Three Way Battle

Three Way Battle Three Way Battle

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Our hero goes out again while Jenna's away. She unexpectedly comes home mid-sex with Zoe. What will happen now?


Our hero goes out again while Jenna's away. She unexpectedly comes home mid-sex with Zoe. What will happen now?


Submitted: February 26, 2014

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Submitted: February 26, 2014



~Three Way Battle~
Surprisingly after our last fight and make up session Jenna asked me to quit smoking.  She said that she’d try to as well.  I didn’t know where this was coming from but I knew that she was right about the fact that they cause cancer.  So I went along with it.  She went with some fruity gum that’s supposed to cut back on the nicotine, I went with an over the counter patch.

Even though she didn’t smell like an ash tray half the time any more I knew that she was still taking meth.  The calls from “Carlos” were from her dealer.  I never met the ass hole and didn’t touch illegal drugs.  I get plenty from sex and alcohol. 

Jenna was out tonight on another binge of drugs and alcohol.  She’s no angle, not like I am either, but it was Friday and god forbid she have to stay home with me.  I figured since she was out at some club I’m going to go out to the “horrid pub” O’Neill’s again tonight.  Maybe I’ll get lucky on my own, Jenna wasn’t coming home tonight.

Walking down the sidewalk to O’Neill’s past the graffiti that’s been painted over a thousand times reminded me when I was younger.  Not that I’m that old but my twenties are clearly behind me.  Jenna and I met at, of all places, a church picnic.  Some friend invited me to help “save my dying soul.”  Jenna said she was hungry and saw the sign for free food.

They said we had to listen to some stupid sermon before the meal so I looked over to her and said that I’d by her whatever kind of dinner she wanted if she’d come home and fuck me after.  She smiled at me and grabbed my hand asked if I really meant that.  I said “Hell yeah” and she practically dragged me out of the tent. We stayed together for about ten months and something in me told me to marry her or I’d lose her.  So I did.  We went and got a judge to make it official.  Talk about a crazy idea.

That was ten years ago, she’s still hot as hell and the best fuck I’ve ever had.  I don’t know why I keep going to bars to find someone new.  I got to O’Neill’s and opened the old wooden door at the front.  All the usual suspects were there, Mike the whiner, Bill the “good old days” guy and Jimmy the bragger.  Jimmy always was bragging about who he’d been with last night.  I can see why Jenna doesn’t like this place. 

I looked at the girls that were working and didn’t see Zoe.  A little disappointed, I scanned the others to see who’d be the easiest to get home tonight.  I sat at the bar seeing a new girl so I went in front of her.  Smiled and ordered a beer.  Start slow I had at least two more hours to get her in my bed.

Everything about her body wrangled me up.  Tight ass, breasts the size of grapefruit, and not to mention the uniform they had to wear was so tight on her it made everything seem to want to pop out.  Every time she bent over to get a beer mug, that hot tight ass would peak out and seem to call me to penetrate it.

Two beers and an hour later Crystal, the new girl, and I had built a good report.  I knew this was just going to be a matter of time to getter her back to my place.  I looked in her eyes and smiled again.

“So Crystal what time do you get off tonight?”

“You know we’re not supposed to date the patrons.”

“Who said anything about dating?”  I said to her, throwing one of my coy smiles that always seem to work.  I could tell she was getting nervous. She looked back at me and put her hands up on the bar.

Leaning in closely she said “Do you just want to………..” Then in hushed tones, ”have sex?”

“Don’t you?” I said back to her.  Trying to look a little concerned, she leaned in again.

“I’ve never done that before.”  I knew she was lying.  I asked her to come to the end of the bar, farthest from the door. She smiled and came down with me.  I grabbed her leg and ran my fingers up her inner thigh to her pussy.  No panties and a piercing at the top of her clit.  I knew she was lying to me.

“I get off in,” looking at her watch” twenty minutes” Smiled and went back behind the bar.  Just as I went to turn back to the front of the bar I hear the door slam in the back. 

All the girls that were there were up front, someone new was in the back.  Mic, the bar owner, wouldn’t be happy.  Knowing Mic, I slipped into the hall and went back to the office.  Maybe I’d get to hear him slap the late bitch through the walls.  Those walls were so thin they made the ones in my place seem like sound proofing had been put in.

“Damn it bitch, I’ve told you a hundred times before, and now you’re late again.” Mic was pissed.

“I couldn’t help it my car broke down and I had to walk here.”  That voice seemed so familiar to me, but I wasn’t sure from where.  Then I heard the slap off his hand on the back of her face.  She screamed out in pain, but it was close enough that I knew who she was right away.

“You cheap whore!” Mic screamed at her again.  I busted through the plaster from the store room knowing who she was and grabbed Mic before he could touch her again.  I could tell the surprise on both of their faces, but Zoe’s smile made something in me feel better, something non sexual for a change.  I told Zoe to go back to my place.

