Hiroshima Love

Hiroshima Love Hiroshima Love

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


The most powerful love can only be described as nuclear. This story should fall into that category.


The most powerful love can only be described as nuclear. This story should fall into that category.


Submitted: March 28, 2014

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Submitted: March 28, 2014



~Hiroshima Love~

Emiko got off at the Kamiya Cho Higashi Street Car Station.  She needed to get a hotel for tonight.  It was early August, and Tamotsu was going to do something for her tonight.  She was going to remember August, 5th for a very long time. 

Anyway, the street down from the castle was the best bet.  There were three hotels on that street so that was the where they were going to do this.  If his parents knew what they were doing they’d probably kill him.  Aioi Bridge was just to the west of that so it wouldn’t be hard to find. 

 Tamotsu worked in the Army Clothing Depot.  It wasn’t a great job but because the war was on she understood.  The man she was going to marry was a total jerk so she wanted to do something special with the man she loved, Tamotsu.

 Tamotsu got the note from his secretary after lunch.  He now knew where he was going to Emiko.  Her long raven black hair was common to the Japanese woman, but the way she always had a flower in it, even though it was uncommon for women of her stature to have a garden, made her seem that much more beautiful to him.

 The note said they were to meet at a hotel just south of the city castle.  He knew just where that hotel was, he’d been there many times before, although not with Emiko.  She was a young girl and knew little of what happened in the bed. 

 Most of what she knew was probably things that her mother told her.  He knew his roll.  Tamotsu was given his name of protector by his parents.  Little did he know growing up that he would be breaking that gift with Emiko.  Emiko, whose name means beautiful blessing, was born to her parents late in their life.  So late that they thought they would never have children.

 Tamotsu got on the street car after work.  It was late and he needed to get something to eat if he was going to be his best tonight and maybe even tomorrow morning.  He got some rice and a little bit of chicken at a restaurant near the Kamiya Cho Higashi station.  He was early and knew that he had enough time to get something to eat before tonight.

 Because the place where he stopped was so close to the hotel he decided to walk.  It was cheaper and he could blend into the crowd on the street better.  As he walked up he saw Emiko a few yards ahead of him.  Almost in shock he wanted to go grab her and hug her kissing her making a public display of the whole thing.  The whole reason for doing it this way was because he wanted to be discrete.

 She set everything up for him, posing as his secretary.  If the signal wasn’t hanging out the window, she would know not to come up yet.  Because she was ahead of him he knew that it wouldn’t be there.  He saw her look up and see that his sock wasn’t hanging out any of the windows so she stood on the south side of the hotel looking north, just like he told her to.

As he walked by her he grabbed tightly on her ass and then let his hand glide off holding it very tightly.  She let out a small squeal but kept it to herself.  Oh, she would be doing far more than just squealing later.

 Tamotsu walked to the front desk and retrieved the key for his room.  He walked up and hung the sock out the window just like he told Emiko he would.  He fussed with his tie and waited for what seemed to be an eternity.  Just then a knock on the door startled him out of his dazed thoughts.

 She walked into the room wearing a tight red silk dress, just like he told her to.  She smiled at him and said.  “I am yours Tamotsu; do with me as you please.”  He pulled her the rest of the way into the room and threw her down on the bed. 

 After slamming the door shut he turned back to her and walked up to the bed.  He stepped out of his shoes and when he got to her he pulled hers off as well.  He climbed on top of her pinning her to the bed with his knees on either side of her hips.  He began kissing her intensely, taking his hands over her breasts, feeling the softness of them both. 

 Then he pulled away from her and pulled his tie off and she reached up to his shirt and began to unbutton the front.  When she got to the bottom where it was tucked into his pants she pushed into them a little pulling the shirt out grazing what she could only imagine being his penis hardening to her touch.  With such beauty who could blame him.

 After kissing her again Tamotsu sat up and pulled both his shirt and undershirt off in almost one swift move she placed her hands on his chest feeling the strength that his muscles carried.  Looking down at her still fully dress there was only one thing that Tamotsu could think to do.  He did buy her this dress specifically for tonight so he grabbed the top and opened it up ripping the top half off completely.

