Lunch By the Riverside

Lunch By the Riverside Lunch By the Riverside

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A man gets more than he bargained for on his normal lunchtime stroll down by the river....


A man gets more than he bargained for on his normal lunchtime stroll down by the river....


Submitted: April 18, 2012

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Submitted: April 18, 2012



Getting up for work was hard and so was I! That was my main problem...too horny for work, should've taken the day off!

I finally managed to drag my aching carcass out of bed and off to work. Spent the whole morning daydreaming about a dream I'd had that night.

I was on a boat, bobbing along sunning my body, all alone on deck. A big boat all to myself, squirting oil on my tanned body. Rubbing it into my skin I start to feel horny, I look down and notice that either my trunks have shrunk or something has grown a few inches inside them.

As I was alone I decided pull my trunks down and expose my cock to the sun...I squirted some oil onto my hands and rubbed it up and down the shaft over the swollen head...massaging it in....down the shaft again and all over my balls. Once I was done I settled back onto the sun lounger, nude body and erection all oiled up and for all the world to see, if there was anyone around.

I was just about to go off into dreamland when I heard a noise, coming from down below deck. I jumped up, my cock now gone a little limp, and my heart racing making my head throb. What the hell was that?

I heard a voice from behind me say "I was watching you rubbing the oil into your body"

I turned to see a woman, looked a little like a girl from work, very horny looking actually! I didn't know what to I said

"Where did you come from?" She said "from your imagination let's get that cock nice and hard again!"

I woke up....I hate that...just when it was getting interesting. I glanced at the clock and was glad to see that it was lunchtime. I had done very little that morning, so I decided to take off for a walk, get some air.

My normal route was getting boring so I decided to try a river walk see how far I could get in half an hour give me time to get back. Crossed the busy road, hooked up my Ipod, flicked it onto shuffle...plugged the earphones into my ears and I was looking cool and ready for my walk!

Crossed another road and onto the path, turned right into the pathway that led me to the river. Walking along I was oblivious to everything, music playing in my ears, the sun casting shafts of light through the trees, an idyllic place to be.

Following the river round trying to dodge the flies, I came to a bend, as I rounded it I spotted somebody sitting on the bank reading a book.

Must've been a few hundred yards away but I could tell it was a woman. Looked like she was wearing a summer dress and was baring her legs to the sun. As I got nearer I could see she was holding the book with one hand, her knees were up and her other hand was inbetween them, must be an exciting book I thought.

Just before where she was sitting there was a clump of small trees, I decided to duck in behind and watch her.

As I got there I found that it was a wonderful viewing point, I coudl clearly see her hand in her panties, rubbing herself while she read, I could also hear her moans of pleasure. This was getting me hard.

There was no one else to be seen along the path so I undid my zip and pulled out my cock, I started to ease the skin back exposing the swollen glans...mmm...I moaned a little too loudly because the woman stopped what she was doing and looked over.

"Who's there?" She shouted angrily.

I froze

"Come on show yourself" she said

I was rooted to the spot

She got up and walked over. She had long althletic legs, gorgeous figure and a very mean look on her face, but I couldn't move.

As she got nearer she looked at me and then down at what I was holding, the look on her face changed from murderous to lecherous!

She said "you know I ought to push you into the river for spying on me like that, but seeings you are so turned on and my pussy is so wet from reading that book, I guess we ought to do something about it"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, I nearly shot my load there and then!

I managed to compose myself a little considering the position I found myself in.

She walked over to me and knelt down in front of me...pulled my hands away and to the side, ran her hands up my legs and cupped the underside of my balls.

Then her hand moves up the now hardened shaft of my cock and clasps round it while her tongue flicks over my balls. Her other hand reachs round and squeezes my ass, slips a finger inbetween and plays with my hole.

I am speechless, just let her do whatever she wants.

Her tongue moves up the shaft and round the head...slipping into the peehole, tasting the precum oozing out.

She pulls my cock down and positions her mouth over the head and I put my hands behind her head grab her hair and pull her onto me....she clamps her mouth around the shaft as it pushes in and out...she gags

She pulls away from me and spits on my cock head and starts to wank me off. All the while she has her mouth on the swollen head sucking on it.

I say to her that I am on my lunchbreak and I haven't got long so if she wants to be fucked it better be now.

With that she pulls away and turns to walk away...I thought I had blown it.

She stops about 50 yards away and gets down on all fours, pulls up her skirt and pulls her panties down exposing her beautiful pussy...good enough to eat but I guess that would have to be another time.

I walked over, got down on my knees and press the tip of my cock against the wet lips of her hot sex. Felt so good to be doing this outside, the feeling that we might be caught at any time. So exciting.

She moaned loudly as the head slipped in between the folds of her heat. I gasped at how hot it was in there. This girl was really wanting it bad.

"fuck me" she moaned, "fuck me hard"

I slid my cock all the way in and back out...hips bashing into her with every heavenly stroke...

"harder" she said

"I want that fucking cock to fuck me so hard"

My balls slapping into her I shout "I'm gonna cummm!"

She says "do it...I want it all"

My cock twitches and my body spasms and I shoot a hot load deep in her pussy

"Fuck yes!" I shout

She tells me to hold it and that she wants some of that cum to taste

She pulls away from me again and turns to face me, her eyes telling me what to do...I shoot a big load across her face, she opens her mouth and some drips down onto her tongue, she swallows it. The look of satisfaction on her face.

Her tongue gets to work cleaning me off, all the while she has her fingers deep in her pussy, grinding on herself....

When she has finished she falls onto her back and I get down and run my tongue up and down the wet slit of her gaping sex, She gasps as I press my thumb down hard on her swollen clit, circling her as my tongue dips in and out, I feel the first wave of her climax as he body arches up and grids against my tongue.

"Oh my God...fuck yesss!" She screams as her body is wracked with a wave of pleasure.

"Thank you" she says as she picks up her soaked panties. "I will remember this day for a long time".

"Me too" I say...I glance at my watch....I am late! Massive bollocking from my boss but by it was worth it!

Been on that walk a few times but never bumped in to that lady again...maybe one day

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