To Have and To Hold

To Have and To Hold

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A Violent Obsession... to have and to hold to possess until death do them part.


A Violent Obsession... to have and to hold to possess until death do them part.

Chapter1 (v.1) - To Have and To Hold Chapters 1-3

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A Violent Obsession... to have and to hold to possess until death do them part.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 31, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 31, 2012



As his hand settled on her hidden emergency key outside her back door he quietly smiled.

“Oh sweetheart, we are going to have to change some of your habits when I get you home.”

Kieran slipped the key into the door and quietly entered the house he had come to know so well over the last two months. Making his way through the neat kitchen and into the dining room with the classic yet cozy decor he started up the stairs of the two story craftsman.

This moment, the moment he had been planning for since he first saw her was finally here.

Rounding the top step Kieran dropped to a crouch and slipped the backpack he had brought quietly onto the floor. Careful to not make a noise he took the duct tape and padded rope out of the bag. Silently he prepped the syringe filling it from the small vial of anesthetic he had procured from work.

Looking down at the syringe in his hand he considered the next few months and realized that despite their love for each other it would be hard on Wren. With her strong character it would take some work to housebreak her and his goal was to minimize her discomfort whenever possible.

Standing at the opening to the bedroom door he could see her figure asleep on the bed, the rhythm of her breath rising and falling under the sheet. His heart filled with love and tenderness, she was so beautiful and she was all his.

His breath catching he pulled out his syringe and began to advance quietly before the bed. Approaching carefully the floor creaked slightly under his shifting weight, causing Wren to stir. At the foot of the bed Kieran eyes took in all of Wren her soft dark hair framing her face, clear skin straight nose full lips and delicate small hands. The curves under the bedding revealed the petite frame of her body and the lift of her breast as her breath rose and fell. Readying himself to climb on the bed he pulled out the syringe.

Suddenly as if sensing his presence Wren’s eyes fluttered open, confusion and fear filled her face as she took in Kieren at the foot of the bed his tall strong frame cloaked in black holding the needle.

“What the…” she trailed trying to make sense of the scene.

In an instant Wren’s adrenaline surged, causing her to snap from sleep to fully awake. In a split second she wrenched her body away from the threat and launched herself on the floor. Kieran taken aback by the sudden change lunged to grab her.

Wren working on instinct rolled under the bed as his gloved hand grazed her leg unable to take hold. Terrified Wren pulled herself out from under the bed and made a beeline for the door, running blindly.

“Honey, stop it this instant” Kieran warned his voice close as he followed in pursuit.

‘Such a spirit’ he thought watching her run.

Closing the gap between them Kieran caught up to Wren at the top of the stair case grabbing her around her waist pulling her off her feet.

“No, no, no” Wren wailed fighting and kicking flailing with arms and legs attempting to make contact.

Pulling her roughly to the ground, Kieran straddled her fighting figure, easily pinning her delicate wrists against the rug. Wren looked into Kieran’s eyes as the moment of recognition kicked in. Her eyes widened as she registered disbelief at the young ER Doctor in her house attacking her.

“Dr. Kepler, my God. Please, what do you want” she begged “Please don’t.”

His eyes softened, as he took her in, their bodies close.

“I’ve come to take you home Wren he said, this will hurt less if you stop fighting me” he warned.

Ignoring him and with her adrenaline pumping, Wren attempted to use her legs to propel herself away from the Doctor. At the attempt at movement, Kieran laughed noting his arousal as he felt her body struggle underneath him.

Shifting slightly he loosened his grip on her left arm.

Using the moment of release Wren wrestled her arm free and swung forward gauging at his eye with her thumb. At the attack Kieran instinctively grabbed his eye, releasing his hold on the syringe.

Building on the momentum Wren rocked to one side and began to scramble across the hall on hands and knees, desperately launching her body inside the bathroom and swinging the door behind her. As the door swung, she felt the contact of his body blocking the entrance and her heart sank.

