him moving about on his side of the booth but I can't see through the holes enough to see what he is doing. I stand up to look through the holes but I still can't see. I look around the booth whilst I wait, taking in all the details that I can see even though it is very poorly lit inside. There is quite a bit of space inside the booth that more than one could fit comfortably inside, if two of you ever wanted to confess at the same time, maybe.

James clears his throat and speaks again. “How did this happen, urm oh I've just realised I don't know your name?” He asks
I thinks about his question do I tell him my name, he would be the only one to know it as its confidential so it wouldn't matter if I did tell him, I guess. I think of how to explain how last night happened, what exactly does he want to know.
“My name is Jess” I say with a bit of confidence.
“What a lovely name, so Jess how did it happen” he asks again
“ well I went out with my girl friends last night, we were celebrating my birthday, so they convinced me to go out for a few drinks”
“ so you drink a lot do you” he questions me
“ I don't normally drink a lot, only one now and again, special occasions mainly”
“ok so what about last night, did you stick to only having the one” he ask with doubt I'm his voice
“Unfortunately I had a few more than that, the girls kept buying them and I felt rude if I said no, I'm not very good at saying no” I admit.
“So where did the boy come into this if you were out with the girls” he asks
“We were in a bar and there was a group of men at a table next to us, some of the girls were flirting with the men”
“What about you, were you flirting?” 
I wasn't flirting, although I must admit I did find them attractive” I tell him
“My dear you must have done something if you went home with one of them, so tell me the truth?” He says sternly
“I didn't flirt to start with but one of them bought me a drink and we started talking, my friends were all giggling and told me I should kiss him, I thought one kiss wouldn't hurt”
“So how did you go from one kiss to sex”
“The first kiss was quite passionate and was my first kiss as well, he put his hands on me as we kissed….” I pause becoming embarrassed.
“How did it make you feel when he had his hands on you?” He asks inquisitively
“urm I'm not sure I should tell you” I say feeling very shy “can't I just repent for my sins, isn't there something I can do”

“I think I need to know more details of what happened, so I know exactly how you can make up for your sinning” he says
“But it makes me embarrassed talking about what I did and how I felt” I admit to him.
“Why are you embarrassed about how you felt”
“Because I have never felt like it before but I liked it, a lot”
“Well maybe instead of talking about it through this window I should come into your side”
“But, I don't know….” Before I could get my sentence out he was opening the curtain to my side. In the dim light he looked so much bigger, his muscles stood out and he was so much taller than I was. He stepped in and closed the curtain behind him making sure it was completely closed. He sat on the bench next to me, squeezing me up against the side. He looked at me, from head to toe and his eyes rested back on my face.

“Tell me how he touched you, hen you kissed” 
“He put one hand on the back of my neck and one on my waist”
“Like this” he said as he moved to touch me, I moved backwards but my back was already up against the hard wood and I couldn't move away.
“Wh..what  are you doing” I stutter
“I need to visualise exactly what happened, so I know how you should be punished.
“Punished, what” I whisper, hoping I heard him wrong
“Yes, you have been a dirty girl and dirty girls need to be punished, that is the only way to have forgiveness for your sins” he says with a devilish look in his eyes
“How will you punish me”
“ I am going to touch you the same way, that man touched you last night and you are going to tell me how you feel and then I will decide on your punishment.
He moved his hands so one was on my neck and one was on my waist. He placed his lips and on me and started to kiss me hard, his tongue slipped between my lips and he explored my mouth with his tongue as his grip on me got tighter. He moved his lips from mine and slowly kissed along my jawline and down my neck. I took in a deep breath and I could feel a stirring deep inside just as I had last night He moved his head back and removed his hands from my body.

