Rusty Old Camper

Rusty Old Camper

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Mature Content. A boy and his good "straight" friend head out on a trip. Maybe more than just a good trip. (Cover Photo from Tumblr)


Mature Content.
A boy and his good "straight" friend head out on a trip. Maybe more than just a good trip.
(Cover Photo from Tumblr)


Submitted: December 07, 2017

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Submitted: December 07, 2017




 One of my buddies (Justin) called me one day, said his dad had sold their old pick-up type camper. The type you can mount in the back of a pick-up truck. The reason he called was they don’t even have a pick-up anymore and I do. His dad wanted to know if I can take it to the northern part of the state. He said some hunter they know will buy it, only if they can get it up-north to him. I just said; “Sure, sounds like an adventure”

 I stopped over that next weekend and his dad had it all worked out on a map; “Stay in the camper at this campground on the way up there, then at this motel on the way back” He then said; “I’ll pay for everything, the gas, food and where ever you stay. Just to get rid of that f-ing eyesore!”

 Justin is one of my “straight” buddy’s, he has a nice girlfriend and there both fun to be with. Sometimes they ask about me and my girlfriends. I often just laugh and say something like; “Girls don’t like me” and change the subject. Justin is a good friend and he probably knows about me but, I don’t think he gives a shit.

 I then asked Justin’s pop, if it’s easy to find that guys house when I get up there. He then told me how Justin knows the way and he’ll show you where it is. I just sort of giggled and said; “Sounds good to me.” Justin is always fun to hang out with and I’ve never thought of him and me, well together (without his girlfriend). I must admit I did think of it then. ???? He is super good look’en, a real tight face and tight body.

 We backed my pick-up under the camper and then tied it down. We folded up the legs and watched Justin’s father put some bags of food and cooler of soda in the back door. We just stood there talking when his father jumped out the back. “There… you guys should be all set, food and place to sleep and Justin you do know the way, right?” He just laughs and said; I hope so!” We headed out.

 It was fun just bull-shitting with Justin as we drove along, (without his girlfriend) he was always easy to talk too. I then asked him if there were two bunks back there or what? Justin just laughs and said; “I never did look.” We both just laughed and drove on.

 Few hours later, we got to the camp site, payed the fee and found our spot. Justin looked in the camper and grabbed some firewood we brought and some snacks out of the back. We then sat there by the campfire awhile, just talking, when Justin said; “Jon, I’m afraid there is just one mattress on the floor in there, with a few blankets. Do you think that’ll be alright?” I just said; “No big deal, I don’t care, if you don’t care.” A little later we both climbed in there, spread the blankets out, got half undressed, laid on our backs and covered up.  

 We talked awhile and then I rolled on to my side. (facing away from him) Justin then rolled over too, the same way (toward me), he put his arm around me and with his hand on my chest, pulled us together. He then just said; “It’s a little cold out Jon, hope you don’t mind.” I just smirked and said nothing. Believe it or not, that’s all that happened. The next morning, I found us the opposite way, with my arm around him. I admit I did think about feeling down to his crotch, but I didn’t. ?

 Later that morning, we got up, got our stuff loaded up and we were on our way again. I did want to say something about us sleeping together the night before but, I didn’t want to jinx our friendship. We stopped a few places to eat and get gas. Again, was just a lot of fun bull-shitting with him. We then found the place to drop the camper off, talked to the hunter dude awhile, got it unloaded and then headed out. 

 On our way back was easier, without that camper, it was easy driving and didn’t use as much gas. We then stopped for some supper, checked our map for the motel we needed get to. “We still have some ways to go Jon.” Justin said. We then headed out again, we got there around ten that night. I was a little burnt-out from all that driving but, Justin wasn’t! He jumped out of the truck and said; “Jon, it’s a nice place! Look it even got a pool!” We got checked-in, found our room and Justin kept talking about the pool. I just laughed and said; “Ok, ok let’s try out the pool! You know we have no swimsuits.” Justin laughed; “We can just use our underwear, Jon, there’s nobody out there!”

 It was kind of nice to go swimming on that hot night. I started to feel better (less burnt-out) We swam around awhile, tried the diving-board and sort of ended up under the diving-board just talking. We just stood on the little underwater shelf that surrounds the pool. After all that swimming and stuff, we both stood there a while, breathing kind of hard and looking at one-another.

