Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Txyi-nno is a qwarlikian pilot in search of a race which genetically purify their kind. By any of fate, he discovers on Earth everything that his people needed. But all his plans fall apart as the invasion, to know the impulsiveness of a human female.


Txyi-nno is a qwarlikian pilot in search of a race which genetically purify their kind. By any of fate, he discovers on Earth everything that his people needed. But all his plans fall apart as the invasion, to know the impulsiveness of a human female.


Submitted: September 16, 2015

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Submitted: September 16, 2015



The qwarliks ??currently undergo a process of genetic mutation and bimolecular restructuring and are adapting to humanoid features a Via Cruces that has lasted more than 10,000 years; between jumps of spontaneous generation and early maturation of the race by mating with females and males of other species in the universe.

Find the Earth was just a fluke. Not part of the program approach, no trip - especially - for that sector of the galaxy, because they believed there is any way of intelligent life in those parts. When the one dimensional miscalculation, the ship came into the stratosphere in a completely different world from that specified in stellar panel, the first gesture of Txyi-nno after swear on instruments made by Khloss androids and acquired for a dab, it was, as a curiosity, gather more information about the species that system.

It cost you nothing, since he was there. Opened communication channels, receptors, snapshots idiomatic  adjusters filters ... And it was a shock. The first picture he received in his gigantic screen polimínica left him stunned, paralyzed ... and then remained in a catatonic state for some time, while images cause disturbs in your mind. For thousands of years the race wandered lost in space, with no hope ... And there was just one that would pave the way for strengthening the qwarlikinian gene and the answer to all the sufferings of millions of ages. He found the genuine race! An anthropogenic study gave qwarlik the notion and the certainty that had finally found peace and rest to his people. He was aware that his search had ended. Their excitement was such that he needed, almost all the time, order thoughts. Qwarlik a warrior should always be aware and calm to face any situation, but was surprised at something far beyond routine.

Before reporting their discovery, it needed more data, such as: get off the planet, search, see how it was every creature ... Play, feel. Things had just discovered and that you were completely unknown. But before any approach, I needed more material. Know how they lived, how they acted, behavior, environment, and especially as mated.

The process of breeding was the most important. At other times there would be an immediate invasion, the race would be dominated and obsessed scientists come and exterminate the creatures experimenting and then arrive at a conclusion that did not fit. This has happened at other times.

Reaped what much information as possible, assimilated the language and then stood waiting for the right moment to land: the nightfall.




Invisible, the ship went down in a clearing, indicated by the instruments, closer to a dimly lit location. Once set foot on land, began to think like a human being. Equate, triangular, scale ... Arrange a place to stay or to hide. The only thing needed for survival was a small device that could pass for a "Pager" according to the guidance received from the Khloss manufacturing recognition tools. Through it could be guided by the planet, in addition to constantly be in touch with your ship. He left through a gate and soon found himself surrounded by heavy traffic and creatures that moved in all directions. Immediately felt a strong desire to return to the security of the area, but at the same time was driven by an inner strength to continue the mission. He noted that some creatures to go through it staring at him curiously, even with an air of surprise. I did not understand why. I should be worried?

And from one moment to the next, I was in the middle of a crowd of humans of all ages, colors, different aspects and sizes, but none paid any attention. Now and then, when their watchful eyes were with others, the person moved her head in greeting gesture. Strange people with weird clothes!

A figure uniformed  all smiling appeared in front of him extending a watery glassy object. Retreated. She insisted to him to handle. Once appointed, with a revolving eyebrows, a creature in a corner, away from the tumult sitting by herself at a table, which sent him an enigmatic smile. He remained standing where he was, however, seen when she decided, stood up and came toward her.

Txyi-nno was a arthropod-humanoid a lineage poly-hybrid of the 3rd generation, whose external mutation process was perfect, identical to those beings. The adaptations made in the exoskeleton were minimal and managed to become an exemplary human prototype. With 1.84 tall, broad shoulders, hair in a very modern cut, crew cut above and below large locks of hair caught in a ponytail. He wore sunglasses stuck on a silver chain and betrayed strong biceps beneath a gray shirt race. And his eyes, deep blue, watched everything with great curiosity.