“ how did that make you feel” he said as a smile appreared on his face
“ I liked it” I said, ensure on what to tell him
“ how did it make your body feel, did it turn you on”
I squeeze my legs together feeling myself moisten, I didn't want him to see.
“Yes a little” I whisper, James runs his hand up my leg until he reached the bottom of my dress, he rubs his fingers along the base moving it upwards.
“What are you doing” I say as I try to move his hand away.
“I am going to punish you by making you be a dirty girl again, make you feel really dirty and if you are dirty enough then you will be forgiven” he says grinning at me
“ but I don't want to be dirty again” I protest
“Exactly that is why it is a punishment”

He moves my hands to my sides as he stand up to face me, “keep them there until I say”
He kisses me, both hands wrapped around my neck pulling me into him, his tongue slides over my lips and I can't help but put my tongue out to taste his, he takes this as acceptance of what he is going to do. He kisses across my cheek and down my neck, nibbling on my earlobe before making his way down my neck to my cleavage.
“This is the cleavage of a dirty girl, your dress must be removed” he grabs be by the shoulders and pulls me up so I am standing, our bodies touching. He grabs my dress at the bottom and pulls it off over my head in one swift move. He looks down and stops when he gets to my panties. He grins and licks his lips, I look down and my mouth drops open as I realise I am not wearing any panties and I am completely on show as I have no bra on either. I don't need a bra with the dress I'm wearing but I must have forgotten my panties when I had rushed out of that guys house this morning.
“Oh look at that no bra or panties, you are definitely a dirty girl and I think you like it” as he stairs at the area my panties should be I feel my nipples harden and I become moist between my legs. What is happening to me? 

James bends down in front of me so he is on his knees. He pulls me down so I am sat on the bench again but as I sit he pulls my legs apart so my vagina is on show. I moved my hands down to cover it, so he can't see it. He grabs my hands and places them at my sides.
“I told you to not move your arms, now keep them there and take your punishment like a good little sinner”
He starts kissing my lower thigh, bringing kisses up to my pussy, flicking his tongue gently over it as he starts kissing back down my other leg. I gasp as his tongue touched the hood of my clit. James looks up at me and smiles before turning his attention back to my pussy. He pushes on my legs again, spreading them further apart. His hands slide underneath my bum and pulls me to the edge so my bum is hanging off the bench. He lowers his head to my pussy, blowing cold air, my body covered in goose pimples now  and my nipples harden a little more. He moves his hands from under me and spreads my pussy lips.
“Mmm, look at that, the dirty girl is already wet. She must like her punishment so far” his eyes have darkened.

He moves his attention up to my breasts, my breasts are large but still I'm the right place and bounce as I take a deep breath. He watches them move before grabbing one in his hand, cupping my breast as he takes my nipple into his mouth. He presses his teeth down and tugs on my nipple I moan from the pleasure and he flicks it gently with his tongue. With his other hand he slides it down between my legs and I feel his finger between my slit. He presses it against my clit pushing firmly down before moving the tip of his finger in circles catching my clit over and over. My breathing becomes more erratic and he takes this as I sign that he is doing it right. He moves his finger down from my clit and slides it into my opening. As he slides into my pussy his tongue flicks over my clit. He slides in and out and as he repeatedly flicks my clit biting on it now and again, my pussy tightens around his finger and he slides another finger inside. Fucking my pussy with two fingers he moves his mouth back up to mine and kisses me to hush my moans as he builds my orgasm. His thumb rubs against my clit as his fingers pump in and out of your pussy, I can hear the wetness as he moves. I suck in a deep breath as my orgasm hits me in waves of pleasure but he doesn't stop his torturous attack on my pussy. As the last waves of my orgasm come over me he slides his fingers out of my pussy. He takes one finger into his mouth and sucks my juices off it and then slides the other finger into my mouth.
“Suck my finger clean, taste your juices” he says as he watches me suck on his finger.
“Oh your so good at sucking that finger, I wonder if your that good at sucking something bigger. I look at him as he stands up, unsure what he means.

