The Blackout II

The Blackout II The Blackout II

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A continuation of The Blackout: competitive brothers Nick and Tyler fight for Mya's affection in the bedroom, but who will end up on top? ;) Just another story to which you may touch yourself as I have, so enjoy!


A continuation of The Blackout: competitive brothers Nick and Tyler fight for Mya's affection in the bedroom, but who will end up on top? ;) Just another story to which you may touch yourself as I have, so enjoy!


Submitted: October 28, 2012

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Submitted: October 28, 2012



The lights were off in a flash as were their clothes, and the two brothers stared Mya down with hungry eyes waiting to tear her tiny frame apart.

"Now I get what I've been waiting for." Nick's wicked grin sent shivers down her spine and wetness down her thighs, as his serious tone of voice promised only the most sinful kind of pleasure. The kind his brother gave her. She got flashbacks of the way Tyler's dick felt inside her and she felt her clit swell ready for more, but her thoughts were swept from her mind when Nick swept her clean off her feet and nearly threw her into the bed. With a small bounce she landed there and realized she was not alone because Tyler had raced them to it, eager to be next to her, eager for another turn.

"Or you can let me knock your socks off again like last time." He whispered in her ear with a voice smooth and husky, knowing just the effect it would have on her body. "I'm better than him in bed anyways. Older brother with more experience. This one's practically a virgin." This time he spoke loud enough for Nick to hear.

"Enough!" Nick roared and got into the bed also, squeezing Mya between them expecting his brother to take the hint to get off the bed. Instead he took the closeness to his advantage and began kissing her neck with the most delicate kisses that traced a pathway down to her collarbone, then intensified as they made their way down to her chest. She felt his hard length pressing against her thigh and she instantly wanted him more than she could have even imagined. She reached to stroke him but felt him jerk away suddenly and realized that Nick had reached his boiling point and pushed him away from her just when he was tonguing a trail to her ripe nipples. Tyler landed with a hard thud on the ground but managed to brush it off with a laugh.

"I guess you wouldn't have gotten so mad unless it were true!" His easy going laugh spread a wide grin onto her face, one that could hardly contain her giggles.

"You think that's funny?" She felt Nick's anger teetering on rage and when he grabbed her hair and yanked her head back she yelped in surprise and excitement. "Do you?"

"Nick, I didn't mea-" His mouth met hers and enveloped it in a way that let her know that she belonged to him and him alone. His fist wrapped tighter around her curls and his fervor matched his strength as he pushed his tongue deeper into her mouth, kissing her so viciously that she had to hold her breath. When he finally peeled away from Mya, it was only to ask, "What was that you were saying?" Then he finished where his menacing brother had left off and took her tender nipple into his mouth feverishly, making her back arch and a squeaky moan escape her mouth. A warmth washed over her like being submerged in a bath tub and she felt her clit swell to an astounding size as he moved to her other breast and teased, touched and tasted that one as well. Amazing how that act alone was enough to send her over the edge of sanity; her breasts fit perfectly into his mouth and with every lick and suck she came closer to begging for his raging hard dick. 

"Ahhh Nick... Nick..." Clutching his back to steady her quivering body, she began to ask him to just put it in her.

"I'm going to be rough with you, Mya. But I promise you're going to love it." Nick said with a confidence that ensured her absolute satisfaction, and she believed it.

Tyler cleared his throat before piping in, "Ehem. She loved it when I was inside of her. She said it was amazing, remember? You've got big shoes to fill baby bro. Sorry." 

"The only difference is I can make her love it without your help." Nick's tone changed instantly as he turned back to face Mya. "Get off the bed, then stand up and put both hands and the side of your face against the wall. Now."

Mya did just that, and as her feet landed on the carpet, she realized how he left her knees feeling so weak from the teasing. She approached the wall to the left of the bed, and carefully placed her face and hands on it. Somehow her nipples were aroused by the texture of the cool plaster, and she felt herself giddy with anticipation and only a little scared that he may be too rough with her.

"Hands above your head." She obeyed, as he slowly walked closer to her inch by grueling inch until he and his hard on were both pressed against her back. He was breathing into her ear, "I want you to show me how bad you want it." He began teasing her entrance with just the tip of his dick, and she felt her little puddle overflowing. Slowly, back and forth he lead it all around her lips, just threatening to break through her walls and send her over the edge. Her knees grew shaky and her moans were full on by the time he seductively slipped just the head inside of her, kept it there for a few seconds, and completely withdrew altogether. 

