Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


(This is an excerpt from my novel DOMINATED: THE TROPHY WIFE'S AFFAIR, formerly known as "The Affair.") Jessica gets on the ferris wheel with Liam, and he's got some dirty plans for the ride... If you want the whole novel it's available at


(This is an excerpt from my novel DOMINATED: THE TROPHY WIFE'S AFFAIR, formerly known as "The Affair.") Jessica gets on the ferris wheel with Liam, and he's got some dirty plans for the ride... If you want the whole novel it's available at


Submitted: November 10, 2014

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Submitted: November 10, 2014



We eventually make our way to the Ferris wheel. There’s no one in line being that the whole place isn’t very crowded.

“Let’s ride it,” Liam says enthusiastically.

“No,” I say, holding him back by his arm. “I don’t like heights.”

“Come on,” he insists. “I’ll hold you, don’t worry.”

“Liam,” I complain. “I don’t want to.”

“Come on.” Then he leans into my ear and whispers, “Don’t be a pussy, Jessica.”

He knows that this will only make me want to prove him wrong.

“Pussy?” I ask.

“Yeah, that’s what you’re being right now,” he says, smirking.

I smirk back at him, and in place of fear of heights is my sense of competition. “All right, let’s fucking do it,” I say softly to him.

He smiles, loving that I can get aggressive.

Liam pays the man some cash and we get into a cart. We’re the only ones on the ride.

“Ya’ll be safe,” the ride manager says.

I’m a little nervous, but Liam puts his arm around me and the nerves start to lessen. The Ferris wheel engine revs up and away we go, higher and higher. Liam hollers out of joy, and I can’t help but let out a squeal of nervous excitement.

“You okay?” he asks.

“I don’t know!” I scream.

When we reach the top, I can see out over the land for a moment, but I shut my eyes. The height is too much for me.

“No, no,” Liam says. He holds me tighter. “Come on, look out, it’s beautiful.”

Reluctantly, I open my eyes. It is beautiful. I can see for miles, clear land that stretches out into the horizon.

We go over the top and begin our descent back down.

“Hey, that was too quick,” Liam says.

When we circle back down to the manager Liam calls out to him, “Hey! Let us stay up there a little bit.”

The ride manager gives him a thumbs up and nods. Then we go back up, up and up, back to the top of the ride.

I hold on tight to Liam.

The ride slows down as we reach the very top, and then it slows to a stop. The cart rocks back and forth slowly, and we sit still. I’m looking forward a few moments, enjoying the view, and then I notice that Liam isn’t looking forward. He’s looking at me, like I’m the only thing on earth he wants to look at.

“See,” I say to him. “I’m not a pussy.”

He smiles. Instead of saying anything, he leans forward and puts his lips on mine. I’m surprised for a moment, but then I immediately enjoy it. My eyes close, and I put my hand on his knee. This feels right, being with him, feelings his soft lips against mine. He slips me the tongue again, and I realize this is his signature kiss, something I hope he only does for me. His tongue rubs softly against mine, and his arm pulls me closer to him.

He puts his hand on my leg. He squeezes it, and my blood starts to run faster just like his must be doing. His breathing is getting faster on my mouth, and in turn my own breathing picks up pace. His touch is a rush. He squeezes my leg again, and then his hand moves around my leg and holds my inner thigh. I feel myself getting hot. His tongue gets more aggressive against mine, whipping it now while his lips create a sucking motion against my lips. His kiss is aggressive, yet still gentle, and he controls the pace at which we make out.

With his one arm still around me, his hand on my thigh jumps to my other leg and pushes it away, pushing my legs apart.

“Liam,” I whisper. “What are you doing?”

“I wanna feel you,” I says.

My legs stay apart as his hand goes to the button of my jeans. He forces my jeans to unbutton and unzips them.

I breathe heavier, faster. My sex is getting hot for him as his fingers maneuver their way underneath my jeans. They stay on the outside of my panties. He feels my heat against them, and this makes his groan with pleasure. He presses against me, all four fingers firmly against the front of my panties.

My face drifts away from his, my eyes closed, and my head leans back against the cart seat. This leaves him free to lick and kiss my neck and collar bone. He does so with that growing animal aggression I had experienced two nights ago. I feel his hot breath against my skin. My hand is on his leg. I squeeze it out of growing desire. I run my hand up his jeans and feel his hard on through them. He’s aching to be let out and have his way with me.