She was trapped.

Pushing his way through the door, he grabbed Wren’s hair pulling her upright and off the floor.

“Help, help… somebody help me” she cried out.

Grabbing her by the shoulders he slammed her against the wall making her teeth shake from the force. His breath ragged he looked her in the eyes, no longer laughing but cold and hurt.

“Why are you making this so hard on us?” he inquired calmly.

Reaching his hand back he slapped her with his full force across the face causing her head to knock violently against the wall. He caught her as the impact of the hit took hold and made her knees buckle and body sag.

Wren felt the fight escape her as her head swam from the impact and the room went dark. Moaning she felt her body lift and be hoisted over his shoulder as he took her back out.

Walking back into the hall, Kieran dipped to collect the fallen syringe. With Wren limp on his shoulder he made his way back to the bedroom relishing the moment of control. Laying her down he felt the satisfaction that came with knowing he had settled her, tamed her outburst. As she stirred on the bed tears streaming down the red of her cheek, Kieran once again readied the syringe, prepped her arm quickly and pushed the dosage into her body.

Seeing her muscles relax further as the drug took effect, Kieran settled by her side stroking her hair and wiping a tear that had pooled at the corner of his wife’s eye.

Checking her heart and breath rate as she slipped under the Doctor spoke softly “It’s going to be okay sweetheart” he watched as her eyes fluttered close and her body fully relaxed.

“We’re going home now.”


The ache reached down from her muscles and into her conscious mind, asking her to wake. Her mouth was as dry as sandpaper and her jaw was stiff but she could feel her fingers and toes.

Opening her eyes Wren stared at the room around her. She was lying on a bed, a ceiling fan circling slowly above her head. A window to her left was covered but a crack in the curtain revealed that it was still dark out. Eying the glass of water beside the bed, Wren went to lift her arm and noticed it was tied at the wrist connected to the headboard. Pulling at it she confirmed that both hands and feet were tied securely to each corner, making it impossible to move.

Settling her head back on the pillow, Wren fought a wave of hysteria and claustrophobia building up inside of her.

“Think Jackson” she whispered trying to calm herself.

Taking a deep breath, she brought her head up and looked around the room, trying to orient herself. Stifling a sob she took in the furniture the vanity table, the hope chest at the foot of the bed, the charcoal grey reading chair. To her horror Wren realized that everything in the strange room made to look like an exact replica of her own bedroom.

Hearing footsteps outside the room Wren did the only thing she could think of and settled back in the bed closing her eyes, feigning sleep. As the door opened, she heard his footsteps advance and the weight of his body as he settled on the side of the bed.

“Wren honey, I know you are awake. There is no need to pretend with me” he whispered placing his hand on her forearm.

Not knowing what else to do, Wren kept her eyes closed defiantly.

“Okay that’s enough Wren” his hand tightened on her arm squeezing until muscle pressed against bone.

Opening her eyes responsively to the pain in her arm, Wren settled on Doctor Kepler.

“Why are you doing this” she croaked her green eyes locking into his grey.

“Because sweetheart, it was time to bring you home.” He replied, tracing his finger down her bruised jaw and towards the delicate skin on her throat.

“Ever since I saw you in the ER, I knew you were mine and were made just for me” he cooed.

“What do you want from me” Wren whispered in response.

“Everything” he replied softly.

Grabbing her chin Kieran looked admiringly at his prize.

“Some rules. Until I can trust you darling we need to do things my way. When you are here with me you have the run of the house you can move freely, for the time being when I leave for work I will need to keep you locked up.”

If you try and escape I will punish you. If you try and trick me, you won’t succeed.” Kieran leveled evenly, tracing his fingers along her collar bone.

“As your husband, I love you and I love your spirit but I can’t have you defying me or hurting us, do you understand?” he asked.

Wren unable to move looked at the man she knew only as the small town Doctor who had stitched her up after her fall off her bike. He was completely utterly, out of his mind crazy and she was trapped.

