Love and Lust (a vampire story)

Love and Lust (a vampire story)

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A dream that well....inspired me to write this. Yeah I know it's got some mistakes please look past them and I hope everyone enjoys it! I also have a second part if anyone wants to read it?


A dream that well....inspired me to write this. Yeah I know it's got some mistakes please look past them and I hope everyone enjoys it! I also have a second part if anyone wants to read it?


Submitted: October 31, 2011

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Submitted: October 31, 2011



It’s 2008 and I’m walking in the cool October night to a party my friend told me about. I didn’t want to go but after my friend begged me to come for twelve days straight I knew he wouldn’t stop until I went. Supposedly the house the party was at was one of the houses on a street close to my home. After walking a half a mile on my road I reached a street called Rosewood where the party was at. I’ve past this street many times before when I’m going to college but I’ve never really went down it before.

Old but beautiful houses stand on separate sides of the street staring each other down as I walk past. Lights are on inside and I hear people talking. As a cool breeze blows a car passes me on the way, I hear loud music inside the vehicle so I’m guessing that’s one of the party goers. I continue to walk the street until I hit the turn around at the end. I see a white Victorian style house with cars parked in the drive way and out on the street, this must be the place. When I walk to the door I hear laughter and see movement at the door. When I get closer the door swings open and my friend runs out to greet me.

" Hey faggot you made it!" I respond “It’s Ryan and its good to see you Tony when did you get here?”

"Oh I got here right when it started, I’m guessing at seven.""Tony points at the door hey dude you won’t believe how many hot girls are here, Austin threw this party and he’s got a five to one ratio of girls to guys."

" Come on Tony I didn’t want to come here for the girls I have it hard enough with break up with Sam."

Tony smiles “you need to forget about her man she wasn’t good for you anyway”

I only look down at his response “I thought she was the one Tony”.

With a sigh Tony throws his arm around my shoulders “trust me dude there are a lot of good looking women in there and I think that will help get your mind off of Sam”.

The next thing I know Tony has shoved me into the house and I’m amazed at how big the house is. Tony wasn’t kidding there are a lot of girls here, and their way out of my league.

Tony slaps my back “well whatdathink man was I lying”

I look back "dude their all out of my league".

He smiles, yeah I know they’re also out of mine but guess what man you see that keg right there, that’s what makes them dumb enough to even talk to us. And do you want to know the best part is? At eleven they’re going to have a game.

I look at him with a confused frown, what type of game are we talking about man?

Tony grinned at my question "you’ll find out dude."

I walk around and talk to some of my friends I saw. After talking I grab some food and sit down on a couch. That’s when I saw her; a beautiful woman walks through the door and hangs her coat up. Her hair is long and black as the night and her skin shines like the moon. As she laughs her banes fall in her face and she flips them behind her right ear. She is wearing a black dress that complements her skin and brings out her green eyes.

We make eye contact, but I quickly look away, my face begins to grow red. But I can’t stop myself from looking at her again, her beauty compels me to. When she catches another glance of me staring she begins to walk over to the couch I’m sitting on. I begin to shake with thoughts running in my head, “what should I say, what should I do, Oh God why am I horrible with women.”

She flops down on the couch cushion next to me “You know if you keep on staring I’m going have to charge”

. With a red face I apologize to her.

She laughs “I’m kidding, don’t worry about it I take it as a complement. Hey is that an Alice in Chains shirt you’re wearing?”

I look down and laugh;" you’re the only person who noticed."

Later we talked about our favorite bands and our hobbies. I tell her that I play bass for a punk band and I love playing and listening to music. I find out her name is Alexis and she’s into the same music and interests I’m in. What seem like minutes of talking about everything that we had in common turned out to be hours and it was eleven, time for the game.

Tony personally hunted me down to interrupted Alexis and tell me that it’s time for the game.

I try to apologize to Alexis about Tony but he’s already dragging me to the kitchen.

When he’s got my full attention he tells me again and again “it’s time man your going to love this, I’m telling you this will get your mind off of Sam”.

