Two Men, One Company

Two Men, One Company Two Men, One Company

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Maya Washington's boyfriend is a traveling man who's great at his job, yet awful in bed. She wants more from her sex life, but has no idea how to go about it- until she meets her boyfriend's sexy coworker, who yearns to show her everything she's been missing.


Maya Washington's boyfriend is a traveling man who's great at his job, yet awful in bed. She wants more from her sex life, but has no idea how to go about it- until she meets her boyfriend's sexy coworker, who yearns to show her everything she's been missing.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Two Men, One Company

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Maya Washington's boyfriend is a traveling man who's great at his job, yet awful in bed. She wants more from her sex life, but has no idea how to go about it- until she meets her boyfriend's sexy coworker, who yearns to show her everything she's been missing.

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Chapter 1

Matt worked long hours at his job- being a corporate trainer for his company sent him basically all over the country gone for days, even weeks at a time. At first I didn't mind, he was such a nice guy and he tried to keep in touch even when he was all the way across the country, but a girl can only fake so many orgasms over the phone before the distance becomes too much. Matt began to call less frequently, the trips got longer, and when he came back in town, it became this awkward dance of dinner, movie, and five minutes of disappointment in bed. The passion in our relationship dwindled down to nothing and I had been stood up too many times waiting for him at home in new lingerie when he decided to stay at work late instead. I had given up on that whole feeling fireworks thing, settling for just a nice enough guy with a cool apartment. Then I met his coworker.

His company had a huge party celebrating a successful merger that was years in the making. Having a key part in it, Matt had also a promotion and pay bump. That's where we met.

"Oh, hey Zach this is Maya." Matt gestured towards a tall man standing a few meters away, urging him to stroll over there to us. "Maya this is the company's new logistics specialist, Zachary Smithson." Only after he came into full view did it hit me: from the way his finely tailored suit hugged the muscles of his slender body to the way he left his hair just slightly undone at the top, he was going to be a problem. Zachary took my hand in his, and shook it in a suggestive manner, gentle and firm, while he raised his eyebrow up at me and did sort of a half smirk. 

"Congratulations, Zachary." When he finally let go, I was sort of at a loss for words. He's the kind of guy that you avoid eye contact with when you’re with your boyfriend, for fear of what dirty thoughts will settle into your mind. I smiled shyly, taking note of the way he looked me up and down before settling my eyes on the less intimidating floor.

"It's really a pleasure to meet you Maya. Matt over here said you were beautiful, but he left out the drop dead gorgeous part.”

 I simply smiled in response. I realized that my pussy was literally pulsing at the sight of him. Avoid eye contact, I said! 

"Mr. Cain! You forgot to fill out the last document for your promotion and pay increase yesterday. I need to submit it by 7 p.m. tonight." The head of their human resources department approached us and nodded his head to Zachary and I in apology for taking him away.

Matt placed his hand on my lower back and informed us that he would be return. This whole relationship has consisted of ‘I’ll be right backs’. I sighed, feeling unprotected by this sexy man's frightening gaze. He watched my boyfriend disappear around the corner to the back office, and he appeared to loosen up a bit resuming his stare. 

"So how long has it been since you and Matt had sex?" Casually taking a sip of his drink, Zachary must have loved the way my cheeks turned pink and my jaw fell. I couldn't believe he just asked me that.

"What? Why?" It hadn't been a terribly long time since we did it last, but it had been longer since he had made my toes curl or call his name out in a fit of passion. On second thought, he had never done that. Yet I still felt defensive over this random stranger probing my sad sex life, scrutinizing it with blue eyes and a cocky smirk.

"Just asking. If I got to come home to you every night, let's just say I wouldn't be staying at work late. He's a nice guy and all- don't get me wrong. Matt is great at his job, but relationships are where he falls short. Takes his work too seriously, doesn't know how to create a balance. Plus, you look like you're starving for something he's just not giving you." Surveying my reaction, he sipped on his drink more. I became so angry I just trembled there under his intense gaze more so in awe that it sounded as though he was almost flirting yet still insulting me.