Therefore, its strategy would be: get to know the environment and then expect an opportunity to invest in a withering attack on a female of the species and complete the mission, according to its methods. But it was a female sleek look and blond hair, long flowing who invested first. She approached him and said nothing. Just looking. Then said a few words and she guessed it was some lost abroad. She invited him to the table where he was, but was pulling him by the arm. He felt a smell, a different scent coming from that female. It flushed a fragrance that was starting to mess with your metabolism. In a brief moment he touched with his mouth on her skin and its chemical qwarlikinian stirred. As soon as they sat at the table, she called the waitress and asked for the bill. Within minutes left. As they went somewhere, you could better analyze the creature before him. He did a quick comparison with the illustrative figures he had seen on board screen. Curvy body, well stuffed, rigid and abundant buttocks, shapely legs and walk later, it was as if practiced some mating dance.

In the parking lot she stopped near a vehicle and pulled him against him sharply, chipping her a kiss. Just tried to keep under control. The moment was not one and the female was not ready enough. He broke away from her. She understood through a smile. He opened the car. He watched as she did and proceeded the same way.

They went to a place that he identified as apartment, her address. Once they arrived, the female did not even give you time to inspect the place and was soon dragging him to bed. He has also not stand. Some more and would prove. The lust between them was mind-blowing. But before the female did any more insinuating movement, he took the initiative. I could not waste time. Had observed that the creature was perfect; I had weight, height and body to breed and were fertile. He wrapped her in his arms and gradually was taking her to madness.

In itself, it was the first time I savored the taste of sweat, felt the touch of human skin, the stench emanating from the female sex; the softness of the skin, hair that made him tickle the nose, an unusual experience ... And he had already made the creature reach almost to orgasm three times. To achieve its goal: mating, the female had to release certain enzymes, which were important for the development of their mutant cells. Until he was pulled over her head and could see that the woman was ready. For its expression in the semi-open look, its nostrils flaring, by his swollen mouth, the heat emanating from his body ... I was more than ready.

"— Come ... " — she said in a hoarse and almost faint voice, in supplication.

And it opened to receive all that fantastic male. At first it seemed that it was a penis, as all she knew usually, but as he was penetrating and increasing your pleasure, looking to find a position in which he could feel it more deeply. His whole body trembled with an uncontrollable urge. Experienced small twinges in uterus, followed by a slight feeling of pain, but deep within further increasing your pleasure.

And again his orgasm was approaching ... He tried to cross her legs around his body and felt something - such as razor sharp needles - stick in the thigh. Even with pain, he pressed it against you even more. Let yourself go. He felt that his tongue was sucked, sucked, his body was treated with incredible softness. I did not want to part with it.

And when reaching orgasm came, she felt that the member of its male seemed to penetrate deeper into her womb and blossom like a flower, filling it completely. I felt that his enjoyment came paced, rhythmic ... that he controlled his delight. His body shuddered in an insane lack. And when was going to come at the last moment he would release his delight, he did not come ... His breath mismatch moved with his whole body. Moaned ... I screamed ... I prayed. His body was drenched in sweat, his muscles were tense.

His psychological state reached the limit, your emotional pressure was beyond his endurance, plus a little and your heart would stop. I felt an urge to vent. His chest ached. I was about to explode and with only a slight movement of his affection, was freed. His head felt like it would explode with so much light. And when he spurted inside her, it was like an electric shock breaking your brain. Thousands of flashes popped in his mind. His eyes closed intensely and everything cleared as the explosion of an atomic bomb. He was unconscious for a few moments, feeling his body floating in space ether. Back to millions of light years in time.

Images of galaxies, planets, stars, universes passed in a split second and she woke with a start. And he realized his body was placed gently on the table. A lassitude invaded your wishes. He fell asleep again.

It was morning when he woke up. Strong light streaming through the large windows, flooding the entire room and dazzled him the sights. Then I remembered the night before. It had been crazy! I would have dreamed? He looked frightened aside and saw that strange being ... He saw the thoracic appendages. At first we had a mixture of fear and excitement; but then remarked that best male who had treated her with great affection and gave her an indescribable pleasure. Still felt weak body and a very good feeling. He became more confident. He shifted, Appendices acquired life. She stroked the tip of one of them with your fingers. All the tentacles were slowly shrinking into the body and disappearing.

He smiled in wonder.

