Conquering the Old

Conquering the Old Conquering the Old

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Two agents go to Canada, one falls for the professor's wife they're going to debriefed.


Two agents go to Canada, one falls for the professor's wife they're going to debriefed.


Submitted: March 09, 2014

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Submitted: March 09, 2014



~Conquering the Old~
 What another boring assignment.  Mike and I were to go to this old Canadian scientist who had some new communication thing.  Mike was on the technical end of the assignment, I was there to make sure he got back with all the info to install it on our high orbital air craft.

 It was going to be a whole week talking to this guy.  Most of the stuff I didn’t really understand.  I’d only ever flown fighters, and on my own time I took my Cessna up once in a while.  Anyway I had been grounded for not following orders and a bunch of complicated stuff.  Most of the time I did desk work.

 Mike and I worked together and that’s why they picked me to go with him.  Canada was a long drive.  We talked about things like life and love, and if you believe that it’s total bull shit.  Most of the time, we didn’t talk to each other.  Mike sat in the passenger seat listening to his iPhone.

 It was a two day trip so we stopped in some small side of the road hotel.  I took a shower and got into some casual clothes.  Mike had done the same, and we went to a burger bar near the hotel.  Burgers were good but the fries were greasy.The beer was two for one so we both had a few.

 “So, Tim,” I knew where Mike was going with this, but I didn’t stop him. “How much of it is true?”  He was clearly a little drunk.  Probably just enough to give him the boldness to ask me this, but for the two months we worked together he probably heard about what I did.

 “Listen Mike, I made a mistake.  Is it true that I fired on one of our own men?  Yes.  Most people probably tell you to stay away from me and it’s true, but here’s the part they don’t tell you.  It was dark and I was somewhere I shouldn’t have been earlier.  The guy came around the corner with his pistol drawn.  I over reacted and before my CO could finish saying ‘don’t shoot’ I already had.”

 “But why?”

 “It’s simple, I was a buzzed and ready to shoot.  Too bad for him, being on a different assignment in the same area.  It was good for me though, because all I did was hit his boot and take off a toe.”  A small smile crossed his face.

 “Well Tim, I like you and don’t worry I don’t let other people pick my friends.”  With that he finished the last gulp of his beer and left the bar.  I had a few more hoping to pick up a chick for the night, but was sadly unsuccessful.  After last call I went up to my room too.

 The next day was just as bad as the day before, only now I was a little hung over.  I popped a few energy drinks hoping that would help me and it seemed to do the trick.  Mike slept most of the way up on the second day. Another exciting drive.  Mike may be the only friend I have but he’s not very exciting.

 We got to Toronto about four in the afternoon and were quickly introduced to the scientist we’d be working with for the rest of the week.  He looked like he was about sixty years old and on his way out of doing anything important.  This was probably some stupid contract that wasn’t really going to change anything, but it was my lucky assignment.

 We talked a little you know the professional formalities, then after about ten minutes of that we went into the science lab and he started to talk about this new com device.  I really didn’t care as long as mike got everything we were good.  I just sat on the side not paying attention to anything.

 After about three hours of this boredom, the professor looked up and said, “It’s late gentlemen let’s start up again tomorrow.”  We all agreed and then he invited us to his home for dinner.

 We got to his house and it was a nice place.  A little bigger than what I had expected.  Apparently he was a lot more important than I thought.  A little dog, no more than three pounds, greeted us at the front door.

 “Darling, oh darling, are you here?” The old man called out into the home.

 “Yes, I am, George.” The voice was cool and sultry.This woman must have been a real looker back in her day.  ”Let me guess.  You brought some people from work home for dinner didn’t you?” 

 “Yes, dear I know I should have called, but was rather spontaneous.  If you don’t have enough we can go out instead.”  Just then she came around the corner.  She was a good twenty years younger than George.  I couldn’t believe it; she was not what I was expecting. 