I crossed my arms and shifted my weight, ready to tell this sexy arrogant asshole off.

Zachary just chuckled and shook his head, walking closer towards me, uncomfortably close, he stood lingering with warm liquored lips just a hair away from my ear. 

“I could give you what you need.” He breathed onto my neck and I felt my heart threatening to burst through my chest with his every syllable. I had to calm down, but instead I stood frozen with my arms crossed unable to step away. “I bet you’d love to have a real man inside of you.Taking what he wants, making you feel pleasure that exceeds the deepest, most secretive thoughts you have at the end of the night when you’re left feeling dissatisfied in bed. Admit it.” Zachary kept his lips just shy of my ear, then stepped back slowly to assess my badly broken composure while finishing off his drink. 

“Do you make offers like that to all your friends’ girlfriends?” Finally getting the nerve to look him in the eye and shoot back, I felt myself catching fire from the inside out with and anger, frustration and lust I have never experienced. He said so little, and somehow my tightly wound facade came crumbling down in ruins revealing a broken and desparate woman ready to pounce as soon as he said the word. No man had ever had an effect on me such as that, and I prided myself on that. Now, there was no pride in the things I considered doing to him.

He smiled wider at that. “Matt is no friend of mine, nearly an occasional presence in the company meetings to which he contributes very little. I’m sure you can say just as much about him in the sack. Isn’t that why your pretty little face blushes with embarrassment? Don’t have to answer that.” Almost as if he had forgotten something, he searched his pockets for what, I didn’t know.

“When you decide you’re ready to be with a man of a different caliber,” handing me his business card, I reached out for it but he quickly jerked it away. Zachary leaned in again and said, “call me. I’ll show you what you’re missing out on.” He deposited the card in the outer pocket of my purse- a place Matt is least likely to find it. I met his intense gaze once again, feeling something unusual happening in between my legs.

“Got it all taken care of guys! Zach thanks for keeping an eye on Maya while I take care of that. You know how John gets about sending things in late.” Matt broke up the stare down without even noticing the thick sexual tension forming.

“No problem, man. I enjoyed the looks from the guys who thought she was here with me tonight. At least a guy can dream, you know?” He slapped Matt on the shoulder releasing a sinister laugh. Matt, oblivious to it all, didn’t catch the intent look in his coworkers eye and the lustful look in mine.

We were finally home later that night, and after Matt and I had gone to bed and only he went to sleep, my mind began to wander. My fingers did also, until they finally found the wetness in between my legs and I began to think of him. I slid my index finger up and down through the thick moisture forming and imagined Zachary fulfilling his offer to me. Finding my neglected little nub down there, I stroked her back and forth gradually picking up speed. I closed my eyes and could almost feel him there...

As soon as he shut the door to the hotel room behind us, it was on. Zach startled me when he pushed me up against the door and kissed me vigorously, like I was his first and last. Tongue filled the inside of my mouth, and he groped around my waist looking for the zipper to my pencil skirt. He became frustrated and tore it down and off of me with a haste that made me gasp into his mouth, meeting his sigh of relief. I removed my top when he stepped back to take off his slacks and I got an eyeful of his wanting bulge. With his shirt gone too, the body I had imagined was not far from the truth. His hands grabbed the back of my neck as he pushed his mouth and groin harder against me this time, lifting me slightly to straddle him while he stood up. I had half a mind to just let him have me, right there and just like that not even making it to the bed, but Zach must have heard my thoughts. This godly man hoisted me up and carried me to the plush king sized bed that was waiting us without giving so much as a single tremble under my body weight. 

“Will you fuck me now?” I asked seductively into his ear, holding my lips just a hair away just as he did that night. His cheeks gathered and I knew without looking that he must have had some devilish grin on his perfect face. Zach dumped me onto the bed like a sac of potatoes and my confused face met his smile.

“Is that what you want?” Zach crawled onto the bed and knelt down in front of me while parting my legs.

“I... yeah. Yes.” Long fingers hooked around my thong and removed it in one clean swipe.

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