Rubi (A short story from the Anthology - Confessions of a Lonely Woman)

Rubi (A short story from the Anthology - Confessions of a Lonely Woman)

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A professor and his pupil take lessons far beyond the classroom.


A professor and his pupil take lessons far beyond the classroom.


Submitted: August 25, 2012

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Submitted: August 25, 2012



He carried her into his room; anything she wanted now was hers. His room; his bed. His cock. She already had his heart.

He laid her down on the tangled sheets of his bed and she pulled him down with her; his cock pressed hard into her soft belly as they landed and she squirmed, wrapping her legs around his waist again. She whimpered and he kissed her again, harder. Arching her back she raised her hips up, aligning them again so that she could feel the imprint of his need.


“Rubi, I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Ay Papi--” “You’re so soft. So sweet.” Victor kissed her between words, and within a few minutes she was hungrily sucking at his tongue; sliding her soft hands down his back to his ass, squeezing him. He didn’t know how much more he could take.

“Take off your pants,” she moaned between kisses. “I want to feel you.”

Groaning, Victor pulled himself away from her. On his elbows, he kissed her cheeks; her forehead; her nose. “Baby, are you sure?”

She smiled back at him and said ‘please?’ and he was lost again.

Sliding out of the bed to stand next to it, he reached for the button above his zipper, but before he could do much more than release it, Rubi sat up, her eyes focused on his fingers, pushing them away to replace them with her own. She sat on the edge of the bed, the sundress up high on her thighs, opening his pants, unzipping his fly, pushing them down so that he could step out of them, leaving him in dark briefs tented by his erection. He kicked off his shoes; she bent to peel off his socks, her temple brushing his cock. He moaned as precum leaked from the head to darken the cotton.

Rubi straightened up again, afraid to look up at him because her face was so red with embarrassment. She wanted him, but she knew it was wrong. And she knew she would not stop. Sliding her hands up his calves and thighs, she felt the tight, sinewy strength of his legs; the hair-roughened textures of them; the way he shuddered when her fingers drew close to his groin.

When he slid his fingers into her hair caressingly, she knew he was being patient but she could feel his need in the pressure of his fingertips. Rubi cupped his groin through the briefs in one palm. He was big and heavy; his testicles so full and soft, his penis throbbing and hard. And when he moaned at her touch, she moved her hand, stroking him, encouraged.

“Ay ...yesss,” he hissed, pushing his hips forward a little, into her hand. “Touch me.”

Rubi slid her palm up and down the ridge of his stiff penis, watching the growing dark spot and then gasping a little when her hand and his jerking movements pushed the swollen, fleshy head of him out the top of the briefs. Rubi bent her head and kissed the spot where the head curved down into the shaft, and he made a sound of raw need.


She put her thumb in her mouth, then on that spot, smearing her saliva and the slick fluid leaking from him all over the exposed head and he jerked his hips, groaning her name.


She slid one hand under his testicles, pushing them up a little and bent down again to kiss the head; his fingers clenched in her hair.

Victor looked down, half aware of the reality. Rubi’s head was bend over his cock, and he could feel her soft, warm lips kissing the head over and over while he could only moan, his hips jerking uncontrollably, wanting more of his cock in more of her mouth. He gasped when she suddenly tugged his briefs down, pulling them off his feet when he stepped out of them. She did nothing then, for a long moment, except look, her face shadowed by her hair, and then he felt one of her soft palms cradling his balls and the other wrapping around the middle of his shaft, stroking.

“Rubi.....Rubi....don’t....” he warned, so close to cumming all over her hands that he was afraid he’d terrify her.

Rubi looked up, eyes full of innocent awe. “Don’t you like it, Mr. Salvator?”

“Yes, Rubi. Yes. But--”

“Are you ready to cum?”


Smiling up at him, Rubi loosened her grip on his cock, but only a little. “Mr Salvator, I’m not a baby.”

No, she wasn’t a baby. She was a young woman, and every inch of his skin ached for her. “I know, sugar,” he murmured, stroking her hair.

“I want to make you cum,” she whispered back, licking her lower lip. “Please?”

Groaning, Victor had to close his eyes when she closed her fist again and started pumping, slowly, but so innocently that he almost shot his cream over her hands right there. She smeared his precum all over his shaft, playing with his swollen, aching head, making longer and longer and faster strokes, up and back....up and back....

“Rubi!” he shouted, hips bucking, cock spasming.

Rubi moved her hand faster, feeling her Victor growl and jerk as she moved the way he liked. Finally he cried out her name, his hands tight in her hair, and in her hand his penis twitched hard and jerked and began shooting thick ropey little spurts of white fluid all over her hands and into the long strands of her hair, and all over her sundress. She kept stroking him while he was cumming, until the white flow ebbed to a few thick drops, then she squeezed those out, smearing the cream all over his shaft, fascinated and pleased that she had pleased him.

“Oh, Rubi,” Victor gasped, moving her hands away when he couldn’t take the stimulation any longer. “I didn’t want to cum so fast, but--”

Smiling, Rubi kissed his hands while he knelt in front of her. He put them on her thighs finally, his big body between them keeping them open. “I don’t mind, Mr Salvator,” she whispered. “I...liked it.”

Chuckling, Victor kissed her hard on the mouth. “I loved it, baby, but now it’s my turn.”



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