The Cute Painter

The Cute Painter

Status: In Progress

Genre: Gay and Lesbian



Status: In Progress

Genre: Gay and Lesbian




Mature Content



Mature Content

Chapter1 (v.1) - Hard Not to Watch Him

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Mature Content

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 30, 2020

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 30, 2020



The Cute Painter

Part 1 – Hard not to Watch Him


 First about where I live, (You may have read about it in my other stories) it’s just a small little house in an old country suburb area. Kind of an old beat-up house that I pay “a little” in rent for but, mainly just take care of it for someone in my family. I do love it though. Just a few homes around and quiet.

 I was out of school for the summer and had an evening part-time job. The older couple from across the street asked about, maybe me painting there trim, around windows and stuff. I said no and that I didn’t know much about paint and that stuff. They said they had found someone but, their kind of expensive. I mainly didn’t want to, do-to the super-hot day of August.

 Later that week, I looked over and I see ladders, paint cans and stuff laying in their front yard. A little black car and a truck with ladders on it, in the driveway. Then I see two guys walking around the house looking up at it. A really good looking young guy (perhaps the worker) and an older heavy-set guy (the boss) talking. The younger guy only had on his shoes, a pair of odd short-shorts and nothing else. (He tells me later why) the boss guy had jeans and a shirt with paint stains.

 I looked again later and saw the boss guy driving away. The younger guy then started to work on the windows. I must admit, I stood around in my front yard awhile, just to look at that guy. He was super skinny, tall and had a sexy tan all over. Sometimes he even had the legs rolled up on his shorts, maybe because it was so hot out, mid-90’s. He would scrape some old paint off, climb down the ladder, look at it, drink something, climb back up and scrape more. His boss would just stop in now & then to check on him.

 The next day, I saw he was still working on the front windows. After seeing his tan, I decided to work some on my own, it was looking pretty good, from me out running. Also, it was the way I can keep an eye on that cute guy too. I put on my swimsuit and laid out in my front yard. I’d look over at him now and then. Not too much or I may get a hard-on. (You know) ????

 Later, I was still hanging out in my front yard and I hear a car drive up. I looked up and there he was, stopped in front of my house.

 “Is there a Cousins sub shop around here?” He asked.

 He sort-of spooked me at first, I sat up and said;

 “Ya, there’s one down by the freeway”

 I then got up, walked over to his car and told him how to get there. Him just looking up at me and smiling, wow! A dam cute face, sunglasses on, hat on backward, no shirt and all sweaty!

 “Do you want me to call your order in, it’s faster?” I asked.

 He said; “Sure, I’m Aaron, just a half Club Sub, you want something?”

 I just said; “No thanks, maybe see you later”

 Then he drove off. After I called it in, I came back out and laid in the sun again. Just thinking how he was all sweaty from working and I was all sweaty being out in the sun. It was getting me kind of hard and horny, maybe I best put my shorts back on. I went in, came back out in a few minutes and there he was again.

 “Mind if eat over here?” He asked, “No one to talk to over there”

 I just said; “Sure!”

 We sat out front with him eating. He again told me his name (Aaron) and I told him mine. I started to tell him a little about myself and that’s when he started telling me about himself! Boy, can he talk! (I do like that, I don’t talk much myself) He said he’s a swimmer & diver at school. Rolls up his short-shorts like that to keep cool but mainly to keep tan up there for when he had on his tight swimsuit. By the look of that body he’s got, it showed me he is a swimmer.

 We both just sat there for a time bull-shitting. He was fun to talk to. (or maybe just listen to) That’s when his boss drove up. He went over to talk to him, turned to me and said;

 “Maybe see you later Jon”

 I just waved and headed back to the house.

 Around 4:00 or so, the doorbell rings. I looked out and there’s Aaron standing there, still no shirt, all sweaty, hat on backward and a big smile. I opened the door and he said;

 “Let’s get another sub, I’ll buy!”

 I smiled and just said; “Let’s go!”

 We both jumped in his little black car and head out. He again talks and talks, as we go along. As he drives with his left hand on the wheel, he put his right hand in mine on the armrest between the seats. He then squeezes my hand and said;

 “Jon, did you hear me?”

 I said; “What?”

 (I was too busy thinking about us holding hands) He then said;

 “I ask if you’d like to hang-out together more. We are the same age and like the same stuff.”

 He then squeezed my hand again and smiled at me. I just smiled back.

 We got our subs and headed back to my house. When we got there, he asked if he could park around back, in case his boss comes back. I just said sure and we went inside. We started to unwrap the subs and I said;

 “Maybe we should get washed up first, you know?”

 We were all sweaty and that’s when Aaron just looks into my eyes and said;

 “Ya, let’s take a shower”

 Fuck, is he thinking what I’m thinking?

 We then both toss our subs in the frig. He giggles some, as we both headed for the bathroom and he then puts his arm on my shoulder. (I knew then, he was thinking about the same thing I was) The odd part about that time was, he stopped talking and would just giggle now and then! Such a talkative boy too. Mm?

 I do have a nice new shower in that old house (cheaper than a new tub) I turned on the warm water as we got undressed. Then we just stopped… both standing there, looking at one another, both nude, bright white around the waist and feet. I just said;

 “You’re a fuck’en sexy look’en dude!”

 He winks at me, then leans over tugs a little at my half-hard cock, giggles and slides shower door open. We get in and I slide the door back closed. I then unhooked the showerhead and sprayed us down. Aaron then grabs my shampoo bottle, he squirts some out, puts some in his hair and some in mine. He then steps around back of me and starts to work the shampoo into my shaggy hair. With both of his hands in my hair, I could feel his half-hard cock rubbing on my butt cheeks. Me feeling that I was not half-hard anymore!

 As he soaped up my hair, I soaped up my pits and around my hard cock. Then he started on his own hair, so I turned around, rinsed my hair and then started working on his pits, chest and tight abs. He then tilted his head back, rinsed his hair as I started licking his hard nipples. As we did this, our two cocks would rub together.

 After he had rinsed his hair out, he got down on his knees and started to work on my cock. First licking the sides and the tip, then he just took it all in, sucking in and out faster and faster! With me being so dammed horny, it didn’t take me long to lose it. One of the best parts is, when I started to lose it, he’d suck some of my cum down, then pulled my cock out and he spread the rest of it onto his own face. With that cum all over, he looks up at me and just laughs! I just yelled out;

 “You're just like some porn star!”

 We both laugh. He then licked the tip of it for a few minutes. Boy, that felt good!!!

 Aaron then did ask;

 “Can I do you up the ass… please?”

 I just said; “Soap it up good”

 I turned around, bent over and he then gently soaped up my ass-hole and then his cock. Slowly he started to drive it in. I just simply said;


 As I felt it slowly going in and him adding more soap. To some guys, it feels painful, but by the way, he went super slow, I sure liked it. Once all the way in, he started pumping it in and out, slowly, then faster. I just said;

 “Keep it going, keep it going!”

 And used the “F-word” many times!

 “Sorry Jon, I’m losing it!” he said.

 He then pumped some in me and then pulled it out, jacked-off and spread the rest of his cum on my ass. With me bent over (holding shower handle) he got on his knees and licked the cum off my ass, still giggling! I do like the taste of cum too but, he must love it!

 We then finished getting washed up, kissing and necking the hole time. That night, we decided he should sleep-over, both of us on my queen-sized bed and it still was hot out! We needed no covers and both of us just lying there, totally nude! I was half-hard all night, then we fixed that the next morning! ????

The End

 Let me know if you like my stories…


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