Her hair was shoulder length and tossed about her head.  It almost looked like a blond waterfall was coming from the top of her head.  Her eyes were a light cool blue, almost like ice from a winter storm.  It was unreal how she looked at me then just barely glanced at Mike.

“No George, I figured you’d bring them home so I fixed it all up for the four of us.”  She put her hand on his chest.  Walking away she turned back and smiled.  I wasn’t sure whether it was me or the professor she was smiling at.

The food was good, but the conversation was boring.  After a few nice stories about being a scientist, the professor went into a bunch of technical stuff again.  His wife stood up and left the table.  Who could blame her? 

Mike seemed interested enough to keep the old man interested, so I got up too.  Janelle was out in the atrium smoking something that looked like it came from a sixties mob movie.  A long slender metal pipe holding something that looked like a cross between a cigarette and a cigar.

“You know they say smoking could kill you.” I said to her.

“A long death, for sure.” She just continued to stare off into the sky above us.  Not caring about anything.  “Do you need something, Tim?”

“No, I just thought that you might want someone to talk to.  Mike and your husband seem to be into their conversation pretty deep and I don’t have anything to add to it.”

“Go ahead and ask it.” She said continuing to look at nothing.

“Ask what?”

“Ask why I would marry someone old enough to be my father.  Well it’s simple really,” she came into focus immediately.  Looking into my eye with the cool blue of hers, “He did something a long time ago to save me.  It’s over now; he hasn’t touched me in years.”  Looking down at her, she was wearing a thin white dress with something tight around her skin accentuating her curves.  I hadn’t noticed before because she was now sitting on a dark blue cushion the color penetrated her clothes.

“Hey Tim, you ready to go?” Mike called from the other room.  Feeling like I had been on forbidden grounds I felt relieved.  We said our goodbyes and went out to the car.  Mike looked at me with disconcert, and shook his head.  The trip back to the hotel was not much fun.

“Don’t do it Tim.” Mike said.

“Do what?” I replied back, knowing what he meant.

“Just don’t.”  We didn’t talk the rest of the way into the city towards our hotel.

The next two days were just as boring as the first.  Maybe even more so, because we never saw anything but the inside of the lab for most of it.  The last day was a little different to say the least.  The professor’s wife came into the lab with a tray of food.
“I have something I need to talk to my husband about.” Janelle said again in her cool sultry voice.  She set the tray on the counter and walked out of the room.  Her husband walked out after her.

Both me and Mike could hear the raised voices out in the hall, but couldn’t tell what it was they were talking about.  It was a heavy back and forth for about five minutes then the professor stormed into the room.

“Let’s take a break.  The break room is down the hall, I need to go to my office.”  He went into his office and closed the blinds.  He was mad, crashes began coming from the room.  I left the lab but mike staid maybe from shock or just wanting to watch.  I didn’t care.  I walked down to the break room, but saw something I wasn’t expecting, Janelle.

The light in the hall cut through another of her dresses. Her form was in perfect shape.  I couldn’t be sure but I couldn’t tell if she was wearing the skin tight undergarment she was the other night.  Shaking my head I walked down towards her.

“What did you say to him?”

“I told him that our marriage was over, and that I was going to leave him.  He obviously took it well.”

“Well?  Sounded like a battle out here.”  She put her hand on mine and looked in my eyes again.  Letting things go on she grabbed my hand and pulled my down the hall. 

I let her lead me to the parking lot where it was raining like I’d not seen in years.  She smiled up at me and said “Take me home.”  I got in her car and drove her to the house.  The rain continued to pour down hard on the car.  There was even the occasional burst of lighting, with the deep roll of thunder afterward.

We pulled up to the house rain falling like a second flood was about to happen.  We both jumped out of the car and ran up the walkway.  By the time we got to the door we were both completely soaked.  I could tell now that she wasn’t wearing the tight clothes from the night before.  Her nipples were popping through the thin light blue dress.

