My Little Neighbor Alex

My Little Neighbor Alex

Status: In Progress

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: In Progress

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Mature Content. I just stopped over to cut the grass but, end up having a real good time. (Cover photo from Tumblr)


Mature Content.
I just stopped over to cut the grass but, end up having a real good time.
(Cover photo from Tumblr)

Chapter1 (v.1) - Just Cut the Grass?

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I just stopped over to cut the grass but, end up with a good time.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 13, 2018

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 13, 2018



 I was just out cutting my grass one-day with my dad’s old mower, I have a small home in an old suburb area that I rent from a family member, while attending school. Then a car came up and stopped. The man and woman inside started waving at me and I saw it was the neighbor’s, they are one or two houses down from me.

 I stopped mowing and went up to their car and they asked; “Jon, can you mow ours for the next two weeks, we’ll be gone”? He then told me how his son (Alex) is there but can’t get their mower started. So, I said; “Sure, no big deal” (they do have just a little lawn anyway and a cute son) They thanked me, gave me some cash and then drove off.

 That afternoon I jumped on my mower and drove over there and got started. I first did the front lawn and then started on the back, that’s when I see their son’s car drive up. Alex’s car is kind of a hot looking, so I waved and smiled at him and just kept on mowing. I then see him come out the back-patio door holding a can of Mountain dew, pointing at it and smiled at me. I smiled back and shook my head yes. He left it there, then he went back in the house.

 Alex is a pretty nice guy but, I’ve only talked to him a few times. I think he’s in his upper teens and is often gone off to school somewhere.

 I finished up and went to the back-patio and grabbed that soda. It was good on that hot summer day. I then looked into the patio-door, maybe just to thank him for it. There he is… standing there in the kitchen with nothing on but his underwear! When he waved at me earlier he was fully dressed, now has nothing on but his shorts!

 I see another soda next to him there on the kitchen table. He waves me in and points at the soda. So, I slowly slide the patio-door open, smiled at him and said; “Hey Alex, thanks.” As I then grabbed the soda and said; “Boy, it’s hot out” I had some and Alex then says; “Hope you like it Jon” He then winks at me, then sort-of goes on and on about the grass and other stuff, but all I do is stare at his body! His damn nice tan, his abs, arms and well… everything! He’s just a little shorter then I am, not that it matters. And as he talks he sort-of danced around the kitchen and him still just in his underwear! Then put his hands up on his head and tighten up his abs. (Like putting on a show or something) He brought down one hand and with his finger, sort of drew out his abs on his tight tummy for me. Still just talking about other stuff.

 Then slowly brings down that same hand and starts rubbing his groin while still talking and I swear, it looked like he had a hard-on going already. Then, as he talks, he sticks his thumb in the top of his shorts and pulls them down just a little. Now I can see his tan line and just a little of his pubic hair. This is just making me harder and so I just sat down. I think he knew this because he then suddenly stopped talking. He took a drink of his soda and just stood there looking at me. With him just smiling and not saying a thing, I then said; “I think I know what you’re thinking” He then said, “Can we do it Jon? My whole family’s gone for two weeks!” I just nod my head yes, smiled and slowly spread my legs apart.

 He then came over, pulled off my t-shirt, got down on his knees in front of me, undid my shorts and pulled them down. My cock was almost rock-hard already so, he just started to lick it and said how nice it was. He then asked; “Can I try something?” I just said “Anything you want man” He first takes just the tip of it in his mouth, starts to suck and then takes the whole thing down his throat! I was very impressed. He sometime makes choking sounds and pulls it out, licks the outside, then put it all right back in. All that heavy breathing when he pulls it out, wow.

 With him having me already so-turned-on and just the way he sucks me off, it won’t take me long to lose it. “Give it all to me Jon!” he yells out and puts the tip back in his mouth and he then grabs my butt cheeks forcing me in and out. That’s when I lost it! My whole cock down his hot little throat! It was one of the best feelings I ever had! He then did his very best to suck it all out of me, then stood up and kissed me. (With some of my cum still in his mouth)

 "Now it’s your turn" I said. I laid him down on the floor, on the kitchen rug, slid his shorts down and I was almost blinded by his white midsection. Guys with a good tan make me so horny with that white groin area. He was hard already too. With his pre-cum dripping out. He then said, “Hurry up man, I’m going to lose it!!” I did my best to deep-throat him too. (I’m not great at it, but I like to try!) He then lost his cum and I just drank it down. Mmmm, I do like his flavor!

 It was damn a good time, we put our shorts back on and we then had some more soda. We then bull-shitted awhile. (He does most of the talking and I kind of like that) It was getting kind of late and I said; “I should maybe head on home Alex.” He then got kind of upset (almost crying) said; “Can’t you please sleep-over tonight, Jon.” That look in his eyes, it made me feel bad so, I agreed to spend the night. He told me about him always being with someone, at school in his dorm and at home with his parents. “It’s OK man, let me go put my shit away.” I said.

 I then quick took my mower home, closed up my garage and headed back. Me now still all sweaty on that hot day and also getting it on with Alex.  I popped back in the back door and seeing Alex making something to eat, I said; “Alex, let’s get cleaned up.” The two of us then took a good shower together, (and me getting almost hard again) then we had some food and we ended up in his room in his small twin bed, it was OK, small but cozy, we talked awhile and I fell asleep.

 I then woke up and looked at the bedside clock, 3:00am and for some reason I had a big hard-on going. Alex wasn’t next to me anymore. I looked around the dark room and there he was… at the foot of the bed, his face between my legs and him smiling. He started licking my cock and simply said “Please Jon, let me do you again” And so I did! ????

 It had been the best time I’ve had in a long time, but I knew… His parents where do back someday soon and then Alex was to head off back to school in the fall. Oh-well, we did have some fun now & then for the next couple weeks. He is the kind of guy you can always think about when jacking off.

End of Part 1

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