“What if I don’t understand?” Wren asked her voice low her eyes looking straight at his.

Sighing Kieran stood up and began unlacing her ties on her wrists. Finally free Wren began rubbing the circulation back into her hands, her eyes on Kieran as he untied her feet.

Feeling bold or perhaps on the edge of madness herself Wren looked at Kieran again asking “What if I don’t understand?”

Finishing with the rope at her feet, Kieran looked at Wren like she was a petulant child.

In an instant he pounced on the bed grabbing Wren in his arms.

Pulling at her shirt, Kieran forced his hungry mouth on hers. Wren cried out in surprise. She tried to struggle but felt her muscles from the drugs and the night’s trauma unable to mount a proper fight. Pushing weakly against his strong chest, Wren attempted to free herself from the crazed man on top of her. With his erection pressed against her hip, Wren felt his hands travel down to her pants, pulling away her clothing and underwear as she pawed at him to stop. Straddling her he abruptly sat upright pulling off his own shirt revealing the planes of his sculpted body.

“Please, you don’t have to do this, I understand” Wren cried moving underneath his strength trying to find an escape from the man dominating her.

Ignoring her pleas, Kieran unbuttoned and released himself from his jeans.

“No, no… God, please no” she cried taking him in begging against what was to come.

Sinking back on top of her Kieran grabbed Wren’s face between his hands “this is so special for us” he murmured kissing her tear stained cheeks as he felt her anxious body under his.

Pinning her wrists underneath his hands and caging her beneath his arms, he found what he was looking for and sunk into her as she cried out in his ear. Finally home as he rhythmically thrust deeper and deeper Kieran could feel the love inside him grow fierce, all the waiting had come to this and she was so beautiful, so completely his. Feeling a familiar swell in his groin he pumped faster and in doing so he noticed her fight abate and her body go soft in response to his aggression.

Yes, Wren needed some taming but once he had her he knew she would be on board that she would see that they were destined to be together. Building to his climax Kieran’s movements became more urgent his hands roamed and caressed her body he felt her nipples harden to his touch as his lips tasted her sweet skin. Thrusting violently into her warmth he quickly reached his peak. Crying out and he felt Wren tighten around him as he emptied inside her.

Burying his face in her neck and panting from the exertion he sunk onto her small frame and after a moment shifted his weight so he could lay beside her. Pulling her into his arms he positioned her head on his chest

“Right now we sleep love. Sleep, make love again in the morning and then we’ll finish going over the house rules” Kieran murmured languidly cupping the length of his body around her trembling figure.

Wren unable to make a sound gave a barely perceptible nod of her head. Her body felt both alien numb and full of feeling all at once. She registered her bruised jaw and his release seeping out of her body and down her leg. She felt a dull throb in her stomach and burn in her groin.

Forcing herself to come back from the mental places she had retreated, Wren was having trouble making sense of what was happening. Fighting the overwhelming urge to cry, Wren let it sink in that her life was in real danger. He had drugged her, kidnapped her and raped her and he wasn’t the least bit afraid of being caught. With her psychopath’s arms wrapped tightly around her while he slept, Wren found his confidence terrifying. He didn’t care that she knew who he was that she could identify him; he had no guilt and no remorse. As he slept beside her, Wren stole a glance at his face his features relaxed almost boyish in sleep, his hair tousled and curling slightly at the ends.

He slept because he knew she would never live to tell.

Her breath catching and her heart beating faster Wren forced herself to remain calm or risk him waking. Taking a measured breath she made an internal promise that she would stay alive, stay alive and do what he asked. When the time was right she would escape, she would take down this crazy monster or die trying. With his arm wrapped around her and his breath levelled in sleep, Wren settled her eyes on the ceiling fan as it circled slowly round and round above her head. Tracking each pass of the blade she felt her hatred and rage inside grow until her exhausted and beaten body mercifully succumbed to sleep.