But all I can think about now is Alexis and how beautiful she is. But when I look back at the couch she’s gone, I hope she didn’t leave

. That’s when Austin grabbed my attention. He was one of Tony’s friends. He was one of the rich kids that I knew in high school, he got what he always wanted, and I didn’t like him. He yells "Alright my friends lets begin the game you all know what it is 30 minutes to heaven. I hold in my hand a basket with different colored balls" everyone laughs.

"Ok lets be mature, the first person who goes is my friend Ryan he’s had a bad break up a few weeks ago and he needs to lighten up."

I look at Tony, "Did you set this up?

He laughs "Just get up there Ryan choose a color so the rest of us can."

With a shove from Tony I move forward to Austin he smiles, "Come on Christian boy this will help you get her out of your head."

I tell Austin that I can’t do it but he just laughs, "Don’t act like your better then us choose a damn color."

So I look in the basket and see a wide array of colors from magenta to grey but one color grabs my interested. I pull out a white ball and show it to the crowd of guys that await their turn.

Austin turns to me "Oh that’s a good choice Ryan every door is color coded upstairs find the white door and go inside for your present."

I didn’t expect this to happen at the party, I just need to go upstairs apologize to the girl and leave. I walk up the steps of the old home with laughter from the guys in the background. I need to be more careful of what I get into. I was surprised how many doors were upstairs, their must have been at least 20. When I finally find my door I take a deep breath and open the door.

To my surprise I find Alexis messing with her scene hair cut. When she see’s me she gasps "oh my God I was hoping it was you."

I smile back "How crazy is that, were you in on this stupid game?"

She shows a grin, "I’ve haven’t been to a party for a long time, when I got here they told me that this was going to happen, why you don’t like this either?"

I respond "Yeah I think this is kind of stupid I’m going to get out of here before they all start coming upstairs."

She frowns when I say this; "I thought we were going have a little fun first?"

I sigh "No offence Alexis but this is just not my type of scene, but we should hang out some time."

She grabs me, "how about right now;"? she starts digging through my pants.

"Whoa!" I push her off of me, "sorry Alexis; I can’t do this right now."

She grabs my belt and starts unbuckling it again. I push her off of me again but this time she slams on the bed.

She begins crying, "What’s wrong, do you not like me?"

I sit on the bed next to her trying my best to comfort her, "listen Alexis it’s not you it’s me I just can’t do this right now."

With tears in her eyes she presses her face in my chest and sobs in my Alice in Chains t shirt. "I’m sorry Alexis I’m a Christian and this is just not right, I can’t do this right now."

She forces out the words while sobbing," I thought you were the one I could tell you were the one."

I look at her, "what are you talking about we just met?"

Alexis digs her face out of my chest and looks straight into my eyes. Her green eyes shine with a bright glimmer straight into mine. She whispers "I must have you one way or another."

With that statement I’m stunned, what did she mean by this?

Then I see her grab the bed lamp, she smashes it across my head, I fall unconscious. When I awake my hands and feet have pink handcuffs attached to the bed frame. I notice I’m naked and I have scratches on my chest and legs. One of my socks is stuck in my mouth and I can’t speak. I try tugging at the handcuffs I try breaking the bed frame, the cuffs anything.

" Stop panicking Ryan this is for your own good."

The voice sends shivers down my spine it sounds so different than from before, not the innocent voice from before. I look to see standing in front of the bed is Alexis with a knife in her hand. She begins crawling on the bed then lies on top of me. Her skin is so cold I begin to get goose bumps. She starts to rub my cheek and puts the knife to my neck.

She whispers "I’m going to take out this sock so you can talk, if you begin screaming I will slit your throat."

She takes the sock out of my mouth and I begin to beg. "Please I’ll do anything you want Alexis please just don’t kill me."

She smiles with a twisted grin, "anything?"

With regret in my voice I repeat my offer, "anything".

She slowly pulls the blade way from my neck and puts her mouth next to my ear and whispers; "I’m going to make you feel dirty. I’m going to strip your innocent’s away from you."