Mya turned her head and body around, "I want you-" then Nick suddenly and without warning slammed her against the wall with a gentle but firm kind of force. 

"Hands above your head, I said." Within an instant her hands flew up and her fear of him fueled the fire growing inside of her. She yearned for him in a way that was consuming her and his tip dipping in and out of her let her know he felt the same. "Good girl. Now this may hurt a bit." Nick pulled all the way out and paused for a moment that felt like forever, and just as she considered asking him what he was talking about, she felt his huge dick slam into her so quickly that it knocked the wind out of her and knocked her into the wall once more. She cried out from the blow he dealt her with his penis and clawed the wall in front of her overloaded with pleasure. He slammed it so deeply into her the second time that she let out a scream. She had never felt this good before. It was almost too much. Nick's member was slippery and wet from her creamy insides, but she still felt the way her walls clinged to him, inviting him in, asking him to stay awhile. With every thrust, however, he pulled out just quickly enough to leave her wanting more and stayed out just long enough before she started to beg for it. The feeling was absolutely agonizing it felt so unreal.

"Ohhh Niiicck! Please... don't ... don't ... stop." She couldn't even form a sentence; his penetrating filled her and owned her in a way that turned her on so much she could no longer hold back. Neither could he.

His pace quickened and he released his hold on her hair, choosing a steady grip on her neck instead as he held her head in place against the wall. He came in and out of her so fast that her moans no longer matched his rhythm, but instead started to just mold together into long strings of vocal outbursts combining his name with 'oh god' or 'please' or 'yes' in a randomized order. Nick used the other hand to steady himself against her hips. His grunts indicated a close approaching end. She thought she heard the floor creaked behind her, but she couldn't turn to look.  

"I'm coming," Nick was losing his rhythm between the build up and his sweat dripping all over the two of them. "Mya... Aghhh..." She felt his body break into a fierce spasm that rocked them both. As he lost his grip from her hips completely, he was just starting to cum inside of her. But she was quickly snatched away in the middle of his orgasm and then bent over the bed in her favorite position.

"Payback." Tyler's dick was rock hard when it slid inside of her pussy swollen from Nick's roughness. He was already close to reaching his end since he had been stroking himself the entire time, waiting for the perfect moment to snatch her from his brother and take her in his own way. He stroked her clit while he entered her, making her moans rock the entire room, and making her reach her peak with him. With nails digging into her hips, he burrowed himself into her deeper and deeper until he said, "Mya, I'm going to cum." 

"Tyler cum in me... please." Then she shattered into a million pieces all over him, the bed, and the floor. "Tyler!" His grunts grew more animalistic, more like growls as he expended himself inside of her, every last drop with every last thrust. She came and came and came until she fell over the bed in a heap of happiness that left her motionless and speechless. Tyler fell next, with heaving breaths that rocked her while he layed on top of her. They were paralyzed, but Nick wasn't.

His heavy footsteps approached the two in the bed that was supposed to be his, with the girl that was supposed to be his, and stood over them threateningly. "Tyler. Leave." Something about his voice this time made Mya shiver. "We had a deal, you fucked it up, now leave."

"Come on, you were almost done any-"

"GO!!!" Nick's booming voice stopped her heart cold. Tyler peeled himself off of Mya's back, grabbed his clothes, and walked out slowly like a scolded child. He gave her one last longing look before Nick slammed the door shut behind him. Then he turned back to her wearing a sadistic grin that stopped her heart once more.

"I didn't know he would take me from you, okay don't be mad at him or me. It all felt so good. You felt so good, I-I," her nerves got the best of her as he continued walking toward her slowly wearing that devilish smile. This time, there was nothing good in it. "I'm sorry."

"You can make it up to me if you're really sorry." 

Curiousity overtook her hesitation. "I can?"

He grabbed her tiny hand in his and lead her up and off the bed. He reached in the bottom drawer of his nightstand, and pulled out several items she couldn't make out in the darkness of his bedroom. "Yes, Mya. You can." He threw them on the bed next to where she stood and she took them both in her hands one by one, caressing the smoothness of one, the ridges of the other, taking in what he was truly asking of her. "What do you say?"

She placed the objects back onto the bed. The anticipation of his request built her up to finally give a reply. "... yes." She had agreed to his request, and so a small bundle of rope, a leather whip, and a long night of sexual servitude awaited her.

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