Chapter Two

Wren woke up with a start, on guard for potential threats.

Looking around the room she knew that the night before was not just a horrible nightmare but her new horror-show reality. He was gone for the moment and at least that was good. Although since her arms and legs weren’t tied she could only assume he was close by. And his promise to ‘make love again’ this morning was not far from her mind. Sitting up slowly in bed she stretched carefully and once again surveyed the room that was done up to look like her own bedroom.

Why was this happening to her?

What did he want?

Reaching back into her memory she thought of her meeting with Dr. Kepler over two months ago after a fall from her bike en route to the library resulted in a deep gash on her knee. Having only been in town for the past six months she combed her mind for other chance encounters but could only remember the one. To be honest she barely remembered him, he had stitched up her knee and had checked for signs of a concussion. Upon consideration she vaguely remembered them having a conversation about gardening while he worked (his enthusiasm for it and her lack of ability to keep anything green alive). She remembered thinking that that the Doctor, who she guessed was a few years younger than her, was a good-looking guy. His grey eyes, thick slightly wavy brown hair and tall lean physique were evened out by a gentle bedside manner and a kind smile.

‘Gentle’ she shuddered, as her hand moved reflexively to her jaw.

But it was nothing; the moment they shared was nothing. It held no clues. The only other thing she remembered was him slipping off a wedding band before he put on gloves to treat her knee.

“Sick bastard” she cursed to herself.

But that was it that was all she could remember. How could that chance encounter have led to such absolute total chaos? To him kidnapping her and referring to her as his wife? Her hands trembling she began to investigate the damage to her body, still mostly unclothed from the night’s events. Her jaw was stiff and incredibly sore to the touch but no teeth were loose, her limbs felt too heavy for her body and her stomach was sore presumably from the drugs he had given her… or perhaps from the rape.

At the thought of the assault Wren stilled.

Having survived what she had last night she knew that even that degradation had not dampened her will to escape. On a very base level she still felt like herself; a screwed up scared angry version of herself.

Getting teary at the memory Wren did the only thing she could think of, which was take a deep breath and push past it in her mind. She needed to stay calm, stay alive.

Swivelling Wren put her bare feet on the floor and it was at that moment that she noticed the room’s second door to the left of the bed. Padding as quietly as possible, Wren tried the door knob and found an attached bathroom inside. White and clean with a claw foot tub. The adjacent shelf contained all of the hair and skin products she had at home. Shivering Wren noticed a lavender robe on the hook. She blanched at sight of a WK monogrammed in the breast pocket.

“Wren Kepler” she mouthed silently.

She had an exact robe at home monogrammed with her actual initials, a Christmas present from her Grandma Jackson back east.

A pair of jeans, a tank top, underwear, socks and a soft eggplant coloured hoodie sat folded on the linen shelf beside the sink. Without even looking, Wren knew that they would be her size. Sighing and deciding to make the best of what was in front of her, she turned on the tub filling it with hot water, adding bubble bath oil she watched as the steam from the frothy water filled the room.

Sinking in she felt the burn as her raw bruised skin was engulfed in the hot water. Fully submerged Wren settled her head back closing her eyes. As she soaked Wren’s thoughts turned to Dr. Kepler’s promise to keep her locked up. To survive she needed to know exactly she was up against. Based on the time frame of the night before Wren knew she couldn’t be far from home. He simply couldn’t have travelled very far from her house since when she woke last night after her capture it had still been dark.

Was escape possible?

Damn right it was! Wren resolved to find a way.

Knowing that she had to be patient and to avoid as much upset as possible, she needed to lull him into a false sense of security before the moment to strike presented itself. Deep in thought, she let her muscles succumb to the heat and relax. As she lay submerged she heard him speak shattering the temporary calm of the tub.

“You just take my breath away Wren” he spoke from the doorway looking down at her naked body with satisfaction.