 Her chest was exposed but with her breasts still comfortably tucked into her bra Tamotsu sucked at her nipples through the soft material.  As he bit into them Emiko reached behind her back and unbuckled the bra and it came up off her chest with his next bite.  A bit of a surprise to both of them, but Tamotsu was pleased with the results. 

 Looking down now her hardening brown nipples looked completely irresistible.  He spit the bra off to the side and went down at them again, biting and licking each nipple enjoying every second of it.  She started to breath heavy as he went at her breasts, small squeaks with each lick or bite.

 Tamotsu sat up in the bed and pulled the rest of her dress off of her.  Then he began to unbutton his trousers and she grabbed either side of them helping him to pull them off.  His enlarged cock, harder than he could ever remember, made his boxers look like a small ten on his groin.  However he wasn’t ready for them to come off just yet.

 Tamotsu backed away from her just a little.  Emiko didn’t want this to end just yet.  She grabbed under her knees and pulled her legs apart trying to make herself more accessible to him.  He placed his hand with his fingers at the top of her clit and began stroking his thumb up and down over her panties to excite her as best he could.

 In and out her breath was letting small screeches of pleasure trying not to let him go.  He could feel her getting more and more wet with each stroke of his thumb.  Finally he split it apart and pushed his thumb up into her vagina with a loud undeniable scream of pleasure he pushed harder and harder.  Finally he pulled his thumb out and pushed her legs back together. 

 He then pulled her soaked panties off and split her legs again.  Lowering his head over her groin she put her hands on the back of his head, pushing it down into her wet and exited pussy.  He then began to stroke his tongue up and down her pussy but not quite penetrating it.Yet, she still was into it completely.

 Finally he took his boxers off as well and she saw his hardened cock for the first time.  She couldn’t stand the wait and called up to him “Take me, I am totally yours.”  With that he thrust into her taking her again and again.

 She started with small squeaks like the one on the street.  Eventually they climb to loud screams of ecstasy again and again Tamotsu went into her take her as far as he could when he cummed into her and let out his own pleasure filling her pussy and then pulling out in total satisfaction.

 Again the morning filled with the sounds of air raid sirens.  Tamotsu and Emiko were holding each other in their arms.  The bare skin of both of them, were in total contact with each other.  With the warmth of the morning sun coming in through the window, Emiko could feel it healing her skin.

 Tamotsu began to stir feeling her breath on his skin.  With her head on his chest, Tamotsu could smell the jasmine sent in her hair and wanted to take in more of it.  He pulled her in closer to him and wanted to take her again.  He wasn’t sure if she wanted it though.  He took in the scent of her hair one more time then turned her over once again.

 She looked up at him and smiled that calming broad smile of hers.  “I want you again Emiko, can you take my power?”  She only smiled again and said “I am totally yours.”  He looked at the clock the time was 8:09 am in the morning.  He rubbed her outer thigh and he felt his cock begin to harden.

Her naked body below him only enticed him more.  Tamotsu bent down and took her left breast into his mouth.  Biting and licking the hardening nipple she moaned and cried as she did the night before.  Moaning she took her hand up the inside of Tamotsu’s thigh and grabbed the base of his cock.

 With her hand on him he hardened even more.  Then he pressed his face into her breasts and dragging his tongue down her stomach she squealed in pleasure.  “I want this” he said and pushed his face into her pussy.  Licking her clit she screamed out again.

 Then he pushed his fingers up into her pussy causing her to cry out again.  Her pussy wet, he wanted to take her all the way.  His hard cock hovering over her wet pussy he smiled down on her and pushed his cock into her.  She screamed out loud again and again as he trust into her.  Better than the night before she took him in.

 Then as he pushed into her Tamotsu felt himself about to cum into her, he heard a loud bang outside.  It only exited him more.  A loud sonic bomb tore through the room.  Then just as he cummed into her screaming out in ecstasy the room was torn to shreds and both of their skin was ripped off of their bones.  The time was Monday, August 6, 1945, at 8:15 a.m.

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