The Killing of Donna Parker.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Donna liked Mr, Nesbit she thought he was a very handsome guy and often fantasized about having sex with him when she was alone in her little bedroom with pink elephant wallpaper that hadn't changed since the day she arrived from the hospital in her mother's arms.

Donna Parker was a tall dark hared attractive girl who had just turned 18-teen and was out partying with her best friend, Clair. It was around 11 pm Friday night when they strolled into the “C. S Club” situated on a busy main road into Birmingham.  The club was well patronized, and a hangout for the locals and out of Towner’s. The police knew the club well and considered it as being one of the worse hotspots in the area where there were constant problems with fights between drunken gangs of youths and drug pushers. They had attempted to close it down on numerous occasions but without success.

The owner Mr, Chaz Sing was also known in the town for his other business interests, he had many influential friends, who he regularly paid. They, in turn, kept him informed of any easy money floating about on the Stock Exchange and also free from any unwelcome attentions from the tax people, or any other authorised snoopers who were out to grab his millions. Sings private list of Who's Who, made very impressive reading, consisting of MP's, Councillors, Magistrates, Judges, even a select group of high-ranking police officers were on Sign's payroll, Sing thought he was more than flameproof he believed he was invincible, and in truth, he was.

Donna and her friend had already downed a couple of strong pints of larger along with two whisky chasers at Donna’s home on the Blackguard council estate; both girls were already a little tipsy as they entered the club. They were as usual eyeing up the men and thought some of them looked rather dishy, mind you, after even more strong lagers as they sat at the bar, all the men looked shagable to them. Clair didn’t need any advice about men especially in the sex department, it was rumoured she had actually stood behind a bloke while she was waiting to be served at the bar of a crowded nightclub in the town and took his cock out and tossed him off catching his sperm in a beer glass and that was while he was kissing his regular girlfriend who knew nothing about it, how thick; was she?

Donna also knew how to get what she wanted from men even at an early age of just 14-teen she had a serious sexual encounter with her teacher Mr, Nesbit, a tall wiry 30 something blond bachelor, who tooled her to stay behind after school.With the sound of the school bell she watched as all the other kids dashed out leaving her sitting at her desk in the middle of the classroom.  Nesbit entered the room and came up to her in a jokey sort of manor telling her she had been asked to stay behind because of her talking and disruptive behaviour in classroom that afternoon. 

Donna liked Mr, Nesbit she thought he was a very handsome guy and often fantasized about having sex with him when she was alone in her little bedroom with pink elephant wallpaper that hadn't changed since the day she arrived from the hospital in her mother's arms.

Nesbit slowly reached over to another desk the other side of her, as if he was trying to reach a book that had been left on the top.  Donna could see his zipper was open and he had no underpants on. She could see his blond pubic hairs and part of his large penis.  She wondered if he knew, or was he giving her a flash?  It had happened to her once before when she was just 12-and was walking from school through the park with a friend; when an old beggar got up off the park bench and dropped his trousers right in front of them as they were walking pasted, giggling they ran away, but even at that early age Donna unbeknown to her friend, and as smelly and as dirty as the beggar appeared to be, the sight of seeing him tackle out excited her.

As Mr Nesbit leaned over; it was as if she was becoming hypnotized by the sight of this attractive man and a strange urge came over her; she wanted to put her hands inside his open trousers and touch him, the feeling was so strong she couldn't resist the temptation any longer, and with a trembling hand, she followed her dream. Nesbit didn't move or pull away. Stroking him gently and slowly she awoke his enlarging penis; by putting her small hand around it she releasing it from its resting place; moving her hands up the shaft she caressed him squeezing his testicles tenderly at first, then steadily increasing the pressure.

Nesbit was surprised Donna was so experienced as he reached down and fondled her large firm young breasts, as she slowly kissed and massaged him, looking up into his face with her brown anticipating eyes before placing the end of his penis into her mouth. She was surprised, the heat from it was incredible, and she was becoming aroused and wet and as he gently laid her over the back of the desk they both knew her time had come, and she wassoon to become a real woman.