Instinctively she pulled her legs up and crossed her arms over her chest.

“Don’t be shy love. Let me help you” he said as he settled on his knees, positioning himself by her side with a wash cloth.

Dipping the cloth into the water, he pulled tangerine body wash off the shelf and began to pour it on her back rubbing with the cloth in circular motions. Despite her repulsion at her abductor’s touch Wren felt with some frustration her body respond to the calming influence of her back being gently rubbed with the warm cloth. He trailed the soapy cloth all over her body; Wren unable to do anything closed her eyes as the washcloth moved across her skin.

Moving to her hair she felt the unsettling feeling of pleasure tingles as he began to shampoo her long dark strands, using his thumbs along her scalp to apply gentle pressure he kneaded and massaged.

Once hair and body were clean, he motioned for her to stand and wrapped a towel around her like she was a small child. Holding her hand as she stepped out of the tub, Kieran dipped slowly and brought his arm under her knees lifting her light frame up and into his arms as he took her out of the bathroom and back into the bedroom.

“All clean” he said softly in her ear carrying her in his arms. At his voice, Wren grimaced closing her eyes.

Laying her down Kieran un-wrapped the towel and began applying lavender scented lotion to Wren’s skin, noticing her flesh erupt into goose bumps when damp skin met the cool lotion.

Kieran once again felt his familiar arousal.

He continued to massage her legs and arms and abdomen. While she was spread on the bed he performed a quick superficial medical exam of her body to make sure there was no lingering trauma or skin abrasions that needed attention. Despite some bruising on her arms and jaw she seemed fine, perfect.

Quietly admiring her, he spread the lotion up her legs. He began to deliberately focus his attention on her upper thighs. As he did this he slowly reached into the bedside table with his free hand and pulled out a vibrator watching as Wren’s eyes vacant for much of the bath and massage tracked his motion and grew wide with fear.

“No… Dr. Kepler! No don’t do this! I can’t, you can’t” she begged.

Smiling shyly, he dipped his hand back into the drawer pulling out lubricant which he proceeded to pour generously on to the shaft of the toy.

"We can do this one of two ways Wren, it's up to you" he said simply, his hand skimming the bruise on her jaw.

Wren raised her eyes making contact with his, holding his gaze. A fiery glare lit her eyes as she took in his intended threat.

“Okay” she said in a simple monotone turning her head away.

She felt powerless to stop a second assault as he gently parted her legs and stuck the vibrator expertly between the folded outer edges of her sex. Feeling the strong pulsation of the toy, Wren closed her eyes tight and once again felt an annoyance and disgust as her body had a physical response to what was happening. Knowing she was trapped and presently outmatched, Wren lay motionless despite the invasion as she felt the tingle of a pulse inside her body.

As he pulled the toy in and out stimulating her, he noted that Wren, despite the stillness of her face, slowly began to respond.

Working slowly and steady he alternated deep thrusts with shallow and felt satisfaction as he watched her eyes relax her mouth part slightly and hips began to shift slightly to his touch. Watching her face for clues he took his time, teasing her with gentle pressure. Once he was certain that she wouldn't force him to subdue her he moved his body lengthwise down the end of the bed, keeping pressure on the phallus in his hand.

As he shifted over her, he gently pulled out the pulsating toy noting the wetness that trickled out with it. He smiled at the telltale sign of pleasure. Without missing a beat Kieran simultaneously replaced the vibrator with his two fingers and lowered his head between her legs letting his mouth close around the mound of her sex.

“Noo…” he heard Wren gasp and felt her energy shift as she was both turned on and horrified by her own physical reaction to her tormentor’s actions.

Flicking his tongue over the wetness he continued his steady rhythm and noted that Wren’s own bodily juices were now pooling and making her slick to the touch.

She was so ready.

He was pleased with himself for making her body respond so favourably to his touch. Doubling his efforts he sped up the speed of his tongue moving it up and down over the most sensitive of spots as his fingers dipped and curled slightly in the warmth. He felt her electric current intensify, emanating from the space where his tongue and fingers met up with her body.

