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Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Submitted: May 17, 2016

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Submitted: May 17, 2016






  Jimmy was an old man. Famous actor, during his life he played many great roles.

  He was a guest in a popular TV show, together with some other…

  Ok, females. Subject: what should a man provide so the woman agrees to be with him. You can guess: it was a neverending list.

  - It’s not like that, the most important is love… – Jimmy tried to say something, obviously tired of stupidities he was listening.

  - Kva kva, kvakvakva, kvaaaa... – their story was going on.

  „And I refused Boring Mike for a beer“ – were Jimmy’s thoughts, while he was holding his head in hands.

  The subject slaped to the prostitution.

  - It’s terrible, I could never, no, it’s humiliation, horror... – the girls were saying. They are not some cheap sluts. They would never sell their bodies for some change.

  They need more (money, my guess).

  Jimmy ended this:

  - No! You know nothing! Prostitutes are nobel women. They help men in trouble…

  I met Suzan in a massage parlor – in an  Agency. I had a break and I felt I need a Good massage.

  So I went inside and I saw the most beautiful woman in the world. Enchanting, waisted brunette, tended, breast fives... Gorgeous.

  - Hello, may I help you?

  - Massage... – I stammered.

  She started. It was like a touch of an angel.

  - Do you want something… more?

  Idiot. I had no more money with me.

  - No... Actually yes, but... – I responded clumsily.

  - Well, I am here, sooo, if you want... Ever... You may stop by.

Ever? I came back that afternoon.

  - Hello, did you forget something? – says her colleague.

  - Suzan... I want Suzan... – I hoarsely replied.

  - She is busy now, you can choose another girl...

They were all beautiful.

  - I’ll wait.

  - Here I am! – I heard her smooth voice. – Weren’t you already here?

  „Oh my dear lord, thank you for this prize“ – I thought, still unable to believe that I’ll fuck THIS. Something significantly I wanted to say, but words couldn’t leave my mouth.

  But she grinded.

  - My hair is a little disheveled, shoes are not matching clothes, what do you like, it’s coldish here... – she couldn’t stop. But I wasn’t listening anymore. In my mind was only this: I will hardly Fuck This Beauty.  


  She began to take her clothes off.

  - Wait.

  - I want you to suck me. Dressed.

  And she was really nice dressed. Nothing vulgar, but very sexy. Black stockings, black shorts and white shirt.


  The sucking started. Slow and easy. I enjoyed watching this beautiful creature licking my dick. „Not some cocksucker” – my mind tried to disappoint me. Some people say it’s our bigest enemy.

  - Mmffffff... – she continued to blow my dick.

– Come here to get fucked.

  She mumbled.

- You can get undressed now.

Keeping stockings, she layed down and spread her legs. Got ready for dick.

  I always wondered who fucks  these pussycats. It was more clear to me now: just who really wants.

  I hammered my big cock deep and began to fuck her slowly. She wasn’t aware – this will take a while.

  I was doing her with extreme pleasure. Threw her left – wright all over the bed.  Then I took her doggystyle.

  - Easy... – she cried.

  „Aaaaaa, there we are! Monster, a? John screws, beauty!“ – I silently thought. I stabed her to the end,  to feel it better. She frowned a little, but enjoyed in sudden good fuck. For the first time.

  I came, by habit, with a loud roar. She seemed worried:

- Are you OK?

  „No, YOU are“ – I thought. – Yeah, I’m fine – I said.

  - If you ever want to, please do come, we are here… – marketing started. What a cat. Has just been fucked, and now – neverending story, again. She really needs to be fucked to keep silent, he he.

  - I know all as if I was big, although I’m small… But he’s big… – I tried to be funny.

  It wasn’t funny for her at all. But she kept explaining something. I wasn’t listening, I had no time. Well, I just fucked Beauty, and I liked that thought.


  I came a few more times. Wishing to “destroy” her pussy, I fucked her in various ways, forcing her to suck several times during the fuck...

  Nothing. The closure was a neverending marketing story.

  It was raining. I drove, when I got a message from unknown number: „John? John Ogart?“


  “No, this is Bond. James Bond.”

  “John, this is Susan.“

  I called immediately.

  - Susan! What a pleasant surprise.

  - I hardly found your number. Listen, I’m not working there anymore. If you want, we can meet.

  - I’ll be back tomorrow from Chicago. Where should I come?

  - At my place.

  - Agreed. Send me the address.

  „I’ll fuck her as soon as I get there.  Why did she call me? Maybe… Aagh! It doesn’t matter, stop making fool of yourself. Uh...“ – I thought. For all day long.

  My head was possessed by the scene of fucking Susan. Suddenly, a scary thought: „What if she wouldn’t…?“

  „No, she calls you to kiss your nose.“ Male mind is so naïve.

  Finaly, tomorrow. I’ve arranged a meeting with Susan, and soon I appered in front of her door. When she opened the door, even though I knew what awaits me, I left breathless. She was even more beautiful, and more sexy. And I thought that it’s not possible.

  - Please, come in...

  I grabbed her, took her panties off (she was wearing a light summer dress) and hooked her on my cock.  She was not surprised.

  So hooked I took her to the room. I dropped her on the bed, not taking my dick out. I did not know whether to watch her or to fuck her.

  But she knew. Blinking with her eyes, clearly giving me a clue what she expected.

  - I have to fuck you.

  - That’s why you came...


  I spread her legs a little bit more apart, and pushed as hard as I could. I held my dick deep inside her pussy for a while, without move. She was pleased by this charge. And then I began to slowly pull out, almost all of it, and push again. I fucked her faster and faster, and again slowly. Turning her doggystyle, I continued. A little bit fast, a little bit slow.

  I knew she enjoys. How could I be so shure?

She was silent.

  And then she began to breathe faster.

  - Fuck me... – she said quietly.

  - What?

  - Fuck me.

  - Like this? To hook you on my dick like a little bitch?

  - Yeah... Like that... Fuck me...

- Here comes the dick.

  I was savagely stuffing.

  - You like to be fucked by me, ha?

  - I love your cock...

  She came, and shortly after, I did. I fell on the bed of pleasure.

  - Are you OK? – she was worried again.

  I smiled and hugged her tightly.






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