Donna was disappointed she never had the chance to have sex with Mr, Nesbit again; he was forced to resign just a few weeks later. Some said it was because he had touched up the French teacher Miss Laval who in truth was a right little secret raver, men, women, and even young boys or girls were all on her sex menu.  Donna knew there was no way she would have objected to Nesbit's advances, knowing as she did the size of his organ; no woman in her right mind would resist the opportunity to play a tune on that hunk of manhood she thought. In any event, Donna also knew Laval had lesbian tendencies.  It was fully documented on the school's inner grapevine she had seduced a young girl pupil in one of the shower cubicles after school games.  Apparently, she had entered the cubical on the pretence the two of them showering together would save on water. Not that it mattered; they both enjoyed soaping each other and having flirty girly fun.  Nobody knew who the other girl was, "well" nobody except Donna that is.

Mr, Sing was, as usual, eyeing up the talent at his club, choosing the best-looking girls he wanted for his party back at his mansion. Sings parties were no more than sex orgies in the grounds and around the swimming pool of his four million dollar gaff, where the drink flowed freely and the drugs there for the asking.  These late night bashes were legendary and well patronized by his influential friends.

Sing had indicated to Mike one of his bouncers, the girls he wanted to join him.  Mike was going around the club inviting the chosen ones.  Some of the boys objected to loosing their girlfriends for the night, but they were just warned off with the threat of a good kicking if they interfered.  In any event, none of the girls ever declined Sings offer, they all knew they were in for a bloody good night out, also with him having connections within the film industry; many of them believed they might be able to use him as a steppingstone to a part in some blockbuster movie.

Sing was wise to their hopes, their dreams; he used them as a tool to get his own wicked way. Many young impressionable girls had fallen into his evil trap and were now paying the price with babies they never meant to have and didn't want. Some of the girls accuse him of drugged them and taking advantage. This was possibly true, nothing was beneath creepy Sing, however, with his influence and friends nothing ever came of their complaints, and no financial help was ever-forthcoming regards the upkeep of his many illegitimate sprogs.

Mike approached the two girls and told them politely Mr Sing would like their company at his party that evening. He offered to take them in his limousine waiting outside. Clair was excited; she had never been in a limo or to one of Sings parties before, but in truth, Clair was only invited because Sing wanted Donna the best looking one and too add her as yet another successful notch on his bedpost. In his devious mind, he thought it was unlikely one girl would leave without the other. His plan backfired, however, as Donna refused to go and made it clear Clair could go on her own if she wanted to. Clair did want to and tried all she could to persuade her friend, but once Donna's mind was made up no amount of persuading would change it.

Clair went with Mike to the waiting limousine and on to the party. When Mike told Sing Donna wasn't interested, and she wasn't coming, Sing flew into storming rage, cursing and even kicking and punching Mike to the ground in front of other members of his staff, accusing him of not doing his job, and he was a waste of space. Sing wasn't accustomed to being rejected in anything he asked for or did. How dared this slip of a girl turn him down, how dare she? He vowed there and then he would have her, one way or another, she would become another of his many conquests, and he would make her suffer the ultimate price for fucking him about.

Donna was disappointed Clair had chosen to go to a party without her, but it was late and the club was close to closing so she wasn't that bothered. She looked around the club for a possible lift home; most of the chaps who had cars had hooked up. Donna was no fool; there was little point in picking the best-looking guy in the club if he didn't have a car. She spotted Peter, who she knew, did have a car, also, he'd been eyeing her up all night. He desperately wanted to talk to her maybe even a date, not that he had much chance of that.