Moaning on the bed as her body climbed, Wren felt the disgust and horror of the moment fade as she began to let go fully releasing her body to the expert sensation that was bringing her higher and higher. Caught up in the moment she let her own hands travel up her body and over her breasts. She began to knead and gently roll her nipples between thumb and finger. As she rubbed and teased she felt her energy intensify and nipples harden as pleasure swirled through her torso and spread into her limbs.

She heard him groan at the sight of her back arching in response to the intensity.

Finally unable to withstand the sensation an overcome Wren finally let go.

Her hips bucked into his face as she let out a low animal moan of ecstasy. Her rational mind left and her physical body took control. Her orgasm rocked out from her center and pulsated through her body in waves. Making her toes curl, her teeth grit and her eyes flutter Wren’s body rippled, riding the sensation.

Kieran kept his pace, tongue and fingers unrelenting in their purpose. She kept moaning until after a final violent burst and shudder of pleasure she felt her body clench and spasm over and over and on and on around his hand and hungry mouth.

As she began to descend from her high his mouth and fingers slowed in their pursuit, finally allowing her to return.

Lying in the aftermath her nipples still erect and her arms and legs splayed gracelessly wide open, Wren was physically spent, her mind in a haze. The bedding had become wet from the trickle of her physical desires. Through the fog she vaguely registered a familiar sound of a camera phone snapping, capturing pictures of the lewdness of her wetness and her limbs spread wide, baring all.

Her breath leveling, Wren’s let her mind drift slowly back into the present. As she returned fully Wren felt her mind shift as a feeling of confusion and revulsion rocked through her.

How had she allowed herself to come at the hand of a man who had kidnapped her and forced himself upon her?

What did that make her?

Feeling deeply degraded by her body’s orgasm she attempted to ignore her captor who lounged like a contented cat at the end of the bed enjoying the view.

Re-wrapping the towel around her body she pulled her knees to her chest and pivoted her body to face the wall. Tears sprung to her eyes, as she tried to make sense of what had just happened.

Realization sunk in. This was part of his plan wasn’t it?

He knew that the physiology of her body would respond to the physical stimulation and he knew enough to know that that she would be deeply ashamed of herself for coming.

That was part of his game to break her, wasn’t it? He wanted to possess her to make her feel like she was going crazy, like she wanted this, like she was bending to his will. He wanted to break her, to manipulate her.

Well fuck him she thought, fuck this crazy lunatic in bed beside her. Curling even tighter into a ball, Wren stared at the wall willing him to leave.

“Please, please just go” she whispered her voice cracking.

“Now, now my dear” Kieran whispered quietly adjusting to her side of the bed.

“There is nothing to be embarrassed by, your body is beautiful. It knows what you need. I know what it needs” he finished a satisfied smile played across his face.

Draping an arm over Wren’s towelled body which was rigid with fury and curled tight into a ball, he placed his face alongside her ear “now that we have had some fun shall we go over the rest of the house rules?” he teased lightly.

Nipping her ear gently with his teeth, he smiled as he felt her body shudder.

Chapter 3

His rules were simple. She was there to be with him, to love him and to answer to him. He had fallen deeply in love with her on their first meeting and this was their destiny. He had been waiting for her. There was no fighting it.

Kieran had let her change into clothes but other than that he kept his hands on her the entire time; stroking her hair, holding her hands, rubbing her back. He constantly petted and touched, his desire to be near her was unrelenting. He explained to her that her old life was over that she was his now, he would take care of her. The more she obeyed the more freedom she could have. If she disobeyed she would be punished.

“I mean it Wren, don’t make me angry” he had said with a bright smile on his boyish face.

Wren also learned that Kieran had done his research. She was perfect for him in so many ways.

“So much you can tell from emails and computer files” he said simply.