He takes off his robe to show he isn't wearing a top but you can see a bulge in his trousers. He starts unbuttoning his trousers and let's them fall to the floor along with his boxers. His penis springs out. He is hard and big. I have never seen a penis so big and he wants me to suck it. 
“Open that pretty little mouth for me, I have something for you to suck” I open my mouth as he pushes me down to the floor so I am kneeling in front of him. He slides his cock into my mouth, he can tell I have never done this before.
“Grab hold of my cock”he demands.
I place my hand at the bottom of his cock and he places his hand over mine and guides my hand up and down his cock. Once I have got into a rhythm he moves his hand to the back of my head.
“Now suck my cock like you did my finger. While you rub it with your hand” I look up at him and take his cock into my mouth. He guides my mouth up and down his shaft as he grabs my hair and wraps it around his hair for a good grip. Suddenly he holds my head still and then starts thrusting into my mouth. He pushes his cock deep into my mouth as deep as he can, holding my head in place making me gag on his cock, he repeats this a few times and then pulls me up by my hair and spins me around.

“Now it's time for the best part of your punishment, I am going to fuck your wet little pussy, and as you are still a virgin in one way I am going to take your virginity there as well. I turn my head to look at him unsure on what he means. I'd already lost my virginity and he knew that. He could see my confusion on my face. He slide his over my as and then through my crack. I could feel his running his fingers through my cheeks and the. I felt his finger stop at my asshole.
“I am going to fuck you here too” he says grinning at me.
“No you can't fuck me there, that's not right”
“Do you want forgiveness for your sins you dirty girl, if you do then this is how your going to get it, so shut up and bend over”
He pushes my head down so it is resting on the bench and my ass is sticking up in the air. His cock resting my my ass.
He soaks his fingers in saliva and then rubs them along my Pussy and into my opening. He then spits on his hand and rubs it on the end of his coke making sure he's wet. He lines the head of his cock with my pussy opening, grabs my hips and slowly inserts his comic into me, inch by inch. My pussy is tight and his cock is a lot bigger than what I'd had last night, he took it slow at first and then as my pussy got use to his size, he built the pace.

Fucking me hard and fast, he grabbed my hips pulling me back into him, my Pusey tightened around his cock and a could feel my orgasm building. He built up the rhythm and started pounding into me hand, my moans were becoming louder so he reached around and placed his fingers in my mouth to suck on so I couldn't moan as much. He thrust his cock into me one last time and my orgasm burst around his cock. He slowly removed his cock to let my cum drip out of my pussy. He reached down and scooped my cum onto his fingers. He rubbed my cum into my ass hole and lubed it up enough that he was able to slide a finger into me one knuckle at a time. He slid his finger in and out until I was use to it and then he pushed another finger in as we. Stretching my asshole ready for when he fucked me with his cock. 

James spat on my ass as he slid his fingers out, slowing his saliva to run into my gaping ass. 
“Mmm look at that ass gape” he said licking his lips. 
Stretch your ass for me” he said Ashe placed my hands on my ass cheeks and pulled them apart. He spat on my ass again before pushing his tongue into my hole. He ran his tongue from my Pussy to my ass, making me dripping wet.
“I think your ass is ready to receive that last part of your punishment now” he said as he lined the head of his cock up with my hole.
He gently pushed the head of his cock into me, pausing to allow me to get use to his girth and the feeling of him in my ass. Slowly he pushed deeper into me, until he was in me completely. He slowly slid out and then pushed back into me hard. I let out a loud moan.
“Shhh, you need to be quiet you don't want everyone hearing you being fucked in the ass do you” he slurred at me as he panted. 
He built up the pace and soon he was slamming into my ass over and over, I was struggling to control myself and not let out a moan when I felt his fingers on my clit, he flicked at my clit furiously as I felt his cock swell in my ass. It only took another couple poundings before he was releasing his cum into my ass. The feeling of him filling me with his seed pushed me over the edge and my orgasm ripped through me. James was leaning over me panting, once we had both composed ourselves after our incredible orgasms, James stood up and slid his cock slowly out of. 

He picked up our clothes from the floor, kissed me as he handed me my dress and said “ don't forget how I will punish you if you ever sin again but I expect you are my next service so I can check you have not sinned again” I looked up into his eyes and wondered what he meant when he said he would I haven't sinned again. Once we were both fully clothed again James stepped out of the booth and a couple minutes later I did the same. James went off to the font of the church and smiled at me as I walked to the back of the church to leave.

“Don't forget service next Sunday, expect you to attend Jess….. Or there will be consequences” he shouted as I walked out the door.

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