The God Father: In Celebration of a Mother's Death

The God Father: In Celebration of a Mother's Death

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How, when, why, .. . to become the God Father and our weaknesses.


How, when, why, .. . to become the God Father and our weaknesses.

Chapter2 (v.1)

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 27, 2008

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 27, 2008



Welcome! My dear ‘Less Untouchable’ reader, my story was an orphan, before you came to adopt my 'Brain Child'. Please, let me explain why I’m sure that you are a ‘Less Untouchable’ reader. Thanks a lot for giving me a chance but please don’t start considering that I am at your mercy. Is it so? If yes, then get lost because neither I shall be guilty for offending and loosing you, nor shall I be happy to share something that should be shared.

Why am I using these two words, ‘Less’ and ‘Untouchable,’ to say or explain something to you? Why, why not ‘Half Untouchable,’ or ‘Half Touchable,’ or ‘Touch Me Not,’ or ‘The Untouchable;’ or ‘The Touchable,’ etc., etc.

Pardon please, I didn’t hear you. Oh! Sorry. I forgot I am a ‘Less Untouchable’ writer, someone whom you have created, designed, decorated, etc., in your mind. O! my God! You are a creator that means you are ‘God.’

Yahoo, Yahoo! No, no please don’t get confused, I am not going to say anything about that website, ‘’ Now you have become witness to my madness, isn’t it? Someone who couldn’t control his joy and shouted, ‘Yahoo, Yahoo!’ instead of shouting, ‘Eureka, Eureka!’

Excuse me, who are you? Why are you suggesting me to quote the words spoken by Archimedes, when he discovered, when he discovered, aan aan aan . . . Sorry, I can recall what Archimedes discovered. Okay, let it go, I am not giving any quiz or viva, neither you are my teacher nor I am supposed to answer before writing another sentence.

Now, let me confess before I proceed with another paragraph. "YOU, yes you, my 'less untouchable' reader, you have wasted my one week, this paragrah you think is the continuation of the earliar ones? No, you are a duffer. Why? Just because like other writers, I tried to Seduce you, sorry, Impress you, or Trap you or Attract you, okay I give you the choice to choose from these words or you can use your own word. What happened, when I wrote the previous paragraph and one of my Friend , or you can say Close Friend or my Alter Ego or my Soulmate or Boy Friend.

No! No, wait for a second, don't consider him my Boy Friend because I am a Less Untouchable, again I am trying to confuse you, actually as a writer I don't want to call myself as a Male or Female, stop, now don't try to think that this writer is a Eunuch. No, as a writer only Shakespeare can be compared with me, wait! wait, no Shakespeare can't be compared with me because I am writing a novel and Shakespeare wrote dramas, I know he wrote poem and sonnets too. His sonnets were mostly dealt with . . . with . . . I can't recall whether it was any Dark Lady, or Black Lady or Mysterious Lady or Lady Mackbeth?

Sorry, I can't recall it hundred percent but I know there number were around 135, or 125, no exact numbers too I can recall at present, but one thing I am dead sure they were hundred plus, this I am ready to bet. No, No, I can't afford to bet with my Less Untouchable reader, because If I win , no I know, I know I Will win, wait I have again forgotten rules of grammer, I am supposed to use Shall or Will in this sentence?

Anyways, I needn't worry because I am sure my Less Untouchable reader, I think you are getting irritated by continuous use of the words My Less Untouchable Reader, okay then for your convenience, why yours only, actually for my convenience because it is me who is typing these words because I forgot to select, copy and paste. So, we can use some Shortform for it or what we call Abbreviation or Coding, yes Coding word is more appropriate because only you and me can decode this code, and if some other reader tries to access my, no, our story then that fellow shall get confused. He He He, Funny Na? Just do it, sorry, Lets do it, no, Let me do it. Okay let me take a break because I am having Neckache and I have to go now, another student has peeped inside the computer room, he might have some Impotent work, so I must leave.

Okay meanwhile, I am sharing my complaint, which I wrote yesterday. which is one of the another cause for not writing for last one weak. What do I mean? Okay, let me explain before leaving, because I cannot offend my . . . no! I remember we haven't yet no I haven't done coding for that, that I shall do it next time.