There must have been an inch of water in my boot so I took them off.  She got down on her knees and took her shoes off as well I stood up right away almost like I was at attention.  Looking up at me she put her hands on top of mine.

“Our marriage has been over for years Tim.  The last time he made love to me was over four years ago.” She kissed my hardening cock then pulled up using my hands as leverage.  She opened the front door and led me inside.

She took off my coat and kissed my lips ever so lightly.  I knew then she was going to want more.  She poured a glass of wine for the two of us and set one on the table.  With the other in her hand she walked out to the atrium.  Looking back at me, her wet dress exposing every inch of her body, she said “Come get me Tim.” I grabbed the other glass off the table and followed her out to the atrium.

She sat on the lounge chair not caring that it was soaked with rain.  Then smiling up at me her eyes had that come get me look.  Taking off my shirt I climbed on top of her my hands rubbing her sides going up and down only stopping when my thumbs got to her breasts.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled my head down to her.  Then in a low voice, more cool and sultry than before, she said “Take all of me Tim.”  With that I leaned in and kissed her lips.  Her tongue pushed through and entered my mouth.  Dragging it over the top I felt excitement I hadn’t since I left Washington.

Her hands went down to my belt and pulled it off in almost one fluid motion.  Unbuckling the button of my pants I pulled them off.  Feeling the warmth of her wet body next to mine I moved down and started to lick her left nipple.  Biting through the thin cloth she moaned in pleasure.

Then Janelle pushed me up to my knees and pulled my boxers off.  She sat up and put her soft hands around my hard cock and began moving back and forth.  I was really enjoying this.  She sat up and took the tip into her lips just out of reach of her teeth, but not her tongue.  She licked it several times pushing me to ecstasy.  Then taking my cock deeper in her throat she bit down on it, just enough to tease.

Then she pulled away letting me down a little.  I was still hard and close to cumming.  She slid out a bit and pulled her dress up her skin, moaning the whole way up.  Completely naked she slid out from under me stood up and said, “If you want all of me you better follow.”

Then she ran into the house and up the stairs.  Her naked body standing at the top of the rail, she moaned as she stood there rubbing her own clit.  I could see her pussy getting wet from the first floor.  She pushed her finger in to herself a little and walked down the hall behind her.

I ran up the stairs not wanting to miss any more of this show.  The room at the end was open so that’s where I headed to.  I walked in the door and found her spread open on the bed, rubbing both her nipples.  I climbed on top of her and found her wet pussy with my cock.  I pushed it into her just a little of a tease, for what she did earlier in the atrium.

“Put your hard cock in me and let yourself cum.” She called up to me.  I pushed into her again and again.  She was screaming up at me “again, again, again” Finally I flowed into her and her screams went higher than any before.

Twenty minutes after I heard the front door slam.  Janelle sat up in the bed next to me so I knew it wasn’t her.  There was only one other person it could be.  “Darling are you here?” He called up from below. 

She pushed me off the bed into the closet.  Standing there completely naked I heard him walk up the stairs.  The bedroom door opened.  She was under the sheets hiding that she was naked as well.

“Darling look we can fix this.” He said to her hoping something good could come out of this.

“No, we can’t.” She snipped back.

“Yes dear, we can just give me a chance.”  With that my impatiens with the man flew to the limit.  I popped out of the closet standing there completely naked in front of him.

“OH MY GOD!” he screamed.  The he ran at me yelling and slamming his fists into my chest.  We fought back and forth for several minutes.  The old man was stronger than I thought.  Then out of nowhere a blade came into my hand.  Not really sure how it got there I took it and pressed it into the old man’s side.  It tore through his coat and hit skin. 

Rage firing in me like none I’ve experienced before, I pulled the knife out and slammed it in again.  Blood flowed down his side and over my hand.  His face went into a shock and I stood back from him.  Still not realizing what I’d done I said “Call 911, Janelle.”  With that I collapsed on the floor. I was still completely naked when the police came to the house and took me away.

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