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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

I wrote this when I was ten so don't judge. I changed nothing from when I did it 11 years ago.

One beautiful day on the island of Kauai, Hawaii Lasandra a lovely young lady around the age of 18 was going for a swim in the pool at the bottom of Waialua Falls. While she was swimming with the Nene Hawaiian Goose she saw a cloud of birds fly into the sky one of which was her favorite bird the Red-cheeked Cordon-bleu finch and then she heard a scream. She ran and grabbed her bow and quiver which she had left hidden under a large hibiscus bush. She was going to find out what made that noise and what made it make it.

She found them minutes later under a huge Candlenut tree. One of the subjects was something she had never seen before, but she thought it was appealing. She took out her water skin and poured the water over the things face; it woke up and saw her. He gasped. It couldn’t be, he thought, but it was. She was Lasandra. She was the castaway princess from the Nether.  He said her name and she instantly put a knife to his throat. She asked him how he knew her name, but his answer came from behind her. She whirled around and on instinct she threw her knife at the voice. He caught the knife with ease and said “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” “Can you help him?” he asked. She was scared so she nodded and grabbed her knife from him.

She took them to her cottage. When they got there she told the second boy, whose name he told her was Blaine, to go get her some water from the waterfall and some calyces, dried hibiscus flowers. She put the flowers in a pot with the water to boil over the fire she had made. Blaine takes the pot of the fire and ladled some of the tea into a bowl. He forced the other boy; he told her his name was Nash, to drink the herbal tea. She takes them to the pool and tells them to sit down in it and stay in it until the fish leave. She called for the jaguars to bring any of their injured. To her dismay and surprise they brought her three injured and one dead jaguar. As soon as they got in the clearing the three injured and the one carrying the dead one growl. She thought, “oh no, they smell them,” as she slowly backed toward the pool at her back,when in reality they were saying, “we’re here.” She cleaned their wounds the best she could and gave them herbs to chew to ease their pain. Then she sent them on their way.

Later that day Blaine and Nash were falling asleep listening to Lasandra drone on about killing and hurting endangered species. Nash finally said,”Ok, we get it. No killing any animals in your forest even in self defense. I’m starving. Can we eat yet?” That’s not what I meant she thought grudgingly. She said, “ Fine but you’re still in trouble and your welcome is shortened.” Blaine sighed and went to go collect some hibiscus flowers. While he was out he made Lasandra a bouquet of exotic and vibrantly colored flowers.When he got back he put the bouquet in a vase of water and made tea for dinner.Lasandra came up behind him as she slipped her slim arms around his muscled waist and whispered a thank you in his ear.

Later that day, she was preparing to go to bed when someone knocked on her little door. She said, “Come in.” Blaine came in and asked her to swim with him in the pool. She of course said sure. So she got on her bikini made of  hibiscus leaves and went to the pool. Blaine was already in the pool. She smiled and sat by the pool with her feet in the water. Blaine asked her if it was always so chilly, and she told him it was unusually cold for the time of year. He asked her to come in so she slid in next to him when one of the bigger fish pushed her. She fell against him and he asked her if she was ok. She told him she was fine and he kissed her. When she opened the door she saw Nash shaking his head sadly. When she saw him her temper flared to life. She started cussing at him and screamed at him to get out.

The next morning she could see something was wrong. Nash and Blaine were gone. She ran to her room and emerged in her hunting clothes. She called some of the birds she was friends with, and asked them if they had seen the boys. Only one had seen them, and said “They had told the fish to tell you if you got worried about them that they were doing as you said and were leaving.” Lasandra screamed, and demanded to know where they were. One of her few enemies heard her and flew down to her. The great horned owl told her to call upon one of the fastest jaguars she knew, and she would show her where they were lying.

The owl, who’s name was Serena, led her to the tree under which she first had found them. She called out Blaine’s name only to see a young jaguar jump out from behind the tree and stumble, not expecting the forest’s guardian, and explained that it was looking for the men that had hurt his pack. When she told him that was her mission too and asked for his help. The jaguar on which she had rode called to the younger one and said,”Zane! We have been looking for you our mother almost choked me to death because I lost you!”, for he was his older brother and leader of the pack, Xzavier. Lasandra climbed off  Xzavier so he could reunite with his younger sibling. What none off them noticed was the slight rusling off the leaves and branches above them where Blaine and Nash hid. Blaine’s foot slips as he is climbing across the branch above Lasandra and falls landing infront of her on the ground and props up on an elbow and says in pain “What up?” Lasandra drops to her knees and hugs him and says “Apperently you were. Are you alright?”concern clear in her face. Xzavier growls at Blaine and Zane tries to attack him only to have Lasandra catch him in midleap and cuddle him to her chest. Xzavier growls “We’ll be going now. Good bye Miss Lasandra. I’ll see you soon.” and picks Zane up in his mouth and the jaguars leave. Nash nimbly jumps from the tree and lands in a crouch “How is it that you can land so horribly after spending your whole life living in trees?” Lasandra defends Blaine “Oh shut up Nash or you’ll have worst things to worry about then your brother disgracing you or having pissed off jaguars trying to kill you” Blaine gazes at Lasandra with something combining love, lust, embaressment, and admiration. Lasandra catches him staring and blushes saying “Ok lets get back home, guys”