She begins kissing my neck, and then I feel her teeth pierce through my skin, I know she broke skin becasue I started to see blood stain the bed covers.Then she begins making sucking noises. I don’t know why but I begin to feel weak, my energy is draining and I can’t do anything to stop it.

I feel helpless, when I reach the point that I grow so weak that I can’t move my arms or legs that’s when she stops.

She takes her mouth from my neck and stares at me with her green eyes as drops of blood fall out of her mouth and land on my chest. She whispers "I have taken you to point of submission now you choose I can kill you now painlessly or you can become one of me?"

I look at her with fear in my eyes I don’t know what she means? Become what?

She grows impatient, "choose!" She yells.

I cry out," I want to become one of you!"

With that she smiles, "good, good I have grown lonely over the decades, you’ll be good company."

She takes the knife in her hand and slits her wrist revealing a dark blood, and then she does the same with me.

"Now this will only hurt a little bit, and if my blood takes over quickly we can leave."

I stare up at my left wrist which she just slit, and I watch as she puts her wrist next to mine. I can feel her cold blood enter my veins, I can feel it go through my blood stream and then to my heart. Oh God I can’t explain the feeling, pain the burning sensation that crawls through out my body, the pleasure the ecstasy makes my body shiver it hurts so good. I shake on the bed as Alexis sits on top of me, she holds me down for the worst parts. I scream, I scream so loud the pleasure the pain combine as one, it’s the same all of it is the same. With one last thrust off the bed I can feel my heart slowly stop, I can feel my body, my blood become cold. With one last gasp I stop, I’m out of breath but I can’t feel my heart beat racing. I grab my chest thinking I’m dying then I realize my arms and legs are free.

Alexis sits watching she can tell I’m confused, laughing "you freed yourself when you were struggling to accept the blood."

I look at her with fear, how could this girl first want to kill me and now wants to laugh she’s crazy. With a gasp I scream, "what did you do to me!?!?"

She laughs "isn’t it obvious I’ve changed you, forever, your now one of us."

I look at her with fear "one of what?"

She creeps in towards my face," A VAMPIRE."

I laugh, I laugh uncontrollable, "your kidding right you must’ve been doing drugs, or watching to many twilight movies."

She frowns, "you don’t get it do you, I changed you forever you’re a vampire like me."

I push her off of me and begin walking but fall to the ground. "Ah shit, what the hell",

she laughs" you lost to much blood you dumbass, you won’t be able to walk for awhile."

I look back at her, "how did I lose all my blood?"

She looks confused; "uh didn’t you feel me sucking your blood."

I stare back; "I thought that was just the effects of you smashing the lamp across my head!"

She laughs "no you idiot I didn’t hit you to hard, just enough to knock you unconscious."

I look back to the door and back at her, "why did you suck my blood, why did you slit my wrist?"

She looks confused again, "you chose to become a vampire that is what I did to you, you are now a vampiric descendent."

She gets off the bed and picks me off the ground, I’m shocked at how strong she was I’m 6’7 and 290 pounds and she’s picking me up like a little toy. She throws me over her shoulders and opens the window in the room we were in. We have to go now or they will start to get suspicious with all you’re screaming. I try to struggle out of her grip but I used all my energy to try to walk. She crawls through window with me and jumps from the three story house with my body weight like it was nothing. She begins running incredibly fast that I don’t know how to explain it. We go running for what seems like minutes but I know the actually trip on foot would take an hour. We stop under Clermont Bridge and she puts me down next to one of the concrete support beams. I can’t believe it we are twenty miles away from Austin’s house but it only took minutes.

I ask her "how did you do how can you move that fast, how can you pick me up like that."

She turns around and looks at me "I’ve told you already I’m a vampire."

I sigh, "when can I go home?"

She laughs," never."

She looks up at the sky where a full moon stares back at her. The moon has a glow, just like her skin, I crawl up to her and watch the sight.