So, what was I saying? Ok, leave it, because if I'm in the habit of taking too much, then you should accept that you too are in the habit of listening, wait let me put some more emphasis on this word, how ok, I am writing it with capital 'L' Listening, no this too is not conveying the exact prase cum scolding that i am trying to convey. Ok, let me try once more, I shall write it within '""' .

Arey, what is this, I tried to put " and " inclosed within An Apostophe ' no I think I shouldn't use An Apostophe because I am using 2'' apostophe, so I am not sure whether An Apostophe is correct or incorrect but again one error has occured I can't use even 2. Why? Kya, Yaar, the ' is used for Starting the word, Accha Theek hai, not for Starting the word but we put it before a word, no here let me correct you, not any word but the word that we are trying to emphasize, What? It is used at other places too and you have read in the grammer book.

Yahi, yes this is what you did LAST TIME TOO, you just started correcting me and so, where, I have written Archamides, No you won't understand like this, you just come to the first page, or to be frank I won't be able to explain without re-looking that word. Come Come lets go there, Aao na. Okay if you are too eager to read that complaint then it's fine, but please do the close reading, since the letter shall be open for discussion. Ready! 123 tartartartartartar. Sorry, I used the stainedgun, insead of pistol, sorry baba, please go yaar don't waste time, just see this letter from different angles, etc.

To whom it may concern

Subject: complaint regarding engagement of Bank staff behind the sudent suicides.

I have a saving bank account in your branch with following details:

User's Id: Danav Pasi

1)On 03/03/2008 at 9.30am,I stood at the counter for depositing cash in my friends account.(Please note, I first withdrew money through ATM, because I had fruitlessly tried to inquire for other options.)

Soon, I was joined by another IITK student. We ( for example: a lady customer, old man, student etc.) people kept on asking who is going to deposit our cash and were asked to wait. My friend moved to another counter and tried with others to deposit without standing in queue, so, people must have objected thus that student went and stood at the end of a long queue(Please notice, on 1st march student's scholarship comes to our account and being Saturday on first march, I expected that that there shall be huge rush on Monday, I made sure to finish my work may be around 9.45am and then go for my studies.) Even on other working days the queue is formed in such a way that males can't go to other counters without brusing the queue, so, it's useless to say anything about females customers.)

As I am under medication for "Psychological Hypertension and Depression," Therefore, I left the counter at 10.00 am to make it clear from branch manager, whether the cashier was on leave, and some alternative arrangement is going to be made but she herself hadn't arrived till 10.00am. So, I went to ask Mr. Sharma (Manager.P.R )He was busy taking with any staff person and I waited for my turn. He replied that someone (Rita Bajpai ?) has to come, I shall wait. Therefore, I just came and sat down at the sofa, because you can guess I had reached outside that bank building at 9.20am. How much I could stand there without getting fatigued, Inside bank I stood for 35 minutes. The conditions of Senior Citizen's, patients, students who have class at 10.00am, have to move to their shops and offices, I don't think needs to be mentioned).

I made call to my previous physician and told him that I was not feeling well because this problem I wasn't facing for the first time. I inquired where shall I lodge my complaint and he advised for Local Branch Head in Lakhanpur. Then I kept waiting, madam arrived at 10.15am and Mr. Gupta took seat at 10.18am. The people at once rushed towards the counter, I didn't had the courage to join them in that bee-queue. Then, I heard Mr. Gupta telling another staff member, I couldn't see since I was sitting. He said, "Actually, I was busy with MADAM'S work,. . . had to arrange two guaranteers . . ." I waited and after few minutes I heard him saying, "other's who too want to deposit shall come. So, I stood behind other customers and kept holding the money from above the glass, and he sated making passbook entries for two other people.

My hands had meanwhile stated shivering , Mr Gupta then took my forms and money, stamped and returned the receipt to me and I had hoped that the entry shall be done on computer and I shall be able to know whether, the account number, name were correct, since it was for Lucknow branch.I had already made call to my friend around 9.30am that I am first person on the counter and in 10min money shall be in his account. Thus, I informed him that try to go as late may be after lunch until the CORE BANKING facility is used by the cashier. Then, around 10.30-35. I got free and as usual went and looked for the person dealing with INTERNET BANKING. To my utter surprise, I found him on his seat with a single customer. I rushed there and said, "What is this, I had applied for the fund transfer rights too in the form but it is not working. He said, kindly give it in written that you want to have fund transfer rights. So, I thought I have already got so late and so I must at least get this work done. So, I sat down and wrote an application for fund transfer rights.

