Out of Gas

Out of Gas

Status: In Progress

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: In Progress

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Mature Content. I meet a boy around my same age who just ran out of gas. We end up at his place for some fun. Let me know if you like my short stories :)


Mature Content. I meet a boy around my same age who just ran out of gas. We end up at his place for some fun.
Let me know if you like my short stories :)

Chapter1 (v.1) - A Boy Out of Gas

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I meet this young boy of my same age on the side of the road but he's way more fun then I expected.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 13, 2018

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 13, 2018



 I’m heading home from class one day, when I see a car pulled off to the side of the country road. I slow down and see there’s no one in it. I move on and not far, I see a young guy walking along the side of the road. He puts his thumb out and smiles at me, I slowed down and he then points at himself and then at me. I smiled back and shock my head yes, so then I stop and he jumps in.

 Nice looking guy too. Blond hair, tan arms and legs and a face to-die-for. He says he thinks his car is out of gas. “The gas gauge doesn’t work and it’s been awhile since I put any in it.” He said. I just said “Let’s go get some” He again smiles at me and said, “Thanks man, you’re the nicest stranger!”

 We talked as I drove along, he said his name was “Cory” and how he appreciates all this. I told him my name was Jon and “It’s all no big deal!” Then we stopped got the gas and headed back. We put it in his car and it started right up. He then asked “Can you follow me home and make sure I can make it?” Then rolls-his-eyes back and smiles. It being a Friday night, I said; “Sure, if you got a soda for me” He laughs and said; “Sure do, let’s go”

 On the way there, I just kept thinking about this guy… The way he was so nice to me, how fuck’en good looking this boy was too and also, how old was this boy. Me then at 17 at the time and him at maybe 16 to 17 and of course, if there was any way we could maybe get it together. (I always think too much) 

 We got to his place and on our way in the front door, he told me; “My parents are gone, their working on their fuck’en divorce. They’ll be gone till tomorrow” I didn’t say anything then. We stopped in the kitchen, he gave me a soda. We then headed for the living room, clicked on the TV, and we sat down. Him in the big easy-chair and me just sort of laid back on the couch.  

 We watched TV a while, bull-shitted some and saw some odd modeling show he had on. It mainly showed male models and some female ones. I then told him how good looking they are on TV and how I thought he was pretty good looking too. Then I asked, “What do you usually do with your parents away?” He laughs again and said, “How about I just show you, I’ll be right back”.

 I just laid there on the couch for a minute. When he came running back in, I see then now he has no shirt on, no shoes or socks, just in his shorts. He then said; “Are you still sure I should show you?” I just laughed and said; “Well… anything you want” With me still laying there on the couch, he jumped up on top of me, sat down on my legs, his knees on both sides of me and sat there smiling. With that big smile and two inches from the bulge in my pants he said; “Do you want me to do it?” I just said “Maybe” and then I smiled at him.

 He then started to undo my shorts button, as I then pulled off my shirt. With my shorts now undone, he looked up at me, leaned over and started to kiss me. (He’s good with that tongue) I then had his shorts undone and was just stroking his hard-on that I could feel it inside his underwear. He then said; “Just a second!” And jumped off me, pulled off his shorts and underwear (his hard-on jumped out) and then he jumped up back onto me, this time onto my chest. His hard cock two inches from my mouth. I just leaned my head forward some and started to suck him off.

 It was delicious! So sweet and hard, I would suck him awhile then, lick the outside of that dark vein covered cock of his. Licking the tip was the best, so super tight and just a drop of pre-cum coming out of the end. I think he liked it by the way he was yelling and sweating with his head back. Boy, I liked it too. I just sucked him harder, I grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him up to me. “I’m going to lose it” He yelled and then he did. I then got every drop out of him I could. He then laid down next to me, with his cum still dripping out of his cock onto my leg and he just smiled at me and said, “It’s your turn Jon”  

 "Let’s do it”, I said, “I’m as hard as a rock and you sure do turn me on!" but then he said "Can you maybe just do me up the ass?" I then said, Sure, I’d like to but, only if you’re sure.

 He then jumped off the couch again and said, “Just a second” He ran off and came back with a bottle of something, he then jumped up on me and said, “Let me lube you up first” So he first started by sucking me off, (And I almost lost it right then) but then he stopped and poured some of the lube on me. With me still just lying there, he then got up and facing me, he slowly sat down on my rock-hard cock. He went really slow sitting down onto it, yelling out; “Fuck it hurts but, fuck I like it!”

 He just kept rocking up and down on my cock and screaming out stuff like “Harder Jon, deeper man, I love it!” I did my best to lift my hips up and down. But then I was kind of worried, someone may hear him in that big house. He started rocking on me faster and seeing his half hard cock bouncing up & down and it slapping down onto my abs… That’s when I lost it in him! He then slowly pulled himself off of me, moved back some, laid down on my legs and just kept licking my balls, smiling and winking at me!

 I spent the rest of the night there, but had to leave first thing in the AM, before one of his parents showed up. I do still see Cory now and then. He’s a guy that always likes trying something new!

 End of Part 1

 Let me know if you like my stories…


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