 At this point I was thinking about a lot of shit, mainly how horny I was but, again, this is a “straight” friend and I didn’t want to jinx our friendship. That’s when Justin put his hand on my shoulder and looked me in the eyes and said; “Jon you do have nice tight abs, you must work out some.” He then rubs my abs with the back of his fingers of his other hand. “Holy-fuck” I thought to myself, “I’ll get a full hard-on with this!” But then…

 “Sorry guys, pool closes at midnight” It was the motels “pool-boy”!  Justin and I just looked up at him standing right next to us by the diving-board. He looked down at us with a big smile, his company shirt unbuttoned, he was about 16 and cute. I could also see his nice tan, a thin chain around his neck and his tight abs. “You guys just take your time, you got a few minutes yet. Do you boys need more towels or anything?” I then just said “Sure, if you got some.” He then walked off as Justin and I jumped out of the pool, got dried off some and headed back to our room. This whole time I simply worried about my hard-on showing in my wet shorts.

 The two of us just got back to our room and as Justin sort of talks on and on about that pool-boy. We both laugh some as we changed into some dry underwear. I must admit, I did watch Justin change his shorts and thought I saw he had a half a hard-on.

 Someone then knocks at the door. With the two of us still in underwear, Justin lying on one of the beds and me just standing there. That same pool-boy just lets himself right in. He just stood there, as the door slams behind him. He said; “I got your towels.” So, I then just said; “Thanks, where’s your shirt?” He again just stood there, all he’s got on just his shoes, tight jeans with the button open and no shirt. Without saying anything, he slowly puts the towels down on one of the beds. Then after a silent minute or so he just said; “I’m off of work now, can I help you guys out at all?”

 “Like what?” I said. He then just kneels down at the foot of Justin’s bed and started licking his feet. Justin then quick pulls he feet back and said; “What the fuck!” The pool-boy jumps up not saying a thing and just stood there with his one hand still in his unbuttoned jeans. “I think he’s kind of horny Justin.” I told him, as I walked over to Justin’s bed and sat next to him and said; “I don’t give a shit.” The pool-boy smiles at me and knelt down and started licking my feet.

 “You’re going to let him Jon?” Justin asked. “Well ya!” I said; “I don’t have a girlfriend like you do man, or anybody else! I get it when I can.” The pool-boy slowly worked his way up to my hard cock, I pull down my draws and he starts in on my cock. I look over and see Justin is now stroking his cock as it was getting hard. I then asked; “Want him to work yours?” Justin said; ‘Well ya, I am fuck’en horny too but… I’m afraid of what will happen, I do have a girlfriend and everything. I then told him about that other friend of mine, his girlfriend and what all happened. (In my “Just a friend story”) I then told him; “I’ll never tell anyone about all this, I do want to keep you as a friend man! Now If your still horny man, let’s let him go for it!”

 I could then see just how super hard he was. “Well… if none of us say anything about all this.” He said, as he pulls down his shorts and I see the long fat cock. The pool-boy right-a-way starts on Justin. I just stroke mine some then as I play with the pool-boy’s hair. Justin then puts his hand on mine in the pool-boy’s hair and puts his other hand on my rock-hard cock. He strokes me as I look and see him smiling at me. “Holy-shit Jon, here it comes” Justin yells out, as the pool-boy starts sucking him faster and deeper, Justin then yells out some more and the pool-boy looks up at us both with the cum dripping from his mouth and said; “Boy you guys taste good.” Justin and I just smile at each other.

 Then the pool-boy starts back on me, with all this stuff happening I lost it quickly. That pool-boy loved it too! I look up and see Justin jacking-off the pool-boy’s nice clean-shaven cock. This again made me feel better. With me now finished, the pool-boy then rolled over on his back and Justin worked him faster. I leaned over and started kissing him. The pool-boy lost it then on to his abs, he picked up some of his own cum up with his fingers, put it in his mouth with a smile. Then picked up some-more and offered it to Justin, hoping he’ll maybe to just lick his fingers. Justin did then lick it a little bit (I think just to taste it)

 The three of us just laid there awhile bull-shitting. Justin had many questions about “doing it with guys” and does this make him gay and stuff. “Your maybe just a “bi” I said, it’s no big deal” We all laughed a while and soon all three fell a sleep in that same bed. Justin and I never did have sex together again but we kept on being friends for years to come. (P.S. This is one of my true type stories, with just some stuff is changed around) ????

The End

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