Then, I inquired that kindly tell me how to inform about my hostel change address. He said you write an application get it forwarded by the Manager P.R and then I have to submit it on the 3rd counter. When, I looked towards the bee-line in the P.R's office and on the 3rd counter, I simply left, because I have left many times after standing in that P.R's room Bee-line and I recall my last experience , may be around 8th Feb or something, when I came for INTERNET BANKING form, which just now while typing this complaint my friend Mr. Khaikholen Haokip is saying,"What is this Internet Banking all about? someone was telling that with it we can access our accounts online." Just see how popular this INTERNET BANKING is that the students of IITS, Adjudged no. 1 institute among all IIT's, where we have Internet connection each and every students' room is aware of this service.

Another female student sitting next to me said, you are just wasting time in complaining, "No Action," shall be taken.
I told that I was planning to send the carbon copies to SBI LOCAL HEAD OFFICE, THE MAIN OFFICE IN MUMBAI, RESERVE BANK OF INDIA, FINANCE MINISTER, President of India, RIGHT to Information LOCAL and MAIN Branch. In our IIT, To COUNSELLING HEAD, associate members, PG AND UG student coordinators, Gymkahna president, etc.
She said if you need my signature, I am ready.

Then my friend Mr. Khaikholen Haokip said but what will happen? I said, Dear, you didn't heard that I was going to mail to UNION BANK Of INDIA, its local and main branch, too, to inaugurate their NEW branch SOMEWHERE NEAR SBI. building, because I have seen their service. How fast they do everything, no bee-lines, no long queues.

He said what are you saying man, the existing UBI branch stands nowhere in front of SBI's number of customers.
I said, "VERY GOOD ANALYSIS, that's what I was going to demand from all the other person's, RBI, etc. (excluding UBI and SBI) that necessary steps should be taken, so that counselling service of IITSualtanpur, doesn't allow any single students' account to be opened in SBI Sultanpur branch, until and unless they have FULL STAFF because this current staff has currently got psychic problems because they have to deal with so many customers, and Institute should look forward to go for some PRIVATE BANKING, in all its branches just like we have SIS security staff and the UP POlice personals have a Chowki inside the campus but not known to many people.

He said, "no I want like to have account in UBI, because only SBI has so many branches along with it's Core BANKING system. "

I said "Dear, SBI is next to any government in power for many decades and slowly PNB, ICICI, etc. banks have erupted against the exploitations of the ruling party. We youths at least should give chance and support to other parties."
(I didn't had the time to tell my friend that my friend Ansu has to send money order with 150rs charges for 3000rs.)
SORRY, I have to leave for my lunch, else I shall miss it.

In short, I tell that on 3rd after returning from SBI, I felt severe hypertension and in the library, i just was about to fall and took help of a student for getting to the tap for water then, i found that the medicine for BP was in bag, he held my hand and brought on the ground floor, brought med, glass of water, then later, after getting normal after 15-20 min he wanted to call rickshaw but I said no I can manage on bicycle, the, I went and slept till evening, abrar had told that he shall forward his complaint to me which he sent to dosa, doaa, and counselling service, pg coordinators , but he didn't fearing termination as he is from MTEch.

Then eening I counsulted that at instute level complaint didn't had any effect , thus I thought of moving to heigher authorities and to even right to information etc to provide to detals regarding computer loaning and the way we students are fooled and made to run in our 4mth &20days semester that it might be playing some role in suicides of students, who might have got depressed and resulting into poor performance and the long queue's at our institue pychiatrist, One day I thought an aged PRof. around 60 or sth was so much shouting in the bank on the clerk and on Branch Manager, Dwide for making excuse that what can be done , staff is less, He said then why don't u shut down this branch, I am going to write down to ur head office. Then she said, no no, I am hear I am going to get the entry done in passbook by myself. Come in the office then , he sat there for 20 min or sth and came alive.