Later at the cottage Lasandra is swimming in the nude with the fish covering her as Blaine comes out and gets in the pool too not knowing she was nude and swims up to her. “Lasandra I’m sorry about last night I shouldn’t have…”and stops talking as Lasandra kisses him and the fish swim away from her. Blaine sees Lasandra and his eyes go wide and he starts coughing, shocked and embaressed as Lasandra presses against him and kisses him. Blaine kisses her back their tongues dancing to an intricate tune, when all of a sudden Blaine no longer has boxers on, the fish had stolen them, Lasandra giggles at feeling him hard against her and Blaine blushes backing against the bank of the pool. Lasandra swims under the water and sucks at him as Blaine’s eyes go wide not expecting her to approach him like this then she’s gone climbing out of the pool the birds flying infront of her important parts as she walks in to her cottage and into her room. Nash sits at the table watching for a break in the feathers fluttering infront of her, knowing that the birds couldn’t keep all of her covered. When the birds do part he sees her nipple and hardens noticeably and doesn’t notice his older brother’s fist crashing toward his face intill it’s to late to dodge it and everything for him goes black as he faintly hears Lasandra giggling.

Lasandra lays in her bed after the birds fly away to their nests and watches as Blaine walks inyo her room and closes her door grinning. He comes to the bed on the side Lasandra is laying and crawls ontop of her while hes kissing her.

It’s morning and Blaine couldn’t find Lasandra anywhere. He goes to asks Nash knowing his nosy brother has been watching her. But Nash is nowhere to be found, too. Blaine runs out the door of the little shack and hears splashing and laughter. As he walks around the tree blocking his view of the pool he sees his brother’s shirt and pants thrown hastily over a branch and sees Lasandra’s slip dress beside it. His eyes go wide and he starts shaking with fury and he hears Lasandra scream and then giggle. He runs around the tree and sees Nash’s heade coming out of the water as he stands up beside Lasandra. Lasandra pouts playfully,“ That’s not funny Nash! You could have given me a heart attack!” Blaine’s stare burning a hole into his neck Nash turns and sees his furious brother marching toward him. He quickly pushes Lasandra behind him and sees the bewildered look on her face, and remembers what he and Blaine had learned about her before coming on this mission.


Lasandra tries and usually succeeds at seducing men, mostly close brothers and sleeps with one getting him to care about her more then his brother. The morning after she forgets she ever slept with the one brother and tries to seduce the other. In most of the cases this happens the brothers fight over her and end up killing each other. She then feeds their souls and flesh to any animal they harmed on their way to find her bringing the animals that are dead back to life.

And remembers a note he got long ago from his father.

Nashiad Codian Zadiar,

My dearest son, one day your mother will send you on a mission to find a princess. Do NOT go on the mission, my son. Your mother is a spiteful woman. But she is also not your mother. You, my only true son born of love not nesecity, was born from the womb of Kaiali, my true love. The woman you have called your mother all your life is only your, half-brother, Blaine’s mother. We were married to unite the councils together, but never loved each other. Tazi had both your sister and mother killed when you were born. You have to survive to save the kingdoms. Blaine will destroy them. You have to have the crown! When you go to Lasandra, as I know you will, kill Blaine and bring both his body and Lasandra back to Tazi. She will most likely commit suicide and frame you to be her murderer. Marry Lasandra even if you don’t love her. You will find the woman you love and she the man but you must stay married and not let the kingdoms know of your affairs. You will save us all, my son.

Your father and King

King Codian Adimar Zadiar

Submitted: February 21, 2015

© Copyright 2023 Josalyn37938. All rights reserved.

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Quil McKay

I couldn't have written that at 10 so I'm quite impressed. I will say, there were some spots which were awkward to read knowing it was written by someone sooooooo young.
Did u ever finish the story?

Sun, February 22nd, 2015 4:47am


Nope never finished and really I started at ten and added the awkward parts when I was thirteen, but whatev. It started as a writing assignment about Hawaii that I turned into a story. This was back when I hated writing. Lol :) Italk/write way to much now. Lol :)

Sat, February 21st, 2015 9:50pm


XD I tried to read it and couldn't/wouldn't read past the second paragraph. XD

Sun, February 22nd, 2015 5:55am

Quil McKay

I'm like that with my stuff too. I still have all my writings from when I was 7 but I can't stand to read any of them.

Sun, February 22nd, 2015 5:38pm


Lol yay I think everyone that writes is like that because you can see all the mistakes you made jumping out at you.

Sun, February 22nd, 2015 11:36am

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