My prisoner of war

My prisoner of war My prisoner of war

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Erotic short story i wrote in a night for a friend


Erotic short story i wrote in a night for a friend


Submitted: April 01, 2014

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Submitted: April 01, 2014



I'm his prisoner of war.

My husband has been away for almost 2 years, so long i forget his scent, his taste and the feeling of his well endowed cock. We had a average sex life 

but ever since he left for war as a military policeman for POW's I have been craving his body. He is coming back tomorrow night and said he had a 

surprise for me, i'm dying to find out what it is. He is minutes away from stepping through that door, i put on my lacey black lingerie just for him, 

my heart is racing just thinking of his masculine body it's driving me crazy. That's when i heard it, the door of the cab opening and his boots hitting 

the ground, with every step the sound of his boot phased me. Then he opened the door standing there, Red beret desert, camo fatigues his tall masculine 

body hanging over me. He threw his bags into the living room then grabbed me closer to him he put his hand through my hair and kissed me, it was so 

sensual and passionate i couldn't even breath he slowly pulled away and whispered into my ear "meet me in the bedroom. I didn't fret to obey, i moved 

as fast as i could without looking desperate, i waited on our king sized be and that's when i saw him the dim lighting highlighting his naked body he 

had nothing on but his red beret and he was holding nothing but a bag marked "POW kit". I went to compliment him on his built body but he told me to be 

quiet, then he approached me, he threw me on the bed, i was shocked he had never been so forceful....but i liked it. He walked to the side of the bed i 

was on then grabbed me turned me around and started tearing off my clothes, i couldn't help but smile and bite my lip, he's being rough and i like it. 

Nothing is left even my expensive victoria's secret lingerie is hanging by a thread, he grabbed my arms leaned over to my ear and whispered "you've 

been a bad girl, now you are my prisoner". he reached into his bag and pulled out a bandana and a pair of handcuffs, he grabbed my wrists forefully and 

slammed the handcuffs on, he was making me so wet i thought i was going crazy he then pulled me hair back which almost made me cum in itself and 

proceded to wrap the bandana around my head. I heard him take something else from the bag, he then grabbed my legs and started tieing rope around my 

ankles, i was so wet i was practically dripping. He threw down my legs told me to bend over and i heard him lit a cigerette i didn't know he smoked but 

i dont care. He grabbed my hair and pulled it back and he took a puff of his cigerette and slowly exhaled down my spine, after that i came the first 

time i ever came without being touched it was amazing. He said " now time for your punishment" He spanked my ass without holding back it hurt but as 

soon as his hand left my body his hand print inscribed on my body i have never cum so hard in my life. Every time his hand hit and left my ass i was 

going more and more insane for how much i wanted him, do i finally mustered up the courage to say "please master, can you please me". He stopped 

spanking me immedietly, i felt dissapointed until he threw me down on the bed and cuffed my hands to the headboard and climbed on top of me. The 

feeling of him on top of me made me want him so much more and that's when he tore off what little of my lingerie was left and took one last puff of his 

smoke then squeezed out the cherry of it which fell onto my chest, the pain of the burning left me screaming in ecstasy, i came almost instantly. He 

then start licking my breasts then he starting sucking on my nipples, his teasing was driving me crazy then he started biting my nipples and i came 

again, and as he was doing this he moved his hand down my stomech and started to float his finger around my crotch teasing me making me ache for him. 

He starting ringing his finger around my pussy so far but so close i just want him inside me. At that moment i said it " Please master i want you 

inside me" after i said that he stopped teasing me and shoved his two fingers inside me,  i screamed and came so much i even squirted a little bit over 

his hand. He started to go harder faster then hit my g spot i think i came 10 times in a few minutes then he stoped, slower took his fingers out, i 

knew his hand was covered in my cum he then lifted my bandana up just enough for me to see him, lick his fingers one by one, that drove me crazy it 

turned my from a 10/10 horny to a 12. He then climbed on top of my chest and grabbed my hair, and at this moment i knew i was  finally going to get to 

taste him again, his big thick cock is going to be in my mouth. He pulled him head right in front of his cock i could feel it warming the air and i did 

not hesitate to take the whole thing in my mouth. I loved it the warmth and taste of his cock even my jaw was getting sore because its been so long so 

i had his thick dick in my mouth. I wanted him to cum in my mouth so bad, he grabbed my hair again and was forcing his cock down my throat, harder and 

faster. Just as i thought he was finally going to cum in my mouth he pulled his cock out of my mouth slowly, the feeling and the taste leaving my mouth 

was unbearable. He got off my chest and grabbed something off the night table, he heard the crisp sound of his zippo and it only too me a second to 

realize what it was. He tarted pouring candle wax  all over my crotch and my breasts the feeling was amazing, the feeling of the candle wax landing on 

my skin got my closer and closer to cumming. I was screaming with pleasure, i came several times then he stopped every time after he stops i just want 

more and more. Then he threw me on my stomach  pulled my hair back and whispered "time for your reward, prisoner" then he started teasing my pussy with 

his thick cock putting in just the tip or tracing the whole with it, it was driving me insane i just wanted his cock inside of me. He was waiting for 

me to beg i know it so i didn't hesitate to say "please master i want your thick cock deep inside my horny pussy" He gave me a half smile and did not 

hesitate to pull my hair and start drilling my tight pussy while spanking me. I was in ecstasy my hair being pulled getting spanked my whole body felt 

amazing its like i was constantly cumming even squirting, this is what i ave craved for so long, his thick cock going in and out of my tight horny 

pussy. I could feel his cock twitching inside of me so i yelled out "please master give me your hot cum inside this slutty pussy" i was not even 

moaning i was screaming then i heard his moans shake through my ears and finally he let it all out inside me his thick cum is finally mine again, he 

layed down next to me i was all tied up, sweaty and blindfolded this was the happiest i have been for a long time.


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