Thanks to her, if that prof would have got to his home, thought how he felt humiliated when the bank person just shut down the counter when only Prof and one person was left saying. "Time over.' The prof saying pzl do it I stood in the line for so much time but he said no , he knew that nothing will happen , because first we have to complain to brabnch manager and if someone reaches there she is jus table to manage to console that person and the problems goes on and on.

Just guess how much thebank affets that I have been unable to type that complaint, and other details from monday, because whenever i tried I got severe headache, and I haven't yet faced my instructor, most of the time i lost in reading how to complain, searching emails and how to begin, I wanted to send hard copies too but I first left the plan of writing else it shall take 15 days, meanwhile I dropped the plan also, but today morning I realized until I complain I won't be able to study, and so, i decided to complain online itself.
Now, I shall be sending this soft copies to my friends and counsellimng service head and few students of my department may be aaround 5-6 only+ my upervisor, at least he must know where I had disappeared.

Sorry, I haven't been able to express it fully, I don't evn know what else I needed to write and I had assured ... that i shall get it edited and correwcted by others and
Now, they too shall be angry.
I am not complaining but I am sharing these happening. If any authority can just come and watch the way of fuctioning of this branch and shall take interview from may be from 10 persons itself. The person shall be surprised how much patience IITIANS have.

With thanks and regards


This, letter was really written by me, so if you haven't read it seriously, then do read it just now in front of me. Okay, you read it and meanwhile, let me go and have a coffee.

I believe you must have done a 'close reading' of the complaint against the bank staff, by placing your forehead against the page or on the screen and blinking your eyes at regular intervals to lubricate your eyes. So, did you come to any conclusions?

Yes, O! so nice of you, but let me first ejaculate or vomit or sneeze or tell . . . (you are permitted to replace the word of your choice, if you aren't satisfied with my vocabulary) the background of this complaint. But wait we haven't yet baptized or performed the Naamkaran ceremony or named the protagonist, ok, lets do one thing, I am going to call the protagonist as Frastoo, the name itself makes it very clear that the person is Frustated. Nice logic, isn't it? Thanks.

No, don't worry, it's tentative and I shall keep updating his name as the situation demands.So, Frastoo visits the bank for what? Yes for depositing money or currency or rupees or Dinar or Dollar or Euro or . . . Please do choose the name of the currency that is used in your country, else you will often get confused with the value of my currency with yours. So, can you guess why somebody goes to deposit money? To save, isn't it or may be the person has gone to deposit the loan's installment. Yes, you can add some more reasons for visiting bank, because you are so far away from me that I can't say, "Shut up, stop your day dreaminess and guesses and pay attention to what I am saying."

But here the case was different; Frastoo Paswan, came to know that this month their scholarship will be increased by 50 percent. So, he vowed that since he has become used to Rs. 8,000 per month, now he must get rid of the increased amount as if he was still getting 8000 only. Thus, he started comparing and contrasting about the needy and greedy persons. He decides to donate extra money to his poor friend called Anjoo.

Let’s quickly explore Anjoo’s profile because he has to play a very significant role in later part of our ‘nomadic cum maddening’ journey. I don’t understand why this word ‘cum’ has been given place in our dictionaries. No, I am not saying that it is wrongly used but actually in Hindi we have two words ‘cum’ and ‘jyadaa’ that stand for ‘less’ and ‘more’. I know, you have got busy in jotting down these two new words in your diary and you are planning to share and impress your acquiantes with these two words. Hai Na? Isn't it? Control your blushings, else your ckeeks will blast away and the cobbler cum doctor would have to stitch them. So, this Anjoo has to look after his younger brother, who is blind but still by using the Brail-language he has appeard in the tenth standard examination. Anjoo, also has three three younger sisters having reached the marriageable age. His father died when he was just five years old. He has already lost his elder brother who died because of poverty, the family members were unable to call any doctor for his treatment. Sorry, please don't think about the money received as unemployment alowance, in my country we don't such provisons because we are alreading leading the world in population explosion.