Peter was not at the front of the queue regarding looks, in fact, he looked a bit geeky with sticky out teeth and small in stature, not that it bothered her, she only wanted him for a ride home. Waving to him as if she was the queen of Sheba beckoning one of her servant she called him over, he rushed towards her like a little lapdog. She smiled towards him as she thought to herself, easy-peasy and soon they were sitting in his little green sports car with the hood down. It might have been the drink, and the warm summer night air, Donna was feeling frisky and kept looking down at Peter's tight jeans. He might not have been the best-looking chap she had ever known, but she could see even from the rough outline and bulging pants, in that particular area around his groin he looked pretty dame interesting.  She decided it was his turn to have something he could only wish for, something that would keep him going in wanks for a fortnight. She wondered if she had brought the strawberry flavoured condoms with her in her purse.

As they approached a back lane that lead to nowhere, Donna decided to have some fun, laughing she slipped her right breast out of her low-cut dress and rubbed it along Peter's left arm as she pulled the steering wheel.  Peter instinctively knew she wanted him to turn down the approaching lane and park.  They stopped in a muddy gateway.  Donna was making all the moves and was soon partially naked with her flimsy white dress off the shoulders and while they kissed she began removing her tiny sexy white knickers she had purchased from the sex shop in the town a few days earlier when she replaced her dildo for a larger black one with a knobbly end and three speeds.

Peter was trying to get his jeans down, he was excited and hard; but not for long. The couple were so engrossed in their activities they didn't see or hear the black Mercedes that had been following them pulled up behind. The door of the sports car was suddenly wrenched open, Peter was dragged out by Mike, who on Sings orders had been told to bring Donna back to his party whatever the cost.  Mike punched Peter twice knocking him down in the mud. He quickly ran around to the other side of the car and grabbing Donna's kicking legs as he tried to drag her from it.

A large gang of motorcycle boys with their women had camped a few fields away. Some of the lads when they sore the cars drive into the lane decided to do a bit of dogging. Now seeing the attack on Peter and the distressed girl annoyed them. Annoying these lads was not a good move by anyone and that included Mike, who soon found himself being beaten about the head. The bikers took all three back to their campsite in their own cars.

The women there took charge of the situation, offering Donna and Peter beers and was talking to them as they sat on a long wooden bench while Mike was taken somewhere out of sight. Donna was chatting to the women as if she had known them for years. She knew they were in no danger; no harm would come to them from these people.  Her confidence quickly evaporated, however, when the largest man she had ever seen in her life emerged from the shadows barefooted and dressed in a long red robe, he came towards them. Donna was afraid as he grinned down at them with yellowing and missing teeth.  Peter was so frightened when this huge man bent forward, his enormous head only inches from his face and looking at him straight into his eyes and gave a little growl.  Perter was so petrified he couldn't move or control himself.  The man was over eight feet tall and around 40 to 50 stone.  He didn't have a big fat beer belly; it was all solid muscle.  This huge powerful man had even been refused entry into the strongman competitions for being just too strong.

One of the women told them his name was “Clint” they called him” Big Clint.” Two of the women stood up and started removing the robe and this naked giant stood before them. It was plain to see why he was called big Clint. He was big in every department; Donna gasped at seeing the size of his organ. The other women she had been talking to were now busy massaging him with body oils, while slowly and gently two more young girls were sucking his massive cock, His smooth gentle erection resembled a tree coming alive as it slowly stood to attention pointing to the moon. Another strikingly beautiful and naked woman who came from nowhere stood underneath him sucking his massive plumbs that were hanging down like a couple of orphaned tennis balls.

Donna had seen lots of men with reputedly big cocks at the monthly girls night out, her and Clair went to for a few drinks and a good laugh, but nothing came even close to this, in fact, it made the male strippers look like dancing, and prancing little boys. Seeing Clint's massive penis now standing proud and hard in front of her, she panicked. “My god!” She thought, “I hope he's not going to try and put that great thing into me.”  Just then some of the gang members came around the corner leading blindfolded Mike by a rope around his neck.

