Dark Side Of The Tuna (Continued)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Continued story of Lady Tuna ending up in a alternate universe.

"Chaknee,if you don't want to stay,then go?! I'm stayin'!" Lady Tuna interrupted...

"You're going back with us!"

Chaknee open fired,and stunned Lady Tuna...

"AAAAAAAH!!!" Lady Tuna screamed,as she collapsed on the floor...

"Ooh,look at what you did? You ruined everything!"

Princess CaCa yelled, as she stood over Lady Tuna.She then ran towards Chaknee,and attacked
him.The two were rolling around in a struggle when the alarm went off.Dookylamoo,Betsy Boo Boo,Dr.Beaner,TD2,
Phoebe Bee Bee,Francesca Flablicker,and a group of Fanny Troopers came to Princess CaCa's aid.They were in a
surrounding formation when Sammymede Prime pulled Princess CaCa off Chaknee,and held a gun to her head...

"Stay back,or I'll singe off her hairdo!" Sammymede Prime threatened them...

"Do what he says! It's hard for me to get an appointment with my hairdresser as it is!"

Princess CaCa cried out to them.Chaknee & Sammymede II dragged Lady Tuna on to the ship...

"Come on Sammymede Prime! She's on board!" Chaknee shouted...

"No,you go! I'll hold them off while you make your escape! Sammymede II can handle the

Chaknee nodded in a 'okay' manner as the ship's hatch closed.Sammymede Prime & Princess CaCa
moved out of the way as the ship started up,and took off...

"It doesn't matter! Your friends are doomed! Dookylamoo,contact the bridge,and have them
destroy that ship!"

Princess CaCa commanded.Dookylamoo walked over to the intercom,but Sammymede Prime shot her.
Betsy Boo Boo pulled out her sword,and stabbed him,killing him on sight.Princess CaCa was free...

"Good work,Betsy! Now to stop those..."

Everyone frozed in thier tracks when the main emergency alert was triggered.The loud sirens
blared as all the lights turned bright red...

"The Tunakian fleet must have entered the sensor grid of the Anal Star! Everyone to the
battle stations!"

Princess CaCa instructed as everyone scrambled to thier positions...

"Hurry! We must stop the Tunakians once and for all!"


Lady Tuna's ship is spotted by the Tunakian fleet...

"Is that a Tunakian ship coming out of that ass?"

Asked Lady Booshayla,who was on board the Tunakian flag ship...

"Yes it is,your highness."

A signal is activated on the communications console...

"We are being hailed,your highness?"

"Open a channel."

Chaknee appears on the video screen...

"My name is Chaknee.We are fellow Tunakians who are at your mercy.We've escaped the Anal Star
with our very Coo Coo lives,and need safe passage through your fleet of starships."

Chaknee pleaded with the Tunakians...

"Chaknee,this is Lady Booshayla.Your request is granted.You may pass."

"Thank you,your graciousness."

Lady Tuna's ship zipped pass the Tunakian fleet as they approuched the Anal Star...

"Open a channel to the Anal Star."

Lady Booshayla instructed.Princess CaCa appeared on the view screen...

"Princess CaCa,power down the Anal Star,and surrender,or be destroyed!"

Lady Booshayla threatened...

"I will not! I strongly doubt you have the fire power to stop us,so fuck off Bitch!"

Princess CaCa barked...

"Tunakian fleet,this is Lady Booshayla.Concentrate all fire power into the asshole of the
Anal Star.Do not waste weapons' fire on the butt cheeks."

Lady Booshayla commanded.The Tunakians opened fire on the Anal Star.Intensifying thier
weapons into the butt crack.Giving the appearance of someone with lighted fireworks shoved up thier ass.
Princess CaCa was not amused...

"Phoebe,damage report?"

"There's severe damage in,and around the rectal cavity,my princess."

"Shit! Betsy,is the Sonic Fart Resonator still active?"

"As far as I know from the controls,princess."

"Target those starships,and activate it! Lady Booshayla won't know what hit her!"

Betsy complied to Princess CaCa's wishes,but something went wrong.The fart device was
indeed damaged from the Tunakian ships.The super sonic fart backfired inside the Anal Star,causing explosive
destruction to the interior as it echoed throughout the station until it reached the bridge.Princess CaCa &
her crew bounced & tumbled around the bridge holding thier ears.The loud fart smashing everything in a orgy
of flatulent explosions...

"AAH! I went pee pee on my expensive gown!"

Princess CaCa cried out.The crotch area of her gown was soaked with a wet yellow spot.
The Anal Star spun out of control into deep space.


Sammymede II activated the time portal to send them home.The purple pinwheel-like vortex
sucked thier tiny space ship within,exiting the Nega Meatie Universe.Onboard Lady Tuna gained conciousness,
and gazed out through the ship's window,watching the flashing zig zag multi-colored lights created by the
time tunnel...

"It's full of cookies."

She whispered to Chaknee.



Submitted: September 27, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Joseph Small. All rights reserved.

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