Secondly, Frastoo, was once scolded by his research supervisor Dr. Sunny Moon (Please don't try to make fun of my supervisor’s name, it is the literal translation of his name in Hindi), by the way, I haven't written Honeymoon and please, please don’t try to relate Honeymoon with my supervisor’s younger brother.

Therefore, “’ ‘” (hope you are able to decode this code) I request you to please stop giggling and circulate a Bmail to the ‘Neurons Mailing List,’ instructing them not to behave like the street dogs, who start barking just by the sight of any other animal in their street and start making, “Kuun, kuun, kuun,” sound, their tails in and out, between their hind legs, imitating the ways of human beings; who wash their asshole after passing shit mixed with pungent, unbearable, nauseating stink, spreading in the neighboring rooms, spreading faster than the rumors, as if a quarantine cum curfew was declared, with instructions of ‘shoot at sight.’

This invisible poisonous gas is released through the furthest end of their drainage system, while the person sits in the ‘frog-posture,’ that is, frog sitting in a ready to jump position.

"Now, taking a bit liberty, I am honouring you by making you the eyewitness of this great historical moment, I am coining a new term for this furthest end of drainage system as ‘Nude Gutter.’

Dear! "' ''' Thanks a lot for your compliment, and I am not like other scientists who take the credit of all the research themselves and the research scholars, project assistants, the assembeled or branded computer and the Microsoft Office Word Pad get marginalized. I could have never been successful, without your presence on every word I typed, the warning and advises you gave me to flatter you and the patience with which you read every rubbish I wrote and I can see your corners of the lips stretching and reaching the ears on the both sides of your face. The job you have done, I couldn't have got done by purchasing slaves for it, not because they wouldn't have obeyed my orders to read my text but only because those slaves couldn't have competed with the elitest-education you have received, your wisdom, your ivory-tower where you are sitting right now and the bravery cum foolishness you are showing in reading a mad persons maddening story, which in itself is a great proof that you are mad not me.

"Did, you hear me?"

""I saaaay, do you hear me or not? I repeat it's you who are mad and not me.""

After submission of the application in the hostel office, Danav and his father separated. He wondered how things have suddenly gone wrong by his father’s mistake. He didn’t paid heed to my warning. He called up his senior and shared the details happened in the day.

“Actually, these authorities have been doing it from years. Any student who commits suicide in our campus fades from the memories. These people ask the student’s parent and arrange their stay in the visitor’s hostel in a well furnished room. Meanwhile they get rid of the suicide note. In the meetings these people start emotional blackmailing by asking them not to take any action against the campus, else it shall ruin the campus atmosphere. There are so many students whose parents are completely depended on their child’s future. Now, whatever has happened we are sorry for it, and whatever you do won’t get you back your child.”

“I understand these people stab at the back of the students if they find that the student in not submissive in nature.”

“yes, your father too must have been told that your son often out of his senses, doesn’t studies and just read how many pages complaint he has typed. Therefore, we request you to kindly take him under your care for complete 24 hours. We shall provide you a flat in the SBR and never leave him alone; else he might even jump from the sixth floor.

He has already done some serious acts like, running away from the campus, renting a room in a village. He had even arranged a call girl and lived together throwing all the scholarship in that girl’s pussy. In the department too he hasn’t left even a single girl whom he didn’t try to seduce. He doesn’t have manners how to behave in the seminars asks useless questions and defames his own department along with the IIT.

You are so old and that’s why we didn’t want to hurt you by this news. We have arranged the best psychiatrist of our country for him. He is so efficient that he could cure even the mental illness of the corpses itself.”

‘Yes, I know these professors every well and these half a dozen professors must have pounced upon my father and wouldn’t have let him ejaculate even a single word from his mouth. I can’t believe who has retired from the police, has given in written that my son his insane and for his proper treatment, he desires to take leave plus semester break. I am really ashamed of my father. I just wanted to kick him on his back when he was taking dust from on of the Professors feet. Those professors who I never gave so much liberty in my personal affairs have betrayed me by going for such a mean trick to tame me.”

“Ok, you don’t worry, meet me tomorrow in the morning and I will take you to a person of a scheduled caste and he has once abused the director in public and the director didn’t take any action.”

“Ok, but if they have cheated me it doesn’t means that I should join hands with the enemy group. I shall meet you in the morning?

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