His hands were tied at the back of him and he had been beaten and stripped naked. They bent him over a motorcycle combination unit about twenty feet away; his legs spread apart and tied them to the motorbike wheels; Clint was grunting and fidgeting and was obviously becoming very excited at seeing the naked captive. He turned away from the bench and ambled towards him. The younger girls oiled and creamed him as he walked; others were doing the same around the buttock, and up between the legs of the unfortunate man. All the bikers had assembled around the unit and were watching what appeared to be a some-sort of a ritual

Clint dropped onto his knees and laid his huge hands onto Mike's shoulders as two women guided him into his helpless and waiting body.  Donna and Peter couldn't watch the brutal scene and felt sick and sorry for Mike as he screamed and cried out in terror and pain. Clint was pushing so hard some of the gang members had to hold the combination unit to stop it from slipping away from him. There was no laughing, or chanting from them, they watch in complete silence; the only sound being that of the screaming man. Clint stood up and turning away made his way back toward the bench; his erection hadn't diminished in fact Donna thought it looked even larger than before.

Standing in front of them his penis now bloody and hard he laughed as a younger women with a towel attempted to wipe him; he lashed out at her with the back of his hand sending her sprawling in the dirt. Clint put one of his hands at the back of Donna's head pulling her towards his cock. “Kiss me!” He demanded in a deep gravely voice. She didn't want to kiss it; she didn't even want to touch it or be anywhere near it, but she had no choice but to obeyed his order.  He then turned to Peter, who didn't argue he just kissed him. Clint beckoned two of the more mature women to come over; they knew why and started playing with him and jerking him off, as only mature women know how.

Suddenly his body went ridged, and he gave a mighty roar like a Lion. The force from his ejaculation was as if a fireman's hose had been turned on. His white milk sprayed Donna's face and clothing it seemed to go on for over a minute before they watch his mighty organ slowly come to rest.  The women were like wild cats frantically licking at Donna’s face and cloths as others were sucking out the last few drops of his life giving sperm from his now resting penis, they were loving him like a god. Clint turned away as two of the men helped him on with his red robe.

He walked back to the motorbike.  Placing his massive right hand onto the unconscious man's head, he squeezed it so hard Donna could see the blood oozing through his fingers. There was a sickening sound that resembled a rifle shot as Mikes Skull was crushed like an eggshell. His still twitching body was lifted from the bike and taken away almost immediately after Clint had finished with him.

Donna started feeling strange a bit woozy.  She had popped a few pills in her time, and the feeling seemed to be something like that. Peter fell forward onto the grass, she knew he was either dead or drugged; it was one of her last thoughts as she also passed out. When they awoke, it was well into Saturday afternoon, and they were sitting in the little sports car in the gateway. They were both fully dressed and their clothes were spotlessly clean; there was no evidence, nothing to suggest anything had happened.

Peter was just sitting there as Donna came round. He turned to her, and they both wondered if it was a sort of shared dream they had experienced. It seemed a likely explanation, but for one thing, Donna distinctively remembered removing her earrings and putting them into her purse, she didn't want them to fall off while they were making love, she had lost so many pairs that way, but now she was wearing them again.

They decided to make their way back along the lane towards the campsite where it had supposedly happened, they weren't sure of the exact place. There were no tell-tails signs, not even a tyre mark or any litter, there was nothing to indicate anywhere a campsite had ever been there.  In some of the fields, cows were grazing and a farmer on a tractor was ploughing a large field. They decided they would tell no one of their strange encounter, never to discuss it again, it was over it was finished.

Mike’s charred body was discovered on Sunday morning in the burned out Mercedes on a rubbish tip 30 miles from the club. The police quickly confirmed he had been murdered. Because of his intimidation and violence towards him on Friday night, Sing was suspected of the murder and taken to into custody. None of his so-called influential friends came forward to substantiate his alibi. He was charged with the murder. Just before his court date, however, all charges were dropped, no official explanation was given, but it is strongly suspected, “The Establishment” didn't want him to name names in court and generally making life difficult for them.