After she went out the back door, I turned to Mic.  “You touch her again I’ll break your neck.” I said to him.  Then I punched him hard enough in the face to break his nose.  I walked up to the front and saw that everyone was in shock.

“Crystal, get out of here while you still can.” I said to her, and then I walked out the front and headed back to my apartment.

I got back to my place after about thirty minutes of wandering around the neighborhood.  My head was flying with thoughts.  I wasn’t totally sure about what to do with Zoe.  I was standing at the door wanting to open it but not because a young girl was sitting in there. 

 Finally I got myself together enough to open the door.  Zoe was on the couch.  She turned to me and smiled.  I could tell she’d been crying so I sat next to her, and put my arm over her shoulders.  She moved into my side and made herself as small as she could.

 “Thank you.” She said to me and kissed my neck.  With an almost sucking feeling her tongue ran over my neck where her mouth was covering.  I let out a slight moan and she pulled back and smiled.  She then climbed on top of my legs and moved in a sexual nature.  I looked up at her face still red from where Mic slapped her.

Pulling my shirt off and smiling at me, she moved in and started kissing my chest.  I put my hands on her hips and slid my finger around her till they were at the small of her back.  I moved them up and down her back letting my thumbs collide with her breasts a few times.  Finally finding the bottom of her shirt I pulled it up over her head and smiled.  No bra, Jenna didn’t do that anymore.

 I put my face into her firm ample breasts, licking each nipple with small bites.  Each bite causing Zoe to let a small squeal of pleasure out.  She was rubbing my chest now with her hands scratching at my nipples.  Then she pushed me back off of her body and smiled at me.  With one hand holding me back the other going around her breasts, she stuck the hand on her down into her pants and let out another moan of pleasure.  Zoe pulled her hand out and slipped the two extended fingers into my mouth.  I could tell they’d been inside her pussy, her taste was all over them.

“Let’s get into the bed.  Your wife won’t be here right?”  Nodding she stood up and I quickly followed.  By the time we got to the bed, both of our pants and underwear were on the floor.  She spread out on the bed and looked up at me calling me with one of the same fingers she used earlier.  I heard something in the living room but just ignored it since Zoe wanted me more than the sound did.

She grabbed my cock and guided it into her.  I push into her with my normal force.  She started to scream in deepening pleasure.

“yes, Yes, YES!”  With a hard push into her pussy something changed and it was far harder than I meant it to be she screamed out loudly, but not from pleasure.  Something was on my back.  Then the arms wrapped around me.  I knew who was here, it had to be Jenna.

Flipping and pinning her naked body beneath me I looked into those eyes of hers and could tell she was enjoying this too.  I didn’t know what she was going to do next but this was anything but expected.

She looked over at Zoe, who was scared a bit.  After their last meeting I didn’t blame her.  Jenna grinned at her and said, “So bar bitch, ever fuck a girl before?”  Zoe was clearly in shock for a few seconds, and then nodded back at my wife.  “OK, show me.”

Jenna knocked me off the bed and sat spread open for Zoe.  She started to rub her clit and nipples to arouse herself.  Zoe looked back at me looking for approval.  “It’s better than running down the hall naked.” I said to her.  Nodding back looking still a little scared Zoe put her face into Jenna’s wetting pussy.  Looking at the two started me to want something as well, so I licked my palm and started to rub my cock as it hardened again.

Looking at me from the head of the bed Jenna called to me with her fingers.I knew this was going to be good.Jenna let out a small moan as Zoe put her fingers around her clit and grazed into her now fully wet pussy. 

“Put it into her,” My wife called between moans.

My cock hard as a rock grazed along Zoe’s ass.  Finally I pull her hips up enough to do her dog style.  Zoe moaned and pushed into Jenna causing her to moan as well.  Jenna took her hands from Zoe’s back and put them around my neck.  She pulled me into her hard nipples and said only one word.


So I did, just like I was to Zoe earlier.  Each bite caused Jenna to let out a screaming moan.  Strangely I pushed harder and harder into Zoe.  No longer licking Jenna’s pussy, she started to scream as well.  Somehow Zoe managed to keep her fingers moving in and out of my wife.

We were moving together in ecstasy and pleasure unlike any I had before.  We were like three cords in one fabric moving together.  No stopping just moans and screams.  I wasn’t even sure if it was Zoe’s or Jenna breasts that I had grabbed.  Finally I felt the fullness of my pleasure coming to a head.  Zoe was screaming as I let out my cum and my wife was now screaming as well.  All of this in one blast of nonstop sensations.

Pulling back, I find my breath gone and Zoe was the same.  Jenna laying back, looking more pleased than I’d seen her in a long time.  I fell to the bed between Jenna and Zoe, and put my arms around them both.  Our naked bodies folded into each other I tried to hold on to this sensation for as long as I could because I knew it would fade soon.
This was written by John R Winter

© Copyright 2018 jrwinter35. All rights reserved.

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