She sighs "I’m sorry but I’ve been so lonely over the decades, and I just, I just fell in love at first sight with you. You were so innocent eating some chips and dip watching me I knew I could take you from the light. I could tell you were sweet, and that’s one thing I don’t have in this world."

She turns and looks at me, "I’m trapped in this world I’m lonely and fading. I’m heartbroken and I was waiting for someone like you to come. We are stuck in this world, that’s not meant for me or you. I love you."


"I don’t like what you’ve become Ryan what’s gotten into?"

I stare at Alexis her question echoes inside my head as she stares at me.

" Why did you have to kill her? She was only twelve and you weren’t even hunger."

My hands clinched the wheel of my vehicle as she continues questioning me. "Listen I just, I just lost control baby I don’t know why your worrying about it anyway she was an orphan."

Her face gets red with frustration, I love when she's like this; "you know she had parents why are you lying to me? Why have you changed Ryan you used to be so sweet?"

I just stare at the sign up ahead, big letters flashing VEGAS." Listen baby I made a mistake, I’m sorry really I am but I just want to enjoy our trip."

She doesn’t respond, she knows that I don’t mean it.

I park at a hotels parking lot, the engine stops and Alexis looks at me again." Do you still love my Ryan?"

With this question I lean back. I stare deep into Alexis eyes, the green pupils shine bright as they always do. "Alexis I have loved you the first time I’ve set my eyes on you, your sheer beauty compels me to be near you always. I apologize for the way I have been acting, but since I saw your sister I can’t stop myself from doing these horrible deeds."

She looks down "yeah I’m sorry you had to see her she’s, she’s just family you know?"

I look out my side window, "she tried to take me away from you Alexis and if you weren’t there to stop it I would’ve gone, her power of influence is so strong, she had full control of my mind."

I step out of the vehicle, "listen I just want to get her out of mind and spend it with you."

She follows beside me as I walk through the hotel doors. I notice that this place is hardly standing; I guess the war has come through here to. It seems like we can never escape the mess the Great War leaves behind.

I look at the scrawny hotel manager as he stands behind the manager’s desk waiting for our money. As I give him the new currency that has been issued I take Alexis to find our room. As we leave I swear I see a figure watching us from the window, a dark figure calling me.

After a day of passion with Alexis I get out of bed and walk towards the window, the sun shines through and my skin starts to sizzle. I always look at the sun for the few moments I can, it reminds me of my past when I still was normal. God how I hated those days, I didn’t have the power like I do now; I didn’t have the strength I do now. But I do miss the sun and its glory, giving life to those who want it, burning the freaks that don’t. As I gaze at it for one more moment I then flip the blinds close again, my burned skin slowly regenerates back to its normal self. I stare at Alexis as she sleeps on, looking as innocent as possible but the effects of vampiric blood give her a dark presence. I get back into the bed next to her, waiting for the sun to go down once more so we can rise.

Hours past and Alexis awakes to find alittle patch of burned skin still on my face." You really need to stop torturing yourself like that Ryan it will only hurt you."

I sigh at her overwhelming concern for me, "I just like the pain Alexis it makes me feel alive."

She interrupts "but you’re not Ryan why do you insist on trying to be what your not? Why do you try to hurt yourself to be something you can never be again?"

I just lift myself out of bed and put my clothes back on, "listen I just like the feeling of pain I like to feel something every now and again.I don’t know why your so worried about this you used to do it yourself if I recall."

Her face grows red with frustration again," just get out of here! I need to cool off."

I obey her wishes and leave to go outside; I grab one of my cigarettes from the pack in my front pocket. The desire of nicotine will clam my nerves while I wait for her to cool off. I pull out my lighter and I take the flame to the end of my cigarette and suck in the first puff of nicotine.

As the embers of flame slowly eat away at my cigarette I begin to hear someone close in on me. Expecting Alexis I turn around to apologize.

But instead I look at the fiery face of her blood sister Avon." Hello Ryan are you enjoying your little trip with my sister, is she satisfying you’re every need?"

I look down to avoid her dark gaze that she uses to control. "What are you doing here Avon and why are you following us?"