In the space of seven months, Sing spent in prison awaiting trial much had happened to him and his businesses and it was all-bad. The police closed down his club; the three films he had invested hundreds of thousands of pounds into had all flopped. One was when the cast walked out before completion because they hadn’t been paid; one because it was not passed by the film censors; and the last one, because of infringement of copyright laws. A close friend of Mike's and who despised and hated Sing with a passion had taken the opportunity to burn down his unguarded and uninsured mansion. Sing was bankrupt; his only assets were an old beat up Ford Cortina car and a one-bed flat in a rundown council tower block that was due for demolition.

The more Sing thought about his situation the more he was convinced it had all gone wrong when Donna refused to attend his party. The hatred for her became unbearable in his twisted mind he blamed her, she was the instigator of all his problems, and he was going to fix her for good. He knew where she lived and over the next few weeks he watched her going from her home to work and back. Gradually he built up a picture of her movements. It was a gloomy, misty Monday morning when Donna on her way to work, walked down the jitty between her council house and the bus stop about a quarter of a mile away.

Sign meet her at the other end, she recognized him immediately, and her female intuition alerted her she was in mortal danger, she turned and ran screaming back towards the house. Sing had benefited from his months in prison, he was much thinner and more fit now, and he was soon upon her twisting her around to face him, she tried to kick and scratching at him that just infuriated him even more.  Shaking her violently and cursing her with a string of obscenity he attacked her with a long thin bladed knife, plunging it deep into her chest.

As she lay dying on the floor, from a severed archery, he continued his frenzied attack, slashing and stabbing her over thirty more times. Sing turned to run away from the grisly scene he had created as Jock and Martin a couple of builders on their way to work entered the jitty. Seeing the murder, they approached Sing, who threatened them with his knife. Martin stood back as Jock, a tough Glaswegian and cage fighter, and who was not afraid of Sings threats, took him out with one well-aimed kick to his head, breaking his neck, Sing was dead before he hit the floor. All Donna's friends attended her funeral, there was also an enormous man there placing a few hedgerow flowers on her grave, sadly no one was brave enough to ask him who he was.

Submitted: April 18, 2020

© Copyright 2022 Johnnytwosteps. All rights reserved.

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Well, that's not a feel good story by any means. For some reason it seems familiar to me, though. Did you put this up once before? I seem to remember the motorcycle rape and Clint.

In any event, Donna had an unfortunate series of events and a pretty gruesome ending.

Sun, April 19th, 2020 4:24am


Hi, Yes I did but took it down when there was no interest, just trying once more to see if it attract any this time.

Sat, April 18th, 2020 10:46pm


Hey, JT. I thought I recognized this story. It was at least unique!
May I suggest something? The storyline itself would probably interest some kind of reminds me of a B Horror movie. (That's not necessarily a bad thing) The main thing it's missing is dialogue. It's hard to make a story very interesting if all you do is narrate in 3rd person. At least a story like this. You need to let your reader connect with your characters, do some character development. This story really could span over three chapters of a novella if you put in the detail that you need.

Sun, April 19th, 2020 4:27pm


Hi, DampKitten. Thank you for your constructive comments. I see your point and you are right, in some parts of the story it would befit from some dialogue My moan is simply no-body is reading my posts and if they do, they can’t even be bothered to leave a comment.

Mon, April 20th, 2020 12:09am

Amy F. Turner

This was quite some narrative but interesting. It kept my interest. It read like the kind of tale you read in a newspaper wondering what happened and where the connections were. As DP says it would read a little faster with dialogue here and there but it is good.

Tue, April 21st, 2020 1:10pm


Hi, Thanks, I'm pleased you enjoyed it and thank you for your comment.

Tue, April 21st, 2020 1:05pm

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