He knew that Wren’s mother was in a care home after a stroke “one day we’ll go visit her if you’ve been good” he promised.

He knew that with her Grandmother’s passing the year before, she had no other close family who would come looking and a few friends scattered across the country busy with their own lives. He also knew that his quiet, introspective Wren was new in town working at the small town library as a means to fund her true passion for painting. Her medium of choice were watercolors.

He even knew Wren was good, and that her work had led to some well-reviewed gallery exhibitions back in Boston. Kieran also knew about her ex-husband, Ryan the photographer.

“How he could cheat on you is beyond me love. If he was here I would kill him for hurting you.”

By combing through her records Kieran had learned that after the divorce and her Grandmother’s passing, Wren had moved her mother to a top notch rehabilitation facility near Portland. Shortly after she had settled her mother she found a job nearby in the small lakeside town of Hudson.

“And then you and I found each other” Kieran concluded wrapping up the bullet points of Wren’s story.

As he talked Wren racked her brain for who would notice she was missing first. Of course her co-workers at the library would know something when she didn’t show up for her shift on Saturday, maybe James her next door neighbour would notice that she wasn’t out for her daily run. Of the few friends she had made in Portland since moving, Sabrina would probably notice first but it might take a week or more for her to clue in that she was actually gone and not just busy or lost in an art project.

As if reading her mind, Kieran kissed the top of her head and un-wrapped his arms from Wren as he excused himself from the bedroom. The moment he left the room, Wren allowed herself to breathe in deeply.

Every moment in his presence was the emotional equivalent of walking a tight rope; it was exhausting trying to play the game and keep her emotions in check. It took all her effort to stay alive to stay sane as he rattled off her history, touched her, gave her his rules. She was doing everything possible to stay calm so he wouldn’t flip a switch, become the monster.

Sitting cross-legged on the bed Wren put her elbows on her knees and her head in her hands and waited.

She heard the door re-open and looked up to see Kieran return with a sandwich and apple on a plate and a bottle of water. He also had an Ipad tucked under his arms. Taking him in, she realized again how young he was. He must have only been out of med school a few years.

Setting the food down, he settled himself on the bed this time facing Wren.

“Sweetie before you eat, the first order of business is to get your old life cleaned up” he stated.

“What I need you to do is to send an email to your boss explaining that you have found a job in Portland and that you have to leave Hudson right away and won’t be able to continue on.”

“Next up we are going to send an email to Sabrina saying that you will miss her but you and Ryan are going to give it another chance so you are moving back to be with him. Tell her it has all happened really suddenly but it feels right and you need to move back right away.”

“I don’t want to raise any suspicions so I want the email to sound like you. And don’t even think of trying anything here Wren, I am familiar with your emails and texts and will know if you try and raise an alarm. Simple, sweet and final that is the tone” he finished handing her the tablet.

Her hands shaking Wren looked down at her email account on his computer and felt like she was digging her own grave. A large lump settled in her throat.

“I don’t… I don’t know if I can” she faltered.

“Of course you can sweetheart; we just need to make sure no one can hurt us, this is the way” he replied.

Tentatively Wren started writing first to her boss Nancy the sweet head librarian who had given her the job. Wren wrote what she was told, apologized to Nancy for leaving her short staffed and wished her well. As she finished writing, Kieran following along beside her nodded his head and hit send.

Next up was Sabrina, fun quirky Sabrina. Wren had walked into the hardware store looking for a part for her leaky faucet and Sabrina had been working the counter. Tall and lean Sabrina had dark red curly hair a spattering of freckles and an easy smile that made everyone, Wren included, warm to her. Sabrina had been born in Hudson, married her high school sweetheart David and together they now managed his parent’s store. It was a good life and Sabrina’s happiness was written all over her face. Sabrina had introduced herself to Wren and after a half hour of leaning against the counter getting to know one another, Sabrina had decided that Wren needed a guided tour of Hudson.