She laughs at my response, "ah what gave me away?"

I smile, "oh nothing just that I could smell your disgusting odor."

She grits her teeth, "laugh all you want Ryan but I will have you one day, and my sister won’t be there to protect you when I do."

With that she walks away, leaving a scent of perfume in her wake. I watch as she disappears into the darkness, I throw my cigarette on the ground and stop the ember out. I walk back inside and go back into our room to check on Alexis.

When I open the door I find Alexis holding a pillow to her face, to quiet her sobbing. She looks up as I shut the door behind me; "please I just need a few more minutes before I can talk to you again."

With aheavy sigh I speak, "I’m sorry but we don’t have a few more minutes, your sister has been following us and she confronted me outside.Alexis she wants me more now then ever before, I need you to be around me, I don’t want to leave you."

Alexis gets out of bed and wraps her arms around me, she cries in my arms. "Why can’t I stay mad at you when you say these things? We’ll leave tonight and find somewhere else to go."

When she says this I squeeze tight on her, "why? Why can’t we just fight her, I’ve grown more powerful over the years, we can… "

Alexis just stares up at me with a grimace look on her face, "don’t you realize Ryan she’ll just turn you against me. When your guard is down she’ll take you away from me."

I shake with a flicker of rage, "why does she want to do this to you?"

With this Alexis pushes me off of her and walks back to the bed, "Ryan we need to go."

We quietly pack our things and leave; when everything is packed into our car we head out of town. We hit the road, driving for the next down to escape from Avon. As we reach closer to our next destination I sense a black figure rushing past us, I slam on the brakes and let the figure move away from us. But the black figure stops in front of us. It’s the beautiful Avon that stands between our path to the next city, not allowing us to escape.

She appeared so quickly I could not prepare myself, I didn’t put my guard up. I stare at her dark gaze, her grey eyes are the only things I can focus on now, the only thing I care. I release my grasp from the wheel and open my door.

Alexis reaches over and grabs my right arm, "No Ryan don’t let her take over, your stronger then that."

I don’t listen, I don’t care about her words all I care about are the eyes. I stand up and begin walking over towards her, the words repeat through out my mind “I must have her, I must have Avon”. I hear Alexis screaming as a car door slams. I feel tugging at my arm, I hear screaming in my ear, I feel nails dig into my skin but I didn’t care.

When I reach the presence of her I find myself transfixed upon her gaze, I then look down at her body. Her body is sculpted perfectly; she’s beautiful from her feet to her face, the ultimate being. I watch as words fall out of Avon’s mouth, not knowing what they are I give her a blank stare but then the words enter my ears.

My vision darkens as time fades; a sizzling numbness enters my mind and body. The feeling is great, it’s like I’m in the middle of a drug trip that I never want to leave. I feel nothing, no pain no sense of touch, no space or time I am one with the very universe. But all things have to come to an end.

When I wake from this induced dream I see a dark blood stain my hands, I’ve killed another person. But this wasn’t just another person. When I look down at the corpse my heart sinks to depths I have never felt before. A blank stare meets my eyes of the one person I have cared for, the one that I have loved.

Alexis is dead and by my hands. My heart shatters at the thought of her gone and I lose control. I scream at the top of my lungs as I see the beautiful Avon watching on.

She laughs while I cry," my love, my love is gone and it’s because of me."

How could I ever do such a thing, I can not bare with the guilt.

Avon speaks as I’m deep in thought; "I can leave you in the state you were just in if you wish."

I only look at her with hate in my eyes. She smiles "how does it feel to kill the person you love the most?"

" Why?"

I scream WHY!!!

I jump up with strength I have never felt before and I attack. But as I sprint closer the deep feeling of numbness regains control and I fall.

As I slip into the dark abyss of mind control I hear Avon’s words. "I told you I would have you all to myself, and I always get what I want Ryan."

Love is a hard thing to come by. But when you finally have it, it can lead to a life of happiness. But when Lust comes it can snatch the very Essence of the relationship it will rip it away.

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