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English 2 English 2

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Professor Jeffries had been eying me all semester and I was eager to show him just how good of a student I am.


Professor Jeffries had been eying me all semester and I was eager to show him just how good of a student I am.


Submitted: June 02, 2012

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Submitted: June 02, 2012



Ten minutes late as to not disappoint his super eager summer class, the professor came tumbling in to room 726. He swept past the front row of desks,lurched his hikers backpack full of ungraded homework on to his table and took his seat. Five minutes of shuffling papers followed as he endeavored to locateourclass' essays, no doubt. Someone in the back yawned.

This jolted Mr. Jeffreys out of his trance. "Good afternoon." He surveyed the class, probably to see how many had decided to skip this day just like many didon non-exam days. He gazed last at the students in my row and his gaze lingered on me. I reached down and dug in my backpack for a pen I didn'tneed so mycheekswouldn't give me away.Why do I feel like he is still looking?I found and alternative blue pen for the blue pen I already had on my desk justin case.

"I know I promised a quiz today," he started but looked away in dismay and ran his long fingers through his salt and pepper hair, "but I would really like us tocover more new material since we only have two weeks left and quite a bit of Shakespeare left to cover." Relief washed over the room, and indifference washed

over me. I didn't study but would have gotten an A just like everything else I did in this class. "I feel the disappointment in the room. I say we cheer up with some volunteer readers." Just as sarcastic as me. If his smooth tanned skin, greenish brown eyes, and slim-muscular physique didn't make him appealing enough, his lack of seriousness was frosting on the cake. "Simone, why don't you start us off?"

Totally unprepared with nothing but my identical blue pens, wide ruled paper and daydreamy thoughts, my hands shot into my backpack once more. It took twice as long as usual for my book to make itself seen. Figures. I began to read.

Class proceeded as normal. And with 15 minutes left to spare, the over-achiever next to me raised her hand to inquire about our papers being passed back today. "Yes, yes. What time is..." he turned to the wall clock, "oh wow okay we'll stop here for the day and pick things up again tomorrow where we left off." He took two long steps over to where his forest green backpack rested on his cluttered table and reached for the pile of essays underneath. One by one he passed them back while announcing "Once you get your essay back you may leave, and remember I won't be around for my office hours today or tomorrow. Email me your concerns if you must and we can figure out what went wrong."

By the end, I hadn't received my essay, nor had two other students I hardly recognized. That let me know just how much they were not in class. One of them yawned. "You three, could you please accompany me to my office?" The professor had a stern look about him as we all followed like baby ducks single file to his office down the hall to the left. As to display their chivalry, the two jocks I dubbed in my head as Sleepy and Grumpy pushed past me to inform the teacher they had to leave right on time for a swim meet and couldn't be late. Seven minutes later, the duo emerged from his office in a huff holding to essays that had more red ink on them than black.Wow, I hope I did better than Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. I had to have. I never write bad papers or maybe this one was not what he expected of me. Has the bar been raised and am I being punished for not being aware?

"Simone. You can come in now." I walked in daintily, bracing myself for the absolute worse especially when he asked me to take a seat. He took one last look at my dreaded essay and pressed it against the wooden desk sliding it face down toward me.

"Here goes nothing!" I smiled at him to shake the jitters. It's that bad. I flipped the essay over and took note of the score.

"I want your permission to allow me to use your essay for years to come as a model to help my students see an example of what I expect from them. You have a perfect score, Ms. Williams and it is by far one of the best papers I have seen in all my teaching career."

I couldn't help but break into a smile."Really? Wow thank you I hadn't a clue that I did that well. Of course you can use it, that would be pretty fantastic." I was beaming, flipping through the pages, seeing it was untouched. Flawless. Like the man in front of me.

"May I ask what field you plan to enter?"

"I'm a bio major. Don't laugh!" He started chuckling uncontrollably as if to say why?

"It's just you could be so good as an english major and go off into journalism or anything but that."

"Well I could major in english and become a professor as well since we all know how happy you are as an english professor." I smirked at him and his eyes gleamed.

"Clever girl. Beautiful girl, too." His eyes trailed me from my eyes to my fidgety hands. I curled my bottom lip into my mouth, cradling it there and as a result feeling less exposed, more composed. I finally was able to regain eye contact after a few grueling seconds.

"Don't be fooled by my petite stature, sir, I am every bit a woman." I was feeling more confident by the time I had tilted my head at the end of my sentence as if to challenge him.

"I don't doubt that there are in fact two adults in this room, Ms. Williams. Both of which are aware of their needs."

I turned as rosey pink as I could, no doubt. "Needs?" I was surely too preoccupied by school and work to even be bothered by such things.

He startled me as he shot up quickly from his chair to lock his office door. He turned to face me, a sinister gleam in his eyes now. "Yes. Our needs. For eachother."

"I didn't think-"

He silenced me with his lips plump and warm taking my breath in with a violent kiss. I ran my fingers through his surfer hair as he dug his mouth into mine burrowing further and futher until he finally came up for air. "Don't think." He said as he stroked my cheek, without realizing my eyes were still closed until he asked that I let him gaze into them. "Yes those taunting eyes are even more inviting now. You thought you were being subtle teasing me all semester long with those brown beauties, didn't you?" He lifted me under my arms and set me on his desk like a small child.

"I figured I had been as subtle as you, Professor." Mr. Jeffries bit his lip in anticipation and lunged at me again, kissing me deeper than anything I could imagine, like I was his first in all his life and sure to be his last. Pressing his hard middle against me, I sat there legs split yanking at his shirt collar. He reached for the bottom of my shirt and yanked it over my head and I frantically undid his drawstrings letting his cargo shorts crumple at his feet. I got to my feet to remove my shorts and his polo and briefs, taking in all the glory of his beach body. Starring back with the same fervor, he pounced on me picking me up to lay me down on his table scattered with documents.

"Please, tell me if this is subtle enough." The next thing I felt was his tongue flicking at me through my panties at the very spot I wanted him to take. Lightly he jabbed at me through the lace barrier with his wetness and I bucked kicked and moaned until I lost my damn mind.

"Take me. Please." My words floated somewhere between a whisper and an exhale. Either way, he heard me, because he slid my panties down slowly and pushed them against my leg leaving a trail of my wetness for him. Once they were on the ground, he followed that same trail with his lips and tongue all the way back up to the source.

"You taste so... sweet. Simone, I knew you would." I responded by taking him unaware and grabbing his thickness, twirling his head around in my sweet little puddle until he was the one begging to be taken. "Let me have you." Cupping me under the arms again, he coaxed me onto the ground tenderly but spun me and pushed me face down into the ungraded assignments on his desk. With all his force, he slammed his erectness into me, filling me, killing me, or so I thought because I moaned like I was dying. He had a hold of my hips clutching at my sides, pumping vigorously into me and I exploded I just couldn't hold back I needed him and he kept filling me and filling me and filling me thrusting clawing and moaning all the while as I called

"Mister... Mist-" I couldn't finish the word even as I erupted into an orgasm that rocked everything from my soul to the fresh pack of pencils in his desk.

"I'm coming... ahhhhh" Meeting his peak moments after mine. His clawing grew more ferocious then died as he plunged deeper still into me burrowing into my deep with his midsection convulsing. Falling limp over my own spent body, he draped himself over my back and exhaled, laughing and breathing simlutaneously.

"You have a perfect score, Mr. Jeffries." I laughed until his exhausted member sloughed out of my cavern.

"Clever woman." he said. I turned to gaze at him, and saw admiration of all things. "And still beautiful."

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