“We’ll go on walking tour and I will give you the ‘real history of Hudson” she had promised. When Sabrina had showed up for their walk with two water bottles filled with freshly made mojitos and a sea salt chocolate bar to split along the way Wren had known she had found a kindred spirit.

Writing as she was told, Wren explained to Sabrina that Ryan had come back and he had convinced her to try again. At Kieran’s instruction she thanked her for her kindness and wished her well as a tear slid slowly down her cheek.

Digging her own grave she thought again. Wren was helpless to stop Kieran from severing all that she had just started to build.

“I actually went to high school with Sabrina” Kieran revealed hitting send after reviewing the email.

“Our parent’s know each other. She was kind of wild growing up, not really someone that I would want you spending time with” he finished frowning slightly.

Kieran explained that he had arranged for a moving company to get her belongings into storage and had already forged a note to Wren’s landlord explaining her abrupt departure with the job in Portland line.

“By weeks end, all loose ends should be tied up” he finished satisfied.

She had disappeared.

He had left her that night explaining he would be back. Before leaving he had taken her on a tour of the two story farm house that she was being kept in. Aside from her bedroom with her replica furniture the rest of the house had a faded feel to it, as if someone hadn’t lived there regularly for quite a while. It had been his great aunt’s he explained, she died three years ago but the property had stayed in the family. All windows were newly outfitted with special multi-layered glass to make them unbreakable and doors were reinforced with dead bolts from the outside. Through the windows Wren could see little else but grass and trees and a war era barn in the distance that was sagging slightly to one side and was badly in need of paint.

He had also installed live capture cameras throughout the house to monitor Wren while he was away.

“That way I know you are safe darling” he had explained wrapping both arms around her waist and kissing her gently. A good foot taller than Wren he had to dip his head to meet hers “and for staying out of trouble” he finished nuzzling her neck.

Wren fought the urge to gag as he touched her. Instead she smiled weakly.

“There is no way out Wren. The sooner you relax in your new home the sooner we can start having fun and enjoying our life.”

With that he was gone.

Wren had spent her first moments alone going over every inch of the house. Aside from two bedroom doors which were locked and a locked door to the basement she was able to access everything else. There was even a small sunroom set-up with blank canvases and painting supplies. The kitchen and freezer were fully stocked and she had found a wardrobe full of her own clothes that he must have packed up when he had kidnapped her. Thankful for one small connection to the past Wren ran her fingers over familiar sweaters, dresses and jeans. She had noticed that there were extras in the closet that were not hers as well, a very formal evening gown in midnight blue with sequins and in the back a sizable collection of lingerie. As Wren pulled the pieces out she found corsets and lace, sheer nighties and garters and thongs in a range of colors, all in her size.

Knowing he was potentially watching on camera, Wren didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of seeing her upset. Closing the wardrobe she went back to her bedroom. Breathing heavily, she had counted a tiny camera in every room including one positioned over the shower in the bathroom.

She was in a zoo, she was his pet and she was powerless to stop it.

Desperate for a moment alone Wren looked at the bed. Like her own it was antique and rested high off the floor. Like a child hiding from the grown-ups Wren grabbed the quilt off the top of the bed and dropped to the floor rolling underneath. Making an impromptu nest Wren cocooned herself in the quilt. Concealed in her pocket was a tiny paring knife she had lifted from the kitchen during her tour of the house. Pulling it out, she ran her fingers over its sharp edges and imagined ways of escape. Finally hidden from his gaze Wren began to quietly sob, her body wrapped in a blanket she thought of her mom, of Sabrina even Ryan and the life she had left behind in Boston. Her body racked with grief as tears spilled down her cheeks.

While she cried her grip tightened on the knife in her hand. Stabbing upwards she made a small hole in the lining of the box spring. Pushing the knife up through the hole she hid it in the folds of the material and smoothed out the edges of the lining to hide the small puncture mark.

"No way out" she softly echoed his threat.

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