He bent over the belly of him and kissed him full of saliva language, the length and felt a sour taste in the mouth. Then with your hands, gently he held what appeared to be a sexual organ. He sighed and relaxed. It did not fit into her mouth, but it was carefully making the member go getting hard. And not content, could not resist seeing him go piling up ... I felt that her sex was already more than soggy. Horny crazy climbed over it, leaving invade and what did not seem to fit within himself, was entering, slipping and shaping up your vaginal canal and again back to that feeling of being penetrated to the uterus. And now he could see her belly shall swell and contract, as if something alive had awakened within him. Terrified, she tried to pull away, but he was a prisoner, trapped. I felt the skin a desire, a lust, a tingle ... A desire to enjoy. Her body began to move in a gentle pace and then accelerating. And there seemed to be a fire burning in the belly. A sharp pain went up by their legs, hips, spine and exploded in the head. I could not control. He wanted more. I needed to feel the pleasure, to get to ecstasy. I wanted as ever. I began to perspire. A strong acrid-sweet smell penetrated by his dilated nostrils. I was getting insane. Moaned, she screamed loudly and begged for their enjoyment ... Her heart was beating wildly, uncontrolled ... His mind emptied.

... And did not even notice when the tentacles gently wrapped and placed her back to him. And did not notice when also, once again, gave himself body and soul to this strange being, a total abandonment; and enjoyed the instant something cold is poured into it. Her legs faltered and collapsed on the bed.




Upon waking, minutes later still felt the member he went sliding into it; as if all his internal organs were disconnecting ... and saw a phosphorescent blue liquid drip down her thighs and disappear in the sheet, leaving no mark. Thoracic appendages still embraced. She took with her hands and kissed ...

... And that's when he jumped from the bed. Your "Pager" dumped next to the pillow was beating wildly. He smiled and she could see his greenish, pointed teeth, as well as their views were two reddish fillets on each one, and then his forked tongue. He retreated scared. He did not even notice. He picked up the phone and came to the large glass window.

"— Kloçcl, yokweh kiak w tyesss! " — he said.

"— What?"

"— My spaceship was attacked!"

"— SPACESHIP !? Where you left it? " — He asked curiously.

He pointed forward. Far beyond the buildings.

At first she did not understand, but then realized the situation and could see the direction he was pointing.

"— SOCCER CAMP !? " — She exclaimed, grabbing the remote and turning the television on your right. On the small screen came a dressy reporter with an emotional voice:

"— ... And my dear viewers, in a day of decision, anything can happen. And the fact occurred just now is still a mystery! You can see the replay ... the player took a clear shot from the middle of the field to make a great goal ... you can see that by the goalkeeper jumped to grab the ball ... but where's the ball? The ball, my friends viewers, bounced off something invisible, and went to the corner! And during these times that I remember Shakespeare's maxim: "there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamed of our vain philosophy." The judge suspended the game and players are kicking right now, several balls in the air, trying to figure out if there is something in the middle of the field. Already been called up to the competent authorities to investigate ... "

She lowered the sound of the television and looked at him, puzzled. Txyi-nno moved a Pager, then turned. Now his eyes were normal.

"— I understand the situation. It landed in the wrong place. I suspended over the ship out of space on your planet ... you need to go ... My race will know your people ..."
"— Your race ... There are more of you here on Earth?"
"— No, but ... And you will present us to his people."
"— Return with them?"
"— Hewj Txyi-nno ... Jwetk, ysmihg, w rweutyss !!!"
"— What? " — She asked.
"— My name is Txyi-nno ... Now your world is my world !!"

And suddenly, a strong jet of green light enveloped him completely and he disappeared before him. And this same power source as it saw falling bright and colorful pebbles at his feet. He smiled at each other and understood. Somehow, I knew that he would return someday and would be waiting.


Navigator Note: The qwarliks are not hostile as their ancestors. They broke the genetic stream of its kind when they started walking in search of anthropoid gene. If he had wanted could have injected in the female, an overdose of endorphins and adrenaline it would lead to such a high state of excitement, she would go into alpha, and, inevitably, die of a heart attack. But he had tested her resistance and know the females of that planet were strong to mate and generate successful races. Just when back to protect their offspring.


This story was published in the book "TALES OF THE NAVIGATOR # 1" by Editora BookLink - In portuguese version - http://booklink.com.br/contos-do-navegador |

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