His fingers slide underneath my panties, he feels my wet slit. He opens up my lips and finds my swelling, moist clit in between two of his fingers.

“Yes,” he groans. “That’s what I want.”

And it’s what I want, too. My mind begins racing with thoughts of him taking control of me, and soon enough those thoughts start to blur with another, moving too fast for me to think clearly. My mind races out of control, and all I feel is the heat of passion that he gives me.

He moves his hand down, running two fingers in between the lips of my slit. He’s at the entrance, teasing me… I want his fingers to slip inside me. He pushes his hand up, pushing his fingers into my sex. I feel their tips inside me, and immediately I feel the muscles in my pelvis start to tighten. The walls of my sex squeeze around his fingers without my control. I want him so fucking bad. Right here, on this Ferris wheel if we have to… I don’t care.

He pushes his fingers further into me.

“Fuck,” I whisper.

“Yeah,” he says. “Do you like it?”

“Yes,” I answer.

“Do you want more?” he whispers harshly.

I grab his arm, feeling the muscles in his forearm flex when he pushes his fingers further into me. “Yes,” I say quickly.

“Tell me,” he says. “Tell me you want more.” I feel the heat of his breath on my ear.

“I want more,” I say.

“Tell me to give you more,” he orders.

Holy shit. Liam is taking total control of me right now, to the point of telling me what to say. It’s the hottest thing I’ve ever heard.

“Come on,” he says. “Tell me to give you more.”

“Give me more,” I moan. “Give me more, Liam.”

With a sharp motion he pushes his two fingers all the way inside me. My mouth opens and I let out a small cry of pleasure. I squeeze his forearm. My eyes are rolling back. He begins wiggling his fingers in a circular motion. This drives me fucking crazy. I start breathing heavily and moaning.

“Yeah, that’s it,” he says. “I wanna make you come.”

“Oh God,” I moan.

“Yeah,” he repeats, more aggressively this time. His fingers begin moving faster. He moves them in a circle while moving his hand back and forth to penetrate me. “Come on, baby. Come for me. Come on.”

His motions quicken. My juices are flowing over his fingers. I start moving my hips back and forth against his hand. “Yeah,” I whisper. “Yeah,” I whisper louder.

His arm around me draws my body closer to him. His grip around my shoulder is tight. He wants me to come. My pleasure is his pleasure.

“That’s it,” he says. “Come on.”

“Oh God,” I say. “I’m gonna… I’m gonna…”

My back arches and my hips move forward.

Suddenly he pulls his fingers out of my slit. He puts two fingers back against my clit and wiggles it vigorously, causing an earth shattering feeling to electrify my entire body. It starts in my sex, my walls contracting and stiffening. Then it moves to the muscles in my pelvis as they do the same. It spreads like fire throughout my body as my head rushes into a blur of nothing but what can I only describe as bright red heat and flames.

Once again I don’t know how much time passes before my body starts to relax again. Liam rubs his fingers gently over my whole sex, careful not to press to hard; he knows that everything down there is extremely sensitive now. I continue to hold onto his arm.

The Ferris wheel engine starts again. We begin moving forward.

“Shit!” I cry. I force his hand away from me.

Liam laughs while I quickly button and zip up my jeans. “I don’t think you have to hurry that much,” he says. “The ride doesn’t move that fast.”

“Shh,” I say to him. I’m laughing, too, as I get situated.

“Besides,” he continues, “you’re not the one who has to get off the ride with an obvious boner.”

I look down. I can see he’s still rock hard through his jeans, and I can’t help but laugh at his problem.

“This is your fault,” he tells me. “I think we should go back up and you take care of me this time.”

Our cart is nearing the bottom of the ride, and we see a line of people waiting to get on.

“Well, never mind,” he says. “At least one of us got some.”

He smiles at me.

“Shut up,” I say, laughing.

He licks and sucks on his fingers. “You taste delicious,” he says as he does this.

“Liam!” I exclaim.

“What? It’s true.”

Our cart gets to the bottom and the ride manager stops it.

Liam leans in close and whispers in my ear, “I could eat you all night.”


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